Nike Dual Fusion Run 3

The Nike Dual Fusion is yet another advance from the giant shoe brand, this time, the feature is a multi-density midsole. Make no mistake, Nike has gone “all in” with this new technology and runners have taken notice. There aren’t too many other companies creating models that stack different foam densities, so runners were eager to give the Dual Fusion Run 3 a try. Touting cushioning and stability, Nike is promising a well-rounded everyday running shoe created with everyone in mind.

With the use of a comfort core that is surrounded by a foam structure aimed at providing support, Nike is pushing the envelope on entry-level running shoe technology and what runners are coming to expect from them. Novice and casual runners should pay extra attention as features like a single layer mesh, inner sleeve, and welded synthetic overlays are the things of much more expensive running shoes. The Nike Dual Fusion Run 3 might just be the gateway running shoe of beginners everywhere.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Affordable running shoes packed with high-end features
  • The toe box that didn’t feel constricted to runners, providing comfort and support
  • Visually appealing Nike look and style; Runners enjoyed the color options
  • No-sew overlay system offers structural support without adding weight or skin irritation 
  • Cons
    • Runners were uneasy about taking the shoes out on the trail or in the rain
    • Some runners found the midsole of the shoe to be slightly narrow
    • Runners with a wider foot may find them tight
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Dual Fusion Run 3 is made of a durable rubber material. Nike didn’t overthink it; it’s a tried and tested technique that they have been utilizing in their running shoes for quite some time. Runners found that it was very efficient when it came time to provide protection against unexpected abrasion, and it gave them proper traction on their runs. It’s crucial that the outsole of an everyday runner maintain a more precise control over a variety of surfaces, not just over the gym treadmill.

      Nike seems to understand this concept very well. Runners were also pleased with the flex grooves and molded blades that characterize the outsole They commented that they allowed a more natural movement. Nike pretty much wrote the book on foot mechanics and the Dual Fusion Run 3 demonstrate that knowledge when going through the runner’s gait cycles. Users were also pleased with the increased depth of the flex grooves, as they allow for a more natural stride, gait, and toe off, and increase comfort. Overall, a great upgrade to the outsole.
      Here’s the “secret sauce” to the Dual Fusion Run 3, the use of two different densities of EVA injection stacked over each other. Runners complimented their ability to deliver a soft and cushioning feel while still providing the durable support they need. The portion of the midsole made of Phylon gave novice runners their first glimpse into the advanced running world and the difference that a performance focused running show can truly make.

      While hard to describe the two layers working together, the consensus from all test runners are as follows: The upper part of the foam offers comfort and responsiveness, while the lower part acts as a carrier mechanism for the entire sole of the shoe. Runners that have limited experience with feature packed running shoes will enjoy a top of the line performance.
      The upper found on the Dual Fusion Run 3 is comprised of a single piece of woven mesh material. Again, Nike goes the distance by providing strong welded synthetic overlays, a soft inner sleeve, and a single layer mesh. All those materials and features are found more expensive running shoes. Runners found the uppers to be comfortably soft and pliable, while still keeping a solid lightweight feel at the same time.

      The lack of seams in this upper prevents irritation and skin-related ailments. Upon closer inspection, you will notice how the Midfoot Webbing System is connected to the lacing apparatus. Again, another premium feature from Nike. The best part about the lacing system is its ability to provide a customized fit that can be adjusted to match the needs of the individual runner. It does this by compressing or releasing the inner sleeve and the external fabric when the shoelaces are either tightened or loosened. A nifty little feature that is a perfect compliment to a well thought out shoe.
      The Nike Dual Fusion Run 3 weigh in at the light category (290gm) for a men’s US 10. Nike is well known for utilizing the lightest of materials, and these shoes are no exception. Runners agreed that making these shoes their daily runners would be perfect because of their lightweight and versatility. The single layer mesh upper is an ultra light material; the cloth like cross section of material shocked runners that were used to a heaver component.

      Another very light component is the carbon rubber outsole. It’s strong enough to resist premature wear and tear, provide runners with impact absorption, and excellent traction, all while being extremely lightweight. The Dual Fusion Run 3 is another example of proper component use by the folks over at Nike.
      Let’s face it, when you can practically see through the upper of a shoe, you know it’s going to be extremely reasonable. The single layer, breathable mesh did a perfect job of keeping runners feet breezy and airy, even on their hottest runs. Runners were pleasantly surprised to find that the full inner sleeve does not make this shoe any hotter than other running shoes that do not incorporate a full inner sleeve out of fear of creating hotspots.

      The cloth like material also helps to wick away sweat and allow adequate evaporation within a reasonable amount of time. Any form of bulk from Nike’s last iteration of this running shoe has been either eliminated or replaced by a lighter and more breathable material. When all is said and done, this translates to a shoe that is perfectly breathable.
      Nike understands that if you’re going to have a versatile running shoe that can be easily taken from the track to the gym without hesitation, it better be comfortable. Runners found that the foam padding on the lateral collar of the shoe actually runs all the way to the tongue, making it feel snug and secure while remaining extremely comfortable on the foot. The corners of the Achilles area also have slightly padded rounded off corners to prevent irritation to the runner. All runners tended to agree that the forefoot is snug on the sides but very roomy moving forward and above for an openly free and comfortable feel. Nike also went above and beyond when they attached the inner sleeve to the tongue of the sneaker to make sure that it always stays in place and that comfort is never compromised. Nike thought of everything.
      Nike has once again, and to no one’s surprise, delivered a very attractive and trendy running shoe. The color ways offered are very vibrant and a break from traditional running shoe styling. There are five different color ways to choose from, all of which are meant to match the runner’s particular sense of style. There has been a recent uptick in the use of active wear for every day occations and these Nikes only exacerbate this trend. While you might come across the Dual Fusion Run 3 at the gym, don’t be surprised to see them paired with denim by during business casual Fridays at your workplace. Such is the nature of Nike shoes, they tend to be as fashionable as they are functional, and that’s not a bad thing.
      Nike utilized only high-quality materials and went out of their way to give this shoe excellent construction. Expect them to be very durable and to last. Runners that utilized them as their daily running shoe found that they wear down extremely slow and are very forgiving to road dust and debris. The carbon rubber outsole is meant to take a punishing amount of miles and will hold up well to everyday use. A closer inspection of construction will demonstrate properly welded and tightly stitched seams and overlays. The Dual Fusion Run 3 will last you hundreds and hundreds of miles.
      The dual density injected Phylon midsole didn’t just keep the Dual Fusion Run 3 properly cushioned under the runner’s feet, but they also found it to provide excellent response and a very intuitive overall feel, thanks to proper feedback and response through the runner's leg. Runners reported that the impact absorption of the carbon rubber outsole enough made it through their long runs and not wear down or provide less responsiveness after time. Although runners found them to be extremely stable, the heel cushion provided a little less response on wet pavement.
      The Nike Dual Fusion Run 3 scored high on runner’s charts in term of support. If you are not a seasoned runner, you can expect to be pleasantly surprised by the amount of support that these running shoes will give you. And that is exactly how Nike planned it. They wanted to create an entry-level running shoe that can give novice runners all the bells and whistles of a traditional, more expensive daily trainer. From the welded synthetic overlays to the premium lacing system, runners were more than pleased with the support system. You can also expect to feel a great amount of support from the combination of foam densities found in the mid-sole. Nike was sure to make the changes necessary from the previous versions to give runners more support.
      Runners agree that this shoe is perfect for everyday asphalt runs and treadmill marathon sessions. The carbon runner outsole is the ideal material to give runners traction and still wear very little after several months of non-stop wear. However, runners did notice a loss of traction and responsiveness in wet conditions. After a rain shower, they felt that the shoes might give a little when it comes to its typical “grippy” nature. Additionally, the single-layered mesh upper is not resistant to water, so running in the rain will result in a wet foot.
      The entire reason for this shoe’s creation and it’s being is its welcoming price tag. Runners and shoe enthusiasts alike were happy to see that Nike did not increase the price tag of the Dual Fusion Run 3, despite adding a number of additional features and material upgrades. There is no question that this shoe is one of the best values out there. When proper construction and the plush inner sleeve is taken into consideration, you will be more than satisfied by the price tag on this highly rated running shoe.
      Key Features
      •Single layer mesh upper provides a superior fit and a supportive running experience.

      •Nike’s dual-density midsole system with a firm Phylon layer for support

      •A soft interior Phylon core for a smooth, cushioned ride.

      •Waffle-pattern outsole provides a smooth heel-to-toe transition

      •Lightweight at 290gms.
      Bottom Line
      The Nike Dual Fusion Run 3 leaves nothing to be desired. Runners tried them out on both short and long-term runs, and the solid feel of these shoes made them a real winner in their opinions. Additionally the addition of premium materials and cushioning where it counts, make these shoes a perfect upgrade over their predecessors. Nike intends for this shoe to give novice or budget conscious runners a great fully featured running shoe at an entry-level price. If you are looking for a great daily running shoe that is expertly constructed with that signature Nike style, the Dual Fusion Run 3 is for you. The entry fee into the “serious running shoe club” has just been lowered.
      Where to Buy
      By Harry Bennett
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      Where to buy
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