Bob And Brad C2 Percussion Massage Gun

Bob and Brad sent us their C2 Percussion Massage gun to try out. If you're new to percussion guns, you'll find there are a lot of athletes that swear by them for post-workout recovery, if they're built right and perform effectively. Check out our full rundown of the C2 Massage gun, and see how this one performed for us. 

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Our Conclusion
The Bob and Brad C2 Massage gun is small, quiet, and packs a punch (in the absolute best way)!

I made the mistake of having a little burpee competition with my workout friends, which left me with incredibly sore quads the following day. Luckily, this massage gun arrived with a nearly full charge so that I could get to work on my shaky quads right out of the box.
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Key Features
Despite its small size, it packs a powerful motor. I gravitated more towards the lower settings on sore muscles, and I used setting three on other parts of my body. I tried to use it on the highest setting (setting five) but found that it was a little too intense for me!

I used this massage gun for around 10 minutes (in 2-minute intervals throughout the day) on my sore quads and noticed a good deal of instant pain relief. My muscle soreness wasn’t gone completely, but I was able to get up out of my chair without looking like a little old lady!

I also loved that it wasn’t super loud. Even in the highest speed setting, I could still listen to music and have a conversation.
The massage gun weighs in at just 1.2 ounces, making it easier to use for extended periods. The bulk of the weight is found in the motor, which sits just at the top of the handle. With an even distribution of weight, it feels incredibly lightweight in my hands.
Battery Life
It is equipped with a 2500mAhbattery and can hold a charge for around a week before you need to plug it in.

When my gun arrived in the mail, I prayed to the fitness gods that it shipped with just a little bit of juice in the tank to use right away. My quads needed a little bit of relief, and my prayers were answered! The battery life indicator is found at the base of the handle and has four blue lights to show how much battery life is left. Three of the four lights lit up when it arrived at my door. Even after using it for 15 minutes, the charge still holds strong at three blue lights.

The charging port is found at the bottom of the unit and requires a USB Type-C cable to charge (included). Once it is entirely out of gas, this massage gun only takes around 210 minutes to become fully charged.
The Motor
The Quiet Glide technology found in the motor means high torque with minimal noise. At the highest setting, the noise level clocks in at around 60 decibels, which is around the same level as having a normal conversation with someone sitting next to you. I could use my gun at the highest setting without the need to jack up the volume on the television.

It also has a stall force of around 35 pounds. The high stall force requires approximately 35 pounds of pressure to the head to cause the massaging tip to come to a complete halt. To put that in comparison, Theragun has a stall force of around 60 pounds. While the stall force isn’t quite as impressive as Theragun, I wasn’t able to bring the head to a halt no matter how hard I tried!
This kit comes with five massage heads that serve particular needs. It includes a forkhead, ball head, flat head, bullet head, and air-cushioned head. Overall, I gravitated more towards the air-cushioned head because it was a little less aggressive than the other options included.

The air-cushioned head and ball head are composed of soft rubber and foam materials that work better with sensitive and sore muscle groups.

User Friendliness
I was pleasantly surprised by the thoroughness of the instruction manual! Not only does this manual provide some insight into your device, but it also provides a chart for the various ways you can use your massage gun. If you are reaching for your device to soothe aching muscles, look up “Recovery” on the chart provided, and the manual will tell you what attachment you need, as well as the recommended speed setting and duration.


It also boasts individual muscle-based suggestions with provided pictures that show you how to use your device, the speed, recommended attachment, and duration.

For my sore hamstrings, I find the hamstring page and find that I need to swipe the gun down the middle of my hamstring with the ball head attachment for 2 minutes per leg.
While it performed surprisingly well, I wish it had an extendable arm to reach my upper and lower back. The handle of this design is pretty short and isn’t long enough to target those hard-to-hit arms without engaging in uncomfortable contortions. This massage gun would be nearly perfect if it had an adjustable arm! Also, check out our review of the Bob and Brad Q2 Model that we tested.
Our Verdict
The Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun impressed me. It has a higher stall force than similarly priced guns out there on the market and a powerful motor that doesn’t sound like a jackhammer. It’s lightweight and felt great in my hands, and the comfortable attachments used with the recommendations given in the instruction manual helped me get the most out of this device.

If you are in the market for a great mid-range massage gun to use for recovery or just a general feel-good massage, the Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun is one of your best options that won’t drain your bank account.
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