10 Best Running Skirts Rated & Compared


Just because you need to wear high performance workout wear doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable at the same time. This is perfect for those of you who are on the go—you can literally run to the grocery store, to pick you your kids from school, or run some errands without having to change.

In the past athletic wear simply served its fitness purpose, but nowadays you can be trendy and presentable at the same time. Running skirts have been growing in popularity in recent years thanks to their multi-functional attributes and the fact that they look trendy and stylish, without sacrificing comfort. In fact, these skirts are so trendy that it’s often difficult to tell the difference between them and everyday attire! They make you look and feel great while still keeping you comfortable and able to perform athletically.

Last Updated: April 7, 2018
By Brian Price:

Running skirts are an acquired style, but if you are one of those select runners who sports them, well check out the newest updates to our top 10 list.

Since it is time consuming to find the best of the best, we have taken the liberty of doing it for you. Here you will find the top 10 running skirts that are perfect for runners who want to run and look chic at the same time!

LuLulemon Skirt
  • LuLulemon Skirt
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Lightweight Luxtreme Fabric
  • Price: See Here
Tasc Performance Rhythm Skirt
  • Tasc Performance Rhythm Skirt
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Inner Compression Short
  • Price: See Here
Pool Ultra Swift Skirt
  • Pool Ultra Swift Skirt
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Velcro Enclosure Pockets
  • Price: See Here

The following best-of list will help you narrow down the search for the coolest, most athletic and aesthetic looks available right now. We hope that now you are aware what is important while choosing the best running skirt. The more you know about the product, the less probable it is to purchase the one that won’t come up to your expectations.

10 Best Running Skirts

1. LuLulemon

LuLulemon's Lost in Pace running skirt is flawless. A built-in Luxtreme fabric short for sweat wicking, a flowy skirt with high rise waist for coverage all body types will love, gripping liner for stay-put fit, exit cord, pockets and above all super cool styling. Go from the trails to tacos downtown with friends and never miss a beat. This running skirt does it all, with high performance and high appeal. Yes, LuLulemon products can be pricey and this is no exception. But quality meets pricepoint, period.
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Lululemon never disappoints when it comes to providing a sleek and substantial work out product. The Lost in Pace running skirt is no exception. The material provides a flowy outer skirt with built-in shorts beneath. The combination is super functional and fashionable.

The running skirt is made for running, first and foremost, but the design accommodates all occasions to include an outing to the park or a bite to eat downtown. The built-in liner has a nice grip at the hem, so it stays where it should even during the longest or most rugged run. Hidden pockets keep personal belongings safe and intact, and a cord exit helps headphones stay in place.

Added Lycra fibre gives a nice stretch while providing excellent shape retention and the medium rise means greater coverage and comfort. Basically this skirt means awesome appearance and excellent performance.

Lululemon gear can be a bit pricey, but in this case, the value is truly worth every penny.
  • Excellent stretch and retention
  • Hidden pockets for phone or keys with exit cord for headphones.
  • Breezy top skirt for cool, go anywhere styling
  • A bit expensive

2. East Hong Women's Fitness Movement Short Skirt

So stylish you'll forget you bought it for it's performance - until you hit the trail. This moisture-wicking performance skirt is breathable, stylish, and has two pockets on the inside for personal items or accessories such as gold or tennis balls. It's also made from two layers, one are shorts and the other is a skirt.
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Don't let the price of this product fool you. It has just as much value as any other product on the market, if not more. This running skirt features two layers, one layer is a pair of shorts and the other is a skirt. This ensures that you are protected when that gust of wind comes up the right way.

The skirt itself is made from moisture-wicking polyester lycra. It keeps you cool, dry, comfortable, and it's breathable. Not only that, but it features two pockets for accessories, your phone, or iPod. It also has a headphone cable hole for your convenience.

Stylish, uniquely designed with high performance elements all at a reasonable price. Excellent value.
  • Perfect blend of polyester and Lycra spandex for a great fit and great function
  • Two layers
  • Two pockets for storage
  • Headphone hole
  • Affordable
  • Runs small

3. The North Face Better Than Naked

The North Face Better Than Naked Long Haul Running Skirt is a definite fave. FlashDry fabric and great airflow are just the beginning. Add pockets with an exit cord, built-in sunblock and an on-trend aesthetic.
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This running skirt really will help runners haul. The Better than Naked Long Haul Skirt makes a great fashion statement and seriously goes the distance. The liner shorts feature North Face FlashDry fabric which means that whether it’s a marathon or trail event, runners will stay dry while looking great. The air flow and comfortability can only mean more fun on the run.

The Long Haul makes fitness easier with a skirt equipped for ease and practicality. The wide waistband means no fussing with placement, and maximum storage allows for sunblock, cell phone and an exit cord. Style isn’t sacrificed for function. Runners may not be distracted by their Better Than Naked Long Haul Skirt, but the skirt will definitely cause its share of distractions. The 13.5” running skirt with 3” inseam liner shorts is cute enough to wear beyond the scope of fitness. So comfortable and stylish it could easily become a favorite fashion piece as well as your best fitness wear.

Excellent price for the many elements that make this skirt not only high performance, but also high style!
  • Flashdry feature for ultimate comfort
  • Kangaroo back pocket with maximum storage
  • Support 360-degree reflective logos
  • Built-in compressive liner short
  • Some claim size is not true; may run small

4. Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra

The ultimate girly-girl running skirt. Compression mesh shorts, wicking fabric, an adorable sillhouette, all at a reasonable price. Truly every girl's dream!
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This running skirt is definitely girly, in a good way. It’s also available in sizes 0-22, making it accessible to many body types. The compressive mesh fabric helps to keep the built-in shorts in place, and slits on either side of the skirt offer additional movement. The backside offers an added inch of coverage. Two pockets and a sonic music port makes for more storage and more pleasure on long distance runs or day hikes.

This running skirt proves that sportswear never has to look un-girly while taking fitness seriously.

A lovely silhouette with incredible function at a reasonable value. Now that’s what every girl wants!
  • High tech fabric for performance
  • 2 pocket design for additional storage
  • Wide range of sizes and colors
  • Pink may not be a true pink.
  • Slits on sides of skirt reveal short beneath.

5. Sparkle Athletic Running

A perfect addition to your athletic apparel. You'll love the sparkle! A fun accessory for themed relays, holiday marathons or just eye-catching city street runs. Reasonably priced and 0-22 sizes.
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What woman doesn’t want a sparkle running skirt in their wardrobe? As adorable as this sparkly, sequined fabric is, don’t forget about its awesome function. Made by Sparkle Athletic in the USA, the semitransparent polyester fabric is lightweight with a wide waistband for support.
This skirt is extra fun for special events like holiday or other themed marathons and relays. You can’t be missed in this skirt, which also makes it a reasonable choice for safer city street runs.

It does double duty as a great fashion accessory. Match it to any type of top, from a sweatshirt, oversized sweater or simple tank and you’ve got an adorable look that translates flawlessly from street style to street run.

Don’t forget your shorts – this running skirt is sans under shorts. But for the price, it’s worth adding your own, or sleek leggings for a different look altogether.
  • Excellent value for the reasonable price
  • Festive, fun for special event runs and marathons
  • Range of colors
  • Shorts not attached.

6. Skirt Sports Lotta Breeze

Moisture wicking fabric, capris and a flowy running skirt. You'll want to wear it running and not, it's so cute. Coverage is all-season. Throw on a tank in the summer, a sweatshirt in the fall and go - running or...whatever. You'll love this combination on the track and at the cafe. Price is a little high but comes in wide range of sizes and think of the options!
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This running skirt uniquely offers a built-in legging, which makes for an all-season fitness and fashion dream. The semi compression, polyester Lycra mesh and spandex blend fabric is moisture wicking with a flowy skirt that offers a great look and feel for varying temperatures and runs.

With four pockets for storage, runners have plenty of room for necessities on their person. Get lost in the great outdoors and don’t forget your music - the built-in Sonic Music Port makes listening easy.

The skirt-legging combination is slightly expensive, but it’s truly a two-for-one - a perfect union of fashion and fitness. Always enjoy for the function and sometimes just for fun!

  • Leggings transcend seasons and temperatures
  • More coverage
  • Wide range of sizes for all body types
  • The Capris component may not be secure enough for some customers.
  • A bit pricey

7. X31 Lightweight Running Skirt

7. X31 Lightweight Running Skirt
The X31 Lightweight Running Skirt is great for all distance runners--short and long distance alike. It is designed to keep you cool and comfortable during your runs and it will not disappoint when it comes to improving your overall performance.
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This soft and lightweight skirt is made of polyester and spandex, making it stretchy, flexible, and comfortable. It also comes with built in shorts made of mesh, sweat wicking material. These shorts will keep you cool and dry during your run and you won't have to worry about the length of the skirt or having to pull it down during your runs.

This skirt also comes with side, rear, and hidden pockets. These pockets are perfect for stashing your phone, keys, and other valuables. It also comes in 3 different color options, so you can choose between the three or get all of them for different days.

This skirt comes at an average price for athletic wear.

  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Mesh shorts
  • Sweat wicking,
  • Comfortable
  • Rear, side, and hidden pockets
  • Comes in 3 colors
  • Sizes run small

8. Tasc Performance Women's Rhythm Running Skirt

8. Tasc Performance Women's Rhythm Running Skirt
This Tasc performance skirt is a beautiful, comfortable and unique running skirt option. Its liner is made of a silky bamboo fabric, making it cool, dry, and comfortable during your runs.
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This all around beautiful skirt is comfortable, lightweight, and will keep you nice and cool during your runs. It is made of polyester, lycra spandex and its inner liner is made of organic cotton, bamboo viscose, and lycra spandex. The inner shorts are compression shorts, so they will comfortably stay in place during your runs.

This skirt also comes with a media pocket so you can stash your phone; it also comes with a cord exit you don't get all tangled up during your runs or annoyed with having to hold your phone the entire time.

This skirt is a little pricier than most, but it comes with several color and design options as well as features that some other skirts may not offer.
  • Comfortable
  • Bamboo fabric liner
  • Compression shorts
  • Lightweight
  • Lots of color and design options
  • Media pocket with a headphone chord exit hole
  • Pricier than other options


9. Pool Ultra Swift

The breezy, lightweight Pool Ultra Swift Skirt is the perfect spring selection. Go from lunch with friends to a hardcore trail run in the same outfit. Built-in compression shorts offer stay-put fit. A great buy for any fashionista who also demands performance.
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This lightweight running skirt comes in a pretty blue or soft pink hue. Lovely for spring and summer, this running skirt offers a feminine appeal along with nice performance elements. The flat seams and reverse hems alleviate chafing issues. Matching mesh compression shorts boast a longer inseam that translates into a fit that stays put.

Two Velcro enclosure pockets provide nice storage for cards, keys, lip balm or other personals. A third pocket on back makes a great place for music devices. It’s a perfect skirt for an afternoon run followed by an early dinner with friends – no change necessary!

The material is so breezy it’s easy to forget you’re wearing the skirt at all – even on long trail runs. It’s also easy to forget it’s a running skirt with its beautiful fashion appeal. It’s hard to decide which we love more: its look or its performance. While it can provide dual efficiency, it might very well become a favorite fashion accessory this spring for multiple events.

This quality skirt with its built-in shorts makes a great buy.
  • Great price for quality wear
  • Three pockets for additional storage
  • Offered in pastel hues only

10. ASICS Love Skort

10. ASICS Love Skort
The ASICS Love Skort features a CoolMax crotch to ensure a cool running experience. The compression shorts under the skirt feature lightweight support and ball storage. The whole item is made from poly/spandex fabric for easier movement.
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ASICS is a brand we all are familiar with if you played any type of sports. They bring to the table these compressed shorts for a cool and easy moving experience. The crotch features CoolMax technology so that you stay dry and cool throughout your run or tennis match.

There may not be pockets inside of these, but the compressed shorts can hold the balls in place anyway. The material is a soft suede 92% nylon and 8% spandex material. The outseam is 13.5 inches and the inseam is 3".

The skirt is on the higher end, but since it doubles as a fashion statement, it’s worth it!
  • CoolMax Crotch
  • Bright, fun hues
  • Compressed legs
  • No ball pockets


The Criteria We Used For Our Evaluation Of Running Skirts

Finding good running skirt isn’t an easy task. We’re working hard to enable our readers to choose the best one for them. Here are the factors that we’ve used and you should also consider them. These are the main factors that we have used and they will be very useful for them. We would suggest studying our article carefully because skipping the factors may cause that you won’t be happy with your purchase. Remember that the factors that were important for us don’t need to be important for you.


This is one of the most important factors that you should carefully evaluate. You need to check carefully the size. The one you wear when it comes to trousers, may not work with skirt. When it comes to length, the skirt should reach the waist or in other case it may slip down. How long it should be? Well, the choice is yours but we wouldn’t recommend choosing very short ones. Of course, your legs will look longer but the discomfort and rolling up of your skirt will really destroy the joy of running. The good size so the skirt will provide better comfort as there won’t be any problems with rolling up. There are many sizes available on the market, there are very small ones, for skinny people who often struggle to find clothes in their size, but there are also clothes for people who are overweight and want to enjoy nice running look. What some runners do is without checking the table of measurements and sizes, choose the size that they wear for normal skirts. This is a big mistake as every producer offer a different sizes and you may be surprised that your skirt will be delivered too small or too big.

Material and comfort

The moisture wicking material is a must have because you don’t want to have sweat spots. But it’s not the only function of the moisture wicking material to reduce sweat. It beyond making you dry, makes you chafe-free. This is a great convenience and it really provides a lot of comfort.When we’re talking about drying, how many times you were running and got wet. Even a 2 minutes downpour may really ruin our running plans. This is why producers offer you very quickly drying skirts. Polyester and nylon are the best materials to prevent from stop running as they dry very quickly and you don’t feel so cold. The material must be also really breathable to provide good airflow. When we’re talking about comfort, stretchy materials are the best ones. Stretch waist provides gives you more comfort. If the skirt is skintight, you will look strange and it will be uncomfortable for you. In many skirts, there’s special gel pad or something similar to it. This helps to avoid producing sweat odor. There is a wide range of materials that are used from polyester to cotton. The running skirts are especially perfect in the summer. Running tights are usually too long and hot, shorts also make you sweaty.


Running skirts are perfect for running and look very stylish however you also need to think of functional aspects. While running most of us love listening to music and you need a pocket to put your mp3. This is the thing that runners don’t think about while purchasing the product. It’s usually when they first use the skirt, they find out that they don’t have any pocket, like in jogging pants and they need to carry their player in a hand. And what about keys to the door? This is why it may be crucial for some of you to find a skirt with pockets. Reflectivity is the thing that will most appreciated by the drivers who need to observe the route. It will be much easier for them to detect the runner on the route and it will be safer for you to run on the roads.

Other Important Factors To Consider When Selecting The Best Running Skirt

Here are the factors that of course aren’t less important than those above( actually they can be more important for some readers) . They weren’t first for us when we were thinking of choosing the best product. They also need to be evaluated carefully as some may have a big importance for you.


The price may  be a big thing as you want comfort and quality but at the same time you don’t want to spend your whole savings. One thing that you can be sure that it will be hard to find a skirt for less than 10 dollars with good quality. Materials used for sewing the skirts are rather more expensive as most of them is moisture wicking and they’re also very flexible. Many skirts are made out of cotton and they still work great. Spending about 30 dollars on a running skirt is a big investment but you will be really happy. It is not the same as with usual skirts , where some of them last only until 5 or 6 usages. This is the typical running tool and it’s made with the view that running skirt must be more resistant. The best thing about the running skirts is that they can be worn both for running but also you can wear it for different occasions. This makes your running skirt very useful and the double usage is also perfect to save some money. We would really advise to search for it on sales. Not only online, but also many local shops offer discounts at the end of the seasons.

Style and color

Women who are runners pay great attention to the style. This is why producers offer wide range of colors and shapes of the skirts. The whole color gamet from neon colors to calmer ones. You have also the possibility of choosing the skirt with reflective material to be more visible on the road. You can also search a skirt which is really stylish and fits both running style and street style so you can wear it with normal clothes. Style is especially fot runners who are girls , the crucial factor why they choose running skirts. It’s not a secret that girls and women feel more confident while wearing something nice.  Searching for nice running skirts and matching them with the tops is a big fun. Searching for super clothes has also psychological effect on runners as they are more likely to run, they want to show their clothes and that’s the motivation for them. Buying a running skirt is creating your own, individual look. Some runners wear only one color during the every marathon to be more remarkable. We can’t also deny that the running skirt highlights the good looking body, the posture and the curves. Many runners don’t feel very attractive when they run in jogging pants and etc. Every woman wants to feel beautiful even when she sweats and is out of breath. Purchasing a running dress is a perfect option for those who look for elegance in running.

With or without shorts

Many companies offer running skirts with shorts attached to them. This type of skirt has both advantages and disadvantages. While talking about pros of this type, you can feel absolutely safe and even if your skirt rolls up, you still have shorts.This is very important for some runners as it boosts their confidence. However, wearing both shorts and skirt may be really uncomfortable for some runners and wearing it may lead to increased sweating. If you choose the good size and your skirt is well-made, even without shorts, the skirt shouldn’t roll up and you can enjoy the comfort and don’t need to worry that you will show too much. The compression shorts are still very popular. even though many runners complain that they ride, they move from the place, it’s still very popular choice. With shorts, you are less prone to cold. Wearing the skirt alone may result in unwanted illnesses because of this cold.


You may have a smile on your face as you may think how can running skirt has anything to do with allergies. It’s sad, but every running clothes may have bad influence on your skin. This happens when you are allergic to the material. when we talk about polyester, there are many people that have the allergic reaction whenever they put it on. rush and skin abrasion are the most common side effects to happen if you can’t wear the polyester. There is a whole group of runners that are allergic to nylon. Skin usually turns red and the little blisters may appear. If you have these or any other symptoms, you should stop immediately wearing this and ask you doctor for an advice. If you are allergic to let’s say polyester, you may keep the skirt as you can purchase the compression shorts. You must remember that they need to be longer that the skirt. They will cover the skin area and your skirt won’t touch your skin.


It doesn’t matter what you buy- running skirt, shoes, trousers or suit, you always need to check how to wash it. It wouldn’t be anything extraordinary beyond the fact that some buyers complain about the dyeing of the skirts. Many reviewers can’t stand that when they put the skirt with the other clothes to the washing machine, they get the color of the skirt. But it’s not normal and we know that the cheaper material it is, the most probable it is for the material to color. This is why we pay great attention to dyeing and we’ve tried to select the products which weren’t suspected for dyeing.

Money back/ Guarantee

The last factor is the last because it’s the least important. You shouldn’t consider if there’s a possibility to get your money back as you want to enjoy the product. however, there are some cases that considering giving back the product may be worth of your time. if the skirt is sew in bad way, or you get the really different product, not one like this in the picture, you should demand the new product. many buyers don’t do it because they are aware that they would have to fill a lot of documents and prove why they want to give back the skirt. Although it may be a long process, sometimes it’s really worth it. People work very hard and if they want to purchase the product, they should receive the good quality. Shopping online may be not a best idea here. This is because, it’s more convenient if you are able to try the skirt on the shop. You can see how you look like, you don’t need to worry about the wrong size.



Q. I’m considering buying a skirt but it’s made from cotton. I’m afraid of sweating too much

A. Although cotton is mostly used for normal clothes, it’s still perfect for running skirt. It’s very high quality material that provides airflow. Of course, materials like nylon or polyester would be better against sweating. If you sweat a lot, you may encounter the problems but if it shouldn’t be very uphill.

Q. I’m afraid I will choose the wrong size. How can I be sure it fits right for running?

A. There isn’t one answer on how to choose the best size but here is our advice. Let’s start with measurements. Even if your normal skirt has size L, it doesn’t mean that your running skirt is also this size. Check the girth of the hips and tights. The best way to avoid wrong sizing is searching for skirts who can be returned. Many companies offer a full money back guarantee or replacement with the other size skirt.


Q. Can you tell me what are the main materials of the running skirts.

A.Producers offer a wide range of very different materials but here are the two that are most common

Nylon-this is a material that has decent moisture control, so it’s perfect for those who have problems with sweating. It dries really quick so the downpours won’t be an obstacle anymore.

Polyester- it’s another moisture-wicking material, the same as nylon, and it also dries quickly

Q. Are the most expensive skirts the best?

A. We know that we underlined in price section that the cheap skirts aren’t worth money. However, we need to define the word cheap. As we have said before, there is small chance to find good quality running skirt for less than 10 dollars. If you see that there are running skirts for 5 dollars, don’t expect that they will last longer. What’s more, they will be probably so terrible that professional runner will throw it away. However, you should remember that many companies offer products on sales.


Life is hectic and having workout apparel that translates into daily fashion means time and money savings. The latest running skirts are no exception, taking both fitness and style to a new level. The function and feel of running skirts is only matched by how great they look for running and for running around.

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