Best Running Armbands for Your Mobile Device Tested


In today’s modern world of technology, our smartphones come with many of us on our runs. Check out the best running armbands to keep yours safe.

The world that we live in is constantly changing  and evolving, thanks to technology. Our world sees new innovations and creations come to market every single day, and the advancements we’ve made with technology have allowed us to drastically improve almost every single aspect of our lives. Talking about it is easy to do, but when you actually take a minute to step back and think about how different bits of technology have changed the world for good, it’s actually quite astonishing.

All of the advancements we’re making are nothing short of incredible, and just a few short years ago some of the things that we have access to today would have seemed like nothing more than a pipe dream. Yet, in our world right now, they are very real things that we use on a regular basis, most of which would have been left to science fiction long ago.

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at the top rated running armbands out there for your mobile device.  Smartphone Armbands seem to be a dime a dozen nowadays, but the ones on this list are only the best of the best. So, without any further ado, let’s go ahead and get things started.

Last Updated: March 4, 2018
By Brian Price:

The recent updates that we have made to this guide include a few new armbands, plus some more additional information below.

Tribe AB37
  • Tribe AB37
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Built-in Hidden Key Holder
  • Price: See Here
Tune Belt Armband
  • Tune Belt Armband
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Neoprene construction
  • Price: See Here
Trianium Armband
  • Trianium Armband
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Fits with external case
  • Price: See Here


10 Best Running Armbands for Your Mobile Device


Tribe AB37 Water Resistant

When you think of a running armband, you might just think of something that allows you to safely house your phone when you’re out on a run. While that’s certainly one way to go about things, Tribe has decided to go the extra mile by adding in a heap of additional features with the AB37 that truly to make it a great all around accessory for your runs.

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When you purchase a Tribe AB37 armband, you’ll also get a free screen protector for an iPhone 6 or 6S. This definitely isn’t a necessary addition at all, but it’s certainly something we won’t say no to.

If you aren’t pleased with the AB37 armband, Tribe offers a 100% money-back guarantee with every armband that is sold. It’s a nice added blanket of peace of mind with this purchase, even though the actual cost isn’t all that bad at all.

All along the front of the armband is a reflective strip that helps oncoming traffic and other pedestrians to see you when you happen to be out running at night. It’s a great safety feature to have, and can really help to make you extremely visible when running where ample light isn’t available.

The outer layer of the Tribe AB37 is water resistant, meaning that moisture and sweat that you accumulate during your runs won’t harm your phone at all.

An included holder for your keys allows you to securely store your house or apartment key while out on a run. This is extremely useful if you’re leaving your home with no one else there and want to ensure that it stays as safe as possible.

Some owners of the armband have reported that the plastic layer that is over your phone has a tendency to gather condensation much quicker than it should. This is more of an annoyance than anything, but it’s still worth mentioning.

A small number of customers have reported that the armband completely fell apart on them after just a couple of runs, but this seems to be a quality control issue that’s only affecting a minority of the owners of this band.

Fits any smartphone up to 16-inches in size. The perfect fit for this particular band is a phone like the iPhone 6, 6S, or 7. However, phones bigger than those devices will likely have a hard time fitting in completely.

Tribe managed to keep the overall cost of this armband down while still adding in all the features we already talked about, and that’s truly impressive.
  • Water resistant
  • Hidden key holder
  • Reflective accents
  • a few customer complaints of durability issues

Tune Belt

If you keep an Otterbox on your iPhone, most armbands will require you to completely remove it before placing it inside of said armband. This can prove to be a real hassle, but the Tune Belt Armband looks to resolve this issue once and for all.
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As we just hinted at, the Tune Belt Armband is able to hold an iPhone SE, 5, 5S, 5C, 4S, or 4 that also has an Otterbox on it. This is an excellent feature to have if you’re someone with one of these pones that also has an Otterbox on, as you’re more than likely all too familiar with how much of a pain it can be to take those cases off and on all the time. Thankfully with the Tune Belt Armband, that shouldn’t prove to be an issue ever again.

The outer material of the armband features water resistance, meaning that any sweat that you create while out on a run won’t harm your phone that’s housed inside the armband. Additionally, if you happen to find yourself out in the rain while on your run, it will also help protect against this as well.

The bottom of the Tune Belt Armband features special cutouts for the iPhone devices we mentioned above for their 3.5mm headphone jack and speaker grill.

The Tune Belt Armband is made specifically for the iPhone models that we’ve already mentioned, so if you have a different type of iPhone or other brand of phone, you’ll want to look elsewhere.


Fits the iPhone SE, 5S, 5, 5C, 4S, and 4 that also has an Otterbox Defender or Commuter case on. The armband will also be able to house these phones if they have on other cases that are similar in size to these.


The Tune Belt Armband costs a bit more than the Tribe armband we looked at above, but the ability to put a phone in here that has an Otterbox case on is well worth the slight increase in price.
  • Will fit a phone that is already inside a large case, like an Otterbox
  • Water resistant
  • Only fits iPhones

Trianium iPhone

If you’re someone who happens to have a bit of a larger phone, you probably haven’t been all that interested in the armbands we’ve looked at so far. If this happens to be the case for you, we’ve got a feeling there’s a lot to like for you with the Trianium iPhone Armband.
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There’s a wide selection of colors to choose from, with some of the more vibrant options being ideal if you want to make yourself even more visible when out on your runs.

Thanks to the stretch resistant neoprene construction, the Trianium iPhone Armband should remain intact for a long time to come.

An included stow-away section for your key provides your house or apartment key a safe spot to rest during your run.

While the armband is made for the iPhone 6 and 6S, it will also be able to accommodate any other phone with a similar size. So, phones like the Galaxy S7, LG G5, etc. shouldn’t have any problem fitting in here at all.

Trianium has made their armband one of the cheapest on our best running armbands list, but as you’ve seen, they really didn’t cut any corners when it comes to features or quality.
  • Wide selection of colors available
  • Durable neoprene construction
  • Secure storage spot for a key
  • The plastic covering over your phone makes the screen a bit difficult to read if you need to quickly use your phone while running.

Stalion Sports Running & Exercise

If you want your armband to be as beefy and feature-rich as possible, Stalion has got you covered with their Sports Running & Exercise Gym Sportband.
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The durable neoprene construction allows the armband to be extremely durable and rugged against the elements.

Along with a spot to hold your keys while running, Stalion has also included a section that’s able to hold a credit card or ID for your while out on a run.

The Dual strap system allows the armband to fit arms of all sizes.

If you have a smartphone like the iPhone 6s Plus, 7 Plus, or any other smartphone with a display around 5.5-inches, this armband by Stalion is going to be your best friend.

Despite featuring a tremendous amount of features and ability to house extra-large phones, Stalion was able to keep the price extremely reasonable.
  • Stores ID and credit cards
  • Made of durable neoprene
  • The  key pocket is rather deep, so actually retrieving them after a run could prove to be a bit difficult.

iPhone 6s / Galaxy S6 Armband Gear Beast

iPhone 6s / Galaxy S6 Armband Gear Beast
This Gear Beast armband will fit the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, Galaxy S7, S6, S6 Edge, S5 & More. It is highly affordable and perfect for athletes and runners who consistently update or switch their mobile devices and don't want to continually purchase another armband. At $9.99, it is the most affordable option on the list and is compatible with all athletes and runners.
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This armband comes in several color options and is compatible with a variety of mobile devices. It is designed to be used without your phone case and also features full screen functionality--thanks to .3mm screen protector.

It is also made of Neoprene, which is both sweatproof and water resistant. It also comes equipped with a key holder as well as an adjustable strap, so you can have the perfect fit.

This armband is meant to work with the iPhone 6S. iPhone6, Galaxy S7, S6, S6 Edge, S5, and many more. It's sizing makes it compatible with several mobile devices, making it the most affordable versatile option currently available this year.

This is the most affordable armband on our best running armbands list. Even though it does not have as many features as the other options on this list, it is compatible with several devices. This makes extremely versatile--and it provides you with the basic features you look for in an armband.
  • Compatible with several mobile devices
  • Cost-effective
  • Several color options 
  • Full screen functionality thanks to the .3mm screen protector 
  • Sweatproof and water resistant 
  • Key holder
  • Adjustable Strap
  • AssistiveTouch Functionality is needed for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 users 
  • Basic option 

Armpocket Ultra i-35

Although the Armpocket Ultra i-35 fit almost any phone, it is perfect for today's larger phones. It comes equipped with several useful features and is a perfect option for runners as well as any athlete in search of a multi-functional armband for their mobile device.
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The Armpocket Ultra i-35 armband comes equipped with several useful features you will be sure to love. Its "one size fits all" adjustable arm strap allows you to adjust it to the perfect fit for you. Its interior storage compartments will allow you to store your cards, id, and phone along with your phone--so you don't have to worry about losing anything or having to bring an additional storage option with you on your run.

It utilizes memory foam padding for maximum comfort and it is also sweatproof and slip proof. You will also have easy access to your audio ports and full screen functionality.


This armband is designed to fit almost all mobile devices, and at 6 inches it will definitely fit your larger devices as well. The armband itself only weighs .188 ounces but will weigh more depending on how much you pack in there.


This armband is a high quality option that offers you incredible protection for your phone, comfort, comfort, durability, and additional storage options.


While this is a more expensive option, the additional useful features this band provides are well worth the investment.
  • Great for larger phones, but will fit most phones as well
  • Eco friendly
  • Memory padding for additional comfort
  • One size fits all adjustable arm strap
  • Additional storage for Id, cards, and key. 
  • Easily accessible audio port
  • Full Screen Functionality
  • Sweatproof and slip proof
  • High Cost
  • Can get heavy if you store too much

Gear Beast Deluxe

A straight forward design and user friendly for runners looking for practical use, you can carry your phone and a key for your home.  It is very comfortable to wear and does not feel bulky. 

Suitability designed for those of us with an active lifestyles such as running, hiking, cycling, dancing,  a really user friendly product for those that are into hands free activities but still want access to a phone. As much as choosing the right gear for a hiker is important, so is choosing the right armband. Good for carrying iphones and a broad choice of smartphones. An attractive armband offered in 4 bright colors.
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We start with the fitted reflective stripe which ensures that you get noticed on dark nights, this safety feature is a nice and attractive touch, the structure is impressive and is constructed with top quality Neoprene rubberized material which contributes positively towards water proofing performance. Nice use of this material because it also gives moisture wick able qualities which further ensures your phone is better protected. The edges of the arm bands are friction free due to Comfort-Piping padding a feature progressively being put into running vests and which you will appreciate during a long distance run.

Neoprene is increasingly used in the production of durable quality outdoor clothing plus sports products and is very much worth looking at when you are thinking about updating your wardrobe for sports clothing.

An interesting feature is that the arm band is put together in a style which lets you carry your phone without the case and allows the phone to function while giving a good visual on the functions through a thin, tough suitably sensitive protective screen. If you want to change the music while you’re running you hardly need to change pace with this easily accessible system, your apps are easily seen and quick to access.

The standard deluxe model armband lets you carry without a phone case but If you want to carry with a phone case then the makers of this brand have taken this into account and on offer are a wide choice of sizes for different phone cases which can be purchased to fit your specific model.

Here are some of the size fits being offered:  Apple iPhone SE,  Apple iPhone 5s, Apple iPhone 4, Apple iPhone 5 ,  Apple iPhone 5c, Apple iPhone 5, the Apple iPhone 4s and the Apple IPod 5th Generation Touch. For Samsung users: Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini and the  Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Motorola are covered as are Microsoft along with HTC. If you have a different phone brand, check out this armband, it’s a good probability that your phone will fit.


The arm strap has multiple position capabilities and comfortably fits an arm circumference from 7 inches up through to 16, if your a person that works out and has a larger arm you can buy the extension strap.


This is a very well-constructed armband engineered to meet your personal specific requirement’s.


The price is right, especially if you require comfort, durability, accessibility to your phone and anti moisture features.

Good wick ability.

Comfort Piping

Neoprene material.

Accessibility to the phone.


No pouch for ID card.

Gear Beast Premium

Designed for those of us with an active lifestyles such as running, hiking, cycling, dancing,  a really user friendly product for those that are into hands free activities but still want access to a phone.
Carry your key and phone securely.
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With runnerclick you just looked at the Gear Beast Deluxe and undoubtedly you were impressed. Now you can make a quick accurate comparison so that if your looking at making a sound purchase, here is the quick final word so that you can decide which armband is for you. The differences are subtle and may well result from the manufacturer deciding to offer a model variation in order to meet an even wider base of variable clients.

A key variation is the expandable strap and this rethink or alternative offering is a sound practical innovative addition.

We have a good choice of five colors, orange which incidentally is my favorite choice as it is bright and easily noticed, black which gives of a visual sense of being solid, purple for those of us looking to stand out, blue for the laid back runner and pink for those of us with an arty softer side.

I'm very much into colors, I believe they say so much about a person, if you're a person that likes to use color to express yourself then it's a good idea to explore the amazing color choices being offered for sports clothing in general and sports clothes for outdoors.

Again, engineered from the unquestionably good  Neoprene fabric and continuing to provide a wick ability level which maintains moisture defense for your phone. The retained use of Comfort-Piping remains to ensure a comfortable fit so forget about the possibility of discomfort resulting from annoying painful friction, it will not happen. The padding system does its duty and so your arm is very well protected.

The design feature still works to hold your device without a case because of the phone functionality enabling qualities resulting from this style and if you really want to also carry your case the option to purchase a design from Gear Beast for carrying a case is there for you.

Personally from a reviewers perspective I think that the phones continued user friendly functional while its being carried is very important as we have taken it with us to use it, if we also carry the phone case, I feel accessibility is reduced. A case protects a phone but the phone is reasonably secured and protected in an armband.

A nice clear durable touch screen cover is kept in place and offers touch sensitive qualities so that you can access and use the phone easily, even while running.

While we run we sweat and Gear Beast have taken this into account, you can wash the armband by hand quickly as often as you need to and it will not impact badly on the durability.

A good range of capability has been kept for carrying different phone sizes, much the same as comparatively listed for the  Beast deluxe  model. If you like these two armbands product but you own an unusual phone brand, don't let that hold you back. Here is the size range by which you can compare your phone  3.5 through to 4.3.

A nice final provision with both armbands is a one year warranty.


Convenient multi positioning strap capabilities.  Expandable strap and comfortably fits an arm measuring from 7 up through to 20 inches


A great armband, designed for your specific requirements.


Representing comfort, durability, functionality long lasting and washable, a good investment.

Good wick ability.

Comfort Piping

Neoprene material.

Accessibility to the phone.

Expandable strap.


Does not have a pouch for your ID card, this is a con if you want to take it with you while doing a run.

Belkin Ease-Fit Plus

Regardless if your passion is running, dancing, cycling, hiking, working out at the local gym or any activity you care to name in which you want hands free functionality for yourself, welcome to this review . It’s the sleek, comfy snug fitting, stylish, protective, durable, user friendly Belkin Ease-Fit Plus.

This phone will never get in your way while it performs its duties of carrying and protecting not just your phone but you can also carry a key. You may well prefer to give up bulk in return for sleek functionality and this product will not disappoint you.
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You wont be wanting to bring your phone case if you demand assured phone functionality, your phone case gives added protection but this armband gives very good protection already. It's clear, you bring your phone because you intend to use features provided by it, this armband has factored in this need.

Let's take a close look at the features being offered here.

Firstly it is offered in two colors, day glo or blacktop, these are colors making fashion statement in the same way as fashionable outdoor sports clothes. An inclusive key pouch in which you can confidently stow your key and be assured it wont get lost no matter what type of work out you are doing, the pouch ensure whatever you put in it is there to stay till such time that you want it. Nice peace of mind as none of us want to go for a run and then upon returning home find we have lost our key.

Because the design is not bulky and has a low contour sitting securely on your arm, in much the same way as a well designed back pack it is very suitable for all types of activities and will not get in your way or make you feel conscious of wearing it, the materials used in the construction blends a nice combination of Lycra and neoprene, the wick ability factors are tried and tested for good performance, you can sweat or be out in hardier weather elements and know that your phone is protected. The materials are lightweight and durable with a sound flexible quality while also ensuring a snug, comfortable hugging fit.

For functional interaction with your phone the armband incorporates a clear touch sensitive durable screen.

You can safely and protectively carry the following phones, iphone 5. the iphone 5s, iphone 5c, iphone SE and the ipod 5th touch generation. if you own an alternative phone brand you can compare its size to any of the models mentioned here.


An Ease-Fit Plus Armband and it can expand to a total length of 18 inches. Length and functional of armbands is really very important to fully understand and to know more about that you can quickly check here.  The armband gives comfortable and secure form fit styling while ensuring arm circumference is covered by 26 through to 37cm. ( 10.24ins - 14.57).  You can customize fit because the armband has an adjusting closure and for durability its made from blended Lycra and neoprene, great wick ability points and giving flexibility with lightness.

The makers are happy to offer a one year warranty.
Great investment, really value for money.


This is a good armband, the functions offered are very specific in targeting known requirements wanted from customers looking for a good sports armband.

Impressive sleek conceptual design.





If your bringing your ID card, wear running clothes with a secure pocket.

 Armpocket Racer

An alternative to it''s cousin the Armpocket Flash which offers LED lights. The Armpocket racer still provides for carrying an ID card and key, comfort, durability and nice functionality. The makers are smart, they know what you want, LED lights for dark winter times and for bright summers, a built in reflective feature.

This brand is packed with enough useful clever practical features to say that it is multi-generic in terms of versatility. There are some brands that once tried they become a must always have, such as quality arch supports for running shoes, we don't want to try something else, this armband goes a long way towards falling into such criterion of choice.
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Rugged, tough, durable and long lasting and yet comfortable and secure. We see evidence from the manufacturers to want to outperform others.

How ironic to have an Armband that most likely will outlast your phones

It is designed to grip onto your arm without offering any discomfort or feelings of intrusion, it’s fitted to you and is very secure. No overly weighty feeling, no pinching, no irritation. This is achieved through comfortable phone padding with the ability to blend onto your arm and remember the shape for next time.

Being made from recycled plastic water bottles combined with bamboo-rayon the materials are eco-friendly to both you and the environment, resistant to mildew, mold and bacterias and give great wick-ability. Protective against rain, snow, sleet, damp air and sweat, the protection level sits at the water-ingress rating- IPX-4, we can’t ask much higher from an armband.

NTS labs gave the armband certificated recognition for ruggedness, durability, wear, damage and eco friendly and  don't worry if you drop the armband, the shock proof qualities are great. When it comes to attention for shock proof qualities, we give the same equal consideration for a very good pair of shock proof quality running shoes.

The straps give multiple choices for fitting just about every plausible sized arm, and the protective phone compartment is fronted by a touch friendly screen in the same way as the Armpocket Flash. Security for stowing is achieved via cord management zip and stow tech finished off with sound proof zipping. This type of stow away quality is only matched by quality back packs. A nice wide selection of artistic colors combined with great patterns and designs to please all tastes.

Limitations on how or where the armband can be worn are thrown out of the window, wear it on your wrist, leg, arm or even fit it onto the bike while you cycle. This is very multi-functional.

You can carry securely and safely many types of phones and also their cases. 

With this product you get a one year warranty.


The straps give multiple choices for fitting just about every plausible sized arm. For a slip free and bounce friendly quality patented V strap technology is engineered into the arm strap.


A multi functional armband which is not limited to wearing on the arm. Packed full of user friendly features, in comparative terms and considering the specific customer target base it is only outperformed by the Armpocket Flash. This does not mean it is the best choice available but it can be said its one of the best choices available when specific requirement are taken into account.


When we want durability, quality, eco-friendly, comfort, secure functionality, the price asked for this product is fair and reasonable.


Straps give multiple choices for fitting.


Shock proof.


Secure and comfortable.

Zip and stow tech.

Memory foam.


No LED lights but it's cousin Armpocket flash offers that.

The Evolving Relationship Between Armbands and Smartphones.

Take smartphones for example. They are evolving in shape and size and this means that products used with them must also evolve. So we can expect the choice, style and functionality of armbands to continue to change. For you, runnerclick is here to keep you informed while we evaluate and compare them to ensure you are kept up to date for the best choices.

These gadgets have been around for a fairly short amount of time, but have progressed considerably at a rate much faster than almost any other product or tech gadget out there. At first, most of us used to use our smartphones for nothing more than making and receiving calls and corresponding via email or instant messaging , but we now use them for virtually everything. Whether it be texting friends, sharing posts on social media, playing video games, taking pictures, adding events to our virtual calendars, and so much more. We use our smartphones for almost everything that we do on a daily basis, and that even involves running.

While our phones obviously can’t take over the act of running, they can do a tremendous amount of good in regards to adding to the overall running experience. Smartphones are equipped with a number of different radios and antennas, and one of these radios is that of a GPS (Global Positioning Unit). The GPS in your phone is able to track your movements of where you currently are at all times. The various running apps which you can download to your smartphone are able to take advantage of the GPS in your device, using it to provide detailed information about your runs that you otherwise take much more time to figure out.

The information that you get from these apps usually consists of the route that you traveled, how long it took you to complete your run, what your total distance was, average mile/km time, how many calories burned during your run, and a lot more depending on the particular app. All of this information is incredibly useful for those who like to track and record their progress as much as possible. Smartphone technology has given us the tool that allow us to keep up with those details on the very devices that we carry around with us all day long. However, as great as smartphones are for this purpose, they do have one little problem.

They’re huge.

These devices have been increasing in size for a number of years now, as the trend for having a larger and bigger display is currently hot in the tech world and this means that armbands need to evolve holding capacity.

While this is great for watching Netflix and playing Angry Birds, it makes running with your phone a bit of a hassle. You could just hold your phone in your hand while running, but there’s always that chance that you’ll trip, lose your grip, and your phone will go flying. You could also put it in a pocket in your running shorts, but there are a lot of running pants and shorts out there that don’t have any pockets, so what then. If they do, they usually aren’t deep enough to offer a secure place for your phone. So, what do we do about it?

Phone holders for running have become increasingly popular among runners who need a secure place to keep their phones while out for a run. They have, thus far, proven to be one of the best solutions out there for this issue. Armbands allow your phone to rest in a secure housing that is then strapped to your arm. You’re still able to use your phone while it’s in the armband, and it keeps your hands and pockets free while going out for a run with your smartphone. However, with so many different styles and brands of armbands out there, finding one that’s just right for you can often times prove to be more difficult than you might initially anticipate.

Our Criteria for Evaluating Ten Armbands.

Here at runnerclick we pride ourselves that when we review products we practice empathy. This means as runners and sports fans we can put ourselves in your shoes. We know what you want because we also want that.  Our review language is a combination of everyday talk blended with the technicalities which we need to know.


For features we looked at what the armband offers you in terms of functionality. We wanted to compare and establish how durable, protective and functional the armbands actually are. Can we stow away our phone securely but still keep phone functionality and get access to the phone to change the music or even take a call on speaker,? Do the armbands provide a suitable durable touch screen cover? Phones are expensive and its not enough to just securely carry a phone so we can be hands free but the phone must be protected against possible damage from the weather, our body sweat and potential shock impacts if an armband is dropped.

What are the armbands constructed from, are they good fabrics? any ECO friendly qualities? How durable are the fabrics and can we wash them? Will we encounter skin irritations or pinching when we wear the armbands?

The seasons change in terms of weather and darkness, do any products provide features to make us more visible on dark nights. We also looked at and compared what can be carried in the armbands as this is very important, we need secure pouches not only for the phone but also things like keys, an ID card perhaps even a pouch for carrying gel pads or a spare phone battery.

Lastly we looked at phone carrying capacity, which phone sizes can be carried.


Importantly we looked at strap sizes, comfort and durability. It is pointless to buy an armband only to find that it cannot fit around your arm. We looked at provisions for adjustable straps offering multi positional qualities. How secure are the straps, are they comfortable, do they grip nicely or too tightly and therefore creating friction and pinch.


its our money, we looked at the cost, are we getting value for money in terms of product performance, functionality, comfort and durability.


Q:  What should we look for ourselves in a phone armband?

A: Generally we should look at which types and sizes of phones can be safely carried, if the features offered are specific to what we want, water defense capabilities via the fabrics, strap size for us, is the armband comfortable and not to heavy, any safety features such as LED lights or reflective qualities and the range of colors.

Q: Whats a fair price to pay for an armband?

A: This really depends on what features you require. logically the more specialized the features the higher the price so it really is down to the consumer to judge if they feel the price is fair.

Q: Is it ok to wash armbands or will they lose water resistant qualities?

A: Brand made armbands are constructed from materials which in their very nature are water resistant, these qualities cannot be washed out of a material.

Q: can wearing armbands result in physical arm because it is not usual to wear this type of thing on an arm?

A: Manufacturers are innovative in designing products such as armbands to be safe for wearing, they even consider if materials have toxic implications or ecologicaly-friendly tones.

Q: why can’t we just make our own armband?

A: You can if you have material engineering knowledge and manufacturing knowledge combined with the available time to survey and research public need for your type of armband.

Q: What can I do to prevent mildew forming?

A: Purchase a product which is made from synthetic fibers which in turn offers an environmental which is unfriendly to the growth of mildew.

Q” are we limited to strapping armbands on our arms or can we use them for other practicale purpose while carry our phones and wanting to be hands free?

A: Absolutely yes, if you research you will find armbands that can be worn on the wrist, legs and even strapped to the handlebars of a bike.

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