10 Best Running Visors Compared


When you hear the word visor, it’s usually connected with tennis players. This clothes item seems to be less popular when it comes to running. Actually, the visors can be very useful for runners and they can be much better than normal caps. There are many reasons why you should love the visors. First one is ventilation. The normal cap with the most breathable material isn’t able to provide the same ventilation as the visor can.

We know how terrible it is to have sweat on your eyes and the feeling of burning. The other reason to wear the visor is to protect your head from harmful shine rays. The Sun rays are also a big distraction while running as you aren’t able to see much. But which visors are the best? What is important while choosing the best products? Here’s our guide to the best running visors including best of the best products and criteria of evaluation.

Last Updated: May 11, 2018
By Brian Price:

Take a look at our revised list, with a few more than worthy additions. We've also added a little extra to our additional information.

Outdoor Research Radar
  • Outdoor Research Radar
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Lightweight, Quick-Drying and foldable brim
  • Price: See Here
Salomon Race Visor
  • Salomon Race Visor
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Superior sun protection and non-stiff brim
  • Price: See Here
Under Armour Shadow 3.0
  • Under Armour Shadow 3.0
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Unstructured fit conforms comfortably to head
  • Price: See Here

12 Best Running Visors



1. Outdoor Research Radar

The Outdoor Research Radar Visor shields your eyes from the sun, it makes sure you stay dry, and stores away in your pocket easily due to its folding brim (one of the coolest features in our opinion). If you want a high quality visor that will stand the test of time look no further.
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Flexible and can fit most people,in this case no need to worry as the fit will be just the right one for you.
This Visor is made of Fabric 100% Supplex nylon, plain weave that gives it a comfortable feel and ensure you keep dry all the time,it also is durable and can last longer.
Its price is slightly expensive but it is always worth every penny.
  • Foldable brim, easy storage
  • Nylon with UPF 30 protection
  • Water resistant 100%
  • High quality construction
  • Rather expensive

2. Salomon Race

The race visor is designed to offer a bit of protection from the elements but add little/no weight to your load. Its very minimalistic and easily folds up to be packed away when not in use.
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In terms of fitting It is fully adjustable and very flexible on the head.
Its material is made of Synthetic and it is also very light with a soft brim that makes it easy on the head as you cannot feel the weight.
Salomon race visor is one of the expensive visors due its quality
  • Synthetic, featherweight
  • Precise fit, fully adjustable
  • Soft flexible brim
  • Reflective branding
  • Not much structure, kind of floppy

4. Under Armour Shadow 3.0

This visor is built with a bit of an unstructured design and it is meant to conform to your head over time. Aside from that it checks off all the boxes most runners will need in a visor, it will keep you cool, protected, and not swamped with sweat.
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The size may not really fit as desired as there is no adjusting or different sizes, because its only one size for all

The material is a very lightweight fabric that helps in moisture wicking. This not only makes you feel like you have nothing on but it also makes you feel cool and dry.
This visor is also slightly pricey but all the same worth all coins invested.
  • Form fitting, comfortable
  • Lightweight, moisture wicking
  • Reflective UA details on the front and back
  • Durable construction
  • One size fits all, may not fit everyone

3. Halo II Headband Sweatband Pullover

Keeping sweat out of your face is one of the primary jobs of a visor and to that end we included the Halo II headband. To state it simply this is one of the most effective ways to control sweat while you’re working out. Patented SweatBlock Technology ensures that a maximum amount of sweat is absorbed. Although not a visor we couldn’t resist.
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Can fit on any head comfortably because its very elastic which means it is bound to stretch and can fit just about all head sizes.

The material is made of a dryline fabric that quickly absorbs sweat from the head keeping the face dry and cool which means you maintain your focus all day without sweat dripping from your head.

it is very affordable and can be quickly acquired with anyone who works out, cycles or does any activity that involves sweating.
  • Will not lose shape over time
  • Pull over design is comfortable
  • Material is high absorbing and quick drying
  • Reasonably priced
  • Doesn't offer any protection from the sun

5. New Balance Unisex Performance

If what you’re after is sensibility and quality, you just might have found your ticket. Nothing fancy here, rather a dependable running visor that features: an antiglare underbill, lightweight breathability and a reflective NB logo. All in all it’s hard to go wrong.
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Fits well in most people hence not a problem to while making a purchase like the fixed fitting ones.

the material is made of hydrophilic poly that is comfortably surrounded with a wicking mesh sweat band which ensures that dryness is maintained and no sweat will be dripping at the end of the day.
The new balance performance visor is not expensive and hence very affordable to many,with its features it gives you a smile on you face.
  • Hook and loop closure, secure fit
  • Very lightweight
  • Favorable price-to-value ratio
  • Dark underbrim, less glare
  • Unisex, no gender specific sizing

Nike Original

Next product comes from Nike. It was dedicated to golf players but it will be also great for running. The sweatband is cushioned to provide even more comfort. Very famous DRI-fit technology from Nike helps to keep you dry and cool for the whole run. Check out the other features!
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Size/ Fit
there's Velcro fastener for adjusting the visor to your head. There's one size and some users with bigger heads said that the visor is too small.

It's made of four-way stretch fabric, very comfortable and soft. It wicks the moisture very well and is breathable.

Well, this one is definitely on the more expensive side. 29 dollar is the regular price that you need to pay. It's good option to look for it on sale.

You can wash it in the washing machine

High quality


May not fit bigger heads

7. Adidas Adizero

The highlight reel for this visor includes a typically understated design from adidas combined with soft and lightweight polyester fabric. Throw in a ClimaLite moisture-wicking sweatband and protection from UV rays, and it’s not hard to see how this one makes our list.

  • Wide range of colors
  • Fully adjustable backing
  • Lightweight, deals well with the heat
  • Budget friendly pricing
  • Sizing runs smaller

Adidas SuperLite

Next product on our list will provide the shade you need when the sun shines so bright. It's Adidas SuperLite. The users were amazed how lightweight this product is. You can literally forget that you're wearing it. Thanks to the Climacool mesh, there's good ventilation and there's also Sun protection.
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This running visor has only one size. Thanks to the hook and loop back closure, you can easily adjust the tightness. It's a great solution for people with a unique head shape.

This is a blend of polyester and spandex. The material feels soft in touch and is comfortable to wear.

The price depends on the color you choose. The darker colors tend to be less expensive than white ones. The price isn't relatively high.

It keps sweat away from eyes

Very lightweight


It's hard to keep clean the white colors, they get yellow after time

9. Headsweats Supervisor Sun

If there is anything approaching a market standard for women’s visors this is it. Popular among marathoners and triathletes, the Headsweats Sun Visor is designed with strenuous activity in mind. There is a lot of different things to like about this visor but the pick of the lot is a terry cloth sweatband. Which ensures your face doesn’t end up drenched in sweat.
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Some people may not find a perfect fit since it is standard.
Has an Eventure knit shell and eventure sweatband fro cooling and breathability
Quite pricey compared to other visors
  • Under visor glare resistance
  • Machine washable
  • Has a Eventure terry sweatband
  • Many colors available
  • Some may not get a perfect fit, one size fits all

Augusta Sportswear

This visor keeps the Sun and sweat away. It's covered with mesh so you may be sure that you won't sweat very much with this one. These visors have a very rich choice when it comes to colors. There are around 20 of them.
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Size/ fit
Pre-curved bill and hook-and-loop fastener provide the great comfort as you can adjust the tightness. Most users didn't have any problems with the fit.

It's 100% made of polyester. This kind of material is less probable to fade or stain.

This product will be perfect for those who don't want to spend a lot of money on running visor but they still want good protection. You will need to spend around 10 dollars on this, great deal.

The colors don't fade

Velcro continues to hold up even after long time

Attractive price


It may be too big for smaller head


Now it's time to take a closer look at Juisdesy visor. This product is extremely lightweight and provides a high level of breathability. The visor is very long and it provides better coverage so the better protection as well. there's also UV50+ protection to protect the user from harmful rays. Check more about this product.
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Fit/ size
To make the fit customizable, there's Velcro strap. Most reviewers didn't encounter any problems with inappropriate fit.
The nylon is a great material when it comes to wicking the sweat. Users said that the material also dries very fast. This is also very lightweight and thin material, there's a good ventilation.

You can get this product for around 10 dollars. This is very fair price, good for those who need to tighten the budget.

Good price

Nice colors



For some users, the brim was too narrow

12. The Nike Women's Tech Visor

This Women's Tech Visor from Nike offers good style top rated comfort. Dri-FIT comfortable fabric along plus laser made perforations for ventilation/air flow.

For a snug FIT the visor is fitted with a secure closure system at the back of the visor band and the inner mesh lining further contributes towards comfort and high performing ventilation.
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The visor can be adjusted via a durable velcro system to provide a secure hold and FIT, perforation features allow cooling ventilation and work's in conjunction with a Dri-Fit lining ( mesh) which provides maximised air flow. 

Offered in a nice variety of colors. Weight 45.4 grams.


A little higher than some other brands and this reflects the quality and production, making this a value for money purchase.

Adjustable Velcro system for secure FIT


Laser made perforations for ventilation/air flow

Dri-Fit lining

Stylish and comfortable

Good protection for the eyes


Some runners prefer non-perforated material.

Visors have the obvious benefit of protecting your face from the wind/sun, and they also are substantially cooler than wearing a traditional hat. Additionally, they create something of a visual scope with the brim narrowing the focus onto just what’s ahead. Most visors are built for action and will do a great job keeping sweat of your eyes as well. Not to mention many of the attractive designs available today.

The Criteria Used In Selecting The Best Visors

Its impossible to just say that “any visor will do” since the variety of visors available can be used for different activities because not all visors work in the same way. That is why we have to give the best and try and explain to you why we picked it as one of the best,not only do we look on the style of the visors as many might presume that is  what drives us but we go about and beyond to try and get what we think can work for you and is best for you in whatever activity you will be undertaking.we not only focus on making you look good but we focus on making you a champion in all we do. You need to have an idea of what you need when going to get a visor for yourself.


We decided to pick quality as the first since its always the major bench-marking tool most companies use in the market to compete. Quality is what really determines the value of a product therefore if the quality is poor then that might lead to customer dissatisfaction and hence lower sales which in turn leads to loses.It is a major factor on our criteria because it is what people rely on heavily when purchasing. Quality is what everyone goes for when choosing a product.  All this is because customers know that the best quality is always believed to be the most durable and can survive specific conditions. All these said, acquiring a visor that can be used regularly and withstand the test of time is the best solution for most athletes and others who would want to use it in other activities.


It’s quite obvious that price has always been associated with the quality the higher the price the better the quality. This is the same when it comes to visor prices since most of the visors come from well known international companies like Nike, Adidas etc that are one of the best brands hence their prices tend to be slightly higher compared to other upcoming companies. It is advisable that when looking for a visor one should first check what amount of money that they have and the available visors then go for what they can afford.

Price is a factor that most people consider because almost everyone needs a favorable price and a good product.  Do not Just go for what u can get your hands on but rather consider going for what will work and at the end of the day what will make you satisfied.


In case you have a doubt if it really stands a place in the factors then let us clear your doubts right away, getting the right fit on any running gear not only makes you comfortable but also ensures that you have fewer things to worry about when it comes to the gear you are buying. Because people are used to using products that exactly fit them. Visors that are too large or too small to a person can be said not to be the right fit. Getting the right fit sets your mind at ease as you concentrate on whatever you actually are doing. One has to get a visor that fits well and is not too tight or too loose on the head, visors that can be easily adjusted are always the best so that one adjusts to the size of their choice. when making a purchase always make sure there is room for trying it out and they have a good return policy as you might never know what will happen once you start using the visor.

Breathability and Sweat-Wicking

This is the ability of a visor to enable cooling during any activity. A good visor can be described as one that has a good cooling system during an activity,this will be determined by the material one picks as the material is what can ensure the moisture is not kept in but is removed every time it is in excess and can lead to sweat dripping from your head all the way.No one can stand the sight of sweat dripping leave alone for hours of having that on the road, if it were the gym it would be an entirely different case.

A visor that has the right size of a bill with a good mesh surrounding it can offer the best ventilation and air circulation which in turn leaves you cool and fresh during your routine exercises. nothing to worry about at all. 


This should come in as a no-brainer as no one doesn’t prefer comfort in anything they are doing or wearing. Getting a visor that doesn’t make you comfortable not only risks your ability but also makes you feel like running away from your running if that makes sense.It the ultimate thing that makes an experience worthwhile. Comfort makes a person to feel free and relaxed even during vigorous activities. Having to put on a visor that makes you uncomfortable might be traumatizing as it will not perform well. Great comfort is achieved by the material used and also the size, as a size that doesn’t fit results to discomfort and a material that doesn’t help with moisture tapping can also mean irritation which results to being uncomfortable. Well, ensure that you have this in mind when buying a visor to use.

Bill size

The size of the bill is also one of the factors to consider as it may have a great help to the general functioning of the visor. Having a visor with a long bill is always the best thing to do since they fully protect/cover your face from the sun or even rain making it easier for you to continue with your activity without your vision being affected. having a visor with a short bill has it advantages but we can all agree the long bill always wins the argument. It has a lot of benefits that cannot be entirely ignored. Make sure you put this in mind whenever you are getting visors.


Other Factors Worth Considering Before You Buy

After considering the major factors to have in mind while buying  a visor we tend to think that is all and end up forgetting that sometimes we have more things to consider as well,we gather all the information that is required to get  a great visor,ensure you have all factors just in case you will need them when making an order. We always say the more reasons you have to buy a product the better product you will have at the end of the day. We get information all over to ensure that our list of top 10 is the best among the best.


When buying anything there is a purpose for doing so, well the same goes for Visors, you have to know why you are buying it at the time you are doing so,if it will serve you as wanted or not, and if you are getting it for the right reasons, well make function a priority as to why you get your visors as a great visor should be one that serves its purpose,if its for sun or rain it should be able to do just that,but this is also achievable is the visor is of great quality and is durable hence can serve for long.

Weather conditions

This sometimes becomes one of the most ignored reasons or factors to get a visor, guess what it isn’t and that is why we have it as one of the factors we consider when getting a visor. You need to know that weather can be a factor as to which visor suits you best. When it is cold then you can opt for a short bill visor that can work well since the major work of rains and sun won’t be needed. Different weather call for different clothing and different everything. That goes for the visors as well.


The hairstyle you have on can greatly influence the type of visor to have on,this can come in as a challenge if you went to get a visor and forgot that it will be on your head that has hair, for ladies especially this can be one of the most frustrating things to have to go through after buying a visor only to find out that it doesn’t fit because of your hair or it leaves your hair out or it disturbs your hairline,I mean hairline is everything to the ladies,we wouldn’t want you to experience the disappointment that is why we have to make you aware of the fact that hairstyle plays a big role in the shape of type of visor to have,you will require a slightly bigger visor if you have a lot of hair on you head to avoid damaging it.but in most cases we advise our runners to tie a ponytail when having the visors on as it is the best style to have.



We always know that there are questions asked about visors.we were able to spot some that appeared a lot and that we know can be of issue to you too,we ensure that not only do we give you factors to consider but we also are able to help you with the questions you might have later or at the time of buying.

Q: Can the visor affect my vision?

A: Visors can be great to use and sometimes people feel like they can be a problem but definitely not. Most of the visors on our list are of quality and they have been tested and certified to make sure that the customer gets what they really paid for and are satisfied. Therefore these visors don’t really affect your vision at all, in fact, they are there to protect you majorly from the sun so that you can see more clearly.

Q: How do I know the best size of the visor to have?

A: This is simple all you have to do is go to the nearest visor store and try one before you actually purchase it. Get one that is flexible and has good breathability and is comfortable on your head. Avoid too tight visors as this may make you uncomfortable and you cant put them on for long hours depending on your activity. Also, note that you need to buy at a place where you can take it back whenever you realize it’s not what you want.


Q: How long of a bill do I need?

A: The Length of the bill is also matters. It has been proved that have a slightly longer bill since they are always the best since they are perfect for keeping the sun out of your face and they quickly wick moisture to keep you dry. Though it is also advisable to consider the shape and height of a person.e.g taller men should opt for longer bills

Q: Do I chose my brand?

A: There are several quality brands eg Nike, Under amour etc all these come with different designs and feel hence it is recommended that you chose your own brand one that you like and has the features you are okay with do not go for brand because of the name, just go for it because of features.

Q: How do I wash my visor?

A: Visors are best not soaked because it might lead to fading of its color. The best way to wash it is by scrubbing it gently using a smaller brush like a toothbrush or even a cloth. Also, ensure that you read the tag to know which detergent to use or if it is used in a washing machine or not if its cold water or hot. Make sure you know what your visor requires.


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