Nike Revolution 4

The Nike Revolution 4 is a great update to its predecessor the Revolution 3. This version features a newly-designed outsole pattern complete with flex-groove embossed rubber pods designed to deliver a more flexible and responsive ride. Like the previous model, the upper is made of both an open-weave knit and a tighter knit pattern.

However, on this version, the two knits are swapped, with the more open-weave being at the toe and the tighter-knit at the midfoot and heel. It also includes synthetic overlays that spread over the midfoot rather than on the heel. This is a great update because these overlays act as a saddle over the middle part of the foot to keep it in place and supported. Just like its predecessor, this version of the Nike Revolution is attractive and comes in an impressive array of colorways.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight breathable mesh upper
  • Synthetic overlays at midfoot keep foot snug and secure
  • Durable rubber pods on outsole deliver a responsive performance
  • Phylon midsole is cushioned and comfortable
  • Padded tongue and heel counter deliver comfort and support
  • Affordable price tag for almost any budget
  • Cons
    • Some consumers question the durability of the upper
    • The rubber pods on outsole may be squeaky/loud for some
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Nike Revolution is pretty unique in appearance. The rubber traction outsole has large rubber pods on the front of the forefoot, under the ball of the foot, and on the front part of the heel. These large rubber pods respond well with the ground and deliver a springy reaction after they are compressed. If you look closely at it you’ll notice that the pods have flex grooves in them which act as pistons; on impact, they spring back at toe-off to propel you forward. The durable rubber pods also provide excellent multi-surface traction. One consumer did note that these pods mimic a muted cleat-like sound on hard surfaces which wasn't a big deal, just an observation.
      The Revolution 4 features a generous Phylon midsole which is identified by the wrinkles on its side. This material is very lightweight, low-profile and responsive. Phylon is made up of EVA foam pellets that have been compressed, heat expanded, then cooled in a designed mold resulting in a compression-molded midsole. This foam midsole will deliver a cushioned and comfortable ride in conjunction with the cushioned foam insole in the shoe. Many consumers have noted the excellent comfort and response the midsole of the Reaction 4 sneaker provides.
      The upper of the Revolution 4 is highly breathable due to the wide-knit open mesh material that is used. The forefoot of this sneaker hits the current trend of a woven-look with its two-tone mesh. On some colorways, it is more of a single color but either way, it looks fantastic. Extending from the midfoot area to the heel you will find a tighter-knit mesh designed to support and hug your foot. The middle of the upper also features synthetic overlays that not only add aesthetic appeal but also help lock your foot in place. The tongue and heel counter on this sneaker offer an ample amount of comfort and support through the cushioning provided. The toe box allows for lots of toe space as well, making them comfortable. Because the upper is made of the flexible knit fabric, it will be comfortable for almost any foot shape. The inside of the sneaker is also lined with soft fabric lining for added comfort.
      These sneakers are fairly lightweight thanks to their unique outsole pattern, Phylon midsole, and lightweight knit upper. They definitely do not feel heavy on the feet and weigh in around 8 ounces.
      These sneakers will not make your feet super sweaty thanks to the wide-knit design of the upper. The mesh allows air to flow in and out of the foot chamber with ease, even throughout difficult workouts. One consumer commented on how they did not feel the need to take the sneaker off to let their feet ‘breathe’ after heavy workouts.
      The Revolution 4 is definitely a comfortable sneaker. Between the cushioned Phylon midsole and soft-lined upper, your foot will feel at ease inside these shoes. While some sneakers may feel restrictive, this one is made to wrap your foot with its mesh knit upper and synthetic overlays. The heel counter and tongue are both generously cushioned and add a great amount of comfort as well. Because the inside of the shoe is lined with a light soft fabric, your feet will feel both cushioned and comfortable. Another great thing about these sneakers is that they are available in both regular and wide width so people with wider feet can also experience comfort without restriction.
      As far as style goes, the Nike Revolution 4 is a great-looking sneaker whether you are wearing them for running, the gym, or for casual use. These sneakers offer a low-profile design and have an aesthetically-pleasing knit upper, which is style-relevant for today’s market. The well-known Nike Swoosh is highly visible on each side of the shoe and provides a great compliment to an already nice-looking sneaker. The synthetic overlays over the middle of the shoe add a touch of excitement to the otherwise monochromatic upper and give this shoe even more style points. As a bonus feature, the Revolution 4 comes in an impressive number of exciting colorways to choose from for both men and women.
      The durable rubber on this sneakers’ outsole will withstand a great number of trials: outdoor runs, gym workouts, and everyday wear. The Phylon used to engineer the midsole will keep these shoes sturdy and responsive for a great amount of time. When it comes to durability, the upper is where the possible threat comes in. Because these sneakers are made with mostly knit material, they are susceptible to wear and tear more so than more layered sneakers. The midsole and heel portion offer more durability thanks to the synthetic overlays but the forefoot remains unprotected. Although this may seem concerning, most people will not need to worry about the fully-knit forefoot. However, if you are looking to take these sneakers on long and grueling runs or are looking to test them on slightly technical terrain, you may find that they will not last as long. Some consumers have said that the forefoot area has torn after only a few runs while another consumer said that they work amazingly for indoor gym work.
      Underfoot protection is almost certain in the Revolution 4. The highly-durable rubber pods offer excellent protection against underfoot debris and hazards. Because the pods offer a slightly-raised footstep, you will not be flush with anything on the ground that may hurt your feet. As far as protection from the upper, you will not get a ton of protection against hazards on trails or the ground. The midfoot offers more protection thanks to the synthetic overlays but because the upper is mainly a knit material, you will not be protected from road or trail hazards.
      There are a couple of great responsiveness features in this sneaker. First of all, the outsole features large rubber pods in a spiral-type pattern designed to contract and release when pressure is applied then released. This will deliver excellent response and will add a spring to your step. The Phylon midsole also adds an excellent amount of response when you walk or run. This Phylon material is designed to depress and return to its original shape when pressure is applied. These two features combined make this sneaker an excellent shoe in terms of response.
      The Phylon midsole of this sneaker provides an excellent amount of support because it absorbs shock and pressure then reacts to help cushion and propel each step forward. The large rubber pods are reactive as well so you will have support delivered with each step. Most of the support in the upper comes from the midfoot section’s synthetic overlays. These overlays extend over the midfoot of the upper and help to lock your foot in place, supporting it efficiently.
      The Nike Revolution 4 is well-suited for indoor, pavement, or well-groomed trail running. Due to the fact that they do not boast a lot of upper support features or an aggressive lug system, these would not be the best choice for trail running. However, a number of consumers commented that these sneakers worked well at the gym and during aerobic workouts thanks to the low-profile design and responsive rubber pods.
      One excellent thing about these shoes is the fact that they are very affordable and will fit in almost any budget, especially because they are Nike’s. One excellent thing about these shoes is the fact that they are very affordable and will fit in almost any budget, especially because they are Nike’s. Many running shoes will cost you well over $100 easily, whether they are budget or high-end sneakers. Currently, depending on which colorway you are looking to purchase, these sneakers are priced between $40 and $60.
      Although these sneakers don’t boast big aggressive rubber lugs, they do have grippy and responsive rubber pods. With that said, they would not be great when worn on highly technical terrain due to the fact that these rubber pods are only textured on the bottom and not inter-directional. However, if you were to wear these in from dry to wet terrain, you should be okay as far as traction goes.
      These are not a heavy stiff sneaker. On the contrary, due to the flexible mesh upper, Phylon midsole, and rubber pod midsole, these sneakers are surprisingly flexible. The pods themselves have flex grooves included in their design. These flex grooves are integrated into the rubber pads in a spiral-like pattern giving them a spring-like quality.
      The Nike Revolution 4 is not engineered to be a “stability” sneaker but offers great stability for neutral to pronating runners. The midfoot and ankle sections of the upper help the sneaker to stay locked onto your foot and help stabilize each step. The Phylon midsole is not a super-soft midsole material that will make your feet feel too unsupported; rather, it is a responsive and reactive foam that will help to keep your gait relatively stabilized if you have a neutral running pattern.
      These sneakers have a 10mm drop. This is a pretty neutral drop when it comes to running shoes. They are neither a minimalist sneaker nor a super-supportive shoe.
      Key Features
      - Durable rubber pods on outsole provide response and support
      - Phylon midsole is cushioned and responsive
      - Lightweight breathable mesh upper
      - Synthetic overlays over midfoot deliver stability and lock-down your foot
      - Padded heel counter and tongue provide comfort and support
      Bottom Line
      The Nike Revolution is a high-quality affordable sneaker. This shoe is pretty versatile and can be used for running short to moderate distances, aerobic workouts, gym workouts, or casual wear. The durable rubber pods may be a little noisy on hard indoor surfaces but only when you are really listening for them. That does not detract from how great the rubber pods respond to pressure applied to them. These pods, along with the Phylon midsole deliver a highly responsive experience whether you are walking, running, or taking an aerobics class. The upper is on-trend with the current knit looks and is breathable and lightweight. Even if you chose to purchase these sneakers for simple everyday use, your feet will feel comfortable, supported, and you will look great. The Nike swoosh is a well-recognized symbol and you will be sporting them proudly in these sneakers. In conclusion, these may not be the best shoes if you are looking to train for a long-distance race, but if you are looking for an affordable and comfortable sneaker for the gym or for short to moderate distance running, then these might just be for you.
      Where to Buy
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