Best Salomon Shorts for Running Tested In-Depth


Here, we look at ten of the best pairs of Salomon running shorts, from compression shorts to more standard offerings. As you’d expect with such a high-quality brand, these offer some great touches and technology and will keep your runs enjoyable and productive. Read on and find the best Salomon offerings for your legs!

On warm summers, day shorts are a blessing which all runners very much appreciate. Brand designers constantly produce new innovative shorts designs which give more benefits to runners along the lines of comfort, protection, performance, durability, designed in reflective qualities, breath-ability, wick-factor, ample pocket space, secure FIT, flexibility, and value for money.

When designing a good functional pair of running shorts, consideration has to be given to form FIT for men and ladies, ladies have a preference for style and FIT which at times can be different to a man’s preference. The solution has been to design and produce shorts which are specific for men and lady runner or/and unisex shorts.

Last Updated: June 15, 2018
By Richard Haberkost:

We have reviewed and updated and also increased your choices for these top performing running shorts from a very good brand name. In our criteria for reviewing section, we share our comparative methodology for how we choose the best performing running shorts.

Salomon S-Lab Sense
  • Salomon S-Lab Sense
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Price: See Here
Salomon Start Shorts
  • Salomon Start Shorts
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Actilite Micro stretch
  • Price: See Here
Exo Wings Twinskin
  • Exo Wings Twinskin
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Provides decent compression
  • Price: See Here

Here we review the current best choices available for runners from Salomon, what exactly do you get in terms of additional features, functionality and real comfort.

Best Running Shorts From Salomon


S-Lab Sense

These have excellent moisture-wicking capabilities via a number of methods and they ride pretty high on the leg. This fit gives comfort, support and freedom, and allows for a really pleasant run with lots of ventilation.
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The waist construction on these is really lightweight which provides a nimble fit along with a secure feel. The shorts ensure chafe-free runs, including the inner brief, which gives decent support and maximises comfort. They offer very good freedom with an excellent range of motion. Overall, they are very comfortable and have a nice feel on the skin. If you want something loose and well-fitting, these are a really good choice.

These have two pockets and reflective details. The pockets are nice and roomy for carrying plenty of stuff. There seem to be no durability options.

These are pricey, which might not appeal to some people.
  • Very comfortable
  • Loose-fitting
  • Excellent moisture-wicking technology
  • Good range of motion
  • Good fit
  • Offer great freedom
  • Big pockets
  • These are expensive.


These are 100% polyester and have a loose, relaxed fit. They stretch well, which gives good freedom and comfort, and they have a rear pocket. They have breathable mesh panels throughout for good breathability. If you want something simple from a good brand, these are a good choice.
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They fit really well and they are particularly light and breathable. If you want something that allows freedom of movement along with a comfy fit, these are a good option. They don’t offer much in the way of support, but their comfort makes up for this.

These are high quality, as you can expect from every entry on this list, and there isn't any durability issues.

All of the shorts on this list are pretty pricey because of their brand, but these are decently priced compared to some of the others.
  • Lots of freedom
  • Rear pocket
  • Loose, relaxed fit
  • Very breathable
  • Really comfortable
  • A little pricey given their simplicity

Exo Wings Twinskin

These are a great combination between regular shorts and compression shorts. The outer shorts are lightweight with a free design, and the compression shorts offer good support and compression all around the leg. They don’t chafe, they have reflective branding for visibility and they include one rear pocket.
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These are the highest rated support shorts on this list, and they do the job very well. The hips and thighs get good compression , and the support is fantastic, keeping your muscles feeling fresh and ready. These reduce soreness and cramping post run. The layer between the outer and inner shell prevents chafing, and the moisture-wicking technology keeps you cool and dry.

As you can see from the above, the quality here is fantastic, and there seems to be no durability issues, so these should last you a long time.

These are very pricey, but given their technology and design, they are worth it. They’re not a casual buy, but if you want something top-quality, they’re absolutely worth the investment.
  • Great combination of freedom and support
  • Provide plenty of excellent compression
  • Reduce soreness and cramping
  • Good moisture-wicking technology
  • Expensive


Salomon Agile 7'' Short M

A nice length for more cover, easy to adjust elasticated draw-cord for adjusting FIT.

For carrying power there is a built-in secure zip pocket

These shorts include designed in reflective clothing tech to ensure you are seen when you run in the evenings.
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The runner will get a consistent cool circulation of air due to the innovative mesh inner, both the outer and inner are made with very light synthetic fabrics.

A designed in zip pocket is very useful for carrying small needed items.

These shorts allow very good movement.


Constructed from very light and durable polyester at 100%


These do cost a little higher due to the high quality and durability.

Very light

Good air circulation

Adjustable draw-string

Zipe pocket




The price is a bit more than medium prices


These have UPF 50 protection against the sun and are composed of a stretchable mesh. The moisture wicking properties keeps you cool and dry. Thye sit high on the leg which is nice for breathability and for retaining a good amount of motion and flexibility.
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These are lightweight and their two-short system with an inner and outer shell give support. They fit very well and they offer very good comfort. Like most Salomon shorts, they feel good against the skin without chafing or feeling intrusive.

These have a zippered pocket which is a handy addition, and there have been no reports of durability issues. As always, you can trust Salomon to deliver a good product.

These are pricey, but are still worth the price given their quality.
  • Protect against the sun
  • They sit high on the leg for good freedom of movement.
  • Moisture wicking
  • Two-shell system
  • They don’t chafe.
  • Not too much, but like some others on this list, they aren’t as well-tested as some may like.


These have a long inseam, which makes them sit a little lower than the other shorts on this list. If you like something that doesn’t ride high on the leg, these might be a good option for you. The inner and outer short are both comfortable.
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These don’t offer the support of a compression short, but they’re a comfortable affair and the brief liner feels good. They keep the skin dry with good moisture wicking technology.

They have a zippered pocket on the rear and the durability is great!

These are the closest you’ll get to a low-cost Salomon short, so if you’re looking for a bargain, they’re certainly a good choice!
  • Decent price point
  • Good if you want something fairly simple
  • Nice and comfortable
  • Zippered pocket
  • Sits lower on the leg than most others on this list
  • They’re one of the most simple offerings on this list, which isn’t inherently a bad thing.

Exo S-Lab Twinskin

These are another option which combine compression shorts with an outer loose layer. The compression shorts have good stretch fabric to keep you both mobile and supported. The stability technology helps to keep you as stable as possible on you run, which can improve your performance over time.
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These fit well and they’re really comfortable. A few reviewers stated that the top part of the shorts were a little loose, while other complained that the waistband was a little too restrictive. The compression works well for good support. They offer good protection against cramps and muscle pain and can aid in recovery after a run.

The sizes can occasionally run a little small but other than that they are of very good quality. They have three gel pockets and the durability seems pretty good.

Again, a little pricey.
  • Good combination of compression along with a normal loose short
  • Great compression to reduce cramps and pain
  • They’re comfortable.
  • Keep you stable on your runs with their construction
  • The sizes can sometimes run a little small.
  • The waistband can be a bit restrictive for some.

S-Lab Exo

These are tight compression shorts, and are a great option if this is what you are seeking. They keep you stable and supported and have reflected details. They offer support throughout the leg and also aid with recovery when you’re in the middle of a particularly intense regime.
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The moisture wicking is great in these and the support is excellent. The compression around the thighs is particularly great, which really helps both after and during a run. The stability of the shorts helps you to support a more natural and productive gait. They are very comfortable.

These are of very good quality and durability. The small pockets are nice and stretchy, which is good for carrying gels or a phone.

Again, they’re pricey, but they come with a reputable name and excellent technology.
  • Great compression for structure and support
  • Help a lot with recovery
  • Reflective details
  • Help you to improve your runs over time
  • Stretchy pockets
  • Very comfortable
  • Pricey, but they are worth it

Intensity Twin Skin

These combine a tight layer with an outer layer and have very good stretch for excellent freedom and mobility. They are breathable, moisture-wicking and very lightweight. These are a good option if you run on trails given their combination of breathability, freedom and good support.
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The inner lining of these gives very good structure without restriction, which of course is an excellent combination. Like most of the shorts on this list, they are very comfortable. They don’t offer the high tech compression of some of the other shorts on this list, but they provide enough support for most runners. The moisture wicking is very good, so these are a good option if you run in hot conditions or if you get particularly sweaty.

The quality is good, like all Salomon products, and there are no durability issues.

These are an average price for this list: expensive for shorts, but reasonably priced considering how good they are.
  • Give support with breathability
  • Very good moisture wicking
  • Offer good freedom and good range of movement
  • Excellent for trail running
  • Good if you get very sweaty
  • Nothing in particular, though these aren’t as well-tested as some on here.

Salomon XT 2 Lite

These have UV protection and ride very high on the leg, which makes them a good option if you like something with a high fit. They have good stretch and a flexible fit. These have an inner brief for comfort and they have good motion due to their size.
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These don’t have the support or stability of some on this list, but they give nice freedom. The fit is great for those that prefer a high design. They are comfortable and feel nice on the skin.

Good quality, good durability and a nice small zippered pocket on the back.

These are cheaper than some others on this list, but given their fairly basic design, they are still pretty expensive.
  • Nice high design for lots of freedom and no restriction
  • UV protection
  • Good stretch and flexibility
  • Comfortable and feel good
  • A little expensive given their relative simplicity


Salomon Men's Trail Short

When you hit the trail for a challenging ride, you want a pair of shorts which are designed to take on all the challenges thrown up by trail running. These shorts will perform in all conditions and ensure comfort, secure FIT and perform to the expectations of all trail runners.

Made from top quality materials to ensure durability combined with breathability, ventilation, and comfort.

Read on and see why these shorts should be part of your warmer weather running gear.
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Made from a top quality blend of synthetic materials which ensure comfort combined with durability. You get an inner brief which ensures comfortable protective FIT combined with ventilative breathability.

To ensure FIt the shorts are fitted with an adjustable drawcord, protection from skin irritation through designed in flatlock seams.

Made from high-quality top performing durable synthetic materials, these shorts promise high quality combined with durability.

A standard and affordable price for a high-quality pair of shorts


Two pockets
Adjustable drawcord for a secure FIT
Durable comfortable synthetic materials


Wider choice of colors would be appreciated by runners

So there you have it – the best Salomon shorts. These are some of the best shorts in the game, and this list gives you plenty of choice and variety. Slip into some Salomon’s, get your run on, show off your shorts and improve your performance!

Criteria for picking out the Best Salomon Shorts for Running Reviewed

Running is one of the best sports. A unique kind of sport that while there are organized competitions such as marathons and shorter races, running is a sport where the individual often competes with himself or herself. Running is also an important factor for many people in losing weight as it is an easy way to engage in cardio exercise. Running, like all sports has specialized equipment designed to enhance performance like running shoes, heart rate monitors and shorts. Having the right type of wear when running is very important.

They not only determine comfortability but also efficiency while running. Running is also a sport that is not limited to any particular season. Having the best running shorts is one of the most important aspects of running. Which shorts are going to provide that lighter-than-air, is-this-even-real-life kind of experience? The answer will differ for each individual, but it’s quite possible that your next best running short is on the above list. Spring means many wondrous things, but for the distance runner, the most wondrous of all is getting to slide back into shorts. Whether they are split or long, there is a special relationship between a runner and his shorts. It is one of care and passion. Calculated efficiency and mind-blending exhilaration.

Finding your perfect running shorts can be a little difficult especially for men. There are shorts that have been specifically designed to be used for running. Though it’s very common to find many male runners running in normal shorts something similar to an old pair of basketball shorts. There is quite a variety of running shorts that are available for runners in the market. When trying to discover the best shorts for running, it is important to investigate the various styles of shorts available, as well as the materials they are made up of. With a proper understanding of what is out there in the world of running shorts, a buyer can make an informed and intelligent decision.

Men’s Vs Women’s

Too many male runners, most running shorts might look pretty similar. Though it’s important to note that there is, in fact, no real difference between running shorts sold to men and those sold to women. There is a difference when it comes to women’s running shorts and men’s running shorts that contribute a lot to making a difference in comfort and performance based on the body type of the runner. For this reason, when buying running shorts, it is important to make sure which gender they are designed for and to buy accordingly.

When picking out the best running shorts the following factors were taken into consideration.

Different Styles of  Running Shorts

There are running shorts made specifically for running. These shorts are quite short, which may make some men uncomfortable, but they allow for a greater range of motion. Other common choices are compression shorts and basketballs shorts, both of which offer their own particular set of advantages. The best running shorts are typically those that do not allow moisture to remain for very long, as this can lead to chafing. There are different types of that are mostly used by men for running. A runner could get comfortable in any sports short and use it for his or her routine exercises, but there is the variety of running shorts from female to male, young and old and definitely different shapes, sizes and designs. Choosing the specific type of running shorts now gets to the runners’ preference and consideration of both comfortability, functionality and the design and brand of the running short. Different runners have a different selection when it comes to the type of running shorts they want and need.

Running Shorts

Running shorts are shorts that are specifically designed for runners. They are usually designed to allow for smooth leg movements as well as to minimize any chafing. For this reason, they tend to be short. They range in length, but generally do not hang longer than the top of the thigh and do not extend far past the crotch. For some men, wearing such short shorts can be uncomfortable in public. While running shorts can reduce chafing for many men, those who find that their thighs rub together may find that longer shorts made of a silky material may be a better option.


Split Leg and V-Notch Running Shorts

Split leg and v-notch running shorts are very similar in that they have a split on either leg that allows the runner’s legs to extend as far as possible, which can make a crucial difference in a close race. Many casual runners also enjoy wearing these shorts because of the extra range of motion that they offer up. Perfect if you want to avoid any chaffing while running.

Full Split Shorts

One of the most running shorts in the running industry. They are very popular among athletes. The shorts allow maximum movement of the legs as you run, this is due to the side slits that are found in the running shorts. These slits make sure that there is natural movement of the legs, as you jog, run or make that splint. These shorts can either have liners or not, but then it all narrows down to the personal preference of each runner. Some feel that the liner enhances coverage of the skin, though some see the liner as an additional “baggage” that will interrupt them during their running. But then these shorts are not preferred by runners who feel that they have minimal coverage of the legs hence one can feel a little too exposed. Self-conscious runners totally avoid the full split running shorts. Maybe, they can be longer, but then they wouldn’t be split shorts.

Compression Shorts

Compression shorts are shorts that offer a good deal of support and fit very closely into the body. These shorts are most commonly worn by bicyclists but can be popular with runners as well. Compression shorts keep muscles warm, which is a key factor for many runners, especially those who wish to run in cold weather. These shorts also reduce the effect of potential impact on the muscles, which might possibly result in a deteriorating effect on fabric after a long period of running. Some men may find compression shorts a bit too revealing for running in public or may be sensitive to just how compression shorts might look on a man with more body fat. For this reason, some choose to wear them as underwear beneath a pair of running shorts. If this is the case, it is better to find a pair of running shorts that do not have a liner.

Basketball Shorts

Basketball shorts are very commonly worn for running because they offer a decent range of motion and can prevent chafing for men who have thighs that rub together while running. Though not made for running, basketball shorts have slowly gained the preference of many male runners. Basketball shorts are much longer than running shorts and can be a popular option for this reason alone. It should be noted that basketball shorts do not have a liner and that underwear or a jock strap is generally worn while wearing basketball shorts for running. They tend to offer more comfort and no chaffing to the body when running.

Bicycle Type Shorts

They are tighter running shorts. Some athletes or rather runners are into dressing in shorts that have very much comparison with bicycle cycling shorts designed with no padding. The bicycle cycling shorts are tight to the skin, keeping hold of the athlete’s muscles firmly when the athlete is exercising. The runners who love and prefer this kind of running shorts basically love this type of running shorts because of its ability to compress the muscles of the runner. Compressible running shorts have a quality of keeping the muscles of the runner warm during his or her running exercises and prevent the runner from moving around too much hence preventing impact. Compression tights are also loved by runners because they prevent or give little chances to the runner chaffing because the running shorts hold closely the muscles of the runner.

These type of running shorts though scarce mostly some male runners because they feel and think that the compression ability of the shorts reveal too much of the masculine body which they find indecent. Thick, fat and chubby female runners also shy from these type of running shorts because they reveal their body in a way that is uncomfortable to them and therefore feels that these kind of running shorts is more suitable for skinny or middle bodied runners. These Bicycle type shorts though may help a lot in increasing the flow of blood in a runners body and reduce minor injury to the athlete’s body.


The most important factor to consider when choosing a pair of running shorts is the comfort. Comfort affects any sports gear that a runner wears since it will affect the whole running experience.  If an old pair of denim cut-offs is the most comfortable option for a runner, then they become the best running shorts. Comfort is not just important when the shorts are first put on as many men find that even the most comfortable shorts can cause extremely uncomfortable chafing after a long run. That being said, finding the most comfortable pair of running shorts is much easier when all options are carefully evaluated.

Additional Features of  Running Shorts

Additional features help in determining the comfortability of the running short. Features such as liners, underwear, and pockets are commonly built into many pairs of running shorts. Depending on preference, you can find none, one, or all three of these features in a pair of running shorts.

Liners and Underwear

Many male runners are not aware that some running shorts should, in fact, be worn without underwear. These types of shorts are designed with a liner that provides enough support while offering less chafing and a greater range of motion to the runner. When shopping for a pair of running shorts, it is important to determine if there is a liner, and if so, whether or not having such a liner is desirable. This is because it will determine whether you want to wear an underwear beneath your running shorts. Some men prefer to wear a jock strap underneath their running shorts, but this is not necessary with a liner present. Liners may vary in terms of length and material. Some are designed to be longer and to create the illusion that a man is wearing boxer shorts. Some liners are designed for odor control or to keep moisture away. Liners are designed to not have seams that can cause chafing.


Pockets are very important especially if you plan on going for a run and you have to carry your car keys or house keys with you. Pockets also provide an additional storage for a runner who might want to carry sporting supplements like energy gels while running. Pockets are valued by most runners because they can act as an additional storage area. They not only enhance the appearance of a running short but then prove to be useful in carrying the most important basic stuff that you will need during your running workout. They make running more comfortable, by being able to hold the extra weight securely. The pockets can be zipped or not, but then the zipped pockets are most preferred because they not only hold the items securely but then also there is no possibility of them slipping out of the pocket and getting lost. When looking for a pair of running shorts, do consider the pockets and make sure that the pockets will be able to hold all the extra small things you will need during running work out, be it your car keys or just some small energy chews.

Most pairs of running shorts either do not have a pocket or have a pocket that is too small to fit anything of great importance. Many running shorts do have a key pocket, but some men may find that this pocket is too small for all that they may wish to store during a run, such as a credit card or a mobile phone.

Materials and Fit

Shorts come in a variety of different materials, but some might be better suited for running than others. As a general rule of thumb, anything that can hold moisture is typically a bad idea for running shorts because the damp fabric is one of the main causes of chafing and discomfort. This means that cotton and nylon shorts may not be the best options since they do not allow moisture to evaporate very quickly. Shorts that are made of various polyester blends may provide a better choice because these materials are commonly used during sports and are mainly designed to allow for quick evaporation of sweat. Shorts made of a silkier type of material can also work wonders towards reducing chafing. Also, make sure you don’t have any skin reaction to the material. Another important factor when looking at the material is whether the material is washable and how durable the material is with regards to wear and tear. A good material should be durable and last be washable. Running shorts should be made of lightweight, wicking, and breathable material, no matter what the style is of the short. This is true even of the cycling style of shorts, where there will be a much higher lycra content.


Other Important Factors Worth Considering

Personal Preference of the runner

Running dictates comfort, and with running shorts, comfort is largely influenced by personal preference of each runner. One short might be perfect for one runner but then it might be rejected by other runners. Though it’s very obvious that most male runners are always using normal shorts during their running exercises. Runners prefer shorts depending on tightness ( compression ability of the shorts) and the general length of the shorts, other features that are considered are like the liner also play an important role. All these factors combine to act as the ultimate buying guide that dictates the personal preference of any runner when looking for the best running shorts for their work out.

Finding the Right Fit for Running Shorts

The fit is very important. Whether you are doing a bicycle like running short or a basketball like shorts, all need to have a good fit so that they provide good comfort to the runner when running. The material that a pair of shorts is made from may actually affect how they fit. Cotton shorts may shrink after use and after being washed, which can cause them to become quite uncomfortable. Cotton shorts also tend to be less resilient in terms of keeping their shape and may become stretched out of shape. This factor, in combination with washing them, might make this option of shorts uncomfortable during long periods of running.

Inner Brief

Some running shorts will also have an inner brief which will help with support (particularly for men). When buying shorts, it is pretty important to remember that men and women are constructed differently and although there are some unisex shorts on the market these don’t generally work as well for runners as one designed specifically for your sex.



Running shorts are a highly useful piece of athletic clothing in spite of their relative simplicity and small size. The right pair of shorts for running should be comfortable above all, especially if the runner plans to run for long periods of time or on a consistent basis. Uncomfortable shorts can cause chafing or simply make running more difficult than it needs to be. In order to find the best shorts for running, it is important to investigate the different styles and materials available. Choosing what is right for a particular run will be dependent on a variety of factors including weather, the speed of running, likelihood of chaffing etc.



Below we have collected some of the frequently asked questions, with helpful answers.

Q. Why should I wear running shorts?

A. Having the right type of running shorts when running is very important. They not only determine comfortability but also efficiency while running. Running is also a sport that is not limited to any particular season. Having the best running shorts is one of the most important aspects of running. Which shorts are going to provide that lighter-than-air, is-this-even-real-life kind of experience? The answer will differ for each individual, but it’s quite possible that your next best running short is on the above list. Spring means many wondrous things, but for the distance runner, the most wondrous of all is getting to slide back into shorts. Whether they are split or long, there is a special relationship between a runner and his shorts. It is one of care and passion. Calculated efficiency and mind-blending exhilaration.

Q. What is the material of the running?

A. The material should be able to withstand the test of time and any rough conditions. You can consult with the salesperson on the different materials used by the different brands so that to determine the best. Some material is waterproof and others can withstand damage from sunlight. You will have plenty of options that will be able to suit your needs. All in all, when it comes to material focus more on durability than style.

Q. Do I wear fitting or loose running shorts for a short run?

A. There are two types of running shorts that you can consider. Basketball Shorts. Basketball shorts are very commonly worn for running because they offer a decent range of motion and can prevent chafing for men who have thighs that rub together while running. Though not made for running, basketball shorts have slowly gained the preference of many male runners. The second option is cycling shorts.  Also known as compression shorts they act like the 2nd skin. They are able to hold the leg muscles in place during running. Though they are also another version of shorts that many runners can’t seem to agree on whether they are OK, they tend to expose more than enough when it comes to male runners. Fitting or lose running shorts narrow down to personal preference of the runner and also the distance and the weather in which the runner will be running in. Both shorts function well you just need to get the one that suits you perfectly and is comfortable.

Q. How much are you willing to spend?

A. Your budget is very important when it comes to making this long-term sports investment. Those it’s important to note that running shorts aren’t really that expensive. Durability should be given very high importance and also make sure you stick to your budget. Another thing is to make sure you are buying the best running short that will suit you and that will be able to serve you well.

Q. Do I need to wear any underwear beneath my running shorts?

A. Yes, if your running shorts lack inner briefs. If your running shorts happen to be very tight or form-fitting, then you can skip wearing your underwear as this will reduce chances of chaffing during your work out sessions. Also, it’s important to note if you have any allergies or skin related issues. If yes, then its best you just go commando. Though, some running shorts will also have an inner brief which will help with support (particularly for men). When buying shorts, it is pretty important to remember that men and women are constructed differently and although there are some unisex shorts on the market these don’t generally work as well for runners as one designed specifically for your gender.

Q. Do you wear shorts over running shorts?

A. Wearing shorts over tights increase the friction between your legs, adds bulk and causes bunching as you run. (That draws far more attention to your derriere than just tights and sticks you with twice as much laundry.) Pick one and wear it with confidence. When worn in the correct size for your body, running shorts are perfectly appropriate to wear while running no matter what size you are.



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