Asics Jolt

The Asics Jolt is reminiscent of some of the most popular, earlier Asics’s models. This shoe is not concerned with racking up points for the newest technology or all of the shiny new bells and whistles like some of the other shoes in the Asics line up like the Gel Nimbus 20. This is a shoe for the average runner who is doing light to moderate mileage every week, or for the individual who is on their feet all day at their job and needs a shoe to keep them safe and comfortable. Runner after runner raved about the overall comfort afforded by this shoe. Asics takes their traditional materials like a breathable mesh upper, a high abrasion rubber outsole, and a springy, adaptive midsole to provide a cushioned fit and feel. This shoe also comes with a removable sock liner that can be replaced with a wide variety of insoles to create a customizable fit. The look of this shoe is more classic than fashion forward, but runners will love the more than affordable price tag. This is an overall great shoe for running errands or performing light runs around town.

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Pros & Cons

A sturdy shoe for new runners


Multiple color options



Not designed for speed

Less fashionable 

Key Features
The outsole of the Jolt provides a solid, stable base for the rest of the shoe. It is constructed using Asics’s patented High Abrasion Rubber which is known to stand up to excessive mileage and overall wear and tear. This material not only protects the rest of the shoe by absorbing the shock of each footfall, it also protects the lifespan of the shoe, ensuring that it lasts much longer than a traditional pair of road running shoes on today’s market. Runners can also expect to find a series of various triangular-shaped lugs and flex grooves to help keep runners upright on slippery terrain as well as provide them with a natural gait cycle.
The midsole of the Jolt uses a traditional EVA midsole foam. This foam is designed to absorb shock, but also provide cushioning for runners. The key to this shock absorption is Asics's use of their rearfoot gel technology. It also comes with a removable sock liner. This removable sock liner can be replaced with an orthopedic insole to aid runners in improving their arch support.
The upper is comprised of a combination of synthetic and natural materials. The key features of the upper is the visible breathability that this lightweight mesh provides to the runner. Especially along the toe box and along the sides, runners can see the larger ventilation holes that have been inserted to ensure that the foot stays cool and comfortable. This design helps to reduce the risk of blisters too. Runners will also notice the synthetic laminate mid-cage that protects the foot from unwanted movements. The overlays that create this cage feature provide runners with added support and stability to carry them through their workouts. This cage design laces back over the heel of the shoe, locking the foot in place, which also helps to eliminate unwanted friction and irritation during workouts.
This is not a shoe for runners who are looking for a minimalist fit or feel. Although it lacks some of the newer technology, the Jolt is on the heavy side. At 12 ounces, runners reported that this shoe is better for logging slower miles than it is for performing races. The higher weight of this shoe makes it a good choice for heavier runners who need a more substantial landing pad during their workouts.

One of the highest rated details about the Jolt is its breathability. The lightweight mesh upper, although covered in places with a synthetic cage overlay, does an excellent job of providing breathability to the runner. This design allows for air to enter the shoe, circulate around the foot, and helps to regulate the temperature inside of the shoe. Even during warm weather, runners and walkers commented that this shoe helped to keep their feel cool and comfortable. It also helped to keep blisters and hot spots at bay.
The heavier weight and sturdier base of this shoe combined with the traditional EVA midsole foam provides a high level of comfort for the athlete who prefers a more cushioned, heavier shoe. This shoe was recommended by many for the individual who spends most of their day on their feet. In addition to the breathability of the upper, Asics included a removable sock liner to allow runners to customize this shoe to fit their comfort and medical needs. This shoe also came highly recommended by runners who have a wide foot.
Asics has a reputation for bright colors and unique designs. Runners will find the patented Asics insignia along the side, but this shoe lacks the signature pizzaz of an Asics shoe. The style of this shoe has more of a throwback look and feel to it. It comes in more muted colors. The shoe is also boxier looking than some of the newer Asics’s models. Runners will have a decent selection of color options like carbon silver with island blue, glacier gray and black with carbon, and black with onyx.
This shoe is designed to take a beating. Runners reported that the Jolt’s long lifespan combined with its low price tag make this one of the best-valued shoes on the market. The outsole of this shoe is designed with Asics’s patented High Abrasion Rubber. This outsole rubber is more durable and firmer than some of the other rubber elements used in road running shoes. This rubber is actually the same material used on race car tires. The cage overlays of the upper help to keep the shoe looking newer for longer.
This shoe features a few different protective details. In the upper, runners will find protection from unwanted side to side movement through the use of the laminated mid cage overlays. These overlays wrap all the way back through the heel to keep the foot locked in place and reduce the risk of unwanted movement. Runners who are injury prone found that the added cushioning and support provided by this shoe helped to protect them from pain. The upper also comes designed with reflective overlays to keep runners safe and visible during their evening walks or runs. The outsole of the shoe is made with Asics High Abrasion Rubber that protects the entire shoe from wear and tear. Additionally, Asics included their rear foot gel technology in this shoe to absorb the shock of each footfall and further protect the runner from injury, especially to their joints.
This shoe is not designed to be highly responsive. The midsole and outsole are thicker and more cushioned. This shoe is designed for the runner or walker who is putting in fewer miles at a slower pace and isn’t designed for the runner who is looking for an explosive athletic shoe that will take them through fast and dynamic workouts.
Although this shoe doesn’t come with excessive technology, it does offer a great amount of support. The EVA midsole provides a cushioned base that molds to the shape of the foot and gives added arch support to runners. Additionally, since the sock liner is removable, runners can replace it with a medical orthopedic that can be customized for their unique needs. The upper helps to lock the foot in place with the help of the midfoot cage design. These details make this a great choice for runners who are just starting out, or athletes who get the majority of their cardio exercise through walking.
This shoe is suggested for easy to moderate road running. It can also be used during treadmill running or walking. This shoe lacks the aggressive lug system or supports that would keep a runner safe on off-road adventures.
One of the best things about this shoe is the price tag. It costs almost half of what the average road running shoe on today’s market goes for. The lower price tag is one of the reasons why this shoe is suggested for runners who are just starting out. This is a great shoe for lower mileage, and the High Abrasion Rubber outsole helps this shoe last a long time, so it’s ideal for the runner who doesn’t want to drop a ton of money because they are just getting into the sport.
Asics’s High Abrasion Rubber is known to keep runners secure on slippery conditions. The underfoot of this shoe also has a unique triangular design that helps keep runners upright. This design is perfect for the heavier runners or new runner who isn’t feeling completely confident on their feet. Although this outsole provides a higher level of traction, it is still not enough to make this a good trail running shoe.
This shoe is not known for its flexible nature. This is not a good shoe for the runner who is looking for a lightweight, minimalist shoe. Instead, this shoe has a heavy, solid feel to it. The midsole is reinforced to add support and stability and although the upper is made from a lightweight mesh material, it is covered with a synthetic overlay cage system.
Although this shoe is listed as a neutral running shoe, runners found that the solid base and added cushioning of the midsole does help with stability issues. This is not a shoe for a runner who is looking for something specifically designed to prevent overpronation issues and improve the overall gait, but it will help to keep the foot in place.

This shoe has a higher, more traditional heel drop. Asics’ shoes generally offer a traditional heel drop to their runners so this is not a shoe that is designed for runners looking for a zero or minimal heel drop.
Key Features
- 12 ounces in weight
- EVA midsole foam
- Asics High Abrasion Rubber outsole
- Rearfoot gel technology
- Removable sock liner
- Laminate midsole cage
- Lower price tag than the average road running shoe
Bottom Line
This shoe is best for newer runners. The design is simple and lacks some of the newer technologies that can be found in some Asics shoes. This shoe offers added support and a sturdy base for a heavier runner who needs added protection from joint pain and injury. Details like the laminate mid cage overlays of the upper and the rear foot gel technology do a great job of not only keeping the foot locked in place, but also help to absorb the shock of each footfall. The style of this shoe is classic and is reminiscent of some older designs. It does come in a wide variety of color options. Runners especially liked the lower price tag of this shoe. This is a heavier shoe, at 12 ounces, and is best for lower mileage runners or for folks who are on their feet all day and need added cushioning and support. The Jolt also offers a removable sock liner that can be replaced with a medical orthopedic to further customize this shoe to the exact needs of each runner.
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