Brooks Launch GTS 8

We asked Lauren, one of our runners, to take Brooks' Launch GTS 8 for a test to see how this shoe performs compared to the Launch 7 and the newly released version, the Launch 9. Scroll down how they performed during our test runs.

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Our Conclusion
I probably wouldn't do a marathon or a very long-distance race in the Launch GTS 8, but I think they would be best for shorter races and casual running. Definitely a good shoe for speed training.

In all, however, this is a solid training shoe that I would recommend looking for a medium distance shoe with a decent amount of stability.
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Key Features
Comfort & Fit
I'll preface by saying I recommend getting a fitting at a running shoe store. I've found that I wear an 11.5 in running shoes, but in my normal shoes I usually only wear 10.5 or 11. Having a professional fitting will ensure that you are selecting the right running shoe size for you.

I found the toe box to be spacious and comfortable. My feet are a little wide and I felt that these fit very well. The heel and inner support are also decent. The heel has a snug fit and my heel doesn't come out or rub in any way. And the arch support seems to be sufficient. I have neutral arches and found the arches to be comfortable. I would not use an insole with these shoes. They feel comfortable without one.

Overall fit

Overall, the shoe fits very well. It feels comfortable and the sizing seems to be spot on. They were good to go right out of the box. with no hotspots or rubbing, and no break-in period needed.
Overall, the Brooks Launch 8 is a great daily trainer for a variety of workouts. It really shines when running on flat and dry surfaces such as sidewalks or treadmills but it can also transition to other workouts as well.

These are very comfortable running shoes that are good for speed. They provide an excellent grip on the surface that you are running on. So far I have only run these on a treadmill, but I plan to try these shoes outside as well because I think they would perform well on pavement.

With that said, I feel that this shoe’s versatility really shines when working out in the gym. The high durability on the outsole can help you conquer the treadmill, and it can easily transition to workouts.

I would probably wear these shoes for shorter distances where I am focused on running at a faster pace. The cushioning is adequate but light overall. It seems like these shoes were made to be light and agile instead of heavy and heavily cushioned.
One of the biggest changes made to the construction of the Brooks Launch 8 is the build of the upper. This upper is made from super soft and breathable mesh that works to lift hot air up and away from your feet.

It’s incredibly stretchy, but not too much, which helps to lock these shoes down nicely to your feet. This mesh fabric is also composed of one single piece of fabric, which really helps to reduce the occurrence of hot spots, and it helps to keep the overall weight low.

Upper 1

This design also boasts a little less cushioning than other designs in the Launch lineup. It boasts a little less cushioning along the heel collar and on the tongue, but it is still just and comfortable. By limiting the stiff cushioning in the upper, Brooks makes the Launch 8 a little more fast and flexible.

Plus, it boasts a modern flared heel cuff that reduces the risk of rubbing and chafing, and it makes it just a little easier to slip your foot inside of this shoe. A flared collar may look a little peculiar, but it is much more comfortable and keeps your heel from slipping on those long runs.

Upper 2
The midsole on this design is good, but it isn’t great. It is composed of Brooks’ tried and tested BioMoGo DNA foam cushioning. This design of cushioning provides a plush fit, but it isn’t the best of the best the Brooks has to offer. The DNA Flash is one of the best midsole cushioning from Brooks, but it can’t be found in this shoe.

Overall, the midsole is fine, but I know that Brooks can do better. The implementation of the BioMoGo DNA may not be the best, but it helps to keep the price tag low.

This midsole cushioning is very soft and plush, but it isn’t quite as responsive as I would have liked out of a daily trainer. If you are looking for high speeds, this may not be your best option. However, if you love midsoles that offer super-soft step-in feel that your feet just melt into, this is a great option.
The outsole of this design is composed of a full-length rubber design, but the overall weight is still pretty light. This rubber outsole is insanely durable and made to last for hundreds and hundreds of miles before the rubber starts to show signs of wear and tear.

For a daily trainer, this is a really great option that is able to withstand whatever you can throw at it. While the durability is fantastic, this rubber outsole suffers in a few areas.

Additionally, these shoes don’t perform very well on slick surfaces. The rubber on the outsole doesn’t offer that slightly tacky finish that is designed for slick sidewalks or rainy weather, so it is probably best to stick with dry surfaces.
Our Verdict
If you are in the market for a great daily trainer that is durable and versatile, the Launch 8 is a great option. While the shoe does suffer from a few missteps, you can’t beat that price point.

I love these shoes and I will definitely be using them for my speed workouts in the future.
Comparison to Previous Models

There isn’t a lot that has changed between Launch 7 and Launch 8. Both shoes are equipped with many of the same performance features, such as the BioMoGo DNA midsole and Midfoot Transition Zones. They both have highly durable outsoles, and both shoes have similar durability.

One of the biggest changes made to the Launch 8 is the construction of the upper. The design of this upper boasts a flared heel collar which is very trendy right now, and the newer design isn’t quite as padded as previous versions, making this shoe more lightweight and agile.

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