New Balance Fresh X Foam Vongo V5

The New Balance Fresh X Foam Vongo V5 is a fresh and modern take on traditional stability running shoes.

This newest addition to the Vongo family has undergone a complete makeover from previous versions to provide runners with a nimble yet incredibly supportive running shoe that is worth a look.

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Pros & Cons
Breathable HypoKnit upper
The nice and wide frame is ideal for adding customized Orthodics
Roomy toe box
Responsive Fresh Foam X midsole
Higher concentration of foam on the outside of the foot for natural stabitliy
Very durable full rubber outsole
Ideal for long-distance runs or agility work
Some runners feel that the upper is too flexible
Weak stabitliy in the heel counter
Key Features
Key Features

What I found so interesting about the Vongo v5 is how New Balance created a stable platform without the use of medial posts or guide rails. Instead of inserting hard plastic pieces on the side of the foot to help guide your foot into an even gait cycle, the Vongo v5 blends a softer concentration of foam on the inside of the foot, and gradually increases the stiffness of foam as you move to the outside of the foot.

This blended foam creates a natural-feeling sense of stability like a medial post without the need for very stiff and hard plastic materials.

The midsole is also composed of New Balance’s coveted Fresh Foam X EVA materials for a soft yet supportive ride. What’s important to note about Fresh Foam X is that New Balance doesn’t just slap in a layer of foam and call it a day.

This blended foam is engineered from data collected from runners to create a blended foam that delivers higher levels of support where most runners place the bulk of their weight and a slimmer concentration of foam on areas of the foot that aren’t hit as hard when you run.


The outsole of this shoe is a real workhorse. It boasts an almost identical design to the 1080 series- which is a very good thing! It provides runners with cobblestone-like flat lugs that really grip the pavement under your feet.

Each shallow lug has a grooved pattern cut into the rubber that grips the ground under your feet. When running on slick sidewalks, there’s no need to slow down! Runners found that the outsole of the shoe performed quite well in both wet and dry conditions.

What I also love about the design of this outsole is that it offers a higher concentration of rubber on the heel and the forefoot where the shoe sees the most wear and tear.

A heavy-duty rubber heel is ideal for heel-strikers that often wear down their running shoes rather quickly. Overall, this serious full-length rubber outsole is built to last for hundreds of miles, no matter how hard you train on a daily basis.


One of the biggest changes made to the design of the Vongo v5 is the construction of the upper. Previous designs offer a thick, yet supportive, upper that performed more like a walking shoe than it did a running shoe.

The upper of this newest addition to the Vongo family is composed of New Balances Hypoknit upper that delivers high-end comfortable and breathability not often seen in a stability running shoe.

A slightly flared padded heel collar provides extra support to your Achilles, and a padded tongue wraps your feet in locked-down comfort.

While this shoe looks very similar to the 1080 series in terms of the overall design, there are a few key changes made to the construction of the upper to help boost overall stability.

While the 1080 series fits like a glove with no synthetic overlays to lock your feet in place, the Vongo v5 is a little different. It boasts an added layer of stability on the embroidery on the side of the foot.

With tougher materials built on the sides of the foot, the upper works to lock your feet in place to prevent over or under pronating as you run.


This shoe is designed for runners that love the very popular 1080 series but need a stability shoe. The 1080 series is one of New Balance’s most popular running shoes, but it’s not exactly built for runners that need extra support.

New Balance essentially took all of the popular design components of 1080, and simply added some smart stability features in the midsole and outsole.

This shoe performs exactly the same as the 1080 series in terms of energy return and overall durability, but the graduated midsole and overlays on the upper work to keep your gait cycle nice and even.

I would recommend this shoe for runners that overpronate or underpronate, or for heavier runners. The heavy-duty outsole is built to last for hundreds of high-quality miles before it starts to show subtle signs of wear and tear.

It’s a great stability shoe to wear as your go-to daily trainer. Plus, the simplistic design makes it a great choice not only for tempo runs or long-distance runs, but it is also great for speedy agility work as well.


If New Balance knows one thing, it’s how to create a solid fit! After reading through quite a few users reviews, I discovered that most runners were pleased with the overall fit of this shoe.

It boasts a slightly wider footbed when compared to the 1080 series, which allows for your feet to naturally spread inside of the shoe for added stability. It also has a nice and roomy toe box so that your toes can naturally splay as you run.

For runners that have rocked New Balance trainers in the past, you can safely order your normal size in the Vongo v5 without issue. If you have never worn New Balance trainers before, be sure to take ample measurements of your feet and compare them to New Balance’s detailed sizing chart to ensure you get the right size for your feet.

What I also love about this design it is offered in normal and wide sizing options as well. Even if your foot is slightly wide, you might be better off trying the normal width first.

When compared to other training shoes in the New Balance lineup, the Vongo v5 has a slightly wider frame when compared back-to-back to shoes like the 1080 series.

If you have the option, be sure to head down to your local shoe store to give them a brief test run before you land on a size.


The price tag of the Vongo v5 is slightly more expensive than your average running shoe but well worth every penny! While it’s not the most expensive stability trainer out there on the market, it isn’t exactly considered to be budget-friendly.

However, when you take into consideration the innovative midsole that helps to neutralize your gait cycle without the need for guide rails or medial posts and the overall durability of the outsole, the New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v5 is an excellent overall value!
Comparisons to Previous Versions
The New Balance Vongo series hasn’t been all that popular with runners over the years. It’s been a decent stability trainer, but it performed better as a walking shoe than a running shoe.

To get runners excited about this newest addition of the Vongo, New Balance gave it a complete makeover. In fact, this shoe shares more in common with the super popular 1080 series than it does with previous versions of the Vongo!

One of the biggest changes made to this shoe is the construction of the midsole. The Vongo v4 utilizes a curved midsole that sunk down in the middle to offer targeted stability without the need for medial posts. While this feature was a great concept on paper, it didn’t really perform all that well on the road.

New Balance scrapped that idea for the Vongo v5 and instead utilizes lower density EVA foam on the inside of the foot, and higher concentrations on the outside that work as a modern medial post.

The Vongo v5 also boasts a lightweight and breathable upper that boosts flexibility and movement. At first glance, the upper on this design looked identical to the 1080 series but has a few tweaks and changes to accommodate runners that need more stability.

While the HypoKnit upper is super breathable and nimble, it provides a little extra stability on the sides of the foot to keep your foot locked in place.
Everyone’s talking about the 1080 series, but unless you wear neutral running shoes, it means that you get left behind. The good news, however, is that New Balance has essentially crafted a 1080 stability running shoe with the rollout of the new and improved Fresh Foam Vongo v5.

Previous designs of the Vongo were fine but felt a little heavy and clunky. This new and improved design from the Vongo series is worth checking out, especially if you have passed over this design in the past. It has an almost identical frame when compared to the 1080 series, and hosts many similar performance features found in the outsole and midsole.

This is a running shoe for overpronators that love ample cushioning, subtle stability features that you don’t even notice as you run, and a lightweight frame that keeps your gait cycle nice and bright.

If you are on the hunt for a great pair of stability trainers that won’t weigh you down or hold you back, the New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v5 is worth checking out!
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