10 Best Fanny Packs for Runners Compared


When most of us think of the word fanny pack, a 1990’s soccer mom may pop up in our minds. However, regardless of your opinion of fanny packs, it’s safe to say they have come a long way.

Many fanny packs are specifically made for runners—they are convenient to carry, easily accessible, and allow you to carry everything you need while remaining hands-free.

In terms of fanny packs for runners much of what is out there today is referred to as a belt or waist strap/pack as much as it is a fanny pack. But we’re essentially talking about the same thing. 

Last Updated: June 3, 2018
By Giselle Killebrew:

This update brings a Fanny pack from Amphipod. It is minimalistic, affordable, and very lightweight. It is an excellent option for those of you looking for additional hands free storage during your run and is highly durable—so you will be able to use it for a long time.

NIKE Vapor 2
  • NIKE Vapor 2
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Holds 2 water bottles
  • Price: See Here
Amphipod Airflow Lite
  • Amphipod Airflow Lite
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Great ventilation
  • Price: See Here
  • Becko
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Waterproof & Durable
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Fanny Packs for Runners



1. NIKE Vapor 2

For our number one pick, we have the Vapor 2 which is handy little pack with quite a bit of pizazz. This pack is extremely lightweight and has two 6 oz. easy squeeze water bottle at the ready. If you want to push your game the Vapor 2 is there to help.
  • 2 bottle, fully adjustable waist pack
  • High contrast reflective design, helpful for low visibility running
  • Extra padding in back panel, comfortable
  • Silent, anti-snag zippers
  • A bit expensive, even for Nike

2. Amphipod Airflow Lite WaistPack

This waist pack provides plenty of storage space and fits comfortably on your waist. It's breathable, durable, and comfortable. This lightweight pack won't weigh you down and won't bounce around uncomfortably during your runs. This pack is highly durable and comes at a highly affordable price.
  • Affordable
  • Breathable
  • Ventilates well 
  • Lots of storage space
  • Lightweight
  • Only comes in one color option 

3. Becko

For runners who like to make a splash the Becko waterproof bag is a solid option. It comes in neon yellow and black with neon yellow. A simply designed pack it can be used for many things and is a great companion for your jog. If design aesthetics are important you this may be the pack for you, 1985 meets 2022.
  • Eye catching design/color
  • Simple straightforward construction
  • High quality, durable
  • Tension-grade buckles and straps, snug fit
  • 100% waterproof
  • The pouch might not fit all types of larger smartphones

5. Ultimate Performance Titan

For premium performance at economy pricing check out the Ultimate Performance runners back from Titan. This pack features a firm and comfy fit due to its neoprene material and calibrated construction. The blue lining also adds a dash of style.
  • Stretchy and extremely comfortable fabric
  • HIgh quality, long lasting
  • Good amount of storage
  • Good size-to-weight ratio
  • Only one color option

6. Amphipod AirFlow Lite

The AirFlow Lite from Amphipod is both lightweight and exceptionally breathable, as suggested in its name. The storage space isn't anything that particularly stands out, but in this case that's okay.

The main attracting feature of this pack is its airflow, or its ability to allow breathability when worn for long periods of time. The storage room is addequate enough for a mobile device, gel packs, house keys, credit card, money and other small necessities.

Breathable by design

Good for long runs

Not bulky and with no uneven weight

Adequate space for small necessities


Not large enough for water flasks

7. SLS3 Hydration

Again veering into belt territory here, the SLS3 is a wonderful option for runners of all capacities, and besides as we mentioned above belt/waistpack/fannypack are essentially synonyms. This is a mid-range back that isn’t flashy but gets the job done — stay hydrated and comfortable throughout your run.
  • Has two detachable mini bottles
  • Lightweight neoprene material constructed
  • Snug fit, reduced bounce
  • Fully zippered pocketing system
  • Only a few color assortments

8. FlipBelt

Not a fanny pack per se, but simply too good to leave out. The FlipBeIt is one of if not the most popular waist packs on the market today. There are no zippers and pouches to be found here, rather a continuous piece of fabric which has four openings you can stuff your things in. It sits firmly on your hips and weighs in at a paltry 3 oz. By far one of the best options currently available.
  • Innovative design
  • Flexible yet strong material
  • Sweat wicking
  • Reflective Logo
  • No zippers or straps to fuss with
  • Uncomfortable if not sized right

9. Nike Expandable Lean

Extremely popular, this pack from Nike maintains a low profile while offering up plenty of space for a granola bar or your iphone. With its streamlined design this is a belt for runners who want to travel light, carrying only what is truly essential.
  • Minimalist design
  • Fully adjustable straps
  • Smartly shaped pouch
  • Good value-to-price ratio
  • Doesn't ideally fit all body types

10. Nathan 5K Belt

A great high capacity pack for runners who need to carry more than a few items with them. Phone, wallet, keys, gels, you name it and there is space for it here. All this is done without any disturbance to your stride.
  • Two zippered pouches, good capacity storage
  • Scotchlite reflective spots
  • Cinches well and adjust to waist size
  • Toned down Nathan style
  •  not a cheap option

Multi Coloured Tribal Print Bum Bag / Fanny Pack

This fanny pack is great for running and when you travel. For runners, you get two compartments with a secure zip system on each.

In the smaller secure pocket, you can carry smaller items such as keys, credit and ID cards, in the larger pocket, you can stow away a few energy bars or other useful supplements, a phone and feel comfortable that these are securely stowed away.

The adjustable waistband means you can adjust for a comfortable secure FIT, this won't slip down while you are running. The design and coloring are very appealing and will give off a nice air of stylish. This fanny pack is constructed from durable materials and hold well in challenging conditions.
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A great multi-colored design which will appeal to ladies.

Approximate size is 12cm by 30cm.

One size FITs all users due to a convenient adjustable strap.

One large pocket with a secure zip system

One medium sized pocket with a secure zip system.

Durable and comfortable material construction.


Nice price, affordable and worthwhile.

Two good sized secure pockets

Adjustable waistband, one size fits all.

Attractive design.

Durable and comfortable material construction.


Ladies Only.

The Criteria We Used When Making Our List

Widely known as the waist packs even though they are funny packs. They made their debut in the year 1988, then it was one of the most influential bags to own as not only did it depict style but it also was by far one of the greatest bags to carry alongside. Many shoppers and runners have seen these packs to be suitable for the older generation and have gone a long way to ignore them for quite some time.

Well that is not the case as with the increase in products and style in the market we are able to focus on the funny packs and actually consider them to be of great quality and use to us runners and even shoppers for very many reasons, like it is easy to carry around and a safer place to carry some valuable items, funny packs are worn around the waist and they vary from one funny pack to another. Before you ignore them maybe you need to have a look at our list and also the factors we placed across to be able to find the best. Not only are they easy to carry and safe to have on but they show a sense of deep fashion in this era.


If there is something that any runner runs from very fast and far is weight, no one in their right sense would want to run with anything that will put on weight on them at the end this  applies to even joggers and people who are walking, one of the main reason why these packs are recommended is because they have a feather type of weight ,one can easily have it on and forget as it goes well with the running outfit to the point it looks attached to it and no one can easily notice the less  weight it comes with. Ensure that when you are going to pick one of these packs you get to check the weight first as you need to keep in mind that you will be running in it and if it is heavy it will only be a hindrance to achieving your goals.


The size of any pack matters, since the size will tell if it can actually be in a position to handle all your essentials when out for a run. Size will depend on what you carry along when running. If you have more items you will need to get a bigger size of a pack, good thing almost all packs have the adjustment straps that end up fitting almost all sizes of waist. If the one you get doesn’t have a strap ask for one that has if not then you would be lucky if you went and looked elsewhere, as we do not want a case where you are in the middle of a run and your pack ends up falling down as it is too big and cannot hold.


This is the number of pockets it contains, this will also entirely depend on the number of items that you want to carry, if you have to use your phone or you want to carry water or any other essential then you will need one with many compartments that will be able to cover all your needs at once, having to carry, by doing so ensure that you do not put excess weight on yourself as this might result in a slow run that you initially did not intend to. Have the best funny pack that will have the right number of compartments that you need and nothing less or more. Funny packs are saviors for sure.


We tend to talk about the fabric that is used in making an item especially if it is a wearable. From head to toe, material really influences the decision one picks apart from that it actually is the whole thing. If you get a funny pack that has a weak or poor material the result will be going to the store or market to get one as soon as possible, this will not only waste money but it is time-consuming and tiresome. We have different materials that range from leather, nylon, polyester, spandex just to capture a few. The best material is always leather especially the one made from the cowhide or animal hides, they are the best as they carry quality and durability along. But if you will be looking for a material that will be breathable you can opt for one that has polyester in it as it is known for its breathability. Funny packs make work easier once you know why exactly you need them and which one you will need.


The quality of any item will be based on the material used and on the price too. Rarely do you find quality with cheap items. Still that doesn’t mean it can never happen, for you to have the best funny pack especially one that can last you some time without being considered as a waste you will go for one that has a great material. Like leather, though we do not mean to say that one that can last long, the quality of leather goes undisputed for years and it will remain that way for a long time. Getting the right funny pack means factors like quality were established when going to buy them. Quality depicts durability and no one would not appreciate an item that can last long to serve its purpose.


The color of the funny pack also matters a lot, especially for those that are style sensitive or men, funny packs are unisex but that doesn’t mean you will go to look for one that has flowers and hand it over to a male runner, as much as that sounds funny it is nothing but the plain truth. Different runners will have different taste and that also reflects on the colors. Well in this era we would like for our runners to be cautious and pick shouting colors as they are great when it comes to safety and security especially if they are runners who run in less lit areas or at night, if well-chosen they can act as reflectivity that can actually help when it comes to safety matters.


The cost of buying the funny packs has obviously increased with the increase in fashion and style. Even though that is the case we can still find funny packs that have not exaggerated their prices and they still have all the feature that are needed in a funny pack, well after considering the fabric you need to consider the price too, some can be too costly but have nothing or they just are out to sell brands. Make sure you pay great attention to the function as this is why you need the said item.


A Couple More Things To Think About

Having known funny packs for a long time and yet considered them to be for the old generation is something that we are all slowly learning to put aside, we are trying to embrace the fact that they are actually a sense of fashion and rising on a daily basis due to the different styles and designs they are made in. Fanny packs are on the rising and soon they will be a must accessory to have, why wait to own it when everyone will be having it? Why not have it sooner? Well for our runners we would like you to explore the possibility of having to look stylish and fashionable as you go on your daily basis.


In the case of funny packs comfort comes in whereby the pain one would go through by having your backpack on your back and since it is bulky and sometimes heavy you end up feeling the weight on your shoulders and the feeling cannot be ignored. Funny pack, on the other hand, provide comfort as they are placed around the waist and the weight they have is equally distributed on your lower body. Not only is this a sigh of relief but it is also one of the best things about funny packs. They give you less burden to bear by doing so they relieve you from the discomfort your shoulders would have to go through.


Well, in this case, we cannot say that one style is better than the other as it is purely based on one’s taste and preference. Different people have very different taste and that is the order of the day, ones man’s meat can be the other poison. In that note funny packs have come up with different designs all over, we can tell that by the fact that our fashion industry is rocking in them, most know celebrities are able to dress and add on the funny packs to seal their looks. That only means that the funny packs designs are vast and can be explored by anyone including our runners. Feel free to try any design you deem fit. With the increase in many designs means that there is one for everyone. But when shopping consider this factors after you have the main factors that made you want to buy a funny pack in the first place.



In our quest to find the best 10 funny packs we were fortunate enough to have come across lots of reviews and questions different clients were eager to know about,we thought it was wise that we pick a few of the questions that seemed to be troubling them a lot and try and answer them so that you do not have a hard time with the same questions. As it is our norm to always have questions after every review.

Q: How Often can I wash my funny pack?

A: Packs are not like clothes are directly attached to our bodies that means they get dirty but not as frequent as our running clothes so no need of washing them like you do your clothes, you need to give them time to get dirty before washing them. You will still need to wash it at least once in 2-3 weeks.

Q: Why not just have a Backpack?

A: Okay as much as there are preferences to choose whether to pick a backpack or a fanny pack, you need to know they serve different purposes, you cannot use your backpack while running but you can use your funny pack though.Since it is very weightless.

Q: How can I use my funny pack?

A: You can use it for storing your essentials like your phone, a bottle of water earphones and maybe some wet wipes or soft tissue. Fanny packs are very flexible as your items also fell safe inside since you will be in a position to see your pack all the time since it will be located just in front of you.

Q: Can everyone use Funny packs?

A: Pretty much, not only runners can use them but everyone including if you are into fashion and trends you can accessorize your look with it. You want to stand out this is one way to do so. Set the trend, it is also great for business people as a way of handling your cash safely.

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