Salomon Agile 250

If you’re looking for a running belt that is so lightweight and conforming to your body shape that you’ll hardly notice its presence during long rides, the Salomon Agile 250 may be just what you need. This belt is designed specifically to support runners on lengthy expeditions. It will hold your water, snack, keys, and chapstick, all while remaining securely put and smooth-fitting. For runners who crave upper body agility along with the opportunity to carry essentials, this belt is a great option.

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Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Universal fit
  • Ample pocket storage
  • Reflective
  • PVC free
  • Waterproof
  • Unisex
  • Cons
    • Accompanying soft flask tends to leak while carried in belt
    • Belt size may not work for very small or larger waists
    • Key Features
      The Agile 250 is designed to offer trail runners sleek storage while maintaining ultimate freedom of movement. Keep a snack or other outdoor essentials close at hand in the front stretch mesh pocket, allowing easy access at a moment’s notice. A single zipped pocket on the back fits the accompanying soft flask while a smaller internal pocket provides a safe spot for your keys or other tiny essentials. Great for endurance athletes, this belt also works well for skiing.
      This belt fits snug, but rest assured it is breathable, too. Its three-dimensional mesh maximizes ventilation and helps wick moisture. The comfy mesh also offers an adequate buffer between you and your belt’s contents.
      Elastic jersey and mesh make for a stretchy fit around your hips. While some runners find the Agile 250 affords a barely-there feel, others aren’t crazy about the occasional bumpiness of a full belt. Comfort may depend on the shape and quantity of the items you choose to put in the storage pockets. The belt itself is incredibly lightweight, adding a mere 2.74 ounces to your cargo.
      Personalizing the belt size requires a short initial time investment and ensures the perfect fit for your body. The belt is easy and quick to adjust thanks to a Velcro belt and adjustment leach. Simply open the end buckle, remove any unneeded length on the strap, and reset the end belt at your desired length. Adapt the belt circumference to your comfort needs, and you’re good to go for miles and miles. While this universal fit works for many, the Agile 250 may not work for very petite athletes and those with larger waist sizes.
      70D polyamide ripstop nylon and synthetic leather supply durable construction. Users report this belt to be of high quality, noting no malfunctions of pockets, zippers, or belt closure. This sturdy belt won’t tear and lasts for countless runs.
      The Agile 250 comes equipped with a soft hydration flask that holds up to eight fluid ounces. The back-zipped pocket fits the flask perfectly. Due to the side-lying position of the flask in the belt, the bite valve may press onto the side of the belt, potentially causing a soak through. Some runners opt to hold onto the flask in their hand and use the back pocket for larger cell phones.
      This is a unisex belt designed to fit the tastes of all genders. Enjoy colorful options of red, black, purple, and blue. Prominent reflective details include hits and strips along the belt. These ensure your safety and increased visibility in low-light conditions such as early morning and after dusk.
      Compared to other belts with hydration and storage capabilities, the Agile 250 sits slightly on the higher end of the price spectrum. Take into consideration that the belt is designed to carry a soft flask which holds eight liquid ounces whereas other belts come equipped with carriers to hold up to 20 or more fluid ounces. Many of these belts are markedly less expensive than the Agile 250. So if hydration capacity is your main concern, then this belt may seem pricey relative to its limited holding power.
      Key Features
      - Includes an eight ounce soft hydration flask
      - One expandable front mesh pocket
      - One zipped expandable back pocket fits the soft flask
      - Internal pocket holds small essentials
      - Customizable size fits most body types
      - Reflective details keep you visible and safe
      Bottom Line
      More than an ordinary fanny pack, the Agile 250 is made to give runners maximum agility and ultimate functionality. The soft, stretchy materials and customizable size create a snug, sturdy fit. Lightweight with ample pocket storage, the belt barely adds to your sense of cargo. But the included soft flask does not consistently offer solid function in the way it is designed to - filled with fluid, held in the back pocket while engaging in a dynamic activity. The flask carries only eight ounces, which just isn't enough hydration for some trail runners. So while this belt offers comfortable storage for other essentials, it may not be the best accessory for keeping you hydrated.
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      By Nena Complo
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