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After a long run, there is no better feeling than slipping your feet into something lightweight and comfortable. Cheap flip-flops are fine, but they don’t bring much to the table in terms of recovery.

Sootheez slippers are a great choice because they deliver high-end support throughout the entire foot, as well as squishy cushioning to help your feet recover after a brutal workout.

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Pros & Cons
Affordable price point
Provides excellent arch support
Non-slip footbed and outsole
Waterproof design is great for locker room showers
Available in many color options
Reduces recovery time
Mitigates muscle fatigue in your feet and calves
No targeted arch support
Key Features
Key Features

Have you ever wished that you could just cut of the midsole of your favorite running shoes and wear them off of the track or treadmill? These sandals are composed of 100 percent EVA foam, which helps to protect your joints when making an impact with the ground.

By utilizing EVA foam, these sandals feel nice and squishy under your feet, and many runners report that wearing these sandals feels like walking on a cloud.

It’s important to note that EVA foam doesn’t react well to hot temperatures. When wearing them in the summer (or in the shower) be sure that you don’t expose them to very high temperatures. When EVA foam is exposed to high temperatures, it causes the foam to shrink and become warped.


When your feet and legs are tired, the last thing you need are sandals with a grip that is less than ideal. One of the very first things that I noticed about these recovery sandals is that they provide a surefire grip on the inside and outside of the slipper.

The inside of the slipper has a textured grip that prevents your feet from slipping while you wear them. Whether you are wearing socks, bare feet, or your feet are super-sweaty, the grip on the inside of this sandal will prevent your feet from sliding around as you walk.

The outsole of this sandal also boasts a surefire grip that is ideal in most instances. When wearing these shoes around the house, they do a really great job at gripping the floor under your feet. The deep grooves built into the outsole keep this sandal lightweight and flexible, while the grooves built into the foam keep you grounded down.

Even when worn in the locker room shower, the grip on the outsole (and the inside) of this shoe stays firmly in place on your feet.


While these sandals are made for just about anyone that loves comfortable shoes, they are primarily designed as a great recovery shoe. After a long run, these shoes provide excellent cushioning and support that help to soothe your feet and give them room to breathe.

The EVA foam footbed cradles your feet and provides targeted cushioning where you place the bulk of your weight when walking or standing.

If you love to go on long-distance daily runs, or you are training for your next race, popping a pair of Soothees Sandals is a great way to treat your feet after a killer training session. The EVA cushioning in your running shoes are a great way to mitigate the impact on your joints and these sandals provide even more cushioning after you pop off your running shoes.

Cheap flip-flops are fine, but these sandals help to keep your feet supported and cradled in comfort after your training session is over.


The fit of these sandals isn’t quite the same as your average pair of shoes. When selecting running shoes, it is important that you select a pair that fits like a glove to increase lockdown. These sandals are built to fit a little large.

The wide frame allows more than enough room to allow your feet to spread out inside of the shoe which helps to increase circulation and airflow. The wide design is also designed to be worn with running socks as well.

When in doubt, it’s never a bad idea to select a size that is slightly larger than you would typically wear. The superior grip on the inside and outside of this sandal means that they stick to your feet, even when they fit a little large.

Sizing options of these sandals are more similar to buying a pair of socks rather than shoes. For women, the sizing options include 5.5-7, 7.5-8.5, 9-10, 10.5-11, and 11.5 to 12.

I typically wear a size 7 in shoes, but I would select the 7.5-8.5 option to ensure that these shoes fit just a little bit larger to give my feet plenty of room to spread out. Plus, no one likes wearing sandals where your toes are spilling out over the front!


When your sandals arrive, it’s important to note that they will feel quite stiff right out of the box. EVA foam needs time to break in, and they won’t provide that plush pillow-like feel immediately.

The more that you wear these sandals, the more comfortable they will become over time. If you don’t want to be bothered with breaking these sandals in, you can easily expedite the process.

To speed up the break-in period, Sootheez suggests submerging them in warm water for around 15 minutes to break them in immediately.

Be sure that you only use warm water (rather than hot). EVA foam isn’t resistant to high temperatures, so submerging them in hot water will cause them to shrink.


It’s important to note that there is no medical evidence stating that these shoes will help cure foot pain like plantar fasciitis. They are simple sandals that are composed of EVA foam that help to cushion your steps and provide a good deal of support.

While there are plenty of pleased previous users that found that these shoes were super comfortable when worn after a workout, there is no medical proof that they can cure any ailments.

By utilizing a thick layer of EVA foam, this sandal creates a thick barrier between your feet and the hard ground. Popping on these sandals after a brutal workout is a great way to keep your feet nice and comfortable which can help cut down on soreness the following day.


If you shower at the gym after a workout, these shoes are a must-have. A few years ago I was on the hunt for a good recovery shoe that I could wear while showering at the gym, and noticed that there weren’t many shoes that fit the bill.

Dedicated recovery shoes from some of the bigger brands didn’t perform very well in the shower (they weren’t quick-drying or have very good traction). When I found a pair of dedicated shower shoes, they didn’t offer much in terms of recovery.

Sootheez Sandals provides users with the best of both worlds. Their water-resistant design will absorb some water, but users found that they dried incredibly quickly. So quick, in fact, that users didn’t need to bag their shower shoes separately when packing up their gym bag.

Plus, the textured outsole and insole provide users with ample treads to keep their footing even in slippery showers!


When it comes to recovery, you need something that is lightweight. What I love most about these sandals is that they weigh in at just 152 grams (or 5.36 ounces). With such a low weight, these sandals feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all!

They also have a very even weight distribution, which means that they sit evenly on your feet and don’t feel overly heavy at the heels like similar recovery shoes out there on the market.

To put their overall weight into perspective, these sandals weigh just a few grams more than your average iPhone!


When compared to other recovery sandals from high-end brands such as Adidas and Nike, this design runs fairly par for the course. It clocks in at a fairly affordable price point that won’t break the bank and holds up quite well over time.

With tons of bright and exciting color options as well as the low price point, you can pick up a few pairs in your favorite colors!

A recovery shoe can be pretty much anything from cheap flip flops to house slippers. These alternatives allow your feet to naturally splay after being locked up in running shoes, and help boost circulation.

For high-end recovery after a long run, you will want to reach for something that also delivers plush cushioning that helps mitigate soreness such as Soothes Sandals.

What makes these sandals unique is that they are composed of 100 percent EVA foam. Similar to the midsole in your running shoes, this foam helps to mitigate joint stress and helps aid in recovery.

If you find that your feet are tired and sore after a run, slipping your feet into a pair of these sandals will help reduce soreness and inflammation.

Not only are they a great tool for runners to have on hand, but they are also ideal for runners with plantar fasciitis. If your feet swell at the end of a long run, these shoes can also help increase circulation and cut down on swelling.
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