Bob and Brad Q2 Massage Gun

Recently, Bob and Brad sent us a couple of their percussion massage guns to try out, so we passed them on to our runners to put to the test. Check out the full candid review of the Bob and Brad Q2 mini massage gun below for the ups, downs, and the in-between. 

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Our Conclusion
From the first impression on the case, I had high expectations of the quality of the product with the aesthetics and feel of the outer case, and the product didn't let me down. The manufacturer didn't underpower the motor for a mini coming in at almost a pound.

The shape and feel of the Q2 are natural and allow access to hard-to-reach areas with my full-size percussion massage gun (from a different mfg) can't comfortably reach. The quietness of this unit compared to my full size isn't even in the same league.

This is a quality product. At first, I wondered if I would have preferred a bigger one. However, upon reflecting, I think the mini is perfect. The attachments are plenty big to work my muscles. I travel a lot to races and feel this size is conducive to that. I would highly recommend this to fellow runners and also non-runners.
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Key Features
  • 5 Speeds 1800ppm (muscle recovery)

  • 2100ppm (muscle relief)

  • 2400ppm (encourage blood flow)

  • 2700ppm (lactic acid decomposition)

  • 3000ppm (deep tissue massage)

  • Battery Life
  • 4hours with 3.5hour recharge (2500mAh battery capacity)

  • Weight
  • .95lb

  • Vibration Amplitude
  • 7mm

  • Stall force
  • 32#

  • Auto timer
  • 10 Minutes

  • Attachments Included
  • Ball head (large muscle groups)

  • Bullet head (joints, deep tissue, trigger points)

  • Fork head (neck, spine, achilles)

  • Flat head (all around general)

  • Air cushion head (sensitive areas, relaxation)

  • Warranty
  • 1 Year
  • Overall Performance
    I have owned a full-size percussion gun for approximately two years before getting the Q2. I recently started using the Q2 regularly after runs and after gym workouts. I am not the best at doing stretches before or post running, so I tend to have tightness from my waist down and knots in my trapezius muscles. I used all of the different attachment heads to get a good feel for each of them on various spots over 2.5 weeks after receiving the Q2.


    The Q2 worked very well and could be used even while watching tv due to it being very quiet. Typically, when I use my full size, it is too loud to hear a tv in the background clearly. The five heads are easily changed and work well as intended. I used the Q2 typically for 5-10 minutes on various muscle groups with a few times doing an additional 5-10 after switching attachment heads and moving to a new area.
    Charging & Battery Life
    While the manual stated that the first charge would take XX min, mine charged in 34 minutes. After using the Q2 until the battery was drained, it took XX min to recharge fully.

    The battery life was as expected for a mini, and with using it frequently over 2.5 weeks, the 30% battery life remaining light finally turned on.
    Quality & Design
    My full-size percussion gun, from a different brand that I previously owned, on speed setting 13, actually has a comparable ppm to speed setting 5 of the Q2, which speaks for itself. The full size isn't nearly as smooth operating, and more than twice as loud and was approximately $50 more. The stall force is stated to be 32#, while the stall force on my full size is stated to be 35#.

    I can fairly easily stall my full size out while I wasn't able to push hard enough on my leg muscles to stall the Q2 out. Who says a mini doesn't pack the power of a full size?? Even if I would push harder to stall it, there is NO logical reason anyone would be pushing that hard, so there is quality in the product and truth in their advertising.

    The Q2 is much quieter than many others, but also the tone is also much smoother. Holding both, you can feel that the Q2 is smooth and very well balanced, while the full size definitely has a higher vibration level. Now some of that can be attributed to having a 71% higher amplitude but not all of it as well as you can hear the construction on the full size is not as precisely manufactured.
    The stroke (vibration amplitude) is only 7mm on the Q2, while most other percussion guns are between 10-12mm, providing a slightly deeper massage. I understand the Q2 is a mini massager, but the top ppm of 3000 is lower than what I usually like to run with my full size. If possible, I prefer to be in that 4000-4200ppm speed range unless I have a tender spot.
    Our Verdict
    Trying to find the warranty information on the product on the web wasn't possible and led me to believe there likely was just a 30-day warranty while, in fact, they are at one 1year, which is comparable to most percussion guns in this price category. I found the manual to be more helpful than my other percussion gun.

    The images provide guidance for which head to use, the type of motion, and recommended duration for all of the different muscle groups. This is very helpful, especially if you are just starting out using a percussion massage gun.

    User Guidance

    The Q2 is charged by USB-C cable, which is included and can be plugged into a computer or phone adapter (not included).

    I am impressed with the Q2 and would recommend it. It is compact that I can take along in my gym bag, very quiet, easy to reach most muscle groups, and packs a lot of power.
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