New Balance 670 v1

The New Balance 670 v1 is a shoe that can serve multiple purposes. This shoe allows runners to enjoy the best of both worlds- the 670v1’s comfortable, shock absorbing nature makes it great on the road, while the appealing design suggests it can be used in a casual setting as well. The technology applied to this shoe will provide runners with a reliable running shoe that can be used in a variety of different environments like standing at work or gym. Runners will enjoy the generous amount of cushioning that will create a comfortable ride from start to finish.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Spacious toe area
  • Cons
    • Tight fit
    • Not a lot of stability present
    • Upper durability could be improved
    • Key Features
      This shoe’s outsole contains a durable rubber material that delays the wear and tear of this shoe's sole, as well as protects the midsole from damage. The outsole excels in flexibility and traction, which should be good news for runners who like to test their limits and run on some unstable surfaces. The pattern on the bottom of this shoe is pretty generic; a honeycomb pattern with the flex grooves present, as well as the white foam midsole.
      The midsole is equipped with Injection Molded Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, otherwise known as IMEVA. This is a foam-based material that offers a firm platform that enhances comfort. IMEVA is very durable, so it won’t break down easy no matter how often you use the 670v1. The midsole is slightly thicker in the heel area, improving the comfort of heel strikers no matter what type of ground they are running on. The ABZORB cushioning technology assists with this process by supporting the heel area through each phase of the gait cycle.
      The New Balance 670v1 has an upper made with very breathable fabric. This part of the shoe is made with both mesh and synthetic materials. You can clearly see the air holes that allow ventilation throughout the shoe’s interior. There are also stitched overlays, as well as a net-like exterior liner that is expected to cover the mesh openings so that they aren’t infiltrated with dust or debris. The removable foam insole is a good accessory to have for comfort reasons, as runners could leave it in or add their own insole to enhance the amount of comfort they experience while wearing the shoe.

      The New Balance 670v1 weighs 10.4 ounces for men and 8.2 ounces for women. This is quite heavy for the traditional running shoe, as most shoes on the lighter side typically weigh less than 7 ounces for men and even lighter for women. While the New Balance 670v1 is on the heavier side, it won’t be too detrimental to the runner’s outdoor experience because they can also be worn for regular use.
      As stated earlier, breathability is a key feature of the New Balance 670v1. The mesh material that constructs the upper contains open pores that allow airflow to effortlessly enter throughout the shoe’s interior; deterring the feet from any dampness or overheating. This high amount of ventilation will be useful when out on the run during hot days, as well as casual use. Runners will be impressed with how cool the New Balance 670v1 makes their feet feel, even during long days.
      The special cushioning in the midsole make the New Balance 670v1 a mildly comfortable shoe. The IMEVA foam contributes a layer of cushioning that will keep the underfoot unbothered no matter how hard your feet are striking against the ground. Speaking of striking, the 670v1’s heel is thicker than the rest of the shoe, which protects the heel from any form of impact. The soft material in the upper is also very comfortable. While it provides the shoe with a certain structure, the upper is soft and allows runners to move their toes around without any immediate restriction. There is also some padding around the collar to keep your ankles feeling good. This shoe’s fit varies depending on the runner’s foot size. Generally, the toe box is very roomy, but the shoe runs small, so make sure to order a size higher than usual.
      The New Balance 670v1 has versatile looks that will qualify it for the treadmill, as well as the coffee shop. The colors used in this shoe model are fairly calm and have the ability to blend in with many color combinations. There are two commonly seen color schemes in the men’s versions. One is primarily gray and black with a pinch of red on the outsole and the laces. The other combination is similar except it has a light blue on the New Balance logo as well as the outsole. The New Balance 670v1 can be used for outdoor running, walking, the gym, work, or even hanging out with friends. It has a casual look with fitness-related technologies.
      The 670v1’s durability is subpar. The most evident sign of durability in this shoe is on the outsole. The durable rubber compound placed on the outsole of the 670v1 will allow runners to beat the ground at a fast pace without feeling as though they are damaging their shoes. Having a strong outsole will preserve the shoe’s lifespan so that the wearer won’t have to go out and buy another pair so fast. The IMEVA midsole also plays a part in the 670v1’s durability. This foam material is firm enough where it will be able to handle the weight from the runner as well as the impact from the ground for a long period of time. When it comes to durability, the weakest part of the shoe is the upper. About a handful of testers have complained that the fabric began to rip after being used sparingly. This implies that the upper is made with a poor quality mesh material that will create holes after being tested against frequent use.
      Heel strikers will be content with the New Balance 670v1 because it has a foam unit in the heel that protects the area from the impact caused by foot striking. The ABZORB foam unit will take the impact caused by friction between the heel and the ground to ensure that there is no discomfort when on the run. Some testers believe that the soft midsole and upper fabric help reduce foot and ankle pain while participating in physical jobs.
      Responsiveness is average for the New Balance 670v1 and resides mostly in the back of the shoe. The ABZORB cushioning used in the heel is responsible for the intense energy return that runners experience with the 670v1. From the midfoot forward, the midsole will feel firm, so you might not feel a “bounce back” with each foot strike. Heel strikers will be able to take advantage of the heel counter because the back of their foot is the first thing to hit the ground with each step. With that being said, runners shouldn’t expect much in regards to responsiveness from the midfoot onto the forefoot.
      Support is good with the New Balance 670v1. This shoe provides the most support for neutral runners and heel strikers. Testers have claimed that the ABZORB cushioning in the heel provided extra support for them in that area. underpronators will also be able to find the valuable features in the New Balance 670v1. Underpronators typically deal with heel pain due to applying pressure to the outer part of the foot. With the 670v1, they can take advantage of the heel crash pad and cope with less pain during their runs.
      Runners will find the most success using the New Balance 670v1 against smooth road surfaces. The outsole clearly displays flat treads that would work well with smooth surfaces such as track, cement, and dramatically light gravel. This shoe will likely hold up well in the gym or on the basketball court as well. If you’re one of those people who like to test their limits and take their environment to the next level, you might be disappointed if you try and use this shoe in rougher terrains. Whether you are at work, on the treadmill, lifting in the gym, or running on the track, the New Balance 670v1 is prepared for the flat surfaces that people encounter every day!
      Since the New Balance 670v1 has been out for a while now, the price should be next to nothing if you can find your size. The average size can be found for under $40, which is an appealing deal. Runners will be able to save a lot of money when investing in this shoe. The price will ultimately depend on what size you are looking for. If you need a size that isn’t common, the price may fluctuate accordingly. This shoe is very affordable and made with high-quality technology, so it should be a no-brainer for those looking for a new pair of running shoes.
      Traction isn’t necessarily a strong point for the New Balance 670v1, but it gets the job done if you use it in the right terrain. The smooth tread on the bottom of the shoe will be able to grip onto smooth roads and dirt trails, but won’t be able to handle anything more complex. The tread isn’t deep enough to grip onto anything loose, so runners are likely to lose balance if they decide to go out on rugged terrain or icy roads. But for those who are looking for a shoe to use in the summer for their daily running, or a consistent gym shoe, the New Balance 670v1 should be a contender.
      This shoe is fairly flexible from the outsole to the upper. The forefoot has the most flexibility in the New Balance 670v1. The outsole has horizontal flex grooves towards the forefoot that welcomes the area to natural foot movement, especially in the toe off phase of the gait cycle. The Injection Molded Ethylene Vinyl Acetate material in the midsole bends very easily, so runners will be able to bend their feet naturally and not feel restricted by the shoe’s structure. There shouldn’t be any issues with the upper since it is made with a soft mesh material that can effortlessly bend and twist.
      While this running shoe has few stability features, the ones that are present do a great job at keeping the foot in place, especially when running aggressively. There are synthetic overlays that are attached to the lacing system for stability purposes. This process will allow runners to have their own custom fit and control how snug they want to shoe to feel on their foot. If you pull tight enough, the upper will constrict onto the foot and keep it still so that it doesn’t move within the shoe while on the run.
      The New Balance 670v1 has a heel to toe drop that is slightly higher than average. With a heel height of 30 millimeters and a forefoot height of 18 millimeters, the drop of this shoe is 12 millimeters. The heel is clearly higher than the forefoot, so heel strikers should embrace this shoe and do their best to avoid random injuries that could potentially occur during daily running.
      Key Features
      • IMEVA midsole
      • ABZORB cushioning
      • Durable rubber outsole
      • Breathable mesh upper
      • Affordable price
      Bottom Line
      Runners from all different backgrounds will enjoy the New Balance 670v1 because of its attractive look, comfort, and exceptional responsiveness. While the 670v1 runs a tad small compared to the standard running shoe, it gives runners a lot of room in the forefoot for a comfortable fit. Runners with wide feet will feel effortlessly comfortable thanks to this surplus of room. Tired of wearing down your outsole because you land with your heel first with each step? This shoe will help you with that issue thanks to its durable rubber compound and heel counter. With an extremely low price tag and breathable technology that is high in demand, the New Balance 670v1 needs to be in consideration when looking for your next pair of running shoes.
      Where to Buy
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