Brooks Transcend 7 Review

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Editor’s Conclusion
If you are on the hunt for an extremely cushioned shoe that is great for long-distance runs, look no further! The Brooks Transcend 7 is the pinnacle of Brooks cushioning. It boasts a plush step-in feel that cradles your feet in plush EVA foam with a light and stretchy upper that is great when tackling long distances or even marathons.

The guide rail system found in this shoe makes it the perfect choice for runners that over or underpronate, or for runners that are carrying a bit of extra weight. If you find that every muscle and joint from your feet to your lower back is screaming at the end of your runs, you may want to give this ultra-plush and supportive ride from Brooks a look. It may cost a little bit more than other stability shoes, but I feel that it is worth every penny!

Below, I wanted to really dig into all of the specs that make this one of the best stability trainers out there on the market.
Brooks Transcend 7 Review Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Ultra-high cushioning

Wide toe box for excellent toe splay

3D print mesh upper is flexible and breathable

Great for running long distances

Higher concentration of EVA foam in the midsole


Slightly expensive

Limited energy return

Not ideal for speed

Key Features

Key Features


Brooks engaged in a little midsole tinkering to help provide a thicker layer of DNA LOFT foam in the midsole without making this shoe overly heavy. What I love most about Brooks’ DNA LOFT midsole materials is that it offers that plush step-in feel that cushions your foot before you even kick off your gait cycle. It also utilizes an Ortholite sock liner to provide extra cushioning, and really locks your feet in place in 360 degrees of soft cushioning.

One thing worth noting about the cushioning in this design is that it comes with a bit of a trade-off. What you gain in high-end cushioning, to lose in energy return. While it feels insanely soft and helps to protect your joints, you lose a bit of bounce needed to pick up the pace. The cushioned midsole is great for long distances, but not so great for speed and quick movements.


The treads on the outsole of this shoe are pretty modest, so it’s best to stick to paved trailed and treadmills while wearing these trailers. The shallow lugs won’t give you much traction when running on rocky trailheads, and you will lose a good deal of stability. What makes the Transcend different from the Glycerin (Brooks’ other stability trainers) is that they tinkered a bit with the ratio of DNA LOFT foam and the rubber outsole. The outsole of this design is slightly thinner to make way for more cushioning without affecting the overall weight.

It’s also important to note that the rubber outsole of this shoe doesn’t possess that slightly tacky finish you may find in other stability runners. While this won’t affect your runs on dry sidewalks or treadmills, you may notice a loss of traction when running on the grass or slick rain-soaked sidewalks. Overall, the outsole of the Transcend 7 is pretty basic and doesn’t do anything new and different to boost stability. Once you slip these shoes on your feet, you know that most of the attention goes to the midsole instead of the outsole.


For a stability trainer, the upper of this design is surprisingly lightweight and stretchy. Other stability trainers out there on the market work to lock your feet in place with hot synthetic overlays that boost lockdown, but aren’t very breathable. This upper is composed of 3D print knit materials that contour to the shape of your foot for a customized fit to your foot shape. Whether your foot is a little wide or narrow, this upper is designed to fit like a glove.

As with all of Brooks’ shoes, the toe box is built a little wider to provide a natural toe splay. When your toes are able to move inside of the shoe, it provides you with a heightened sense of stability and also cuts down on foot fatigue on those long runs. Plus, no one likes to go on a run where their toes are jammed inside of a narrow toe box. It’s important to note that this shoe isn’t offered in wide and narrow size options, so the effectiveness of this toe box will vary from runner to runner.


What makes the Transcend 7 really shine is the addition of the Guide Rail system. Many stability shoes have their own style of support that helps to even out your gait cycle, and Brooks’s guide rail system is among the best of the best. On the outside rim of the shoe is a higher concentration of stiff foam that helps to guide your stride to a nice and even gait cycle. This guide rail system is ideal for runners that overpronate or underpronate. I found that their guide rail system is firm enough to naturally guide my foot into a proper gait cycle that takes undo pressure off of my knees and joints, but it’s soft enough that I don’t even realize that it’s there!

The higher concentration of foam is more predominant on the inside of the heel and runs from mid-arch to the back of your heel. It also has a smaller foam wall on the outside of your heel as well. Not only is this guide rail system ideal for runners with pronation issues, but it is also great for heel-strikers, or those carrying a bit of extra weight.


One of the things that runners love most about this shoe is the fit of the upper. It boasts a lightweight and breathable stretch knit upper that contours to the shape of your foot. Free of stiff synthetic overlays, runners of all shapes and sizes felt that the upper of this design fit their foot perfectly and also offered a good deal of lockdown so that it doesn’t shift around on their foot as they run.

If you have a pair of Brooks that fits your feet like a glove, you may want to take a look at the fit before buying your tried-and-tested size. From what I have learned, previous users found that the Transcend 7 runs about a half size bigger than other designs in the Brooks lineup. If you are moving from the Glycerine series to the Transcend, I suggest buying a half size smaller, as these shoes run a little large.


Stability trainers don’t come cheap, and that is still true when looking at the Transcend 7. While the price tag may seem a little intimidating, I feel that this shoe is well worth the extra cost. The durable Green rubber outsole enhances its overall durability, which means you will get a bigger bang for your buck. While it’s not the most expensive stability trainer I have seen, it does require a bit of an investment.

However, if you are looking for the best of the best and willing to spare no expense, this shoe ranks pretty high on my list of reliable and comfortable stability trainers.
Comparisons to Previous Versions

Comparisons to Previous Versions

The changes made between the Transcend 6 and 7 are slight, but they are significant. Overall, all of the materials used in the old and new versions of this shoe are still the same. It still utilizes a thinner Green rubber outsole, it still uses DNA LOFT cushioning in the midsole, and the upper hosts a similar style and cut. However, there are a few changes worth noting.

One of the biggest changes made between the two shoes is the drop. The Transcend 6 boasts an 8 mm drop, while the 7 kicks things up a notch and offers a 10 mm drop. This higher drop gives you more support in the heel, and also boosts its overall durability and comfort level, making it more comparable to the Glycerin series.

The construction of the guide rails is also a little different. In previous versions, the guide rail system was constructed as a separate piece over the DNA LOFT midsole. In the newest model, these two pieces are molded together that feel less awkward and provide an overall smoother ride.


When Brooks sets out to craft super comfortable stability trainers, they always hit it out of the park, and the Transcend 7 is no exception. What I love most about this high-cushioned trainer is that it makes the longest, most brutal runs feel like you are running on clouds. Also, if you suffer from pronation issues, the inclusion of the guide rails helps to naturally even out your gait cycle to take pressure off of knees and joints.

Weighing in at just over 10 ounces, the Transcend 7 is surprisingly lightweight for a stability trainer. It boasts a thinner Green rubber outsole that is insanely durable and shows little signs of wear and tear, even after 100 miles. I also love the stretchy fit of the upper, and the wide toe box allows your toes to naturally splay for heightened stability. If you are looking for a great pair of stability trainers that don’t feel heavy and bulky, the Brooks Transcend 7 is worth every penny!