RaveRunner® X/RIG 1 Chest Bag – BLACKOUT

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Editor’s Conclusion
The RaveRunner® X/RIG 1 Chest Bag – BLACKOUT is the perfect pack to strap on when out for a nice and easy run that doesn’t demand a lot of extra gear.

It has a small front chest pocket that is perfect for essentials, and a mesh rear pocket to toss in a gel pack or a small bottle of water.

While this pack is a little smaller than other designs out there on the market, think of it as a fanny pack that you wear across your chest.

Traditional fanny packs often shift around and weigh you down while running. The RaveRunner® X/RIG 1 Chest Bag straps securely to your chest and won’t bounce around while running.

I also love that it boasts soft and chafe-resistant materials with padded shoulders that feel incredibly lightweight and comfortable. Plus, it even rocks a few safety features to keep you noticed out there on the road.

If you hate feeling weighed down by heavy and bulky packs, the RaveRunner® X/RIG 1 is worth checking out. For casual daily runs around your local track or running trails, this chest bag is an investment worth making.

It’s a pack that is super comfortable, secure and a perfect place for all of your running essentials. 

Editor's Pros & Cons

Padded neoprene shoulder straps

Magnetic clips for a quick release

The inside is composed of breathable and soft 3D Techno Spacer mesh

Dual adjustable straps for a customized fit

Perfect for casual daily runs

Reflective panels keep you safe running in low light conditions

Very lightweight


Slightly expensive

Very small pockets

Key Features

Key Features


Overall, I would recommend this modest running pack for those that don’t need to gear up for a long day (or days) out on the trails. If you just like to take nice and easy tempo runs around your neighborhood or on the local trails, this is a great pack to have on hand.

The smaller frame and comfortable features won’t weigh you down, and the unique construction prevents your gear from rattling around with each and every step.

The pockets on this design are small, but perfect for holding essentials such as keys, cash, and your phone. The pack sits high on your body, so you can pop your phone in the front pocket and run your headphone wires up to your head.

With fanny packs, I found that the wires of my headphones were a little too short and I would rip them out of my ears often. This pack gives me plenty of room to run headphones wires.

If you need a little bit more storage room, RaveRunner® also offers runners with larger designs with a lot more onboard storage and plenty of pockets!

The ONYX, for example, is a great choice for those full days out there on the trails. It provides enough room for snacks, water, and even a change of clothes while still keeping the price tag low.


The materials used for this running pack are durable and comfortable. It is composed of non-abrasive nylon webbing that is stretchy, breathable, and wicks away moisture.

What I love most about this pack is that the inside is made from 3D Techno Spacer mesh. The great thing about this style of mesh is that it is super soft and adds a layer of cushioning to your pack.

Plus, this style of mesh is composed of multiple layers of fabric that help to wick water and moisture away from your skin to keep cool and dry as you start to work up a sweat.

What I also love about the materials used for this pack is that the shoulder straps are composed of a blend of nylon webbing and neoprene.

The nylon webbing keeps you cool and dry while the neoprene prevents the pack from digging into your shoulders. The great thing about neoprene is that it is super lightweight and only gets better with time.

The more you wear this pack, the more the neoprene contours to the shape of your body for a customized and super comfortable overall fit.


This pack is offered as one size fits all. It's quite small, which is perfect for all body types, and the adjustable straps are long enough to make the perfect adjustments as needed.

Since it is offered as one size fits all, it means that your specific size won’t be out of stock (which is a problem I often run into when shopping for running gear!).

The two sets of straps above and below your arms allow you to make small adjustments to find the perfect fit for your frame.

By adjusting the upper and lower straps at different angles, you can also adjust where the central pack lies on your chest.

If you like the pocket to fit a bit lower or higher on your chest, these straps allow you to do so. This is something that even the more expensive packs don’t allow users to do.


If a pack isn’t comfortable, you are less likely to wear it. I have tried quite a few itchy (and cheap) running packs in the past, and they were so itchy and uncomfortable that I would rather carry all of my gear in my hands rather than wear my pack.

This pack, on the other hand, is made from high-end and thoughtful materials that contour to your body to prevent chafing, and offer the right amount of padding where you need it most.

What makes this pack so comfortable is that it has a set of upper and lower straps that allow you to cinch it tightly to your body like a second skin.

To wear your pack, simply slip your arms through the loops like a backpack. Once it is in place, pull on the straps to cinch it to your body and lock it in place.

The plastic magnetic clips are thoughtfully placed in areas of your body that won’t rub or chafe your chest or arms. Plus, they are easy to unbuckle when you are finished with your run.


Storage is a little limited with this design. It has a small front pocket that is perfect for all of your smaller essentials, such as keys, wallet, and cell phones.

The front pocket measures to be 8.25 inches long, 5 inches wide, and 1 deep. This pocket is designed to hold your gear firmly in place against your chest to prevent bouncing with each step.

It also boasts a larger back panel pocket that is much larger than the front pocket, but a little more shallow. It measures to be 9.5 inches long, 8 inches wide, and only 0.5 inches deep. It is composed of slightly stretchy materials that allow you to cram in extra gear as needed.

For shorter runs, many users don’t store anything in this back pocket. For longer distances, it can be used for things like gel, granola bars, or a bottle of water.


One of the things that makes this running pack so unique is that it is part storage, part safety vest. This design hosts reflective panels in key areas that will help you to be spotted when running in low light conditions.

It has a large Gen Z logo that is composed of purely reflective materials. When running in sunlight, this logo is barely visible and works well at reflecting light once the sun goes down.

It also has sharp reflective panels on the shoulder straps. When running in the evening or early morning hours, I always recommend runners wear some type of reflective vest.

With this running pack, you gain both a reflective vest and extra storage!


Overall, the price tag of this vest runs about in the middle of the road. While it’s not the most expensive design out there on the market, it’s not quite budget-friendly.

It is made from high-quality materials that are both comfortable and durable, and it has a unique design that is made to fit closely to your chest that won’t weigh you down.

I feel that the overall design and fit on this chest pack make it well worth every penny for runners that don’t like to be weighed down by heavy and bulky gear.


For casual runners, the RaveRunner® X/RIG 1 Chest Bag is a must-have. If you just like going on nice and easy tempo runs around your neighborhood, you still need to bring along your essentials.

This pack is designed to comfortably hold your cell phone, wallet, and car keys snugly (and safely) against your chest.

I’ve placed my car keys in my pocket while running on a track before, and I wasn’t able to hear them hit the ground while listening to my killer running playlist (I only discovered them on my next trip around the track!).

This pack ensures that all of your essentials are locked in place, and won’t bounce around as you run.

Plus, the reflective features on this running pack also work as a great safety vest to ensure that you are always seen when running in low light conditions.