Nike LunarGlide 7 Reviewed

Nike LunarGlide 7 offers a supportive, lightweight, soft cushioned fit. Nike designed this shoe for an ultra-smooth, high-milage run.

When Nike upgraded from the 6 to the 7, they stripped it down to the essentials. They made as lightweight as possible while still provided superior stability. It contains flex grooves which promote a natural range of motion and Lunarlon foam to improve springy responsiveness.

Nike designed the original LunarGlide in 2009. It introduced the revolutionary new idea of an angled Lunarlon wedge within a firm midsole. It has since evolved to where the Lunarlon foam is now exposed in the forefoot. The result is the incredible support structure we now see with the Nike LunarGlide 7.

Keep reading our in-depth Nike LunarGlide 7 review to find out if it is worth the investment.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight construction that offers both support and ventilation.
  • Lunarlon technology that distributes impact without sacrificing stability.
  • Adaptive fit provided by Flywire® cables that wrap the midfoot.
  • Comfort is achieved through the Flyknit® construction combined with a seamless and plush internal bootie.
  • Cons
    • The wearing of the posterior inner sleeve may cause rubbing and irritation.
    • Rubber compound on the outsole peels.
    • Only available in regular/medium width.
    • Key Features
      The outsole, or bottom part of the shoe, is important for grip and traction while running on different surfaces. The Nike LunarGlide 7 has a pressure-mapped outsole for lightweight traction and durability. It delivers optimal traction and durability in high-wear areas.

      The outsole design maps the pressure path of running for more efficient use of rubber and provides the optimal traction and durability while at the same time, allowing a reduction in overall weight. There is carbon rubber under forefoot and heel and has exposed EVA foam.
      The midsole of a shoe is the cushioning and stability layer between the upper and the outsole. It is considered an essential part of the shoe. The LunarGlide 7 boasts a Lunarlon midsole that provides plush cushioning for an ultra-smooth run.

      Lunarlon is a soft, resilient foam, invented by Nike, that absorbs the impact of the crash phase by distributing it evenly across the entire platform of the foot. It helps to reduce painful pressure points on the feet. The midsole is injected molded EVA.

      The flex grooves in the forefoot of the midsole are the horizontal grooves that are designed to promote flexion across the toe/foot joints. The flex grooves of the Nike LunarGlide 7 promote natural range of motion and reduce forefoot pain.

      The upper portion of this shoe is designed to hold the foot in place and protect the foot from rocks and dirt. The Nike LunarGlide 7 has been re-designed with a super-thin Flyknit® fabric and seamless mesh that wraps the entire foot. This specially engineered mesh optimizes breathability, keeping feet dry. It has 3M reflective material for safety. There is no midfoot sleeve.
      Nike LunarGlide 7 is considered a lightweight shoe. An average women’s Nike LunarGlide 7 weighs 7.8 ounces. A men’s size 11 weighs 10.2 ounces. Heavy running shoes often cause discomfort despite having proper stability and cushioning.

      A runner generally expends 1% more energy for every 100g of weight on a shoe. That doesn’t seem like much, but it can mean the difference between 1st and 2nd place. Research shows that shaving 4oz from a shoe’s weight can equal a marathon time of up to 3 minutes faster.

      Light shoes often equal faster feet, but too little shoe invites injury. Having only a minimal amount of material underfoot means limited shock absorption and little energy return. The Nike LunarGlide 7 appears to offer a good balance between weight and protection.
      The mesh that forms the upper portion of this shoe was carefully engineered to optimize breathability, keeping feet dry. It offers Circular-knit Flymesh® for an open-pattern, promoting zoned breathability. This, in turn, reduced perspiration.

      And, every runner knows, the less sweat, the less likelihood of blisters! Nothing like a blister to ruin your training run.
      Nike reports that this shoe is a True Fit, meaning not too snug and not too loose. You should not need to up or downsize due to the fit of this shoe. You are likely to be happy with the size that is “normal” for you. For lightweight comfort, Nike designed this shoe with Flyknit® construction on the heel and midfoot.

      And, for supportive comfort and ventilation, there is Flymesh® on the forefoot. Also, if you needed more reasons to find this shoe most comfortable, it contains a plush and seamless internal-bootie. The LunarGlide 7 offers only regular width. Full width is only available with the NikeID option. However, the LunarGlide 7 has more toe-box room than previous LunarGlide versions.
      The Nike LunarGlide 7 comes in men’s and women’s styles as well as models for children.

      Women can choose from a Pure Platinum/Gamma Blue option with Ocean Fog/Black highlights or a Hyper Violet/Concord option with Gamma Blue/Black. Women’s sizes range from 5 to 12, with half sizes available as well. Often less expensive options for women are the Pink Blast/Laser Orange style with White/Black highlights and the Ocean Fog/Voltage Green style with Lucid Green/Black highlights.

      Men can choose from a Wolf Grey/Bright Crimson option with Cool Grey/Black highlights or Black/Anthracite with Wolf Grey/Summit White highlights. Sizes range from 6 to 15, with half sizes available up to 12.5. There is also a LunarGlide 7 Flash version for men, that comes in Squadron Blue/Blue Lagoon with Green Glow/Reflect Silver highlights. Sizes range from 6 to 15, with half sizes available up to 12.5.

      In children’s styles, there is a pink and black option, as well as a black and red. Sizes range from 3.5Y to 7Y, with half sizes available. The width for all these styles is considered Medium.
      The updates that were made to the sole of the LunarGlide 6 carried on to the LunarGlide 7. These include a pressure-mapped outsole for lightweight traction and durability and high-abrasion rubber in the heel to enhance the durability even further.

      It is great news for the consistent runner who is replacing their shoes every 3-6 months.
      Running shoes can be expensive! The more durable the shoe, the less often it needs to be replaced. The durability of the Nike LunarGlide 7 allows us to get more out of a single pair of shoes.
      No matter how you will use your tennis shoes, it is crucial to choose one that will provide protection and help to prevent injury. Not only is this Nike LunarGlide 7 comfortable and durable, but many runners suggest that this shoe offers protection for weak ankles. The design of this shoe allows mild to moderate overpronators to achieve a more neutral run.

      The heel section is developed with an External TPU Heel Counter that hugs and keeps the foot stable during the run.
      Responsiveness of a shoe means merely the speed at which it returns energy after contact with the ground. To achieve soft and responsive cushioning, Nike LunarGlide has a two-piece, dual-density Lunarlon midsole that features a soft foam core as well as a firm foam core on the medial side.

      This results in a lightweight, responsive run with maximum support. (Lunarlon helps to absorb the impact by distributing it evenly across the entire platform of the foot.) The flex grooves promote flexibility when pushing off from the toe.
      Runners report that the Dynamic Support arch does help to support your foot. Some feel that this shoe offers the same type of support as a high-top, but with the lightweight feel of flip-flops. The Flyknit construction also adds to the supportive feel.

      It took Nike four years to achieve the engineering precision for this type of woven construction. In the absence of a firm medial midsole, this shoe cannot be considered a traditional neutral support shoe. The Nike LunarGlide 7 offers a solid foam casing wrapped around the softer Lunarlon foam, placing it in its category of an angled wedge shoe.
      The Nike LunarGlide 7 was tested on the road with an ambient temperature of 20º C/68º F. However, this shoe comes with a carbon rubber outsole that offers incredible grip and traction, allowing runners to feel comfortable on, not only pavement, but the track, gravel, or slippery surfaces.

      The Flash version of the Nike LunarGlide 7 is reflective and water-repellent. It keeps you comfortable, dry, and visible in dreary or dark conditions.
      It is a moderately priced shoe, making many runners feel they get a lot of bang for their buck. Plus, many of the LunarGlide 7’s are on sale now that the 8’s are coming out. Just in time to find a great deal for the holidays.
      The Dynamic Support platform that Nike designed for the midsole increases stability without adding extra weight. This allows for ultra-smooth transitions during your run. The Nike LunarGlide 7 is also equipped with the Lunarlon cushioning that is bouncy enough for high responsiveness but does not sacrifice stability.

      In addition, the TPY heel counter maximizes fit and enhances stability.
      The drop of this shoe heel-to-toe is 10mm. The heel-to-toe drop is the measurement of how thick a running shoe’s heel is - how much taller heel is than the forefoot. It is often called the offset or the ramp angle.
      Key Features
      •Nike Flyknit® construction on the heel and midfoot for the lightweight feel.

      •Flymesh® on the forefoot for comfort and ventilation.

      •Lunarlon cushioning in the midsole to distribute impact evenly across the foot.

      •Dynamic Support Platform in the midsole for enhanced stability.

      •Flywire® cables add support and keep you grounded.
      Bottom Line
      Most running shoes look and feel great when you are in the store, but the actual test comes when you are out on that training run. The Nike LunarGlide 7 is designed with features and technologies to improve a runner’s comfort and performance while running. The Dynamic Support platform provides a comfortable yet stable fit without adding weight. It offers Circular-knit Flymesh® for an open-pattern, promoting zoned breathability.

      The Lunarlon foam material allows for a smooth transition from contact to push off, and overpronators will love this shoe’s ability to give them a more neutral run. Plus, the Nike LunarGlide 7 features a heel counter for support, giving you a “heel hug”. Now, who doesn’t like a hug? These shoes are moderately priced and great for most types of activity - running or weight training, even walking and running errands.
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