Nike Revolution 3

For runners who want a neutral running shoe for regular training purposes, the Nike Revolution 3 is a good choice. Runners who tried the shoe loved how comfortable it felt and said it was an all around great buy. Even non-runners found themselves drawn to and falling for the Nike Revolution 3. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive and there's very little not to like about the shoe. It's a great choice for anyone who wants a reliable and comfortable shoe, whether it's for run training or walking the dog. It comes in a variety of attractive color options and is highly durable.

The only two negatives? There isn't enough arch support for very high arched runners and the insole isn't removable so you're stuck with it. Some might also be put off by the firm midsole cushioning but that's a personal preference. Keep in mind, it's not meant to be a highly cushioned shoe. If you're looking for a long-distance trainer, you may want to consider a shoe with a little bit more padding. Otherwise, the Nike Revolution 3 is a great choice for runners looking to train for their first 5K or 10K or for seasoned runners wanting to get through half marathon training season unscathed.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Very comfortable
  • Responsive, firm cushioning
  • Wide toe box
  • Flexible design
  • Lightweight
  • Very durable
  • Great fit
  • Cons
    • Lacks arch support
    • Insole cannot be removed
    • Key Features
      The Nike Revolution 3 features a standard rubber outsole with the addition of some fairly deep Flex Grooves for a better transition as the foot moves from heel to toe. Overall, reviewers were happy with the durability of the outsole and its ability to provide grip underfoot.
      The Nike Revolution 3 features a Phylon midsole. The midsole cushion is what really makes the shoe. Reviewers loved how comfortable it felt to run or walk even long distances in the Nike Revolution 3. The cushioning is firm without being too squishy so it's comfortable but supportive. The midsole also happens to be quite flexible making the ride in the Nike Revolution 3 feels super smooth. The cushioning is definitely hard, though, so don't be surprised by the firmer ride. It's less of a negative than it is a personal preference. The firmer cushioning does offer more support which may be something to consider.
      The Nike Revolution 3 features a synthetic mesh upper. While the rest of the shoe is well-built, the upper construction is probably the most impressive. The upper has mesh panels which help with temperature regulation. These panels are more breathable than the rest of the upper and help air to circulate in and out of the shoe. Also present in the upper's heel and forefoot areas is a thicker material which is meant to provide additional structural support and enhance durability. The upper is very well protected against wear and tear because of this reinforced material and reviewers were quite impressed with how solid the upper felt. Inside the shoe, there's a cushioned insole which both adds comfort and provides a bit of extra support for wearers. The insole cannot be taken out, though, so if you have custom orthotics or like to add extra cushioned insoles make sure to try the shoe on with those slipped in before buying. Both the tongue and heel of the shoe have plenty of padding to ensure the wearer stays comfortable and there's nothing that rubs the ankle area raw.
      For a standard trainer, the Nike Revolution 3 is fairly lightweight. It doesn't have a ton of midsole cushion which helps to explain the lighter overall weight, but even then, most reviewers were pleasantly surprised with how light the shoe felt. The men's version weighs about 8.8 oz and the women's clocks in at about 7.35 oz.
      The Nike Revolution 3 is quite breathable thanks to its synthetic mesh upper. The upper is covered in a lightweight material and breathable mesh panels. Other areas are reinforced to enhance durability but this doesn't negatively affect durability at all. Reviewers were pleased with the amount of air circulation afforded by the upper and didn't complain of unpleasant blister formation.
      The Nike Revolution 3 is ultra comfortable. Reviewers brought up how comfortable the shoe was over and over again. It's what makes it perfect for both runners and non-runners, wearing it feels great, no matter what you're doing or how far you're going. The upper fits snugly but also breathes very well. Runners didn't feel like they were overheating inside the shoe. The cushioning is firm but provides plenty of energy-return. A wide toe box is perfect for runners who require a little extra room but not too roomy that it causes regular footed runners to slip and slide inside the shoe. Overall, reviewers were super pleased with the shoe's great fit.
      The Nike Revolution 3 features simple branding and a minimalist style. Fresh color options are available for both men and women and it looks great whether you're planning to use it for running every day or heading out to the grocery store. Many reviewers chose to purchase the Nike Revolution 3 as a casual wear shoe and had no intention of even running with it. It's a well-designed shoe that's backed up by a quality build.
      The Nike Revolution 3 is super durable. In fact, reviewers were impressed with how well the shoe stood up to regular use. The rubber outsole is highly resistant. The midsole cushioning is firm with plenty of bounce that feels fresh even after multiple runs. The upper is the piece de resistance. It's a well-designed component of the shoe. Many shoe uppers are prone to tearing since they are made of mesh. Mesh breathes well but it's thin and full of holes that can easily rip. The Nike Revolution 3's upper is designed with mesh but there are also reinforced portions that help to prevent ripping and tearing. Overall, reviewers loved how durable the Nike Revolution 3 was and felt it added to the value of the shoe.
      The Nike Revolution 3 provides plenty of protection for wearers in the outsole, midsole and upper. The outsole is highly durable and keeps runners from wearing down the sole to the bone. It also keeps runners stable as they move on wet or dry pavement. The midsole full of firm cushioning provides protection against shock that comes from running. The upper is also highly resistant and the strong material works to protect runners from instability by locking down the foot.
      The Nike Revolution 3 is super responsive thanks to the firm but flexible midsole. It sounds counterintuitive, right? Well, the midsole provides firm supportive cushioning but also offers plenty of give to flex from heel to toe. This flexibility helps runners stay connected to the earth as they land and move through their gait cycle. The midsole cushioning also provides plenty of bounce without being so thick that it prevents runners from getting feedback as they move.
      The Nike Revolution 3 is plenty supportive. The firm midsole Phylon cushioning provides impact protection but also a nice amount of support. The upper, too, provides an excellent degree of support for wearers. It wraps the foot snugly and prevents wearers from moving too much inside the shoe. Runners should feel tightly planted and tethered to the Nike Revolution 3. Some reviewers did point out that the Nike Revolution 3 is not a great choice for high arched runners since there's just not enough arch support in the midfoot area. Runners worried about their ankles will feel well supported by the Nike Revolution 3, however.
      The Nike Revolution 3 is meant for running on the roads, on the pavement, and basically anywhere but the trail. The tread underfoot isn't anything impressive but it provides enough traction for road running. Even with a reinforced upper, trails aren't an appropriate place to train with the Nike Revolution 3. The upper could handle plenty of strain but won't be able to keep debris out as well as a trail-specific shoe could. The midsole also doesn't have a rock plate and provides quite a bit of feedback which may feel a little too au naturel for trail running.
      Reviewers agreed that the Nike Revolution 3 is fairly priced. Plenty of non-runners found themselves choose the shoe for everyday wear but it's just as good for run training. It's comfortable, not too heavy, and fits super well. It's also very durable. Reviewers felt that the price was well worth it considering how well the shoe could stand up to everyday use.
      The Nike Revolution 3 provides enough traction for your standard road running experience. The rubber outsole provides grip underfoot. It's not outstanding, by any means, but it's enough. Reviewers didn't find anything negative to say about the shoe's traction, after all.
      The Nike Revolution 3 is quite flexible. Both the outsole and midsole provide some degree of flexibility making the ride in the Nike Revolution 3 feel very natural. The movement from heel to toe-off doesn't feel stiff or uncomfortable because of how flexible the midsole and outsole are. The outsole, made of rubber, features Flex Grooves for added flex. The midsole is also super flexible which reviewers loved. The result is a super smooth ride that doesn't feel tough.
      The Nike Revolution 3 is a neutral shoe but it provides enough stability to keep neutral footed runners comfortable and feeling confident. The upper fits very securely so runners shouldn't move too much from side to side. Even with the wide toe box, the rest of the upper wraps the foot snugly. The overall sound construction of the Nike Revolution 3 ensures wearers get a stable running experience. The shoe doesn't feel flimsy or structurally unsound at all.
      The Nike Revolution 3 features a fairly standard 10mm drop. This promotes a heel strike but forefoot runners were comfortable running in the shoe as well. The standard drop makes the shoe a great choice for non-running activities such as walking, too.
      Key Features
      - Synthetic mesh upper
      - Mesh panels for enhanced temperature control
      - Thicker mesh in high-wear areas
      - Cushioned insole is comfortable and supportive
      - Phylon midsole material is firm but responsive
      - Plush tongue and heel areas
      - Regular lacing system
      - Rubber outsole is durable and grippy
      - Flex Grooves for flexibility
      Bottom Line
      It's simple, the Nike Revolution 3 is an excellent choice for both runners and non-runners looking for a durable, comfortable shoe. The sizing is bang on and standard laces will allow users to tighten or loosen as they see fit. A wider toe box provides a bit of extra room for wide footed runners and a stylish design looks great on a run or out with friends. Very few reviewers had negative remarks about the shoe except perhaps for some comments about firm cushioning. It's true that the Phylon padding is hard but this ensures a supportive base. The Nike Revolution 3 is not a heavily cushioned shoe but there's enough packed into the midsole to protect against shock. The Nike Revolution 3 is a great all-around shoe and comes in plenty of different color variations to suit runners and non-runners alike.
      Where to Buy
      By Steph Coelho
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