Under Armour HOVR Infinite 3

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Our Conclusion
The UA HOVR Infinite 3 is a shoe that is built for almost any style of running. If you feel a little overwhelmed with what seems like millions of different styles of running shoes, the Infinite 3 packs in something for just about anyone.

It has a plush midsole that provides a good deal of cushioning and response. UA markets its unique HOVR foam cushioning as “too comfy to be slowed down”, and based upon runners feedback that is certainly true.

It boasts a super durable outsole that is designed to rack up the miles, yet it provides balanced cushioning that is great for agility work as well. Plus, it even has a tracking chip built into the shoe that tracks your performance so you can hit the road tech-free.

When you get home from your run, the chip automatically uploads your performance data to your phone, and with a UA app, it can even offer insights and running suggestions. It’s super comfortable, lightweight, and the mesh upper works to keep feet cool and dry.

If you don’t quite know what type of shoe you need for your style of running, the UA HOVR Infinite 3 is an excellent place to start.
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Pros & Cons
Bluetooth microchip tracks your progress and uploads it to your phone
HOVR midsole is super comfy yet responsive
Ideal for easy tempo runs or long distances
Very durable outsole built for 500+ miles
Cushioned upper wraps your feet in 360 degrees of cushioning
Great lockdown
Not ideal for speed
Upper is a little too bulky for some runners
Key Features
Key Features

If you love a plush step-in feel, you are sure to fall in love with the feel of the UA HOVR Infinite 3. It is composed of a nice and comfy HOVR midsole material that feels squishy under your feet which makes it perfect for running long distances. While the feel of this midsole is soft, it doesn’t muddy your gait cycle.

Overall, runners felt like this style of midsole material helps to keep their gait cycle nice and bright, while the full-length midsole helps to absorb the impact when running on hard surfaces to protect your legs and joints.

This HOVR midsole isn’t your standard EVA foam. While the inside of this foam is soft and squishy, it is wrapped in something called Energy Web mesh.

This mesh material is slightly stiff, which prevents the squishy midsole from flattening into a pancake over time. The mesh overlay also helps to provide a good deal of energy feedback that keeps your stride nice and snappy.


The outsole of this shoe is built to conquer just about any type of terrain. It is composed of a full-length rubber outsole with deep grooves that are perfect for road running as well as trails. The grooves are designed to really grip the ground under your feet without feeling too awkward or bulky.

It also boasts a slightly tacky finish that is great when running on rain-soaked sidewalks or trails covered in slick leaves. Overall, it’s a shoe that is made to tackle just about any terrain with ease.

What I also love about the build of this outsole is that it is insanely durable. Even after 100 miles, runners found that the outsole showed very few signs of wear and tear. It’s the perfect shoe to wear when running for long distances when you need something that is built like a tank.

Many runners were able to squeeze 500+ miles out of this shoe before it needed to be demoted to a lawn mowing shoe.


UA really hit it out of the park with the construction of this upper. It is made from a blend of soft mesh and synthetic overlays that really help to lock your feet in place. It has mesh panels that work to move hot air up and away from your feet, while the overlays offer stability where you need it most.

It also has a nice and padded heel collar and tongue that wrap your feet in 360 degrees of comfort, sans the annoying hot spots.

I also love that this shoe boasts a nice and wide toe box that allows your toes plenty of room to splay for added stability. It’s important to note that as a daily trainer, many runners found that this shoe is just a little bit on the bulky side.

If you love your neutral trainers to be impossibly light and bright along the top of your foot, the added padding may slow you down a bit.


Overall, I would recommend this running shoe for those that like to go on nice and easy tempo runs or like to run for long distances. The build of the insanely durable outsole also makes this shoe great for those that have a heavy stride.

If you are looking to clock in some fast lap times, the bulk of this shoe as well as the overall weight may prove to slow you down a little bit. It’s comfortable and durable, but a little bit clunky.

One of the features that I love most about this shoe is that it has a built-in microchip that connects easily to your phone.

Sometimes, I like to go out for a nice and easy run but I want to leave my very distracting phone at home. The microchip in this shoe measures your progress and then uploads that data right to your phone when you are back in range.

You can pair this information to any health app on your phone, or Map My Run. These apps gather the information from your run and give you insights on your progress, and suggestions on how to improve.


Runners found that this shoe runs true to size. If you are a size 9 in previous UA running shoes, the HOVR Infinite 3 will fit your feet like a glove. The added layer of material on the upper provides an extra layer of stretchy materials that help this shoe contour perfectly to your feet for excellent lockdown.

It also boasts a wide and roomy toe box that is perfect for most runners and prevents your toes from jamming at the end of the shoe.


While this shoe is packed with advanced features to help make your runs nice and easy, it also takes it easy on your bank account. This shoe is so affordable that I would classify it as a budget-friendly running shoe.

When you take into account the performance and overall durability of this shoe, it’s one of the best overall values out there on the market. Often, running shoes that are able to clock in well over 500 miles can set you back a good chunk of change, but the UA HOVR Infinite 3 is surprisingly affordable.

If you want something durable, versatile, and built to last, this shoe is one of the best values I have seen in current running shoes.
Comparisons to Previous Versions
Runners loved the plush cushioning on previous versions of this shoe, so UA made sure not to make a single change to this cushioned yet responsive midsole. Previous versions also hosted a running chip in the shoe that tracked your progress as well. The biggest changes made to the design of this shoe is the construction of the upper and the outsole

The HOVR Infinite 2’s upper was a little anemic and didn’t provide runners much additional support or lockdown. The newest addition adds another layer of stretchy material on top of the mesh to hug your feet and hold them in place as you run.

While the upper has more material than previous versions, it’s just as breathable and agile as older versions. Overall, UA really hit it out of the park when they fine-tuned the upper on this design.

The outsole has also undergone quite a few changes. Compared to previous versions of the shoe, the outsole offers much more rubber and less exposed EVA foam for a more durable outsole.

This outsole is also built to tackle tough terrains, which is a positive step in the right direction when compared to the HOVR Infinite 2.
The UA HOVR Infinite checks all of the boxes. It’s super affordable, packed with comfort features to protect your knees and joints when running on hard surfaces, it’s incredibly versatile, and it is built to last.

Plus, it provides runners with a modern microchip that tracks their performance and progress and automatically uploads it right to your smartphone.

This shoe is the perfect choice for runners that are suffering from decision paralysis. With so many different styles and types of running shoes, it can be difficult to narrow it down to the perfect shoe for your running style.

This incredibly supportive and versatile running shoe is built for just about anyone, and the affordable price point gives you little reason not to give this shoe a try!
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