New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi v3

The New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi V3 is a lightweight neutral running shoe built to go the distance. After 23 miles together, I found that this shoe is incredibly comfortable when running long distances, and the Fresh Foam midsole provides plush cushioning that shines when running on hard surfaces. 

The fit is excellent, and I love the styling of these shoes. On day one of my test drive, three people stopped me to compliment my sleek running shoes!

So, let's break down all of the things that I loved (and didn't love) about the New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi V3.

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Our Conclusion
The plush cushioning and lightweight frame make it an excellent choice for walking, easy tempo runs, and even long-distance running. However, I wouldn't recommend this trainer for sprinters or agility drills due to the lack of energy return.

With that said, because of the support and ample cushioning, I would absolutely recommend this shoe for beginning runners or people taking up running to shed a few pounds.
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Key Features
Comfort & Fit
My feet are slightly wide, so I often opt for wide sizing options in my running shoes to give my toes plenty of room to naturally splay inside of the toe box. While I opted for a wide in the Arishi V3, I don't think that it was necessary. If you usually wear wide running shoes, you may not need to order a wide as the toe box is quite large.

Toe box aside, I found that the fit was true to size. I did not need to tinker with the laces to find that perfect fit- they fit perfectly right out of the box, which is a rarity for a lot of us. 
Overall, I feel like the New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi V3 is a shoe that is designed for long-distance running and easy jogs rather than speed and agility work. This shoe is insanely comfortable, breathable, and lightweight but lacks that poppy energy return found in speed trainers.

It seemed that the foam absorbed a small bit of my energy when I stepped down. Rather than bouncing me back, I felt like it cushioned my steps, making the impact more comfortable, but the foam compression lost a bit of my energy.

If you are on the hunt for a shoe that favors comfort and cushioning over speed and snappy energy return, this shoe is worth checking out.
I loved the very breathable and lightweight upper. It did not rub any hot spots or blisters on my feet, even on my very first run right out of the box. The upper is composed of an engineered mesh with a seam-free design that eliminates rubbing or hot spots.

I also appreciated the fit of the heel counter. It has a low-profile heel counter that is slightly cushioned and works well even with no-show socks.

I generally use running socks with the heel tab to prevent rubbing at the heel. However, I did walk in these shoes for a full day of about 15,000 steps with socks that were 'no show,' and I did not experience rubbing or blisters. In addition, I have run about 10 miles in them with no-show socks and, again, no issues with rubbing or blisters.
The midsole is composed of New Balance's Fresh Foam midsole material with an ample 8 mm drop. As a neutral running shoe, the midsole is composed of plush midsole foam without the need for medial posts or guide rails. I found that the midsole on this design was incredibly cushioned, albeit not very responsive. Much of my energy was lost in the plush cushioning, making it better for long distances rather than speed.

I also noticed that the midsole didn't offer much arch support. I don't necessarily like any arch support in my running shoes, making them perfect for my running style. However, if you like a little bit of extra support in your arches, you may benefit from a supportive insole.
Break-In Period
Who doesn't love a shoe that fits perfectly right out of the box? I found that my very first run in these shoes was utterly pain-free and didn't require any time to break them in. I've only run 23 miles in them so far and walked about 15,000 steps otherwise.

They were good to go right out of the box. Also, the shoes are holding up well. As a runner, you could just put these on and go.
I primarily ran on dry sidewalks and found that the rubber did an excellent job gripping the concrete under my feet. I didn't have the opportunity to test them on rain-soaked surfaces or mud, but I think they would handle this just fine from how they feel.

The rubber outsole is grippy and great for sidewalks and roads, but I wouldn't take these trainers out on the trails.
I think that New Balance nailed the performance and fit of the Arishi V3. If I had to find any room for improvement, it would have to be in the cushioning. It's incredibly comfortable, but I felt that it made my stride a little mushy.

The point of the shoe is to have foam that gives cushion, so if that's what you want, that's what you'll get with this shoe. I suppose if you could keep that cushion quality and make it so that the shoe bounces back somehow, or at least was neutral on that point, that would be great.
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