Under Armour HOVR Infinite

Following the 2018 roll-out of the Sonic and Phantom models, the HOVR Infinite is Under Armour's latest smart shoe for the HOVR Connected Series in 2019. Ideal for high-impact, long-distance runners, the Infinite uses sensors and the MapMyRun app to give customers real-time data on the distance, stride, and form. The app also includes a personalized gait-coaching feature, which analyzes your stride helps you make adjustments to get to your ideal running form with suggestions.

This neutral shoe enhances the experience of the brand’s proprietary HOVR technology – with every foot strike its cushioning platform, featuring a special foam compound, absorbs the shocks and relays it back in the form of energy giving the feet a natural boost.

All in all, the HOVR Infinite is well-suited to its name as it is a durable, well-built neutral running shoe that relieves you of cumbersome tech while still giving you vital stats.

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Pros & Cons

-Great value for money at $120 for plush premium trainers with a built-in sensor to measure distance, cadence, stride and form coaching

-Soft HOVR foam is sandwiched under Charged Foam which makes for a comfortable and firm experience 

-Stylish design with many color options

-360 reflectivity for increased visibility on low-light runs


-Only links to the MapMyRun app, which doesn’t sync runs to Strava or other popular run-tracking apps

-Considerably stiffer than other similar neutral shoes

Key Features
Like most high mileage shoes, the HOVR Infinite has a bulky outsole to withstand strenuous training routines. The outsole is full-blown high abrasion rubber at the back for your highest contact spots. There are thick rectangle-shaped pods beneath the shoe with complex grooves that add to the flexibility of the shoe. Of course, this adds to the weight of the shoe but you can hardly feel it underfoot.

It also holds the chip that can sync with Map My Run and it’ll give you the pace, distance traveled and also the cadence. The tech does not come at the expense of comfort and it doesn’t interfere with any kind of running routines. The sensor also claims to be ‘weather-proof’ and many reviewers agree that splashing through puddles did not affect the data.
With a thicker midsole than older HOVR Connected, like the Phantom and the Sonic, the shoe aims to give a soft landing that remains protective throughout your run as it did at the start. The HOVR layer is made up of two proprietary components: a thick Olefin foam and a wrapping Energy Web mesh "net" to limit the expansion of the soft Olefin when compressed, thus boosting the energy return properties. The foam is also thicker than the previous shoes in the HOVR range which aids in high-mileage, marathon-distance running.

It’s further protected in a layer of Charged EVA foam because it is too delicate and soft to be bared to the terrain. This carrier is cored out, for one, to highlight the HOVR foam and also to increase flexibility and lessen the weight.
The upper has a 3D-molded sockliner that adds an additional layer for impact absorption and is gender specific to fit the anatomy of a man and woman differently. Women’s arches are more sensitive thus their version of the Infinite has a softer and higher sockliner and tongue. The Engineered mesh upper is also surprisingly weightless & breathable and adds to the support provided.

A plush collar is imperative in ensuring that there are no cuts or soreness in the ankle area and the Infinite’s collar design does an admirable job. Additionally, the sockliner molds to the feet based on whether the runner is male or female. The shoe comes in two colorways–pink and orange in women’s sizes and green and orange in men’s.
At 10.4 ounces, reviewers found them to be on the heavier side of the scale. Although bulkier than a flat, the shoe provides protection during longer workouts, but still provides the response of a speed shoe so you can get the most out of your run.
The majority of reviewers agree that the engineered mesh upper construction is lightweight and breathable with stretch and structure when needed. The tongue is super plush which will keep your feet warm. However, if you prefer to keep your feet cool, you might find the temperature a bit much.
Almost all reviewers praised the HOVR Infinite for a soft overall foothold and the comfort level offered. Many customers reported that the shoes are true to size and do not require a lot of break-in time. Runners with wide and problem feet will not have any complaints with the upper. The ankle lining is a bit scratchy and the heel counters a bit hard against the back of your heel. But the tongue is remarkably padded to decrease any pressure on the top of the foot, which is comfortably supported by a two-layer engineered mesh upper.
From an aesthetic point of view, the HOVR Infinite looks like any other high-mileage running shoe. However, its differentiation comes in terms of its stance as it is leaner and not as heavy as many other competitors.

They are available in four colorways featuring shades of pink, orange, yellow, and black in the men’s category in both bold and mild colors and have one of the more attractive profiles for a marathon-distance shoe in the market. Another noteworthy fact is that the design includes reflective patterns on the toe box, heel, and tongue to maximize visibility in low-light conditions or on night runs.
The HOVR Infinite is a neutral cushion shoe designed for durability. The intentionally placed carbon rubber traction pods under the heel give the shoe a greater resistance to friction against the asphalt. There is also no hassle to charging the sensor batteries which is designed to outlast the life of the shoe. The shoe’s analytics will let you know when it’s time to buy new shoes too.
In line with the other Under Armour shoe experiences, the Infinite’s heel counters securely to keep the heel in place even while training on undulating roads and prevents slippage while running up steep surfaces too. The die-cut, full-length EVA sockliner molds to the foot adding protection against slippage.
While not as responsive as other running shoes in the Ultraboost or Vapormax series, they have a super soft durometer that helps cushion impact and provides shock absorption with every foot strike. The upper energy web piece directs the energy from the ground back into your stride to fight back the force of gravity that a runner invariably experiences.

Though the shoe has comparatively less padded heels than competitors, the lack of a bulky cushion actually adds to the responsive feeling of the shoe.
The HOVR Infinite delivers targeted neutral support thanks to its mosaic of seamless mesh panels and built-in arch support. The engineered mesh upper being incredibly lightweight & breathable adds to the comfort level even on long stretches on hard surfaces. The internal heel counter provides additional support that keeps the back of the foot locked-in-place.

The heel padding is generous and adds to the ankle support without compromising mobility, which is much appreciated in sneakers that are designed for long training sessions.
Although the ‘neutral’ aspect is marketed heavily and is great for long-distance runners, this shoe is really a do-anything shoe designed with versatility in mind. So they work well for everything from long runs to laying base mileage, recovery mileage days and also treadmill workouts with ease. You can also wear these shoes on off-beaten paths as they can offer adequate protection and the support you need. While not built for indoor usage, this shoe can also be worn on treadmill workouts and can provide gait coaching there as well.
With a built-in chip to track your runs and progress, the shoe is a worthy candidate at this price point. The connected sensor and in-app coaching tips are great tools for both beginners and experienced runners who are looking for an intuitive, guided way to improve their form and efficiency. And since other similar digitally connected shoes are priced at an extra $20-50 higher than the Infinite, the Infinite provides a great value for money. For those looking for a training or marathon shoe, the Infinite provides a comfortable fit and protection.
The outsole forefoot consists of a proprietary blown rubber and textured traction lines, providing superior grip and additional comfort. Additionally, the Carbon rubber traction pods under the heel add to the traction and durability of the shoe.
The front of the sole has several lines of flexion that give the shoe good flexibility, allowing considerable traction in the drive phase. However, some customers report that the Infinite is stiffer than other Under Armour shoes which can be explained by its 2.5mm higher forefoot mound than other shoes in the series and the slightly different outsole.
The HOVR Infinite offers moderate stability since it is a neutral running shoe. HOVR is Under Armour’s energy-bounce foam which is wrapped in a fishnet-like fabric to limit expanding of the material when compressed. The fabric is further protected in a layer of Charged EVA foam which is where the stability elements are built in.

It’s easy to get caught up with technology added to the shoe but the experience can go downhill if the heel cup provides poor fit. But this Under Armour shoe gets it right with a seamless 3D molded heel. The external heel counter adds a well-placed structure helping you feel secure.
It has a moderate 8mm heel to toe drop which midfoot strikers will find comfortable but you’ll start to notice a marginally more conspicuous heel. Light heel strikers can run in these shoes without much adjustment, and it’s a good place to start if you’re trying to develop a more natural gait.
Key Features
• Plush Comfort Collar for extra cushioning
• 3D Molded Sockliner for comfort
• Dynamic mesh Energy Web to create a zero gravity feel + energy bounce
• Carbon rubber at the heel that extends durability
• Deep Flex grooves for efficient movement
• Engineered Mesh Upper that makes the shoe breathable
• The sensor connects to that provides running metrics
• Blown Rubber in the outsoles for responsive take-offs
Bottom Line
In comparison to similar neutral marathon-distance running shoes, the HOVR Infinite provides a good value for the money. Even without the integrated Bluetooth technology, the shoe is a worthy candidate at this price point compared to competitive running shoes that happen to be smart.

You would think being designed for long-distance marathon running, the Infinite would not do great in terms of speed. But the shoes surprisingly deliver in terms of speed. While not the best choice for runners in a 5K or 10K (there are faster, more responsive options out there), this shoe meets the mark for half and full marathon runners. If you’re looking for a neutral running shoe that can meet the basics and then some, the HOVR Infinite is a great pick.

While not all non-MapMyRun users will want to switch apps just to use the shoes, Under Armour is working on a feature to sync data to your smartwatch. Another great feature is that the shoe will still track your data even if you don't have your phone with you on your run. Keeping in mind that the Infinite costs $30 to $40 less than shoes with similar functions, so these are a few compromises that can be worth the savings.

Ultimately, does anyone need a tech-enabled sneaker? If you’re a novice with little knowledge about correct cadence or stride, it’s a great investment that’ll save you grief in the form of shin splints and sprained ankles. The same can be said for a casual runner looking to improve their training. But if you’re a pro, you have a lot more options to choose from.
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