Nike Metcon Repper DSX

The Nike Metcon Repper DSX is a cross-training shoe that lets you move through extremely dynamic workouts without compromising agility. This cross trainer supplies lightweight cushioning and superior stability to accommodate jumps, sprints, and climbs. Its attractive design and exceptional comfort appeal to athletes as well as workers who stand on their feet for long hours. With its high-intensity support, natural flexibility, and lockdown fit, the Metcon Repper DSX offers itself as an excellent companion for cross trainingCompared to other Metcon models, the DSX is the lower cost version of the premium Flyknit model. Reviewers seemed to agree, however, that despite the lower price, the DSX is a great value buy and in some cases outperformed the more expensive models. This version of the Metcon includes a more cushioned heel and softer - but still supportive - midsole cushioning.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons


  • Excellent stability
  • Natural flexibility
  • Exceptional grip
  • Lightweight
  • Attractive
  • Cons
    • Not super long-lasting
    • Tends to run a half size small
    • Fit is slightly narrow
    • Key Features
      The DSX Repper features a very grippy rubber outsole with forefoot grooves for extra flexibility. While the traction, users say, isn't as good as the original Metcon, it's still suitable for most crosstraining. Reviewers liked the flexible construction of the outsole, especially the snappy feel during toe off.
      The midsole of the Repper consists of Phylon material, which is a lightweight cushioning material. Reviewers found the shoe to be comfortable and liked that the cushioning provided a responsive ride. Users also noted that the Phylon material provided jus the right amount of firmness for support, stability, and comfort. Compared to other versions of the Metcon the DSX features 3mm of extra cushioning at the rear of the shoe. The midsole material is also softer than in other Metcon models.
      The Metcon's upper design includes both a knit and mesh upper. While the upper also features TPU overlays, they deliver more style points than anything else. At the front of the shoe, there's a sturdily built toe box area. The shoe also features Flywire lacing to ensure a secure fit. The shoe also includes an Ortholite midsole. Despite the lower price of this shoe compared to other Metcon models, the DSX still features a quality build. The upper is well-made and the fit is comfortable and true to size. This shoe comes in both men's and women's sizes. It typically runs a half size small. Some folks report that the fit is a little too narrow, but many have also found that the Repper DSX fit as expected. The men's Repper DSX comes in sizes six through 15, with half sizes up to 12.5. The women's Repper DSX comes in sizes five through 15, with half sizes up to 11.5.
      Reviewers didn't have too much to say about the feel of the weight of the shoe. It's safe to say, the weight of the Repper shouldn't be an issue. The women's version weighs about 8.4 oz and the men's weighs just over 10.5 oz.
      The Metcon Repper DSX provides exceptional breathability. A mesh upper allows your foot to breathe while the shoe stays put, guaranteeing airflow throughout long, dynamic workouts. These upper materials are thin but effectively woven, ensuring a snug fit while maintaining.
      This Nike cross trainer provides high-intensity support without compromising flexibility. Dual-density Phylon injected foam supplies lightweight cushion and superior comfort as you shift from lifts to jumps to sprints. Flex grooves allow your foot to flex naturally, guaranteeing constant mobility.

      The arch support is moderate, allowing you to shift from activity to activity. Some fans report the arch support just isn't enough, but many indicate that it is sufficient to get the multifaceted work of cross training successfully completed. These shoes are designed to help you face down a variety of movement combined with quick shifts in between. Some wearers find that the ankle wall is a bit higher than usual and needs to be broken in to achieve optimal comfort. Overall though, the Metcon Repper DSX is exceptionally comfortable.
      The Metcon Repper DSX is a stylish shoe and this is certainly part of its allure. With multiple color combinations for both men and women, this shoe appeals to workout enthusiasts and all-day wearers alike. The shoe comes in a classic black and white version in addition to creative color combinations featuring various shades of gray and brown, glacier blue, arctic green, and bright crimson. Most of the color combinations do not provide reflective detail, but some feature a reflective silver swoosh. If you require visibility perks in your cross trainers, be sure to check if your desired color choice offers a reflective swoosh.
      While the Metcon Repper DSX can handle hardcore workouts, the durability seems to break down after about three months of aggressive wear. Around this time, many find that the traction pattern starts wearing out, lowering the shoe’s grip abilities. Some have also noted that the material begins ripping through the sides or fraying at the insteps after a few months of moderate to intensive wear. Most reviewers, however, seemed happy with the Nike Metcon's build quality. Users were particularly appreciative of the reinforced upper design.
      The Nike Metcon Repper DSX is a cross training shoe designed to handle a wide range of high-impact activity, [et_social_share_media][/et_social_share_media]allowing you to rapidly jump from one rep to the next without your shoes holding you up. The Metcon Repper DSX equips you to take on boot camp, moderate running, weightlifting, jumping, climbing, sprinting, and outdoor sports such as softball. This shoe is also excellent for walking and offers continuous support and comfort for folks who work on their feet all day, like personal trainers. The Phylon midsole helps absorb impact, the rubber outsole helps users gain traction, and the upper ventilates to cool the shoe's interior down when things heat up.
      Reviewers seemed to agree that the Phylon midsole provided a responsive ride. The midsole is just firm enough that it provides a nice snappy feel without feeling too rigid. For everyday training the Repper is lightweight and flexible, making it perfect for sprinting workouts.
      The Nike DSX provides moderate arch support in the midfoot area and a Flywire system to encourage a snug fit. The shoe also includes firm supportive Phylon midsole cushioning that acts as a landing strip for users to move upon. The upper also features TPU overlays, but these are more aesthetic than functional. While the cushioning is softer in this Metcon model, support doesn't suffer. Reviewers did note that they missed the drop-in sole design of other Metcon sneakers, but otherwise felt pretty well supported.
      If you're constantly at the gym, the Nike Metcon Repper is a good choice. It provides good traction on indoor surfaces and works well for a variety of crosstraining activities. Outdoors, it'll hold up just fine but might wear down quicker than with indoor use. The outsole is made of rubber that's very grippy and the rest of the shoe's design ensures it won't fall apart rapidly. It's not a trail shoe, however.
      The price of these Nike cross trainers varies greatly based on color/design. You can easily pay more than double for a specialty coloring. As far as Nike cross-training shoes typically run, the Metcon Repper DSX is less expensive than other Metcon models. The shoe's feature a budget price with a quality build that doesn't feel cheap. Reviewers agreed the DSX was a great value buy. The shoe works for various training purposes and features an all-around well-thought-out construction. Overall, users had few complaints and seemed happy with their shoe purchase.
      The Repper features a solid rubber outsole covered in a grippy material. While some users noted the traction wasn't as good as the original Metcon shoe, most reviewers were happy with the grip provided by the DSX.
      The DSX is quite flexible thanks to its included outsole grooves. The grooves are positioned in the forefoot area and help provide a natural toe off feel. Users liked the flexible design combined with the supportive midsole material.
      One of the highlights of the Metcon Repper DSX is its stable platform with a flat heel design. This feature combines with an internal counter to gift stability, allowing you to feel connected to the ground while bursting into dynamic lifts and jumps. The solid rubber sole sports an ultra-effective traction pattern, ensuring no-fail grip. Exceptionally strong Flywire cables interweave with laces on the forefoot to provide lockdown. These shoes will handle all the demand you put on them without leaving you stranded.
      The drop height of the Nike DSX is about 6mm for both men and women. The drop height is below average to help encourage better ground-feel. Some reviewers were disappointed, however, that this version of the Metcon lacked a drop-in design, which diminished stability somewhat.
      Key Features
      - 6mm drop
      - NEW 3mm increase in midsole heel cushioning
      - NEW softer cushioning
      - Lightweight Phylon cushioning
      - Outsole Flex Grooves ensure natural movement capabilities
      - Knit & mesh upper construction
      - TPU overlays
      - Ortholite insole
      - Extra strong Flywire cables create a solid lockdown
      - Flat heel plus internal counter for exceptional stability
      - Attractive design and appearance
      - Moderate arch support

      Bottom Line
      The Nike Metcon Repper DSX is a stellar multi-activity shoe. Its versatility combined with strength definitely makes it a superior cross-training shoe. Lightweight cushion plus extra secure fit means this shoe won’t hold you back. Exceptional stability in conjunction with true comfort makes the Repper DSX a boon for exercise that requires agility. Go lateral, jump high, squat, or deadlift. This shoe has you covered. You won't compromise swift, smooth shifting across reps. In fact, the Repper DSX is coming with you and keeping you supported all throughout long, intense, dynamic workouts. These shoes win big for versatility, comfort, stability, flexibility, and attractiveness.

      As long as you select a half size bigger than you might usually, expect moderate width, and understand that this shoe supplies only moderate arch support in order to support a broad range of activity, you're in for a great cross trainer. While the durability factor is somewhat daunting, when you work your shoes hard, it's not outrageous to think of fixing or replacing them.
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