10 Best Running Skull Caps Reviewed & Tested


To borrow a phrase from WebMd: “The real reason we lose heat through our head is that most of the time when we’re outside in the cold, we’re clothed but not wearing a hat.” It’s the difference between simply covered skin and not covered skin. Research has more or less shown that the head loses heat at the same rate as any other part of your body.

So, there’s that myth busted. This does, however, leave the task of making sure our heads are well covered in cold weather. If you’re training in the winter (or summer for that matter) you need some good protection for your dome. There are a million hats to choose from, and there’s also skull caps — a sleek and high performing alternative.

The best options are made from breathable fabrics—like polyester, nylon, and spandex—that can stretch and ensure a secure fit. They work well to keep you cool and dry and are designed to wick away sweat. They also help prevent skin irritation and painful chafing problems.

When choosing, look for odor resistance features (if you have longer hair), strategic air ventilation capability, moisture-wicking fabrics, and built-in thermal heat retention capability (for colder weather).

Last Updated: May 26, 2018
By Brian Price:

With a few new options added to our list, as well as some more information and frequently asked questions, this guide should be able to help if you're in the market for a new skull cap.

Ergodyne 6630
  • Ergodyne 6630
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Efficient & comfortable fit
  • Price: See Here
Nike Pro Combat Hypercool
  • Nike Pro Combat Hypercool
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Dri-FIT moisture control
  • Price: See Here
Pearl Izumi Barrier
  • Pearl Izumi Barrier
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Windproof panel
  • Price: See Here

Best Running Skull Caps


Ergodyne 6630 High-Performance

Ergodyne 6630 High-Performance
The beauty of the Ergodyne 6630 high performance cap is in its simplicity and its ability to absorb like no other. Made from technical fabric with a generous, absorbent terry cloth headband -- this skull cap is going to sop up any excess sweat no problem. Paradoxically this is great for hot weather, if you tend to perspire excessively and have been the victim of sweat stung eyes you know what a great benefit this can be. For a few other reasons why we rate this cap so highly see below.
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About the Product:

- Simple and to the point, high-performing skull cap, that is efficient and comfortable
- Made from HiCool fabrics that work as a great thermoregulation aid
- All synthetic, sponge and elastics are designed for max absorption
- One size fits all
- The colors are unique and varied: blue, Lime, Stars & Stripes, camouflage, barbed wire, mexican flag, red western, skulls, and of course flames
  • Practical design
  • Many colors including high visibility options
  • Excellent temperature regulation
  • Universal size fits small for some

Nike Pro Combat Hypercool

Nike Pro Combat Hypercool
Much like UA ,skull caps are very much the territory of a company like Nike. Their flagship skull cap is called the Combat HyperCool, and it is predictably quite good. It’s made from Dri-FIT fabric and comes with layered ventilation zones to make sure you stay cool and as dry as possible. This is one of the most minimalistic skulls caps out there, and it has a relatively thin construction. Despite its lack of bulk this cap will keep you pretty warm, and you can count on it in all but the most extreme conditions. Very reasonably priced (by Nike standards) there is a lot to like about the Hypercool.
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About the Product:

- Made from 87% Polyester and 13% Spandex
- Strategically located Nike Hypercool zones allows for unimpeded ventilation
- Nike Dri-FIT Fabric makes sure that athletes stay cool, dry and comfortable at all times
- Premium fit and zero distractions with
- Nike Pro Combat Jock Tag for maximum brand recognition
  • DriFit moisture wicking properties
  • Flat lock stitching to reduce chance of irritations
  • HyperCool zones for increased ventilation
  • A bit constrictive for some

Pearl Izumi Barrier

Pearl Izumi Barrier
Here we’ve got another skullcap that really excels when it comes to blocking the wind. The Barrier Skull Cap from Pearl Izumi has a windproof front panel keeps your forehead well protected from the wind. Made from an indestructible single layer that lays nicely against the skin, expect a comfortable fit. This is a great option for men, and for women as its ergonomically cut to not conflict with a ponytail. Best of all it kills it when it comes to warmth, moisture transfer, and the resistance of odors. Overall a solid choice.
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About the Product:

- Made from 100% polyester
- Windproof panel combined with high grade thermal fabric, provides extremely warm full head coverage
- Performance engineered for the the body in motion, won’t constrict or slip easily.
- Proudly manufactured in the USA
- Has 4 core fabric technologies (Transfer, Barrier, Thermal and Softshell ) — in tandem these work together to deliver optimum performance
- Pearl Izumi product has a reputation for high quality and they offer a lifetime guarantee with their products, not too shabby!
  • Ideal for colder weather
  • Engineered for motion, so a great choice for running
  • Comprised of fabric technologies such as Transfer, Barrier, Thermal and Softshell for optimal protection
  • A few weren't crazy about the tight fit

Under Armour Mesh 2.0

Under Armour Mesh 2.0
Under Armour’s penchant for making good quality compressive gear makes them a shoein in the skull cap category. Their Mesh Skullcap 2.0 does not disappoint. The Signature Moisture Transport System wicks sweat and keeps your head dry. Plus you’ve got 4-way stretch material fabrication that allows you to move and offers a little support. Every once in awhile (especially if you size something wrong) Under Armour goes a little heavy on the compression for our taste. Not the case here. Highly recommended.
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About the Product:

- Fabric breakdown: 84% Polyester and 16% Elastane
- Comes in 6 color options,
- Has an eye catching UA design
- Signature Moisture Transport System ensures you stay nice and dry
- 4-way stretch fabrication and ergonomic seams make for a comfortable fit
- Ultra-soft on the skin, ultra-lightweight won’t create even the smallest bit of drag
  • Super lightweight
  • Moisture managing properties wick away sweat
  • 4-way stretch material for a conforming fit
  • Produces very little drag
  • The fit seemed a bit short for some

SweatHawg Shorty

SweatHawg Shorty
Skull caps are often worn for the purposes of warmth, but this is far from their only utility. Working as an absorbing entity is equally as important in some cases. If you tend to sweat a lot, wearing a skull cap it one way you can work to remedy this. As the name implies the SweatHawg is a skull cap designed to suck up as much sweat as possible. This skullcap combines powerfully wicking stretch material with a high-absorbent brow band to stop excess perspiration. We’ve experienced this cap to stand behind its identity and when it comes to dealing with sweat this is one of your best options.
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About the Product:

- Primed for sweat control.
- Hyper-absorbent material in the brow to stop dripping and keep your eyes clear
- Ultraviolet protection, also provides a bit of warmth in cool weather. Shorty version comes down to cover your ears.
- Made in the USA.
  • Provides decent moisture control
  • Hyper-absorbent material in the brow to keep sweat out of the eyes
  • Good choice for cooler weather
  • A bit bulkier than some others

Icebreaker Pocket

Icebreaker Pocket
If we’re being honest this hat is probably on the borderline between a skull cap and low profile beanie — the truth is it’s too good to leave off. We’re extremely partial to products made from Merino Wool (as you’ll know if you’ve read some of our other posts) and the Pocket Hat from IceBreaker is 100% Merino. As the name implies this hat has a slight build and easily stows in your pocket. It’s a fully functioning, breathable, and odor resistant hat made from non itch fabric that will softly protect your head. If your priority is to be comfortable you probably aren’t going to do much better than this hat.
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About the Product:

- Dual layered and reversible
- Odor resistant, fights bacteria and sweat accumulation
- Slim, low profile and snug fit hat
- Two colour options available
- Offers lightweight yet extremely powerful insulation
- New (based on feedback and redesign) and improved fit
  • Provides lightweight insulation
  • Snug, low profile design, perfect for running
  • Reversible, dual layer construction
  • Improved fit
  • Only 2 color choices

Tough Headwear. Skull Cap.

Tough Headwear. Skull Cap.
Style, comfort, secure FIT.

A great skull cap which can cover your ears, be used for running or worn under a helmet, good for skiing, snowboarding, football, riding.

Nice light-weight properties, very comfortable, good stretch factor to ensure secure stable FIT, one size works for all head sizes.

A top performing cap with super breathability.
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About the Product:

This cap will fit securely for all heads due to designed in stretchability, good for all outdoor sports, comfortable and light, made from fabrics which give solid breathability.

The inner lining gives light thermal retaining qualities.

Made from quality fabrics, Spandex for a stretch at 11%, Polyester at 89% for light, durable secure comfort. High performing breathability working in conjunction with solid wick-ability. This cap can also be worn under helmets.


Offer at a buyer-friendly price, a good investment

Made from quality fabrics


Breathability and wick factor

Will FIT all heads

Good for all outside sports


Some runners prefer a cap which does not cover the ears.

Craft Active WindStopper

Craft Active WindStopper
If a hat has “windstopper” in the name and plastered on the front of it you know there must be something to it. And in this case there is. Craft Active has produced a hat that stands up to the harshest of conditions, and is a trusted brand when it comes to top quality base layers. There are two primary ingredients in the cap’s material: air-channeled polyester which expels extra heat away from the body, and filament yarns which move moisture away. The microclimate created within this hat is ideal for endurance training and race day performance. The price is a bit higher, but the results are more than than worth it.
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About the Product:

- Made from 92% Polyester and 8% EPTFE
- Flatlock seams won’t irritate and move smoothly with the body
- Engineered fit and superb drying properties
- Has a hexa-channel fiber (yarn) resting against the skin, which enhances moisture transport, and improving thermoregulation
- Protects your body in mild and windy/cold conditions, won’t overheat
On the exterior, a brushed fiber offers extra insulation
  • Flat lock seams reduce chances of irritation
  • Engineered fit
  • Hexa-channel fiber enhances moisture control
  • Blocks the wind
  • Some hoped it would work better against stronger winds

Saucony Unisex Omni

Saucony Unisex Omni
Built with runners in mind (men and women), the Saucony Omni Skull Cap is an efficient and durable way to keep you head warm. You may end up getting a little bit of hat head, but the insulation offered will be more than worth the ruffled hair. This cap fits nicely (not to rigid or loose) it deals with moisture in an efficient way, and it adds more visibility to your body for nighttime training. If we had to go with one skull cap recommendation this might be it, if for no other reason than it’s incredibly broad appeal.
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About the Product:

Material breakdown: 92% Polyester 8% Spandex

- Gender neutral fit
- Keep warm in chilly weather with secure fitting skull cap
- Completely reversible hat offers two elegant color options
- Four way stretch means it fits tight to the head and secures the ears/neck area
- Thermal fabric manages moisture efficiently
- Stitches in reflective logos are there for extra visibility
  • Secure, insulating fit
  • Reversible construction
  • Ideal choice for cold weather
  • Moisture wicking properties
  • Some found the fit a little short

French Fitness Revolution Skull Cap.

French Fitness Revolution Skull Cap.
Great for running, cold weather sports, football, very light and nicely comfortable with a quality fleece lining. 

Built from stretch fabric to ensure a reliable FIT and providing nice breathability, good for warm weather but also giving thermal retention capability for cooler weather.

This cap FITs like a second skin giving very nice secure comfort and gives nice style.
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About the Product:

Use for all outdoor sports in warm weather and even cool weather due to thermal retention characteristics. The inner lining is fleece so you are assured skin comfort, stretch factor ensures secure hold and FIT.

Breathability performance is very good and backed up by good performing wick-ability. This cap will FIT all wearers comfortably and securely.

This cap can be washed as often as needed and it will retain FIT and performance.


Available at a realistic price, a nice investment and a good cap to add to your gear.

Fleece lining

Heat-retaining in cooler weather



One size strecthes to securely FIT all


Some runners are not into fleece linings.

Whether you’re training in the bitter winter cold or blasting summer heat skull cap can do quite a bit to help your body thermoregulate itself. There is a reason a lot of NFL players wear them for a competitive advantage. Running bands can be another solution, however, we’ve found their lack of full coverage to provide less benefit when it comes to staying warm or remaining cool. Be sure to pay close attention to sizing, the last thing you want is elastic constricting your head. So that’s it, these are are our top eight — cheers with warm ears and a sweat-free brow!


Criteria Used For Selecting The Best Skull Caps

This is the case where protection meets you and is guaranteed, skull caps were designed specifically to do that sort of work .as a runner having this can look like a by the way but when you own this you will never have the chance and time of letting it go as this will be your everyday thing. Skull caps as their name suggests protects the head from injuries and excess sunlight that can harm your head.luckily they are made of materials that wick out excess moisture leaving you dry and cool. They are made to fit the head just fine and make you look stylish at the same time.

Just like hats would protect your head, these are of no exception they do a wonderful job in making sure you are well taken care of, how can we ignore such an important item in the first place? We had to do a research about it and make sure you have knowledge about it too. They come in different designs that can make you pick whatever you find fits. Heading to the vast and tight market to look for this can be tiresome and worse case disappointing. That is why we have listed down the best we could find for you to have an easy job. Take a look at the factors that we used in selecting the best.


The material that is used in making any valuable item should be one that can easily tap out moisture leaving you dry and well, by so doing it will increase the level of comfort once you have the item on, in this case ,you will need a material that will be stretchy enough to give you a snug fit and also one that can guarantee moisture tapping in case it is during the sunny season, you also need to ensure that the material selected has SPF that can protect against harmful rays of UV. Your head is just as important as the rest of your body and by having it well-protected means you are taking well care of yourself. Material Is one of the major factors that one has to look into when buying an item, materials are different and they both play very different functions, They also vary in prices and quality, ensure you are through with this so as to be satisfied and safe.


This is what everyone looks for on a daily basis. Putting on something that can guarantee comfort is a step closer to a healthy mind. Comfort relates to the material in question and the quality, as well as the inseam used to make the said item, if the item made, is of great quality and material it is more likely that the comfort of that item will be great. The skull caps are made of materials that ensure they are comfortable on the head as they are used to provide protection. The great fit will also bring comfort in place, ensure that you get what is right for you. The materials that the skull caps are made of mostly expand and contract depending on the weather and situation at hand.


This factor is relative to material, you need to get a material that will be able to provide you with great ventilation, skull caps are made for that purpose to protect your head and that means even during sunny days they need to be able to tap out moisture leaving you dry and cool all day, a material that will only protect from sun is not enough you will need one that will be able to deal with your swear to give you a comfortable experience and skull cap does that, ensure that you try it on when at the store and never feel shy to ask questions before finally buying it as the more questions you ask the better chances of getting the right thing.


This term has been frequently used by our research team to provide our clients with the best advise possible, any running gear need to try and embrace the fact that they are also there to try and protect you from unnecessary injuries that might rise up to ignorance or negligence, that is why we need to pay attention to your safety too and by doing so we would like our clients to go for bright colors that can be used in areas that have low to no light. This will make you visible in such areas and guarantee you safety from the motorist and cyclist at night. Reflectivity is the main factor as it goes in well to ensure that you are well taken care of. Please take into consideration this factor especially if you are a frequent runner who runs at any time.


The size of any wearable matters, if it didn’t am sure it wouldn’t be here as a factor, you need to pay great attention to the fact that the size of any wearables will either make you comfortable or uncomfortable. it is you to decide which side you fall in, just like any other cap you need to pick the size that gives you a snug fit as that will make sure you are well taken care of and it won’t be small either loose on your head.

This factor here is one of the major things that one must consider when making a purchase as failure to do so might result in disappointments. We also like to inform our clients in terms of size ensure that you buy it in a store that you can always return if need be but to avoid all that in the first place just make sure you try it on first before the final say, as this is a way to know if it will fit perfectly.


The primary reason why they are called skull caps is to protect your skull from injuries that might arise when you fall or when hit, they are made of material that gets rigid and tough when you have tension or pressure, they are made of gel pads that help anytime pressure is applied to them by forming a protective layer that will ensure that they reduce the injuries that might have raised from the process.

Have the best protection by putting this caps on, unlike ordinary caps that just protect from sun, these ones do a double job to ensure you are well taken care of to the end. That is why we were eager to introduce you to these caps as we are sure any runner has the encounter of going in places that might be risky and they also fall from time to time and this here will protect us from falling.


Other Important Factors To Consider

Having listed the main factors it doesn’t mean that is the end of our review we know that people have different liking to a particular item and they might like it for very different reasons, Skull caps are on the rising and the earlier we talk about them the better for you as a runner, this is one accessory you will need in your closet for your daily use do not ignore it, as you can use it on a chill day with your friends or when working out too. We have tried to give our reviews on the skull caps and given a list of the best we could find, kindly take a look at some other factors that are important too and let us know what you think.


Is there anyone out there that doesn’t value items that last long? Well we do not, we try our best to ensure that even what we put on the list is durable as the durability of any item is key. Durability is brought in the picture when the material quality is right, also durability can be achieved by taking great care of what you own .by making sure that you give yourself the allowance to visit the stores. Skull caps are made of great materials and by so doing they are able to last long if well taken care of. Ensure that you maintain the cap well, follow the washing instructions and making sure that you get it all sorted out in a great manner.


This is sorted by an individual as different styles and designs are appreciated by different people. Luckily the skull caps manufacturers had everyone in mind, they have been able to meet everyone’s need to their best. With the rise in the fashion industry in the world, it is no doubt that the skull caps haven’t been left behind with their designs. We have been able to look into depth the different styles that would suit anyone and tried to incorporate them into our list too. People with different taste are able to be satisfied, apart from that skull caps can be worn when chilling on weekend with a friend and this is one of the reasons why you need to own one.



Getting the right information means getting the right item, when handling our reviews we always end up in the questions area where we try to ensure that in case our client did not get all the information in the first discussion they can be able to get answers to the questions they have in mind in this section. We try our best to go beyond to ensure that we appeal to you and your needs to the best of our understanding.

Q: Why are these caps important to own?

A: The caps are very vital to have especially if you are an athlete as they act as protective gears against UV rays and against injuries that might arise. Having this in your closet makes you come out as someone who has a deep sense of fashion too as you can rock them on weekends with your pals.

Q: Which is the best size to buy?

A:The best size to buy is always the one that gives you a snug fit and not a tight one or loses one, since fit determines your comfort after putting the cap on, do not think twice in making sure you get the right size, do not think of getting the best style if the fit is not right either.

Q: Is the whole cap covered in gel pads?

A: Not really, if that was to be the case then you could suffocate your head in there, they are located evenly on the areas that they can easily protect someone in case of an injury. The gel pads are a significant feature of the skull caps.

Q: How do is wash my skull cap?

A:Most skull caps can be used in the machine, but before you assume that to be the case we would advise you to go in depth and check the instructions given on how to maintain it, which type of water to use and detergents, having the right maintenance procedure can give the clothe a guarantee of long-lasting.

Q: Do the skull caps wick out sweat?

A: Yes they do, they are made with materials that will help tap out excess moisture from your head leaving you cool and dry, most of them if not all have this property of keeping moisture out to prevent sweating that can be very uncomfortable.


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