Salomon Agile Jacket

The weather tends to shift dynamically this time of year, late fall and winter, thus we may need heavy duty layering at times -- while at other times, just enough long-sleeved warmth to get us through a walk to the store or a hike. Long-sleeved shirts are useful for many purposes. The Salomon Agile Jacket is available for both men and women in a wide range of color. This jacket is made with runners in mind first and foremost. It hails for protecting runners from the wind or other natural elements. Although it is advertised or showcased as a runner's jacket, its style and look can make it suitable for other tasks as well – such as a walk in the park, a hike or a downtown scroll. It has the right mix of style, comfort and usefulness to find its niche. However, since it is advertised as a runner's jacket lets focus on what it does well and not so well in this regard.


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Pros & Cons
  • Comes in a wide range of colors
  • Available for men and women
  • Very stylish design
  • Great for runners and athletes
  • Very affordable
  • Offers various vents for intake airflow
  • Cons
    • May need layering on top against real cold, rain or snow
    • Less comfortable, breathable than other similar jackets on the market
    • Slow to dry after rain or sweat
    • Doesn't come with transport pouch
    • Key Features
      The primary use of this jacket is for runners to keep warm and protected against the elements of nature such as wind. It is designed with comfort in mind and durability so that those runners can use it in various weather conditions and various climates. It isn't designed for heavy-duty use in adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow. However, for running under weather conditions that include light sprinkling, some occasional heavy winds and over rugged terrain with dust scatter, it fulfills its purpose.
      It is durable, stylish and comfortable, which are all important hallmarks for runners and other athletes. This is the type of jacket you use on a fall or winter run while keeping yourself stylish to boot. What it's venting is adequate, for jogs and light runs, but for very long hikes or running marathons it may not meet the mark. The jacket also comes with hand pockets on sides for slipping some keys, an iPod or anything else a runner may need. It is always nice to have a place to slip hands into as well during the cold when out and about, and no gloves are around. This jacket at least has the base covered, although it would be nice if it had bigger pockets to fit a small water bottle in or a sleeve pocket on the inside for this purpose.

      The jacket is light-weight and easy to slip on and off. It comes with a zipper that allows for flexible wear. The jacket is made out of ripstop nylon and has vents along shoulder sections and its upper back section for airflow to seep through. However, when compared to some other rival jackets on the market, the moisture does not evaporate as quickly from the inside out. The seams on its shoulders and back are a bit on the abrasive side, but this is something any wearer should expect from athletic wear that has airflow vents.
      The jacket comes in a variety of sizes for men and women. The sizes range from small, medium, large and X-large. It is thin and only weighs 5.8oz. This is definitely something to consider as runners and athletes will want to feel as light as possible when in motion. This jacket fits the lightness factor in all the right ways.
      Running can be a sport where rocks, dust, and wind all make a presence, particularly on a long run or jog. Thus durability is important when considering a jacket. This jacket is made with runners in mind. Despite this, its weather resistance leaves a bit to be desired. Test use cases showed it to be less than adequate for runs more than three miles long, but perfect for shorter jogs. Although quite durable in its makeup, the jacket it isn't designed for long runs or hikes, but more as something to throw on for a morning jog. It is made out of polyester, which is a very durable material that can withstand stretching and shrinking. It is also resistant to chemicals or spills in most cases. This makes the jacket quite durable in this regard.
      The jacket doesn't come with a pouch to transport the jacket around, unlike most competing jacket. This makes it less of a traveller's jacket, but more something wearers will throw on their backs at a whim during early morning and back on the rack as they come home.
      This is what separates the jacket from competitors and makes it shine. It is without a doubt a stylish jacket that oozes with grace. Anyone putting it on will feel like they belong on a triathlon or some athletic event as it makes a person stand out with grace. The jacket comes with reflective markings, thus making it useful to other runners at night or early morning was lighting is dim.

      The Salomon logo can also be seen as it is in reflective white design that shines from the rest of the jacket. It is located on the upper left side near the heart, while a separate design logo can be seen on the upper left arm. Both the logo designs are in bright white, which appear reflective in the dark. The zipper is also in its separate color, and the jacket has some color changes in its underside arm sections where the airflow vents are as well as the end sleeves and bottom of the jacket. This can vary according to the color chosen by shoppers as one variation includes dark grey with a bit darker black for most of the sections outside the logos. So there are a lot of options to choose from.
      The jacket isn't expensive by any stretch of the imagination. Athletic gear is not cheap, and this jacket fills that price point where users looking for something durable, lightweight and useful for running can purchase the jacket without too much hassle on how often they'll use it. It will find a purpose even besides running, due to its savvy style, and at its price, it isn't a bad impulse purchase for the aspiring runners out there as well.
      Key Features
    • Comes with DWR infused nylon

    • Protection against wind & light rain

    • Easy to slip on and off

    • Has vents for airflow intake

    • Weights at only 5.8oz

    • 360-degree reflective coating

    • Bottom Line
      This is a jacket that is best suited for short runs and jogs, and it performs adequately for this purpose. It is great for use against showers, mist, wind and other lightweight adverse weather conditions. But for those looking to get into triathlons or long hikes, may be better suited with a more robust or expensive jacket. For anyone looking to throw on something relatively good against the weather elements for a morning run, this jacket is a very good option. Its lack of a transport pouch holds it back against more versatile traveling athletic wear, but again for home use in morning or evening jogs, it fits the bill. The nice thing about this jacket is the color customization options and the style. There is enough to choose from for anyone. The red outlines with a dark grey background are particularly catchy. The 360-degree reflective surface also makes it stand out regarding style.
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