Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Thule Urban Glide 2 jogging stroller is a great option for moms and dads that want to turn nice afternoon walks into a great training session. What makes this stroller well worth the investment is that it boasts a versatile design that is able to transition from running in the park to grocery shopping or running errands. It has wide wheels and a killer suspension to keep your little one nice and happy as you fit in a few miles.

All of the adjustable features lock in place with the twist of a knob, and it folds up easily for quick and easy storage. It’s a little bit heavier than other jogging strollers out there on the market, but the extra weight is well worth the advanced features that both you and your little one will really enjoy. Plus, it folds up incredibly easy to store in your trunk or in the backseat of your car.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into all of the advanced features that make the Thule Urban Glide 2 jogging stroller a must-have for parents that are constantly on the move!
Editor's Pros & Cons

Folds up quickly

Wheels are removable

Great suspension for a smooth ride

Handlebar adjusts to 4 different positions

Peekaboo window

Shade provides UV protection

Vented panels to keep baby cool


Comes in at a steep price point

Heavier than expected when folded

The seat is shallow, not ideal for older kids

Key Features

Key Features


When I discuss the performance of a jogging stroller, there are two things to take into consideration. First, how does the stroller handle for the runner? The wheels on this design are large enough to conquer most terrain, whether you are running on a local trail or down the sidewalk. The front-wheel moves on a swivel to talk the road ahead, and the large back wheels can scale most terrain with ease. The handlebars are able to be adjusted and contour to your hands to ensure that you have a really good grip on the stroller.

Secondly, how does the stroller handle for the rider? If your little one is unhappy riding in the stroller, they will let you know! This stroller is packed with comfort features that will keep your little one cool and dry, and the high-end suspension will ensure that the ride is nice and smooth. Plus, it even has little pockets along the side to store essentials, such as sippy cups and toys.

It also boasts 16-inch tires that walk that fine line between performance and versatility. The wider the tire, the more the stroller handles on the trails. 16 inches is wide enough to tackle trails, yet they are small enough to be used for everyday use as well.


Budget-friendly jogging strollers have adjustable features, but they are anything but user-friendly. One of the things that parents love most about this jogging stroller is that all of the adjustable features are able to be used with just the turn of a knob. The main brake along the back of the unit works similarly to a kickstand. Simply press down with your foot and the stroller locks in place when you need to take a break in the middle of a grueling training session. The handlebars are also able to be adjusted with just the flick of a trigger and audibly click into place so you know it won’t shift around as you start to run.

One of the things that I love most about this design is that it boasts a de-acceleration handbrake. If you are clocking in at some high speed, this hand brake along the top allows you to slowly pull the stroller to a rolling stop to prevent jerking motions as you slow down to ensure that your baby stays happy and the ride remains smooth even as you come to an exhausted stop. You may be suffering from the end of your run, but your baby will have no idea when you slowly stop with this easy-to-use handbrake.


You may recognize Thule as a brand that is found riding on the top of cars. They are most known for rooftop car storage, so they know a thing or two about portability! It’s important to note that this design weighs in at 25 pounds, which is pretty heavy when compared to other designs out there on the market. While it may be heavy, it is incredibly easy to fold up and store in the back of your car or your trunk.

To fold this stroller down to a more compact shape, simply twist the handle at the front of the unit and pull it to the right. Once it is unlocked, pull the stroller up and the entire frame folds in on itself. This stroller can go from fully extended to folded in under 10 seconds! If you feel that it is still a little too heavy or bulky to move, the 16 inch tires are also super easy to remove to make storing and moving this stroller a little more manageable.


Who doesn’t love ample storage? One of the things that parents love most about this design is that it is packed with a ton of storage compartments for both you and your little one. Along the back of the stroller is a wide square-shaped storage compartment that is great for storing just about anything from snacks and water bottles to extra diapers and devices. It has a zippered opening that helps keep your things secure, and a thick water-resistant cover keeps them safe if you get caught in the rain.

Your little one also has plenty of storage places to keep essentials to take along with them for the ride. Next to their seat are two small mesh pockets that securely store running day essentials such as toys and sippy cups. These pockets open, which allow your little one easy access to all of their on-the-go must-haves.


Keeping your child safe and locked in place is incredibly important, but not at the cost of their overall comfort. This stroller is equipped with a 5-point harness that is similar to a car seat. This harness helps to keep them securely locked in place while the straps won’t dig into their skin or cause discomfort. The cover of this design also includes a peekaboo window so you can check in on your little one to ensure that they are safe and comfortable as you run.

What I also love about this design is that the retractable awning also provides a good deal of sun protection. This awning boasts a UV rating of 50, which is enough to keep your little one protected from the sun's harmful rays. It also provides plenty of mesh panels to help circulate air so your little one will stay cool and comfortable on those hot summer runs.


I realize that the price of this jogging stroller comes in at a pretty steep price point. However, when you compare the performance and versatility of this stroller to other designs out there on the market, it’s an investment worth making. One of the things that I love most about this design is its versatility. While other running strollers are only built for the trails, this design is modest enough that you can also use it as your everyday stroller for running errands and shopping. If you find that the price tag is just a little too steep, take into consideration that this design can be used for both running and everyday use.
Comparisons to Previous Versions

Comparisons to Previous Versions

Many parents really fell in love with the design of the original Urban Glide jogging stroller, so Thule stuck to the original design with the rollout of the Urban Glide 2. All of the performance features, such as the 16-inch wheels and compact features remain unchanged. The only real change made to this design is purely cosmetic.

The newest model comes in a wider variety of color options, and the adjustable features ditched the bright colors and replaced it with something more sleek and modern. This updated model looks more sleek and modern than previous versions, and it comes in a wider range of color options as well.


Looking for the Cadillac of jogging strollers? The Thule Urban Glide 2 comes in at a pretty steep price point, but I find that it is well worth every penny!

While other jogging strollers are really only built for working out, this design is far more versatile. Parents can take this design out on the trails, and easily use it when running errands or shopping. It boasts a frame that is insanely easy to break down to store in your trunk and includes a ton of safety features to keep your little one content as you push yourself to your limits.

If you can swing the steep price point, this jogging stroller will make going out for a run far more enjoyable for yourself as well as your little one!