Garmin Forerunner 210

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The forerunner 210 is a sports watch, with GPS capabilities, that was designed and manufactured by the Garmin Company in 2010. There are different versions of the 210, i.e. one with a heart rate monitor, the other without, and also a version with a heart monitor and even a foot pod. This watch enables runners to keep track of their training data such as distance, pace and time. One is also able to monitor his or her heart rate while running. The watch has features which makes it possible for one to set custom intervals, as well as projected pace. One is able to see their steps when the watch is used with a foot pod, which is optional.

The FR210’s GPS unit uses Garmin’s HotFix prediction system, which makes finding and staying locked on to orbiting satellites quicker for the unit to do. The menu system on the Garmin 210 is easy to understand when using. The watch is incredibly lightweight and compact, with a clear to view screen and lithium-ion battery that makes it recommendable for use as a normal everyday watch. The battery will give you around 8 hours while active and about 3 weeks when in power saving mode. It is shock resistant with automatic time zones and is able to save training information then connected to Garmin site for more information on activity records. It also supports heart rate-based calorie computation.

  • The watch is lightweight and has a compact design therefore one can use it as an everyday watch.
  • The watch is easy to get set up, use, functions as a regular watch and easy to read on the screen display.
  • The watch provides accurate time, pace and distance tracking.
  • It’s a very good watch which is compatible with an optional  foot pod and heart monitor.
  • It has a decent battery life, offering about 8 hours while training, and around 3 weeks when set in standby.
  • The watch does not have the waterproof properties to allow it to be used when swimming
  • The watch doesn’t take advantage of other ANT+ cycling accessories i.e. cadence/speed sensor and/or powermeter
  • The watch has fixed data fields so one can’t customize how the data  is displayed


The 210 includes heart rate alerts, interval training, and foot pod compatibility (foot pod sold separately) for detailed performance tracking indoors and out. When setting it up one needs to follow a few easy steps to get set up, then you'll be able to walk outside, hit start, and begin your walk or run. It uses GPS to keep accurate track of your distance, speed and pace. The highly sensitive receiver keeps thesignal locked in while you keep going.

The watch has a chest worn heart monitor which helps track all aspects of your performance while effectively training, also giving alerts that indicate when the rate exceeds or falls below the set limits of the target zone. The Wireless ANT+ technology allows the watch to communicate with the included monitor and with the Garmin foot pod however this is sold separately. The technology also enables the watch to communicate with third-party equipment such as the Tanita BC-1000 scale and select fitness equipment which are all sold separately.
Further details

Further details

The watch has advanced features which compute heart-rate-based calorie. It has interval training function which lets one to set up custom exercise sessions and automatically see his or her pace for each interval. Data collected during your runs can be stored directly in the unit, enabling you to review it whenever he or she wants to. The watch has features which allows you to upload your tracked data to Garmin Connect for deeper analysis and planning of your future training routines.

The watch can also be used as a fully functioning normal watch when one isn’t running since it has additional features which include time, calendar (date/day) and daily alarm. It has a slim profile and fashionable look which allows one to wear the watch everywhere. The watch has an in built rechargeable lithium ion battery which provides up to 8 hrs of use in training mode and 3 weeks when set in power saving mode. There is a manual in its box when bought that gives instructions on how to use the watch.



The Garmin Forerunner 210 can be bought at a fairly reasonable price, especially when you consider its versatility and multiple ranges of use.
Using the watch

Using the watch

When going for a run one presses page/menu. The watch will take a minute or so to get a GPS fix. Once you have a GPS satellite fix, press the start/stop button to start the timer.

When one is done with running s/he needs to press start/stop.

If one wants to save his or her workout s/he needs to press and hold the lap/reset button.

When one is running his or her distance and pace/speed along with his or her work out time are shown on the display. The display can be changed to show current, average or lap speed or pace at the bottom of the display.

When one wants to use the watch indoors s/he needs to press the page/menu button, and the watch will start searching for GPS. Press it again and it will ask if you want to use indoors. Select yes, and you are ready to start your indoor workout.


The Garmin forerunner 210’s most desirable feature is its compact stature. It’s a readily wearable device and fashionable.
Best Applications

Best Applications

The watch is an excellent and recommendable tool for the entry-level, numbers driven athletes. The device is able to collect data which will be useful for years to come. This device is also recommended for anyone with a small wrists since it fits very well.
Data Field Options

Data Field Options

Lap and overall Distance
Overall and average lap Pace
Overall and average lap Speed
Lap and overall Time
Current Heart and Zone Heart Rate


The interval options in the 210 are set on the watch, not in Garmin Connect. One can set up the following:

Warm up length
Interval length
Rest length
Number of intervals to complete
Cool-down length
Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor

The best feature is that it is capable of reading once heart rate through the use of ANT+ heart rate strap. The watch can use any ANT+ heart rate strap and this shows how dependable and reliable the watch is. You can display your heart rate on the watch on one of the data fields during your run.
Speed and Accuracy

Speed and Accuracy

This model has a highly sensitive GPS receiver which helps keep your signal locked on strong, even when around tall buildings or under moderate forest canopy. The high sensitivity makes it a superfast watch in data transmission. Forerunner 210 has HotFix, which is Garmin's satellite prediction system. This allows the watch to quickly and effectively locate and lock on to orbiting satellites, getting out the door and down the road or trail in no time flat. The GPS antenna and no motion sensor which is a double check feature makes the watch very accurate.
Data storage, Analysis and Share

Data storage, Analysis and Share

One is capable of storing past training activities and analyze it later for recommendation. People are always motivated when they are able to review their workouts online and this watch gives one that privilege. It’s very easy and simple for one to track his or her data for analyzing and sharing using the Garmin connect. Getting started, you will just need to upload to Garmin Connect on your computer. Then You'll be able to see your covered routes right there on a map. You'll also be able to view a rundown of your training data, set goals, etc. When the GPS is not in use, like when you're indoors, You won't be able to see the mapping, but you will still be able to keep a record of your collected data.


•Overall dimensions: 1.8″ x 2.7″ x 0.6″

•Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

•Up to 3 weeks of battery life in power saving mode / up to 8 hours when used in active mode.

•IPX7 water resistance

•GPS enabled receiver

•keeps a history of up to 1000 laps

•Available with heart rate monitor

•Compatible with Garmin Connect

•Train against digital competition

•Pauses tracking when speed stops

•Compete against previous and preset activities

•Starts a new lap, according to preset plan

•Set your own training intervals

•Calorie computation is based on active heart rate

•Impact resistant
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Garmin forerunner 210 is the perfect running watch recommended for runners. It offers stylish looks and has various features which most runners are able to appreciate. It is also one of the easiest GPS enabled sports watch to use which fits nicely. This watch is well made with very good features. The 210 is designed for runners only. It also works well indoors with the optional foot pod, so if you are a gym rat who runs indoors and are looking for a basic, rugged GPS watch, this could be the watch for you. Also, having settable heart rate zones and alarms is really nice as it provides us some much needed assistance at keeping our heart rates in our desired training zone. All-in-all, the 210 is a good-looking, mid-budget, GPS enabled training/racing watch with accurate heart rate training features.