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Nike Flex Trainer 7 Review Facts

Nike’s update to the Flex Trainer 6 offers a large number of excellent features for a training shoe. The Nike Flex Trainer 7 is not only great-looking with its low-cut, low-profile design and available trendy colorways, but they are also lightweight, breathable, and extremely flexible. The outsole and midsole combine with their laser-cut multi-directional flex grooves and result in a flexible sole that will adapt to almost any indoor workout. The upper boasts Nike’s FlyWire technology that gives the shoe that extra lock-down you might need during cross-training workouts. There are a few not-so-great things about the sneaker that may be alleviated if you try them on in person, but other than that, these are a good option for someone looking for a low-profile sneaker to wear during light to moderate workouts.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight outsole, midsole, and upper
  • Breathable mesh upper allows for optimal air flow
  • Flex grooves on outsole deliver a supremely flexible experience
  • FlyWire cables at midfoot lock shoe to the foot
  • Available in many trendy colorways
  • Affordable price tag to fit almost any budget
  • Tend to run big for many consumers
  • Some consumers said there should be one more set of eyelets and their heels slip
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  • Most of the positive reviews are for the fit. Compared to other Nike shoes, many buyers say it was easier to find the right size with these.
  • The overall fit is good for narrow to average width feet.
  • The toe box is roomier than some other Nike shoes.
  • The material of the upper is flexible and breathable.
  • Many buyers say these are a good lightweight shoe for light workouts and casual wear.
  • A large percentage of reviewers claim they get a lot of compliments for their Nike Flex Trainer 7s.
  • The color options are popular and not too flashy.
  • According to many reviewers, these are popular with teens.
  • These are durable shoes that can last a long time with proper care.
  • There aren't any excessive seams in the upper to cause rub.
  • One reviewer noted that the laces are a good length to keep them securely tied without too much extra to get in the way.
  • The material of the upper is easy to clean.
  • Positive reviewers have mainly used these for walking or casual wear.
  • The upper dries quickly.
  • These are more affordable than many other Nike shoes.
  • Sizing can be difficult for wide feet. Although many people say these run larger than other Nike shoes, there are still complaints of them being too narrow.
  • A common complaint from negative reviewers is about the limited support these provide. For some people there wasn't enough support for these shoes to be comfortable during runs or heavy workouts.
  • It may take a few wears to break these shoes in.
  • There are a few reports of rub caused by the high cut of the ankle.
  • Several buyers note that the insole doesn't provide much cushion; especially in the toe area.
  • The material of the upper is breathable, but some buyers claim it is too thin.
  • Although rare, there are reports of these shoes being noisy on some surfaces.
  • A few reviewers say the material of the upper can crease or bend uncomfortably during heavy workouts.
  • If the fit is too narrow, then where the insole meets the upper the material can feel hard and uncomfortable.
  • They have no arch support. They make my feet ache with little use. Not good for a lot of activity.
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Much like other Nike Flex sneakers the flex trainer 7 has a very flexible outsole made of injected rubber. From the ball of the foot to the heel, there are triangular-like holes in the injected rubber and a ribbed pattern on the rest. In between all of these holes you will notice laser-cut flex grooves designed to help the sneaker move and flex with your foot, no matter what activity you are doing. This hexagonal pattern helps to distribute the impact of each step as well. On the front of the toe area, back of the heel area and the lateral side of the ball of the foot area, you will notice grippy ribbed rubber that delivers excellent traction and allows you to change direction easily without slipping. The outsole on this sneaker does not feature a lug system. Rather, the outsole is pretty flush with the ground and delivers traction through the grippy textured injected rubber.


The midsole of this sneaker is unique in that it is combined with the shoe’s outsole. The injected EVA foam that makes up the outsole is the same material that is found in the midsole. This material is lightweight and provides cushioning and support and is very flexible. The EVA foam is actually called Phylon and can be found in may of Nike’s more recent shoe models. It is designed to reduced shock to your joints and help you have a more cushioned and responsive ride. Another characteristic of Phylon is its supportive attributes. This foam isn’t super squishy and will help keep your foot supported throughout your workout.


The Flex Trainer 7 has an extremely lightweight and breathable upper made of open-weave mesh. The front two-thirds of the sneaker’s upper is made up of this knit mesh material while separated by a lightweight synthetic overlay, the rear is made up of a tighter-knit mesh material. To aid in support and stability, Nike incorporated their Flywire cable technology into the upper. This Flywire technology is made up of strategically placed filaments that are designed to function as a suspension bridge would, offering support where it is most needed. This is a ground-breaking technology because it offers a great amount of support without adding bulk and weight. This sneaker boasts a full lacing system attached to the shoe through a no-sew film that reinforces the eyelets. Inside the sneaker, you will find a padded tongue and heel collar for added comfort and a soft fabric lining. The padded tongue is made of sandwich mesh to help reduce lace pressure on the top of the foot.


These training sneakers are extremely lightweight thanks to the flexible Phylon outsole and midsole combination and breathable mesh upper. The women’s size 8 weighs in at a mere 7 ounces.


The seamless mesh upper of the Flex Trainer 7 makes these sneakers extremely breathable. The open-weave knit design on the front two-thirds of the shoe allows for excellent ventilation and easy air to flow in and out of the foot chamber. The sneaker’s padded mesh sandwich tongue also aids in delivering excellent breathability. Since these are great sneakers for cross-training, it is important to have ventilated feet and the Nike Flex Trainer will not disappoint.


The Nike Flex Trainer 7 is engineered to be a comfortable training shoe. The Phylon injected outsole and midsole deliver a comfortable walking or exercise experience. The padded tongue and heel collar are both great features on this shoe that aid in their overall comfort. The lightweight mesh upper with its Flywire cables will enable a flexible and supported fit without too much constriction. Many consumers have commented how this sneaker is comfortable even after wearing them and walking in them all day. It should be noted, however, that other consumers have stated that there is way too much room in the toe box and they should be ordered a half size to a whole size down. Another consumer said that there did not seem to be enough eyelets and their heels would often slip out during a workout. Others have also said that the arch support isn’t plentiful enough for cross training but might be okay for lighter workouts and casual wear.


With their low-profile design and contemporary look and colorway options, the Flex Trainer 7 is a great sneaker in terms of style. Currently, one trend in sneakers is a knit-looking upper which is exactly what these shoes offer. The aesthetically pleasing Nike swoosh on all of the colorways gives either a pop of color or hint of shimmer to the otherwise monochromatic sneaker. These will look great as an everyday shoe or as a workout sneaker.


Because these sneakers don’t boast a heavy outsole or aggressive lug system, they may not be as durable as some other sneakers out there. With that said, these shoes were designed to be training sneakers, not running or hiking sneakers. That means that if you are headed to a dance aerobics class, or doing some lifting in the weights section at the gym, they should be perfectly suitable in terms of durability. If you are going to wear these sneakers outside a lot, they will wear down a little more quickly because they only have a pylon foam outsole with rubber accents, not a heavy rubber outsole.


The Nike Flex Trainer 7 will protect your feet from underfoot debris and slippery surfaces thanks to their injected Phylon outsole and midsole. These shoes should not be worn on highly technical terrain and will not protect your feet from harsher underfoot conditions. However, the Phylon outsole and midsole will absorb shock and deliver a relatively responsive and cushioned ride which will protect your joints from jolt and shock. The Flywire cables intertwined within the shoe’s upper will help to protect your feet from sliding around within the foot chamber and prohibit blisters and hot spots.


Although this sneaker does not boast any springy rubber pods or responsive lug patterns on its outsole, it does offer a relatively responsive performance in terms of shock absorbency and cushion. The Phylon midsole and outsole will help to disperse the pressure that is applied with each step and rebound back to its original shape after lift-off. Because these are not running performance shoes, you will not feel a ton of responsiveness and propulsion forward, but you will feel cushion and a soft subtle rebound.


The cushioned heel cup will help to keep your ankle supported and comfortable throughout your workout. Unlike the rest of the shoe, the back one-third of the upper is slightly stiff and is designed to grip and support your heel. Nike’s FlyWire cables within the sneakers' upper will help to keep your foot stable and supported because they wrap around the midfoot and help to lock your foot in place. These features, combined with the flexible mesh upper which will adapt to almost any foot shape will help your foot stay relatively supported throughout a light to moderate workout. It should be noted, however, that a few consumers have said that the arch support does not feel sufficient enough for tougher workouts.


The textured hexagonal pattern that is featured on this shoes’ outsole provides a decent level of traction if you are going to be using them for what they were designed to be used for: cross-training. You would easily be able to go for a light jog outside on dry or damp underfoot conditions and then come inside to do some weight work or take an aerobics class. The traction delivered by the textured flexible outsole and rubber enhancement on the lateral side and rear will ensure a safe underfoot experience as long as you are using these shoes properly.


For a name brand like Nike, these training shoes are an excellent value and can be purchased for around $60-$70. This is an affordable price tag for a Nike sneaker and many happy customers have said that the price is worth it.


Now, flexibility is definitely a high-scoring category in the Nike Flex Trainer 7. Just as its name suggests these sneakers are engineered to be highly flexible. The laser-cut flex grooves on the outsole of the Flex Trainer 7 extend part-way into the midsole and give the sneaker an incredible ability to flex and move freely with your movements. The flexible mesh upper will not inhibit this sneakers ability to flex either. If you are in the market for a flexible cross-trainer, you will definitely find it in these shoes.


The Nike Flex Trainer 7 is not engineered to be a highly stabilizing sneaker but it will help to keep your foot stable in some ways. The FlyWire cables found at the midfoot of the shoe will lock your foot in place and keep it stable under your feet as you move side to side. The slightly stiffer heel cup will help to keep your heel stable within the sneaker as well. The Phylon midsole will keep your foot surrounded by stable injected foam and will not allow for much movement within the shoe because it adapts well to your foot.


The drop on these sneakers is a neutral one. If you have arch issues or need a little more heel support, you may want to invest in a sturdier cross-trainer but these will work well for the average foot.
Key Features

Key Features

- Extremely flexible outsole and midsole will deliver a flexible and adaptable workout experience
- Lightweight and breathable mesh upper is both stylish and comfortable
- FlyWire cables integrated into the sneakers’ upper to ensure a locked-down fit
- Padded mesh sandwich tongue will help prevent lace pressure on the top of the foot and aids in comfort and ventilation
- Sticky rubber at heel and lateral side of forefoot for better traction
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

This low-cut cross-training sneaker has a lot of excellent qualities for use in everyday life and in your workouts. The extremely flexible Phylon outsole and midsole will deliver an incredibly lightweight and flexible experience and you definitely will not feel like your shoes will be a hindrance to your workout. The Nike Flex Trainer 7 is ideally suited for people who do not have arch issues or need a little more stability and support. Rather, these are best used to do indoor workouts such as dance aerobics, gym equipment use, spinning, weight lifting, or light running and walking on the treadmill. Because they aren’t made for use in technical outdoor conditions, these may not be the cross-trainers for you if you are looking to go for a long run in questionable weather conditions and then want to come inside to do some CrossFit. They offer a decent amount of cushion and support but not so much for such strenuous activities. It should also be noted that these shoes have been said to not fit true to size for many consumers, so it would be best to try them on in person if you are thinking about purchasing them. In any event, they are a great-looking and lightweight training shoe that can easily be worn from the gym to out on the town.