9 Best Salomon Jackets Compared & Reviewed


Salomon is a brand dedicated to producing high quality, high-performance running gear. With many brands, the standards and like design can make it a bit difficult to tell the different releases apart there is still a wide variety in Salomon’s product line.

Runners need a jacket that can keep up with their needs. From trail to track there is nowhere outside where you’ll be safe from the weather, but that doesn’t mean you should let it slow you down. From harsh wind to excessive rain, Salomon has jackets that can go toe to toe with anything you throw at it. You can wear your jacket with confidence and run straight through anything you want to face.

We know that Salomon has perfect jackets for everything from “everyday’ activities to windy and rainy weather. To help you find the perfect fit we brought together the very best of what Salomon has to offer onto this list along with helpful information and an FAQ to help you make the very best choice for you.

Last Updated: August 8, 2018
By Tess Bercan:

Salomon are high quality, durable jackets that are an excellent investment for all types of activities—even everyday wear. Our recent update provides you with the current best options available and gives you a good selection to choose from. 8/8/18 We went through and gave our FAQ a thurough overhall to make sure our answers are as helpful as possible. We also moved the Agile from number 9 to number 4 as more information about its performance have come to light and we felt that the number 4 place better reflected its abilities.

Elevate Mid
  • Elevate Mid
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Motionfit design
  • Price: See Here
Bonatti Waterproof
  • Bonatti Waterproof
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • AdvancedSkin Dry material
  • Price: See Here
Fast Wing Hoodie
  • Fast Wing Hoodie
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Great wind protection
  • Price: See Here

9 Best Salomon Jackets


Elevate mid

This running jacket from Salomon is very comfortable that’s perfect for before or after sports in warmer conditions. Though they can still be used in cooler conditions. The jacket has amazing features like Fabric (Main: AdvancedSkin Warm (94% polyester, 6% wool) and Insert: 100% polyester), UPF 50, Adjustable hood, Full length zip, 2 zipped hand pockets, Reflective detailing and a light weight: 340g. The zip on the jacket if full length and the hood is able to enhance effective maximum heat retention as well as ventilation keeping you comfortable throughout the running session. The UPF 50 offers sun protection from harmful sun rays. A soft, snugly hoody perfect for everyday wear; it works as well with jeans as it does on the trails. It's light, breathable and packed with well thought out features, including adjustable hood, windproof head and shoulder sections, back vents, zip pockets, and reflective detail.

Great looking.


Breathable venting on the back makes it ideal for running, Nordic skiing or other active sports in cool weather

Motionfit patterning provides extra room for movement without adding needless bulk


Versatile hoody.

Best for both warm and cold weather


The price

The zip keeps catching the lining and jamming!

Bonatti Waterproof

One of the light running jackets in the market, with tapped seams. It meets the requirements of training with regards to keeping the runner safe from harsh weather. This running jacket has impressive features. With taped seams, this Bonatti jacket from Salomon boasts of both an active and motion fit. Additional features are a hood that is skin fit, reflective features, stow pockets, waterproof zip, sleeves that are well articulated and wrists that are elastic in nature. The jacket has great wind and water ( even snow) resistant with a weight of close to 130g. Its breathability is enhanced by the AdvancedSkin Dry fabric.

It has excellent fit

The elastic wrists keep the jacket in place.

Great fit from the hood.

Very soft fabric.


Partial water resistant abilities.

The length arms are average

Fast Wing Hoodie

Another impressive product from Salomon that is yet fantastic and high end apparel that works well for runners, which stands above many other similar products being sold. With a light weight of 2.55 ounces, Fast Wing offers an athlete with exceptionally light combined with a packable weather resistant protection. The apparel has some extra designs and features that make it totally to stand out. However, during heavier rain some sections of the jacket got wet very quickly. The jacket offers a close fit, and has very few inner layers hence its light weight nature. The cuffs and the waistband have limited elasticity hence the design will be durable and minimal due to the limited stretch. An extra elastic line on the hood's forehead makes sure that its covers the runners hea always no matter how windy the weather is.

Lightest weight of all

Great wind protection

Fantastic hood design for warmth and dryness

Many ventilation options

Excellent, athletic fit


Less water resistant

Paper-thin fabric vulnerable to snags


The Salomon Agile Jacket is sleek and lightweight, and offered in both bold and neutral colors. Runners will appreciate wind protection and reflective detail for wear anytime of day or night. This jacket provides optimum, high performance and then transitions to fit everyday life with trend-on style. We love the duality of a jacket that works like a machine and looks like a cool, go-anywhere jacket.
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Style and Fit
The Salomon Agile jacket is perfect for runners - or anyone looking for a stylish jacket geared toward athletic activity. The body and the lining are made of 100% PES. Weighing a mere 180g, the jacket never hinders activity while providing pro level performance and excellent wind protection.

The S Agile is offered in a variety of colors. Choose from neutrals or bold (Lava Orange is especially awesome) and enjoy a late night run with no worries with the 360 reflective detail. We love that this jacket not only makes the perfect companion for running, but transitions to all daily activity. Go from the trail or the basketball court to dinner and a movie and look great. Simple, sleek lines and classic detailing make this a perfect go-to, multi purposed and everyday jacket.

Technical Elements
The Salomon Agile has 2 zipped, hand warmer pockets, Pro performance reflective detailing at a light weight, and a full zip. Articulated sleeves allow arm motion and flexibility while the jacket stays put, not riding up or moving around uncomfortably with necessary arm movement. A lightweight Taffeta fabric blocks wind and sheds light moisture helping to provide an excellent air vent system.

Very reasonable price for an everyday, multi-purposed, lightweight and reflective jacket.
  • Great multi-purposed jacket with excellent efficiency for runners and other athletic activity
  • Reasonably priced
  • Great selection of colors
  • Some buyers claim torso felt slightly loose. Pay close attention to sizing charts.

Fast III

Fast III
The Salomon Fast III is a great running jacket that is as sleek as it looks. The lines and tailoring are classic and athletic. With features like ClimaWIND, Smartskin and excellent reflectivity, you’ll feel as great in this gear as you’ll look.
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Style and Fit
An active, slim fit with enough room for a tee or long sleeve beneath, the Salomon Fast III makes a great looking addition to your running gear toolkit. It’s both durable and light, provides arm articulation and excellent design features. Trendy enough for running or everyday - a transitional “winner” taking wearer’s from the run to the restaurant in style. A fun, unique feature we love is the cool watch-window which lets you check the time without pushing up your sleeve. The stuff pouch has a wide, comfortable band which fits over your wrist. Among the color selection is a fun purple hue or deep, classic navy.

Technical Elements
Packability, weightlessness (4 oz), flexibility, resistance, and ventilation are each packed within the great looking Fast III jacket. Underarm stretch panels let sweat out without compromising the inner jacket microclimate. A sternum snap prevents unwanted movement, thumb loops keep hands warm and fabric technology keeps wind and rain at bay, even in the harshest conditions. Six reflective features keep runners safe day or night. All of this, in a simply packed-down jacket with its own stuffing pocket.

Moderately priced
  • Multiple technology features for ultimate comfort and stability
  • Moderate/fair price
  • Some felt that layering created a too-snug fit


Available in classic, great looking colors, this jacket is the epitome of comfort and capability, combined. Offering two types of technical fabrics to enhance its performance and thereby, Salomon’s Pulse jacket is a great choice for activity and everyday wear, and all at a great price.
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Style and Fit
First, the color selection for the Pulse jacket is really great. We love the sky blue with contrasting white zipper and logo, the two-tone purple and black, two toned blue on blue, and black on grey - each with great zipper hue contrast. The aesthetic is a look so cool and casual, it’s hard to remember the technical aspects comprised within that’ll up your athletic game.

Technical Elements
This all-season softshell provides flexibility and movement while simultaneously offering weather-resistance and protection. It keeps it simple with a single chest pocket for small storage and 2 hand pockets for warmth. Cuff tabs and hem adjustments mean a no-slip run and no debris seeping in. Reflective branding in both front or back and an air vent system allow for comfortable running, anytime, day or night. The Advancedskin Sheild keeps wearers warm and dry with fabric technology you need, where you need it. The softshell Melange Effect means additional protection and resistance. All of this within a fleece, cozy, active fit jacket you’ll love to wear all year.

Excellent price point for the styling and technology
  • Dual fabric technology
  • Reflective branding
  • Great price point
  • Some customers felt color representation was slightly different than actual product

Bonatti Pro

Bonatti Pro
Salomon calls it's Bonatti Pro WP jacket “essential equipment to bring when running in the mountains.” We agree. Offered at a reasonable price with versatile capability, this jacket makes a great choice and proves an excellent match for sketchy weather conditions. With an active fit, the appearance is satisfying, too.
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Style and Fit
Best described as a minimalist selection, the Bonatti Pro WP keeps it simple. It has one pocket (that duals as the jacket’s storage), large enough for the basics only (phone or wallet). A nice element is the port inside the jacket to run headphones. Elastic at the waist, cuffs and around the hood keep everything in place while minimizing any additional bulk. The reflective front and back logo are a great feature. Salomon prioritizes safety, comfort and fit even when it’s simplified. Colors range from powder blue to a deep red with yellow zipper, ensuring there's a color option for everyone. A durable nylon shell looks great while providing additional protection.

Technical Elements
Weighing in at 6 oz, Salomon assures that this jacket matches moisture protection found in more traditional ski jackets. With 2.5 layers of their trademark ClimaPro membrane they aren’t wrong - this jacket blocks wetness while remaining breathable. The Skinfit hood stays put during runs or hikes and when it’s time to take it off, pack it down easily and stash in its own pocket. No matter how technical your ride or trail, this jacket has the technical capability to match it.

Great price for a minimalist yet technical jacket
  • Lightweight with excellent protection
  • Great price
  • May run large, check sizing chart

S-Lab Hybrid

S-Lab Hybrid
With this high performing piece of equipment, harsh weather will never pose an obstacle to winning the race. Its Pertex fabric is designed to move with your motions and protect against wind, rain and snow. Even with this outstanding material, the jacket is still so light, you won’t even think about wearing it. Now that's the definition of the right running gear. Pack it into its own stretch waist belt for easy access.
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Style and Fit
The Lab Hybrid jacket is beautiful, pure and simple. The classic lines, sleek black color with slight reflective embellishments and minimal red piping create a powerful aesthetic. The form is tailored, with a fitted look under the arm, through the chest and the neck while providing excellent mobility and range in all the right places. The six inch waist band (which supplements a draw-cinch waist) allows for total rain and snow protection and looks great doing it. The “Skin Fit” hood wraps in a form fitting way around the head, offering maximum protection and warmth. The added sweatproof band wicks away sweat and other moisture that might interfere with performance or comfort.

Technical Elements
A material comprised of Elastic, Polypropylene and Polyamide create a wind resistant and super lightweight jacket. Pack it into its own waist belt but don’t be fooled by its easability - this jacket is literally a machine. Add glued seams, motion fit, stay down and wind resistant zipper, and advanced drying. This well constructed and well designed jacket surpasses expectations when it comes to a laundry list of high performance capabilities while maintaining a favorite aesthetic.

We really like this jacket. In a word, it’s tough. It’s also pricey!
  • Tough jacket, multi-purposed
  • Six inch waist band for excellent form fitting aesthetic and protection
  • Love the shape
  • Partial zip, pullover style
  • Expensive
  • Some may not prefer the snug fit for layering purposes

S-Lab Light

S-Lab Light
This jacket is just right for transitional climates. As the seasons change, and we move from sunny afternoons to cooler, often breezier nights, don’t forget to grab the S-Lab Light for your sunset trail run. Likewise, as the chill of winter leaves but it’s not quite a tee-shirt and shorts sort of day, grab the S-Lab Light. In other words, this is a fantastic, lightweight accessory to have on hand especially with shifting temperatures. Ultra light and windproof, it’s an excellent, easy-to-pack jacket to have on board.
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Style and Fit
Salomon has incorporated its Advancedskin Shield fabric and MotionFit technologies into the Lab Light jacket. The result is a close fitting jacket with the added benefit of bonded/glued seams which assist not only with the fit but also more freedom during your ride. Runners love the silhouette, with its body hugging contour that simultaneously feels free while running. In awesome race colors red, black and white, it’s time to get your run on!

Technical Elements
What we really love about this jacket is its comfort-to-performance ratio. Packed into 10 oz of material is a windproof but breathable fabric that’ll completely protect from harsh winds. Laser holes strategically positioned under the armpits, down the upper back, around the tummy and lower back and in the forearm area keep wearers fully ventilated. A favorite, newer element is the three tiny magnets positioned within the collar making for a quick and simple close/opening. No matter how you like to keep your jacket zipped (all the way, medium or just a little), the magnets keep the jacket put. Add MotionFit technology for a secure fit that keeps bellowing wind at bay and you’ve got your perfect, lightweight jacket.

Salomon consistently runs higher end, but with these key features and a perfect fit, it’s worth it.
  • MotionFit technology
  • Magnets for stay-put function
  • Great silhouette
  • High price point

Our Criteria used for picking out the Best Salomon Jackets

Be it summer or winter the weather can be a bit unpredictable and this doesn’t mean you cannot go for your daily run, that’s why it’s important to have a good quality running jacket. The only way to fight a bad weather is to have a good running jacket that will be able to protect from these elements. Running jackets are designed to provide plenty of additional features that not only protect you from the harsh weather but they also make your running experience be awesome.

While getting the right jacket isn’t easy there are some factors that one should consider when looking for a running jacket. Your jacket for running shouldn’t be overly bulky as this will restrict your range of movement and slow you down. Look for a wind & water resistant shell coat made in a breathable fabric. As a rule – the more water resistant a jacket gets, the less breathable it will be, so find out what is more important to you. If you’re going to be running at night or in low-light levels, having reflective strips on your jacket is extremely useful and can help keep you safe. Offering the runner maximum protection from  winds and  showers, ideal running jacket  ought to be able to wick sweat away and offer great breathability hence no overheating.

With that in mind, there are a variety of factors that need to be considered before you choose a piece of outerwear to get you through rainy, windy, snowy, or cold runs.


Insulation allows you to have your usual run in that very cold weather without the worry of freezing to death. It’s very crucial to know the type of running climate you might experience. Also the timing, be it morning or evening. Most runners prefer running when the temperature is below 40. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your running jacket has insulation. The inbuilt insulation will be able to give enough warmth in those chilly days, apart from that the insulation will also be able to keep you dry from too much sweat by always acting a wicking moisture layer. In case you feel the need for more layering be carefully you don’t trap moisture in between and hence get soaked. Though it is very important to that: running is aerobic and your body will generate enough heat once you start your running work out.


 Look for  materials that are reflective. This feature is very important as it will keep you safe from possible accidents if you plan to run on a road that has frequent motorists or cyclists. It’s the best feature for playing safe and should be considered by all runners.

Weight and Compactability

It’s no secret that lighter running gears ends to faster workout sessions, this apply also to jackets. It does not matter whether its a marathon race or a short job in the park, weight will definitely be a very important factor. Definitely when it comes to running jackets, the lighter the better, a pack-able light layer will be effective if you are doing long runs. A piece that is not able to pack down will mean that you will have to wear it throughout the entire running session, that means another burden.

It’s quite interesting that if the jacket is lighter then you will not even notice you are wearing it but then you will be protected from the harsh weather. The ability to compress the layer of jacket makes it possible to carry it during long runs and you totally cant tell how the weather will be. But then if you don’t mind a little extra weight then you can consider a running jacket that has more features like awesome pockets and hoodies. However, the benefits associated with a hood can be worth it, if you focus more on wind & water resistant.

Breathability of the Jacket

Running comes with plenty of sweating, and nobody wants to have that gross smell of sweat. Though sweating is a little annoying it’s able to help the body ease pain and soreness, clear the pores on the skin and also get rid of toxins in the body. Apart from all these sweating improves your mood and regulates the body temperature. That’s why it’s very crucial for any running jacket to have some sort of ventilation feature that allows breathability of the jacket.

This feature allows air to move freely through the jacket and around the body hence the sweat from the body can evaporate. Ventilation on running jackets can be provided through mesh panels and permeable fabrics, just to name a couple.  Breathability is a feature that not only keeps you cool, but can also affect your health. Overheating during a workout can cause dizziness, skin rashes, or even unconsciousness, so breathability is a very important feature when choosing a running jacket.

Weatherproofing Features

Your ideal running jacket must not only be stylish and comfortable, but then it should also provide you with the maximum protection form all kinds of climatic conditions during your running workout. The most commonly encountered elements are precipitation in the form of rain and snow, and wind. So what are the weather proofing features you ought to look for in a jacket?


A waterproof running jackets means that there is no chance of you getting wet from the pouring rain. Waterproofing has different types depending on the fabric used. Coated fabric that offer waterproofing features have polyurethane inside of the fabric, and are best used during moderate activity but may suffer from limited breathability. Examples of coated fabrics in the market are AquaDry, IsoTex, and Precip.

The other type of waterproofing is the waterproof membrane. These are made from millions of tiny pores that enable liquid evaporation from the inside out but doesn’t let water in from the inside. The other type of waterproofing is Páramo. Páramo has a unique feature it imitates the ability of animal fur to get rid of moisture. This doesn’t mean extra weight, it’s able to keep you warm at all times and uses the breathable and permeable pump action liner to keep you dry.

Water Resistance

Waterproofing isn’t the same as water resistance. Though many confuse the two and most assume they mean the same thing. While a waterproof jacket will always keep rain and other wetness out of your jacket, a water resistant jacket is only able to stand up to light moisture for a short amount of time. They are more breathable than waterproof jackets, but can’t stand up to heavy precipitation.

Wind Proofing

In most instances if a running jacket is waterproof then it’s also windproof. This is because the same barriers that are designed in the jacket to keep of water are also able to keep out the wind. Though it’s important to know that however, some water resistant jackets, like those made with a laminate coating, are considered windproof.

Wind Resistance

Wind resistant jackets are also similar to the water-resistant jackets. The two are able to offer protection up to a certain level. A wind resistant running jacket is able to shield you from a windy day but not from very strong winds like in a serious storm. Then you won’t have much protection. One benefit of wind resistant running jackets is that they are usually very thin and lightweight, which makes them packable and convenient for travel.

Your running jacket should always work to protect against any weather condition that’s why it is important to take the weather into consideration when buying your running jacket at all times.


Other Important Factors To Consider

To help make this decision a little easier, other factors were also considered, that will guide in picking out the best running jacket for you:


Do you need anything that will be handy when running like that energy bar, or an mp3 music player? Storage relates to what you will be carrying when running, though this means more weight for you, but then you can opt for a running jacket that has pockets. When selecting a running jacket, consider all of the accessories you take with you on a run. A couple of well-placed pockets can make sure you have all of the things you need to be well fueled and safe during your workout. This is important especially if you plan on going for a long run.


Cold or warm, very important aspect. Running needs a certain degree of warmth that doesn’t make the whole running experience unbearable. Modern running jackets are made for different types of weather. You can get a light jacket for a breezy, but potentially drizzly, spring morning, or a heavier fleece-lined jacket for running on cold winter mornings. Make sure the jacket you choose provides the level of warmth and breathability you will need to have a good, healthy workout while outside.




Q. What kind of weatherproofing does this jacket offer?

A. The important think about weatherproofing is balancing it with aspects of design that are undermined by its inclusion, namely breathability. Salomon makes jackets for colder and warmer weather and both of them contain sweat wicking and management. They make sure to offer jackets with windproofing and wet weatherproofing. Its best to assess what weather you will be running in most commonly and choose the jacket is best for that. Choosing a jacket with features won’t need means you are likely to end up with extras that could add excess heat or weight. And while Salomon properly manages their designs to prevent issues with heat or weight you should still avoid taking any on extra.

Q. Can a running jacket be breathable while at the same time be waterproof & windproof?

A. The level of breathability juxtapose to the weatherproofing is based on the materials used in the jacket’s construction. Some materials are 100% water and windproof but since nothing can pass through them their breathability is limited. Other microporous materials can keep most wind and rain out while still allowing cooling air to dry your sweat and cool your body.

Q. Does water resistant mean the same as waterproof?

A. Waterproofing and water resistance are two separate things and the word choice is an important distinction. Waterproofing is a label that is used with materials that have been specially treated with certain materials or chemicals to reject all the water. Waterproofing material will not absorb any water and liquid will bead or roll off of it no matter what the conditions you are running in.

Water resistance will use a different system or lesser versions of waterproofing. These type of jackets will push away a lot of water but when it comes to excessive amounts of water or severe weather it will still become absorbent after a certain point.

Even if it isn’t as strong water resistant jackets can be just as good if you live in areas with less or lighter rain and full waterproofing should only be necessary if you run in the most extreme conditions.

Q. Why is insulation important in my jacket?

A. No matter what the weather is like we always our runners to search out insulated clothing over anything else. Good insulation will keep you warm regardless of the weather or type of precipitation. Insulated clothing is also great for remaining dry and sweat free. With all the benefits its easy to see why this clothing style would be favored over others.

Some runners might assume that insulated clothing might make sweat issues worse but in reality, insulation clothing can wick and manage excessive sweat. A good reason to wear light insulation in warm weather is for better moisture control. Too much sweat can lead to irritation and even skin infections. This is the reason we recommended insulation clothing, not only is the comfort of our runners important to us but so is the health.

Q. Is it okay to wash my jacket?

A. Washing athletic gear can have some very specific needs. That is why we always strongly advise reading all the included care instructions, usually found in the package or on the tag when it comes time to wash. It is very important that these instructions are followed since mis-washing or inappropriate care can cause extra and excessive wear onto gear. We know you want your investment to last as long as possible and washing your gear correctly is an important part of that.


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