Salomon XT 6

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Editor’s Conclusion
It’s a great shoe for short 5k trail runs, or simply for hiking all day in the woods. What I love most about this shoe is that it strikes a perfect balance of premium cushioning, protection, and control in the midsole and outsole, yet the upper is lightweight and really hugs your foot for a unique fit.

The best feature of this Salomon shoe lies in the insanely durable and rugged outsole. It boasts deep lugs that really ground you down to the earth and an internal chassis system that keeps your stride even and stable when the trail ahead is filled with uphill climbs and downhill descents.

The performance of the outsole, midsole, and upper work together seamlessly to provide runners with a well-balanced and responsive ride that will make difficult trails feel like running on the sidewalk!

The Salomon XT 6 is one beast of a shoe. This aggressive trail runner helps to protect your feet when running on difficult terrain, and it is packed with high-end comfort features to keep your legs and joints protected.

Below, more details on what makes the Salomon XT6 one of the very best trail runners out there on the market!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Great for long distances and ultra-marathons

Dual-density EnergyCell midsole is both supportive and responsive

Agile Chassis System even out gait on downhill descents

EndoFit sock liner for improved lockdown

ContaGrip TA rubber outsole with deep lugs

Quicklace system for added lockdown and an improved fit




Not ideal for speed

Key Features

Key Features


The midsole on this design is made from a blend of two different styles of foam to provide a strong yet supportive ride. The Energy Cell midsole design blends high-density EVA foam cushioning in high-impact areas of your foot, and a softer EVA foam in the places that demand a lighter touch.

Overall, the dual-density midsole provides runners with a ride that is the perfect balance between plush cushioning and responsiveness.

What really makes this trail running shoe stand out from the pack is the addition of the Agile Chassis System. This system works in tandem with the Energy Cell dual-density midsole to provide extra stability when running on uneven surfaces.

It also helps to even out your gait cycle and works as a dampener to mitigate the impact that your joints make with the ground. While some running shoes leave your legs busted the next day, the performance of this midsole system helps to fight joint and muscle fatigue the next day!


If there was ever any doubt that the XT 6 was a trail running shoe - just take a look at the aggressive outsole. It is composed of Salomon’s unique Contagrip TA rubber compound that is incredibly durable and performs quite well out there on the trails.

The deep lugs really dig into the ground under your feet, but offer enough space in between each lug to prevent every rock and twig on the trail from getting stuck to your shoe!

It also has a boost of treads along the heel for confident heel strikes, and angled lugs toward the forefoot to keep your toe-offs light and bright. To me, Salomon really nailed the overall lug design of this outsole.

What runners also love about the design of this outsole is that it is insanely durable and improves your overall stability. The durable rubber compound is built to last for hundreds of miles, and many runners found that the outsole shows little signs of wear and tear even after 100 miles.

It also boasts a slightly tacky finish to the rubber, making it ideal for slick trails where the path is covered in wet leaves.


The upper of this design is broken up into two different sections, an inner sleeve and an outer mesh panel. The inner sleeves boast Salomon’s EndoFit construction that boosts the shoe’s overall lockdown. It is composed of lightweight and comfortable materials that contour to the shape of your foot for a unique yet stable fit.

This sock liner sits beneath a single layer of lightweight and breathable mesh that helps to wick away water and moisture away from your feet.

The top layer of this dynamic upper utilizes Salomon’s unique SensiFit construction that helps this shoe feel secure and stable.

By utilizing a banded lacing system, the upper of this shoe pulls the midsole up toward the foot and improves lockdown and overall performance. The upper and midsole work in harmony to create a stable and supportive overall ride.


Overall, I would recommend this running shoe for those that need a supportive trainer to take out on the trails. The dynamic fit of this trainer is ideal for long distances, but the slightly flexible design is great for speed work as well.

It is important to note that the aggressive lugs on the outsole are perfect for trails, but don’t transition very well to sidewalks or treadmills. This is a shoe that really shines out there on the trails and only trails.

While the outsole is made to tackle ultra-marathons, the upper is fully equipped with any type of weather condition. The upper isn’t considered to be waterproof, but the mesh material dries very quickly and offers excellent drainage as well as breathability.

Whether you are running through mud, puddles, wet leaves, or snow, the versatile design of the upper and outsole are up for the challenge.

Due to the heavy design and aggressive trail features, I wouldn’t recommend this shoe for quick agility work. This shoe is a bit on the heavy side (weighing in at over 12 ounces) so it will slow you down a little bit. Plus, the stiff nature of the outsole isn’t ideal for quick and nimble movements.


One of the best features of the XT 6 is that it fits like a glove. Runners found that this shoe runs true to size, and the wide toe box gives your toes plenty of room to naturally splay inside of the shoe. The wide toe box is also ideal for downhill descents because it prevents your toes from jamming inside of the shoe.

The EndoFit system also ensures that this shoe fits your unique shape of the foot and wraps it in a secure fit. This sock liner ensures that this shoe provides excellent lockdown without fitting too tightly.

Sure, this shoe is a bit boxy and heavy (weighing in at just over 12 ounces), but the secure fit blends seamlessly with your foot. Runners found that the secure and contoured fit of these shoes molded like a glove to their feet, and made scaling difficult terrains just a little bit easier.


Personally, I love the style of this shoe. It boasts a hiking-boot-inspired style without the extra weight and bulk. It boasts a low profile that sits low on the foot for added agility and a padded collar and tongue for added stability. It comes in black, gray, and blue shades with pops of color around the branding of the synthetic overlays.

I found that adding an all-white option was a bold choice since these shoes are made to get dirty. Unless you like the look of weathered and dusty white running shoes (I certainly do not!), opting for a darker shade is a better choice.


I won’t sugarcoat it: these shoes are expensive! Are they the most expensive running shoes out there on the market? Not necessarily.

While you will pay quite a bit more when compared to similar designs out there on the market, I feel that the higher price tag is well worth every penny.

Many runners hail the Salomon XT 6 as their all-time favorite trail runner and are more than willing to dish out a little bit more money for something that performs well and is built to last. When you compare the price tag to the overall durability of this shoe, it is a very good value overall.


If you are on the hunt for a great trail running shoe, the Salomon XT 6 is one of the best options out there on the market. It may cost a bit more than other trail runners, but I feel that they are worth every penny (and I know I am not alone in this evaluation!).

It boasts an incredibly durable rubber outsole that securely grips the ground under your feel for heightened performance and stability, and the strategically placed lugs help to keep your stride light and bright.

One of the most notable features of this design is the implementation of the Agile Chassis System. The construction of the chassis system works in tandem with the dual-density midsole to absorb the impact when running on hard surfaces and helps to even out your gait cycle.

The dampener built into the chassis system means that you can run for longer distances without your joints screaming at you to stop.

If you can swing the steep price point, the Salomon XT 6 trail running shoe is well worth every penny!