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Part of what makes Nike activewear so popular with both athletes and average consumers is that they cater to a wide range of activities and energy levels. From trailer runners and CrossFit enthusiasts to beginner runners and casual walkers, everyone can easily find the right footwear for them. The brand’s Metcon footwear line is specifically designed for weight and cross-trainers and has become quite popular thanks to the shoes’ low platforms and supportive features. The Metcon 4 is the latest model in this line, and it carries on their tradition of stable yet flexible footwear for high-intensity gym sessions. Its outsole provides an outstanding grip on slippery surfaces and for activities such as rope climbing. Its breathable mesh upper allows further flexibility while offering temperature and moisture control for an easier workout. Furthermore, its wide variety of colorways offers the perfect option for everyone’s unique style. That said, there are still certain aspects of this shoe that need improvement. Reviewers state that the Metcon 4 fits narrower than its predecessors, and the issue of heel slippage found in the Metcon 3 has still not been fixed.

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Pros & Cons

-A wide variety of colorways

-Lightweight and breathable wear

-Ideal for weight-training and CrossFit

-More stabilizing than the previous model

-Low-drop platform improves posture

-Comfortable yet sturdy support


-Heel slippage has still not been fixed

-Not intended for prolonged use

-Narrower than average fit

Key Features
Fans of this line are relieved that the Metcon 4’s outsole remains unchanged from its predecessor. Its flexible, sticky rubber material still wraps around the medial and lateral sides of the upper to provide greater stability and protection. When paired with its tristar tread pattern, it also provides an incredible grip for activities such as rope-climbing. As it extends towards the heel at both sides, it forms a clip for added security. The outsole protrudes slightly at the back of the heel to prevent dragging during high-intensity wall exercises. Though some consumers claimed that it detached after a just few weeks, most are very satisfied with the stability and traction that this feature offers them.
Just like the previous model, the Metcon 4 was designed without a dedicated midsole. This is to ensure a lower platform and provide better balance and posture for the wearer during workouts. Instead, it features a 4mm drop-in platform for support and shock-absorption. This material is also dense enough to resist sagging even after continued use. In turn, this means less pliability and stiffer cushioning. Though perfect for rigorous indoor training, reviewers state that this feature makes the shoe unfit for running or for prolonged usage.
Most of the changes to the Metcon 4 have gone to it upper. It now features a sandwich mesh upper, constructed of two layers of soft mesh with vertical fibers in between providing breathable comfort and a more flexible wear. This model now features haptic technology, consisting of a 3D tristar pattern that resembles the tread design. It is layered over the upper to provide added durability, with extra thickness at the toes and around the heel for greater structure. Its lacing system is also different, featuring six eyelets instead of five. Flywire cables still construct four of these holes, offering a secure and customizable fit. A perforated tongue provides the wearer with additional breathability.
Though the Metcon 4 appears to be a lightweight shoe, it is actually quite substantial thanks to its stabilizing features. Just like the Metcon 3, this shoe’s durable rubber outsole and reinforced upper are what add to its overall weight. According to online descriptions, the median weight for men’s shoes is 14 oz, while women’s sizes average out at 9 oz. Despite this, most reviewers found this shoe very easy to wear during their various high-intensity workouts.

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A common complaint about earlier Metcon models was their lack of breathability. However, the line’s third and fourth versions are actively changing this. The Metcon 4 sandwich mesh upper consists of a two-layered mesh with vertical fibers placed in between. Aside from its breathable comfort, which makes high-intensity workouts much more bearable, it also creates greater flexibility for the wearer.
When these shoes fit perfectly, the Metcon 4 provides the right amount of supportive comfort for indoor workouts. The sole keeps the foot cushioned while allowing enough flexibility for heavy workouts. When combined with its ventilated upper, reviewers had a shoe that they could wear both at the gym and with casual outfits. On the other hand, a number of reviewers state that this shoe fits narrower than the previous models. While this is necessary to prevent slippage, many just find this distracting and uncomfortable.
Other than being an ideal shoe for indoor fitness, the Metcon 4’s greatest selling point is its wide range of color schemes. Having kept the same design as its predecessor, this simple and sleek athletic shoe is the perfect canvas for many different color pairings and patterns. Though these options differ from the previous version, buyers can still find one that’s perfect for them. All black and black/white are still the go-to selections, but red/black, white/marble, and even camo have become quite popular. Those who want a truly unique design can customize this shoe on the brand’s website, via their NIKEiD feature.
Reviews seem mixed when it comes to how durable the Metcon 4 is. For the most part, buyers are happy with how well it holds up to high-intensity workouts. Its solid rubber outsole and drop-in insole are flexible and supportive yet prove to be super sturdy, and the drop-in platform has shown to retain its shape surprisingly well. The shoe’s upper now features 3D haptic technology which strengthens the mesh material. On the other hand, a small number of consumers claimed that the outsole began to peel away or come off completely, after only a few months of use.
When it comes to the normal hazards of indoor fitness, the Metcon 4 offers a fair amount of protection. Its outsole provides a sturdy grip for wall and rope exercises, as well as the right amount of balance and flexibility to prevent possible accidents. Though it lacks a proper midsole, the shoe’s drop-in insert still provides the wearer with adequate shock absorption and reduces the risk of long-term injuries. The breathable mesh upper provides temperature and moisture control, keeping blisters and infections at bay, while brand new 3D haptic technology ensures greater durability for this material.
Just like its predecessor, the Metcon 4 lacks a number of responsive qualities. This is quite common amongst shoes designed for cross-training, as they are mainly required to provide a sturdy and supportive base that will enable a more efficient workout session for the wearer. Still, the few features that it does have make a significant difference. The outsole does allow a flexible wear, the insert supports the foot while still providing a decent amount of shock absorption, and the mesh upper enables unrestricted movement and proper ventilation.
Despite its low-to-the-ground profile, the Metcon 4 still provides a fitting amount of support for weight-training exercises. The solid and sticky rubber constructing its outsole provides a durable foundation for the rest of the shoe. Instead of a standard midsole, its 4mm drop-in insert keeps the foot cushioned and absorbs shock as it still keeps the wearer low to the ground for proper balance. The Flywire cables that make up four of its six eyelets also enable a secure yet customizable fit. Unfortunately, many consumers have noted that their heels slipped within the shoe quite frequently. This was a common complaint with the previous model, and it doesn’t seem to have improved with this version.
It’s fairly safe to say that the Metcon line is meant solely for indoor use, and the Metcon 4 is no different. For those who partake in weight-training and CrossFit, this shoe provides the perfect amount of support and traction. Its outsole provides an especially strong and flexible grip for rope-climbing. While some have worn it as a casual shoe, this model is not intended for outdoor runs or athletics.
Across most online outlets, including Dick’s Sporting Goods and Nike’s own website, the Metcon 4 is priced at $130. Reviewers’ opinions on this cost appear to be split. Some feel that this shoe is more than worth the money, given its strong support and versatile usage, while others believe it’s too high. And if they purchased a model with a poorly-made outsole, it could turn into a complete waste. Reduced prices are available on Amazon and eBay. As long as buyers check the listings’ reviews, they are sure to get the same quality.
The Metcon 4 features the same tristar tread pattern that was found on the previous model, enabling it to provide the same excellent grip. Whether they partake in weight-lifting, wall exercises, or rope climbing, those who wear this shoe are guaranteed incredible traction and balance. Though it could make for a decent casual shoe, thanks to its simple design and multiple colorways, reviewers still don’t recommend it for outdoor activities as the sole could wear down much quicker.
For the most part, the shoe’s drop-in insert is quite firm. This is to ensure that the wearer has a stable and supportive base for high-intensity weight-training and other workouts. That said, its forefoot it still pliable enough to allow a greater durability and a more comfortable range of motion. The outsole and mesh upper are what truly ensure a flexible fit, thanks to the combination of sticky rubber and breathable sandwich mesh material. Together, these three features create a wear that’s equal parts sturdy and flexible for an improved workout experience.
All good fitness shoes are stability shoes by default, as the wearer needs an incredible amount of structure to both prevent accidents and ensure that the shoe is long-lasting. The sturdy rubber outsole wraps around the medial and lateral sides of the foot, providing a more stable wear as well as a better grip during rope-climbing. The 4mm drop-in insert gives an ideal combination of support, shock absorption, and balance for weight-training. Finally, the Flywire cables and 3D haptic technology enable a secure fit and an upper that can better maintain its shape. Though most consumers are happy with all of these features, one complaint about the Metcon 3 still has not been addressed. Despite the use of a heel clip, which extends from the sides of the outsole, reviewers still note that their heels slip from within the shoe.
Though it does not have a dedicated midsole, the Metcon 4’s insole features a 4mm heel-to-toe drop. Its dense construction allows the wearer to be closer to the ground without compressing over time. This height is also preferred by those involved in CrossFit and weight-training, as it allows them greater balance and coordination.
Key Features
-Solid rubber outsole with a tristar tread pattern for traction and durability
-4mm drop-in insole takes place of a midsole for support and balance
-Sandwich mesh upper for breathable comfort
-3D haptic technology provides greater durability
-A wide range of color options which can be customized
-Narrower than average fit
-For indoor athletic usage only
-A high price tag
Bottom Line
The shoes that make up Nike’s carefully designed Metcon footwear line have become staples for many weight-lifting and cross-training enthusiasts. Arguably, the fourth version of this line is now becoming its most popular. While it retains the low platform and supportively stable wear of its predecessors, its other features take it to a much higher level. The rubber outsole is durable yet flexible enough for a wide range of activities. Its drop-in platform takes the place of a proper midsole for greater balance and structured cushioning. And its durable and breathable mesh upper further ensures unrestricted movement and greater comfort. Of course, the multiple colorways and patterns available only add to this shoe’s appeal. Though it does have some notable disadvantages and is mainly suited for indoor use, many fitness enthusiasts will find that this shoe is more than worth its high price tag.
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