10 Best Running Waist Packs Tested


Browse through our top 10 choices of best-running waist packs. We picked the most comfortable, practical and affordable options on the market.

Running is such a great form of exercise, but it can easily become a frustrating task if you don’t have the right equipment. You might just be thinking about needing the right clothing and shoes (both of which are essential!) but what about your keys, your phone, or other necessary items you need with you while out exercising? Where do they go? The answer is this: in a running waist pack! These packs are, ideally, small enough that they don’t annoyingly interfere with you while working out, but have enough space to hold essential items that you need with you on the go.

The advantages of running waist packs are numerous:
  • They tend to be made from soft comfortable fabric which has breathability qualities.
  • The waist-packs are designed to FIT a wide range of waist sizes.
  • Are waterproof to protect our items which we store inside.
  • Being built from a waterproof and sweat resistant material, this tends to help reduce the potential for friction and chafing.
  • Often have reflective tech designed into the waist-pack.
  • Can be very light-weight so as not to interfere with the focus on running.
  • Are suitable for male and female runners.
  • Contain secure zip up systems and allow a good range of carrying capacity.

With these broad criteria to consider for choosing the best waist-pack for yourself, enjoy our review and see which model you would like to add to your running gear.

Last Updated: March 30, 2018
By Richard Haberkost:

Here we have a great list of top quality waist packs offering different carrying capacity. We regularly review and update to expand our offering of tried and tested best products. We have added a Leather Waistpack. Read our review section to know the guidelines for choosing the best. Any questions, take a read of our FAQs for helpful answers

Sport2People Running Belt
  • Sport2People Running Belt
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Waterproof waist belt
  • Price: See Here
Freetoo Running Belt
  • Freetoo Running Belt
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Breathable and comfortable fabric
  • Price: See Here
Top Fit Running Belt for Men + Women
  • Top Fit Running Belt for Men + Women
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Price: See Here

Here are our picks for the best running waist packs on the market today. These packs are usually relatively inexpensive but will make your workout experience so much more convenient and enjoyable.

10 Best Running Waist Packs


1. Running Gear By Sport2People

1. Running Gear By Sport2People
A slim running case that features two pockets that can easily fit necessary items such as your cell phone, keys, and credit cards. A small and large pocket make it easy to separate your cell phone from other items, and a convenient opening allows headphones to connect in order to listen to music while exercising.
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This belt features neoprene material that is waterproof, ensuring your items will remain safe even if you get caught in the rain. This material also contains reflective patches that make it suitable for wearing in the dark so that drivers and other runners can see you.

This is an inexpensive running pack, especially considering that it provides great storage and is waterproof.
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for men or women
  • Fits a wide range of waist sizes (from 28 to 48 inches)
  • Soft material that will not rub against your skin
  • Only comes in one color (black)

2. Freetoo

2. Freetoo
This waist running pack from Freetoo features multiple pockets and an expandable strap that makes it a great option for runners of all sizes. With the easy zippered pockets, this is a great belt that can be used for a variety of reasons, not just for running.
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This belt features a mixture of neoprene and breathable net fabric. The net fabric is located on the back of the belt (the side that is up against your body), which is a great feature that helps deal with any sweat accumulation during a workout. There are also reflective strips that allow you to use this in the dark.

This is one of the most affordable running waist packs on this list, making it a great option for runners on a more limited budget.
  • Comes in two colors
  • Has an opening for headphones that allows you to listen to music while exercising
  • Expandable waist strap fits waist sizes from 30-43 inches
  • Net fabric is breathable and comfortable
  • Isn’t waterproof
  • Does not hold larger cell phones that are over 5.5 inches in size

3. Top Fit

3. Top Fit
This running waist pack from SNH New York will hold all of your items in one easy access zippered compartment. This is one of the best running waist packs in terms of its size- it is so lightweight and thin you will barely notice it is there, but it still has plenty of space to hold all of your items!
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This belt is made from a polyester lycra material that is completely sweat and water resistant. With this belt, you don’t have to worry about any type of moisture ruining your items and you can run with total peace of mind.

This is a very affordable running waist pack and is sure to last any runner a long time due to the quality of material.
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Comes in 4 different colors
  • Totally sweat/water resistant material
  • No opening for headphones


URPOWER makes this next running waist pack, and it is a great product for any runner who wants to be able to take water with them on their run. With two water bottles provided in this pack, it is one of the best running waist packs for runners who need to stay hydrated while they exercise. The front zippered pocket also features plenty of room and will fit even the largest of smartphones.
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This pack is made from a lightweight waterproof neoprene material. This is a high quality material that is also tear-resistant, making it a great product that any runner is sure to be able to use for a long time.

This is a very affordable running waist pack, it is slightly more expensive than some other models on this list, but keep in mind this item also includes the two water bottles.
  • Waterproof
  • Can fit all sized cell phones along with other important items
  • Hole in the pocket allows for headphones to be used in order to listen to music
  • Adjustable strap allows for a wide range of people to use it
  • Reflectors make it suitable for wearing in the dark
  • A bit bulkier

5. Gear Beast Weather Resistant

5. Gear Beast Weather Resistant
Gear Beast Sports makes this next running waist pack, and it is an expandable model that makes it easy to hold all of the necessary items you would want to take with you. This model is also guaranteed to be bounce free so that it will not bother you at all as you are running.
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This pack is made from a weather resistant spandex material that will not only keep your items dry, but will easily stretch to fit in all the items that you need to. The fabric is soft and will not rub against your skin when running. Some of the colors feature reflective zippers that make it suitable for wearing in the dark.

This is a very affordable running waist pack.
  • Comes in 10 colors (5 of which feature reflective zippers)
  • Accommodates waist sizes from 24 to 42 inches
  • Holds large phones, even if they have a larger case on them as well
  • Super thin and lightweight, it is barely noticeable
  • Is not machine washable
  • Does not feature a hole to allow for easy use of headphones while exercising

6. UShake Gear Running

6. UShake Gear Running
This running belt from UShake will provide you with plenty of room for all of your items you want to take with you while exercising. With several pockets, this is one of the best running waist packs for people who have a lot of items to bring with them. With all this space, this is a good option for people who are going hiking or doing other activities that may require you to bring more items.
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This product is fully sweat proof and water resistant, made from a durable neoprene fabric. A reflective strip on the front of this pack makes it suitable for use in the dark.

This is another inexpensive waist pack that will be suitable even for those individuals on a more limited budget.
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Strap adjusts for waists between 27 and 43 inches
  • Lightweight product that is also bounce-proof
  • Soft material that will not rub or chafe while you exercise
  • Headphone hole present to make it easy and safe to listen to music
  • Only available in one color (black

7. uFashion3C Running Belt

7. uFashion3C Running Belt
If you are looking for a wait pack that gives you easy access to your smartphone screen, this is the case for you! This pack features a clear touchscreen PVC window that allows you to use your phone without having to take it out of the case. A headphone hole makes it easy to listen to music, and two inner pockets allow you to carry other items like keys, credit cards, or cash.
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This pack is made from weatherproof lycra material, along with an elastic belt. This model is also bounce proof and won’t move or stretch while you are exercising.

This is a very affordable pack, especially considering that is has the screen that allows you to use your smartphone without removing it from the case.
  • This is the only case on this list that gives you the ability to use your smartphone without having to remove it from the case
  • Water resistant and sweatproof material protect your items from any moisture
  • Headphone hole makes it easy to safely listen to music
  • Accommodates waists from 25-39 inches
  • Comes in 9 colors
  • No reflective strips are present on this pack

8. Woogwin Sports Running

8. Woogwin Sports Running
This waist pack from Woogwin will safely and securely hold all of the items you will need to take with you while exercising. A large and small pocket allow you to separate your items, allowing you to keep your phone separate from any other items like keys that may scratch your screen.
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This pack is made from a chloroprene rubber material that is waterproof and sweatproof. The back of the pack is a breathable mesh material, so don’t worry about having rubber rub up against your skin. Reflective strips are present on the sides of this bag, making it suitable to wear in the dark.

This is a very inexpensive product, and in fact is the cheapest pack on this list.
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Comes in two colors
  • Waterproof and sweatproof
  • Adjustable belt accommodates waists from 30-45 inches
  • Has a headphone hole for easy music listening
  • This is a slightly bulkier model than some of the others on this list
  • Slightly heavier

9. Atelic®

9. Atelic®
This next running pack from Atelic is a great product that is fully weather resistant, keeping your items totally free from water, dirt, and sweat. Their large, and expandable, pockets are great for holding a variety of items, including even the largest of smartphones.
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This running waist pack is made of a highly weather resistant neoprene material that is also breathable and very comfortable. These packs are also reflective, making them suitable for use in the dark.

This is one of the more expensive products on this list, but it is still very affordable.


  • Has an access port for a headphone jack so you can easily listen to music
  • Comes in 3 reflective colors
  • Fits waists from 28 to 48 inches


  • Limited storage


10. iTECHOR Sport

10. iTECHOR Sport
This waist pack from Itechor is a sleek model that you will hardly notice, but that has plenty of storage for all of your items. This is one of the best running waist packs for men and women wanting a sleek bag that is waterproof and bounce proof.
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This pack is made of a waterproof neoprene material, with the back of the pack being a breathable mesh that ensures a comfortable fit.

This is an inexpensive pack that will be suitable for people on a more limited budget.
  • Sleek, thin design
  • Has a port for headphones
  • Waist strap adjusts to fit waists from 24-40 inches
  • Only comes in one color (black)
  • must be hand washed

Leather Waistpack

Leather Waistpack
Stylish craft work, exceptional carry capacity.

When it comes to convenient and comfortable carrying capability, seven pockets with security zip systems really is giving you a lot of seriously high carrying capacity. A glance at this waist pack and you see high-quality workmanship in the construction resulting in a combination of fashionable, durability because it is made from long-lasting soft cowhide, while this waist pack gets older it also beautifies in the way which only leather can achieve.

It gets even better, this is very affordable.

This will securely and comfortably FIT waist sizes up to fifty inches with the easy to use adjustment strap.
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Impressive features/Durability/Style

A waist pack which is built for longevity and style while ensuring that you get a high capacity for carrying items while remaining free to use your hands because you are not carrying a bag. Made of good high-quality leather which has a durability which will span many years.

The Stitching is strong synthetic thread designed to last and works well for durability and longevity in conjunction with all the materials used for constructing this high-quality waist pack.

For those looking for a capacity to carry a lot of items securely in a stylish and durable waist pack, this product will easily meet your expectations.


The price is surprisingly reasonable for a long-term investment in a very good waist pack

Seven carry pockets

Zip fasten security

Durable leather - longevity

Adjustable strap for waist size up to 50 inches

Very stylish


Not for those against leather products


Criteria for choosing Best Running waist packs


Choosing an efficient and high-quality running waist pack is a crucial decision every runner must make. A good waist pack for running or jogging doesn’t just allow you to strap on your essentials during your workout. It also must allow for an even distribution of weight, so there is a very little disturbance during your run. This type of running waist pack is popular among runners, joggers, hikers, and other outdoor sportsmen because they give you the opportunity to boost your performance while remaining adequately hydrated.

Factors to consider when choosing the best running waist pack

The amount of running gear sold today (especially athletic belts, running waist packs and running fanny packs), can be overwhelming even for diehard runners. Here are some tips on what you should look for when choosing a running belt:


Most certainly, the first consideration you need to make when looking at a running belt is the comfort level. You have to be able to run normally when wearing it as if you were not wearing it at all! Your belt should include pockets for your valuables, such as your cell phone, Keys, ID, headphones, money, or wallet, and not cause any discomfort during your run. Furthermore, your running belt should remain secure so you will not feel any of your items bouncing around.


It is important to check and see if you running waist pack or belt has these storage features

Bottle Security. You should test the strength of the bottle holders and make sure that they are sturdy enough to keep bottles in place.

Pocket space. Make a list of things you want to bring while running and this will help you figure out if you’re choosing one with enough compartment and storage space.

Running waist pack or belt features

The main objective of a waist belt is to give you easy access to liquids while running or doing other types of intensive activities. Hence, you should be able to access it with only one hand. There are some belts that have brackets so the bottles are firmly held in place, and there are other belts that come with clips for the bottles. Some designs have pockets similar to holsters for bottle storage. These holsters allow the athlete to easily grab the bottle and put it back while running at the same pace. A great feature of many waist running belts is the ability to hold bottles on sides, front, and back.

Material of the running waist pack

The material of running and jogging belts come in a variety, and they often depend on the brand. That being said, a majority of these belts are made using synthetic materials. Even if this is the case, it is still important to check other types of belts and waist packs. This is because some running belts respond better to heat regulation and sweat absorption so your body stays dry. It’s also quite easy to find one made of knitted elastic or mesh for good ventilation without the bulkiness. Also, don’t forget to look at the belt’s padding. When you have more than two bottles, you do not want them rubbing against each other while you run. There are running pouches, fanny packs, and belts designed specifically for men and women, so we recommending testing out (or purchasing) different models so you don’t end up with a material you’re unhappy with.


If you want the best waist pack for running that will also last, avoid the cheap ones and only opt for the high-quality belts available. Choose running pouch that is quick-drying, washable, durable, and moisture-wicking. You can do research on the brand and quality of material they use to avoid any drawbacks. And to be safe, it’s always a good idea to read some customer reviews!

The color

The color of your running equipment is an important factor that is often overlooked. If you are someone who enjoys running at night, we strongly recommend buying a belt that is reflective. Reflective runners belts add an extra layer of safety that should put your mind at ease during those late night jogs and runs. Often times, you can purchase a belt that is built with a reflective logo or can clip onto a torch.


Price, of course, is a matter of personal preference. There are always going to be products out there for cheaper prices but think twice about it. Lower end products are often cheaper for a reason. You don’t want to run the risk of buying a running belt made with cheap quality material that will likely require you to replace it within a matter of months (or weeks).

There are many choices as far as running waist packs go.  We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you narrow down your search for the perfect waist pack for your next run!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What running waist pack Features should I Consider most when choosing a waist pack in a stall?

A. It is important to consider the following features before coming to your conclusion on the final running waist pack brand.  Here are a few things you should keep in mind before making your purchase:

Use.  Will you be taking this out on a long run?  If so, you might want to consider having holders for a water bottle (or even two).  Perhaps you simply want to use it on shorter runs, which in that case you may not want to carry hydration with you and simply store your phone and maybe some cash.  Think when you will use your belt in order to narrow down your choices.

Fit.  The first thing you should do is measure your waist in order to get an accurate size.  Many belts are adjustable and in that case, measuring your waist may not be so important.  However, some belts come in sizes, so knowing your waist size will help you get the appropriate fit.  And if at all possible, see if you can try on the waist belt.  Sizing might depend on whether you want it to sit higher up on your waist or lower down on your hips.

Hydration. Like stated before, if you use this belt for longer runs, you may want to consider getting a belt with water bottle holders.  Not all belts come with this option.  Some belts can hold one water bottle while other can hold two.

Storage. Again, what do you intend on carrying? A phone?  Energy Gels?  For longer runs, runners may need a little more storage to carry fuel, phone, and any other necessities, while shorter runs may need less storage and only enough space to keep a phone and some cash.  Many belts can expand to hold a variety of things in varying sizes.

Q. How Much Fluid should a Running Waist pack Hold?

A. Of course, you can’t be running on a hot, summer day without adequate fluids. Most running waist packs’ carrying bladders varies in holding capacity; between 1 to 3 liters of fluid. The size you want should be dictated by the length of the trail. If you are running a trail that requires several hours to complete, it’s best to get a pack that stores at least 2 liters of fluid.

Q. How Much Cargo should a Running Waist pack Hold?

A. It is vital you get a pack that won’t lose your precious cargo. You’ll likely have several small items that require storage while running. As with fluid, each running waist pack has a different holding capacity for cargo. Some have enough space to store big items such as clothing (e.g., jackets) while others can only hold small items such as car keys, food, and cell phones. If you plan on being out all day, it is better to get a pack with enough cargo capacity to store clothing.

Q. How should a Waist pack  Fit You?

A. It is all in the fit! It is strenuous enough to run several miles through a canyon, wilderness, or whatever destination you venture. Don’t add to your stress by wearing an uncomfortable running waist pack. While most packs hardly differ in overall size and shape, some will fit you better than others. Your height, upper body mass, and the shape of your spine dictate the comfortability level. In addition, the straps, waist straps and back length vary depending on the size and volume of the running waist pack.

Q. What Features & Designs Comes With It?

A.Get a pack that agrees with your activities. The design and features of a running waist pack is probably the most important factor to analyze prior to buying one. Do you covet a pack that is super lightweight, strong and non-absorbent? Or how about one that holds external bungee cords for attaching extra clothing, pole straps & ice axel for rock climbing and/or reflective tape for night running? Please choose a pack that possesses features and designs that agree with your activities.

Q.Does It Come With A Hydration Bladder?

A. Warning: Not every running waist pack comes with a hydration bladder. While most packs come with the hydration bladder, some require you to buy it separately. Please check the pack to determine whether or not it is equipped with a hydration bladder.

Q. How Much Am I Willing To Pay For One?

A. Is the pack you want within your budget? You may be an avid runner, but it is not necessary to overspend on a running hydration pack. There are packs listed online as low under $100 to as high as over $200.

Q. whats the difference between Hydration Running Vest and running waist Belt

A. All runners know the importance of staying hydrated while you run, especially in the summer heat. But what is the best way to achieve this goal? There are many options available, but two of the most popular options are hydration vests and belts.

A hydration vest is a vest that you wear much like you would an article of clothing. They are usually made of a type of canvas or mesh and they have a bladder that holds water. The bladder is usually located in the back and there is a piece of tubing that runs from the bladder to the front of the vest, allowing the runner to drink as they run. The tubing usually has a valve that the runner can bite down on to close the tube off to prevent leaks.

A belt is usually made of webbing or mesh and typically have some way of holding water bottles in place. Many styles provide water bottles– usually two- as part of the package. Some also have a small storage compartment on the belt for keys, change or other small items.

Both hydration methods will allow you to carry more water than simply holding a single water bottle in your hand. They also will allow you to have water in an easily accessible location while allowing your hands to be free. Typically both systems are adjustable to accommodate a wide range of body sizes, though some people may have difficulty finding a device that fits properly.

Each system has unique advantages as well. Hydration vests allow you to carry quite a bit more water than most belt systems. They also allow you to drink while running; no need to stop to open a bottle. They also allow your shoulders and back to carry the weight rather than your hips, which some people may consider a big advantage. Because they do fit on your shoulders, they may not slip as much as a belt might. Some people may prefer them simply because they don’t like the feel of something on their waist or hips when they run.  However, for all their advantages, there are some disadvantages as well. Vests tend to cost more than belts do because they are more complicated systems. They also tend to be bulkier, as a result of their design and the ability to hold larger amounts of water.

Belts have the advantage of being smaller and lighter than vests. They are also less expensive to purchase, so they might be a more practical choice for someone new to running, especially if they are unsure if they will stick with it. However, they are limited in the amount of water they can carry. Most are not designed to hold more water bottles than the number they provide. This could mean needing to stop and refill the bottles if running long distances, or in extremely hot conditions. Furthermore, they can be clumsy to use; a runner might have to stop to get a bottle from its holster and open it to drink then replace it when finished. For some runners, this might be a disadvantage.

If you have not invested in a good running waist pack, you don’t know what you’re missing! Instead of carrying your phone or storing your keys in your socks, why not store them safely and conveniently in a running pack? To help you out, we’ve selected what we think are the best running waist packs on the market.


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