Theragun G3PRO Percussive Therapy Device

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Editor’s Conclusion
The TheraGun G3PRO is the holy grail of massage guns. While other guns in the TherGun lineup offer killer percussive massages, the G3PRO goes above and beyond.

It is one of the most powerful TheraGun models in their lineup, and it has a price tag to match. The cost of this gun is quite pricey and will likely set you back about the same amount that you spent on your smartphone. However, if you are looking for a massage gun that really delivers, the G3PRO is worth every penny.

It has a sleek and updated design, and it is much quieter than previous iterations of this gun. I love that it comes with two batteries, and a compact carrying case to take your show on the road.

Below, I wanted to dig deep into the details that make the TheraGun G3PRO massage gun well worth the intimidating price tag.
Theragun G3PRO Percussive Therapy Device Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Adjustable head

Comes 6 attachments that are easy to swap out

Hard travel case included

Pro-level percussive massage

Extended battery life when compared to the G2PRO

Grippy handle


Very expensive

Difficult to adjust the head

Only two speed settings

Motor gets loud on the highest setting

Key Features

Key Features


I hope you like a little noise! It’s important to note that this gun is 50 percent quieter than the G2PRO, but it is still pretty loud. I couldn’t find any decibel levels suggestions to indicate just how loud it is, but I found that I could hold a conversation while using it. It’s not lawnmower-loud, but it is certainly something to generate a few glances while using it in the locker room after a brutal workout.

Sure, it’s a little on the loud side, but this gun is insanely powerful. It boasts two speed settings (low and high). The lowest setting clocks in at 29 percussions per second and the highest setting offers up to 40 percussions per second. Sure, it may be a little loud, but few guns can provide as effective relief as quickly as this design.


This massage gun has many marked improvements over previous models, but the adjustability is a step back from previous designs. While it boasts the same level of adjustability in the head, I found that it is a little more difficult to move the head. To adjust the head to a new angle to target those hard-to-reach muscle groups, simply hold down the release button on the side of the head and slide the arm to your desired angle.

Previous models had a head that slides into place with just the touch of a finger, but this design is way stiffer and requires a little bit of force to move it.


This gun really shines in the attachment department. It comes with 6 different heads that help to expertly target small and large muscle groups. Unlike some other designs out there on the market, each head has a slight softness to it to mirror the tension of human hands. I personally love that they pop on (as opposed to heads that need to be screwed on), and offer a satisfying pop once clicked in place. A pop-on design not only makes swapping out heads quick and efficient, but it also reduces the chance of accidentally screwing a head-on too tightly and cracking it.

Attachments include a large and small ball, a dampener that is ideal for more sensitive areas, a wedge, cone, thumb, and a dampener. All of those attachments have a little bit of give to them, which won’t feel as hard and awkward as hard ABS plastic heads.

I love a good wedge attachment because it really helps to scrape lactic acid loose for some serious relief from DOMS. However, the wedge attachment that is included with this set is a little odd. It has a sharp edge along the tip that many users feel hurts their skin. I suggest using this attachment over your clothes to prevent irritating your skin!


When compared to some of the other designs out there on the market, the battery life is a little lacking. One fully charged battery lasts about 70 minutes on a single charge. While it is an improvement over the G2PRO, it isn’t quite as long as some of the more budget-friendly (albeit less powerful) designs in the TheraGun lineup, such as the TheraGun Prime.

The good news, however, is that this set comes with an additional battery and includes a powerful charger that charges up your batteries quickly and efficiently. The carrying case that is included with the purchase comes with a specific pocket for both batteries, which provides users with up to 150 minutes of juice to take with them on the go.


I love the overall design of this gun. It looks more like a sleek and modern massage gun, and less like a power drill that you find at your local hardware store! It has a smaller and more compact frame that is easier to wield and boasts a grippy rubber handle that is great even if you have smaller hands.

It is important to note, however, that this gun is a little on the heavy side. It weighs in at just over 3 pounds, which is slightly heavier than many similar designs out there on the market.


While it may be heavier than other designs, you probably won’t be negatively affected by its overall weight. Many users found that using this device for only a few minutes per day (and in some cases, only a few minutes per week!) offers insane relief to tired muscles. The power of this massage gun, the targeted attachments, long stroke length, and powerful motor help to provide instant and professional-grade relief.

One of the most notable features of this gun is the high stall force. Stall force indicated how much pressure you can apply to the percussive head before it comes to a complete stop. The stall force of the TheraGun G3PRO is an impressive 60 pounds! You would really need to apply quite a bit of pressure to the head of this design to make it come to a full stop.


There is no need to dim the lighting and curl up with a lengthy instruction manual to use this massage gun. While it does come with instructions as well as suggestions on how to use your new device, you more than likely won’t even open it. It has two clearly labeled buttons along the back of the device, as well as adjust the two different speed levels. Plus, the battery holder pops out easily and snaps back into place when you need to swap out batteries.

I suggest looking up a few tutorials online on the benefits of the various attachments. Some of the smaller attachments are designed for smaller muscle groups in your hands and feet, while others work for larger muscle groups. Getting acquainted with the benefits of the various attachments is important, but you will quickly discover through trial and error which work best for your needs.

Comparisons to Previous Versions

Comparisons to Previous Versions

There are some pretty big improvements made between the G3PRO and the G2PRO that are worth a look. At face value, the design overhaul is one of the biggest improvements. The updated G3PRO has a more sleek and modern design that doesn’t look like a power drill. It has a slimmer frame that not only looks modern but is also easier to wield, even if you have smaller hands.

The other important improvement made to the G3PRO is that it has a quieter motor. Don’t get me wrong, the motor of this design is still pretty loud, but it is about 50 percent quieter than previous versions of this device. It’s loud, but you can still hold a conversation at a reasonable volume while using this massage gun.


If you are looking for a professional-grade massage, the TheraGun G3PRO is worth the high price tag. In fact, many massage therapists use this very design for their clients because it is insanely powerful and able to dig deeper into muscle groups than just your hands. If you are seeking a little peace and quiet as you ease tension, this gun may not be the best option for you. While the motor is loud, it isn’t quite as loud as previous iterations of this design.

I love that this model comes with additional attachments that are a cinch to pop on and off as needed, and these attachments are less severe than hard plastic designs. It comes in a hard carrying case with a zippered closure and a handle that makes it easy to take with you on the go, and two fully charged batteries last up to 150 minutes.

If you want the best of the best and are willing to pay a little bit more than most (as well as put up with a bit of noise), nothing quite melts muscle tension as quickly and effectively as the TheraGun G3PRO.