Apple Watch Hermes

As you might expect just from the brand name alone, the Apple Watch Hermes is a cutting edge multi-sport watch.  It's sleek, and like most Apple products, it's quite aesthetically pleasing. Some watches err on the side of being strictly utilitarian while others focus on looking good, but it seems here like Apple is trying to capture the best of both worlds and deliver on a watch that is unique and different. While this is very good, this also means that you definitely won't want to use this watch for a mud run or anything similar, as you'd stand too much of a risk damaging the watch itself. It's got a classic design that's sure to turn some heads when you're out on a run.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Built-in GPS
  • Water resistance
  • Fast processor
  • Brighter display
  • Loaded with features
  • Cons
    • Not ideal for mud runs
    • Questionable durability
    • Strap can fray
    • Expensive
    • Key Features
      In terms of activities that you can use the Apple Watch Hermes for, you can expect to be able to run while wearing it, to use it while biking, and even to swim if you're not going to a significant depth while doing so. You definitely shouldn't use this watch while water skiing, scuba diving, or any other kind of activity that will have you submerged at a certain depth or dealing with water that's shooting out at a high velocity. You should also probably not use this watch for a mud run or other similar activity, as you run a fair chance of getting the watch damaged in the process.
      Basic Features
      In terms of basic features, the Apple Watch Hermes has no problem keeping track of pace, distance, and duration while you exercise. Some watches stick exclusively to these basic features and don't venture all that far beyond them, but that is not the case when it comes to this watch. On the flip side of that, you might expect a more luxury multi-sport watch to focus exclusively on advanced features over the simple things that just about any watch can do, but Apple has taken the "why not have both" approach.
      Advanced Features
      In terms of more advanced features, it's actually kind of difficult to find a feature that you won't be able to get out of the Apple Watch Hermes. It's got a heart rate sensor, accelerometer, and a gyroscope. It even has an ambient light sensor, something you're not likely to see in most other multi-sport watches out there. Despite the fact that the watch seems a bit sensitive compared to other multi-sport watches, it does still have a splash resistance feature, as well as water resistance up to a certain depth.
      One of the most important things that something will usually look for in a multi-sport watch is accuracy. After all, it won't matter if you paid a fortune for all the bells and whistles if the simple measurements you're counting on such as heart rate and step count aren't accurate. To that end, Apple makes use of only the highest quality sensors, and it allows you to sync up all of that data so that you can access it later and then compare the sets of data in order to mount a serious attempt at improving over time.
      When it comes to connectivity, the Apple Watch Hermes utilizes all of the common methods that you've come to expect from a multi-sport watch, including phone connections and computer options. Apple is known for making devices that are easy to connect and sync, and this is definitely the case when it comes to the Apple Watch Hermes. You can keep your data at a glance, and then wirelessly send that information to your phone or computer in order to track it and take a look at where you're going in terms of your fitness goals.
      One of the things that's dogged Apple in the past is that they've favored their own first party apps instead of supporting third party apps when it comes to their devices. They've bucked this trend with the Apple Watch Hermes, however, as this watch allows you to fully access any and all third party apps that you might have already been using before you decided to try out the flagship Apple Watch. To that end, you can seamlessly install these apps without a problem and use them just as you had been doing before.
      In terms of comfort, the Apple Watch Hermes is of a light weight, which means that it won't feel like you're lugging around a big heavy device as you're working out. This is crucial, especially when you're running and want to get the right form to ensure maximum speed. On top of this, the band that's used is made of woven fibers as opposed to a solid rubber or plastic construction, so it's going to adhere to your wrist in a more natural way and not allow the sweat to get all pooled up on your skin. This might not be designed for comfort specifically, but this watch does a good job in this regard.
      As with just about any other Apple product out on the market, the Apple Watch Hermes has a keen eye for its aesthetic, with clean and smooth lines that give the watch itself an otherworldly, almost sci fi-inspired look. This is offset dramatically by the more classic watchband that has a woven fiber look that'd be reminiscent of something more like a traditional wind-up watch that you might find in an antique shop. It's this unique blend of the old and the new that Apple is capitalizing on to draw in fans of all kinds. It's a bold move, but it's one that's definitely paid off for them.
      In terms of durability, the Apple Watch Hermes is definitely not going to perform at the same level as a sturdier watch, one that focuses more on utility than looks, but it should do you just fine out and about. You can walk with it, run with it, bike with it, and even swim with it as long as you don't dive too deep or subject it to fast rushing water. The watchband is a woven fabric material, which means it's going to be able to take a bump without any damage, but it could be subject to fraying and wear and tear if you were to scrape it against something repeatedly. For that reason and the fact that the screen is very vulnerable, you might not want to take this out on mud runs.
      As we've touched on briefly, the face of the Apple Watch Hermes is probably its best feature. It's large without being excessive, it gives you an easy way to keep tabs on all of the pertinent data you need to be aware of, and it's contoured in a way that's as aesthetically pleasing as it is intuitive, as you won't have to worry about any edges as you're running or doing whatever other activity. The screen itself displays a wide range of colors, easily competing with your average smartphone screen. The Apple Watch Hermes definitely pushes the limits when it comes to its display.

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      The band of the Apple Watch Hermes is quite attractive for how classic it is without being too ostentatious or drawing too much attention to itself. It utilizes a double loop construction to make the fit that much closer, meaning that you're going to get a unique fit that corresponds to the size of your wrist. This is something that other one-size-fits-all bands are simply not going to be able to accomplish. With that said, there are still definitely some durability issues when it comes to these kinds of bands, so you shouldn't be using this watch for exercises that put the watch at risk of abrasion.
      Sizes Available
      When it comes to sizing for the Apple Watch Hermes, you'll be able to adjust the fit on the watchband to exactly match the size of your wrist. The band is adjustable, and the fact that it double loops means that the fit is as precise as it can possibly be. The size of the screen might be the only drawback here, as it is a bit larger than what you might find from your average multi-sport watch. With that said, the watch is very reasonably sized and lends itself to most ordinary activities such as running, biking, and even swimming.
      Ease of Use
      As with most of Apple's products, the Apple Watch Hermes is quite intuitive and user-friendly, complex in the way that it functions but so simple that anyone could quickly and easily acclimate themselves to the way it functions. The screen is large enough to see everything easily, the display colors are vibrant and contrasting to make discerning your data even easier, and the touchscreen technology works just as you'd hope and expect it to.
      Power Source
      One of the most important things when it comes to a good multi-sport watch is the battery life. As you'd expect, the Apple Watch Hermes does feature a rechargeable battery, and it can actually give you all-day support before needing to be recharged. This might not seem like a whole lot, but when you consider just how much screen real estate there is on this watch and what it's capable of displaying at any given moment, this is actually a pretty impressive figure. As multi-sport watch technology continues to improve, there's no doubt that battery life will continue to rise. But for now, you can get plenty of juice out of the Apple Watch Hermes.
      There's no other way to say it: The Apple Watch Hermes is among one of the most expensive multi-sport watches that you'll come across out on the market. This means several things. One is that when it comes to value, Apple knows that they need to consistently innovate and provide a real reason for people to spend their hard earned cash. Another is that this means that you'll want to be especially careful with the device and try to ensure that nothing happens to it. This isn't a low-end watch that you can spend a couple of bucks on and upgrade if you need to later on. This will no doubt be your destination watch.
      There aren't any accessories that will come with your purchase of the Apple Watch Hermes, but if you did want to add to what you already had, you can always utilize the Apple Store app. Along with being able to get a hold of apps and the like on your devices, this also allows you to get accessories that can help you to get a more personalized experience, no matter what activity you're doing. The device itself should have just about anything you might need, but there is, of course, that extra support for other accessories as well.
      Key Features
      - Built-in GPS
      - Heart rate sensor
      - Water resistance
      - Comprehensive workout app
      - Activity app
      Bottom Line
      The bottom line is that the Apple Watch Hermes is a powerhouse of a multi-sport watch that has no problem whatsoever handling any task that's needed of it. It has a monster of a processor that keeps everything running smooth and fast, it's light, it's sleek, and it can fit in aesthetically at a 5K race just as much as it could a fancy dinner date. Apple is known for its devices that push the limits of functionality and style, and they've definitely continued to innovate in that regard when it comes to this Apple Watch Hermes.
      Where to Buy
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      Where to buy
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