Garmin Running Dynamics Pod

The Garmin Running Dynamics Pod works in unison with one of the few compatible Garmin smartwatches that are on the market. Unfortunately, you cannot use this product as a stand-alone tracker, but it is fantastic when used with the smartwatch. You can get six different metrics sent directly to your watch for a more accurate and detailed analysis of your runs. Customers love the affordable price and how easy it is to use. If you own, or are planning on owning, a Garmin smartwatch and you want to be able to gather more data on your runs then the Garmin Running Dynamics Pod is the perfect product for you.

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Where to Buy
Holabird Sports Link
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Backcountry Link
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Pros & Cons
  • Affordable price tag
  • Approx. 1-year battery life
  • Lightweight and small
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to use
  • Sends stats to Garmin watch
  • Accurate
  • Cons
    • Not a stand-alone¬†device
    • Only compatible with Connect IQ2 software
    • Key Features
      The Garmin Running Dynamics Pod is designed for runners, to help them track different stats above what they can get from their other sports watches or activity trackers. You do need to have a compatible Garmin smartwatch, however, to use this product, as you cannot use it on its own. With this pod, you will be able to track your running cadence, verticle oscillation, vertical ration, ground contact time, and ground contact time balance. You simply hook the device to the back of your waistband, around the middle, and start running.
      Basic Features
      The Garmin Running Dynamics Pod has an accelerometer inside of it so it can measure your stats. Something to note about this pod, however, is that it does not measure your pace or your heart rate if you are looking for something to give you those stats it is recommended that you use one of Garmin's smartwatches, as you will need one that is compatible to work with the pod anyway.

      You simply connect your pod to your Garmin device through the sensors menu (like you would with any other Garmin sensor) and once it is paired there are no other options for the pod. You will get your running dynamics given to you on your watch while you are running and afterward you will get a summary of your data with all of your metrics. One thing customers find nice is that at the end of your run you will get a notification on your watch telling you to remember to remove the pod, as it is so small and lightweight a lot of people forget to remove it when they are done.
      Advanced Features
      The accelerometer that is inside the Garmin Running Dynamics Pod that will measure the movement in your torso gives you the six running metrics that were previously stated (cadence, ground contact time, ground contact time balance, vertical oscillation, and vertical ration).

      The cadence is the number of steps that you are taking each minute (both left and right steps combined). Your ground contact time balance shows you the amount of time balanced on each foot when you are running, your stat is showed in a percentage with an arrow either pointing left or right. The arrow shows which was the dominant foot. Your stride is measured in meters, it is the length of your steps from one footfall to the next. Ground contact time is measured in milliseconds and it is the amount of time you spend on the ground when you are running. Vertical oscillation is the bounce in your step when you are running, it is measured in centimeters for each step. Finally, the vertical ratio is the ratio between the vertical oscillation and a stride length, it is displayed as a percentage, the lower the number the better your running form is.

      It may seem like a lot of jargon but all of the stats work together with your other Garmin gear to make sure you can track just about anything you need to when you are running. The more you know the better you can perform.
      The Garmin Running Dynamics Pod is fairly accurate for the stats that it does read. You are going to get a much more accurate reading of your cadence when you are wearing one of these pods as opposed to only using your Garmin smartwatch or other activity trackers. There are too many other variables to consider when you are wearing your tracker on your wrist, there is too much motion from your arms swinging, and if you are holding a bottle of water in your hand it can skew the data. You get a much more accurate representation on your running stats when wearing the Garmin Running Dynamics Pod.
      It is fairly easy to connect your Garmin Running Dynamics Pod to your smartwatch, as long as you have a compatible device to connect it to. You simply go into your sensor settings on your Garmin smartwatch and the pod should pop right up and you just select it, it is as easy as that.

      Most customers have stated that they had no problems when it comes to connecting to their device, but there were a couple runners who said they had some problems keeping the pod connected. They would be in the middle of their runs and kept getting disconnection messages on their watch.
      The Garmin Running Dynamics Pod is directly integrated into the metrics on the Garmin Connect app. You have to connect your pod to your compatible Garmin smartwatch and then the smartwatch will connect to the Garmin Connect app and transfer all of your data there for you to view and analyze. With the use of the pod, you will get more specific metrics that you would if you were only using the smartwatch. The app will let you view all of your data by giving you graphs that you can use to analyze your runs. You can compare your previous runs to your most recent so you can track your progress. Customers have stated that the app is fairly easy to use and does not require any additional actions through the app to hook up the pod as that is all done through the watch itself.
      There is not a whole lot to say about the comfort level of the Garmin Running Dynamics Pod. It is extremely small and weighs almost nothing. You simply connect it to the middle of the back of the waistband of your running shorts or pants and go. It is so easy to forget that you are even wearing it that your Garmin watch will remind you after your run to remove the device so you do not leave it attached and potentially lose it or run it through the wash.
      The Garmin Running Dynamics Pod has a very simple style. It is very small and only comes in one color. The pod itself is black and the silicone housing that it sits in is neon green. Most people do not mind the color, as it is not generally seen when you are running due to the fact that it attaches to the back of your running shorts or pants. The bright green color, however, can be very convenient if you misplace the pod, as the color helps it stand out so you can find it easier.
      The Garmin Running Dynamics Pod is very durable. Customers have commented, however, that the green silicone housing that holds the pod looks like it could be a bit fragile and they wish there was a little more durability there. That being said, it has not been known to break, it just looks a little bit more flimsy than customers would like. The biggest danger customers seem to have with the Garmin Running Dynamics Pod is potentially losing it. It is very small and easy to misplace. Customers have also been known to forget that they are wearing the pod all together and not remove it after their run, finding the pod later in the wash when they are doing their laundry. Customers have recommended that after your run when you get the reminder to remove the pod to do so and attach it to your shoelaces so you know where it is and do not risk accidentally washing it.
      The Garmin Running Dynamics Pod is not like typical trackers that many customers are used to. There is no face to the pod, you do not really have any interaction with this pod other than attaching it to their waistband and removing it after their run. The device automatically turns on and off when you are running and it is all controlled through your compatible Garmin smartwatch.
      The Garmin Running Dynamics Pod does not come with a band, as it is not something that is worn around your wrist. It does come housed in a silicone casing that has a clip you use to attach it to your pants or shorts when you are tracking your runs. The silicone housing is smooth and comfortable. Unfortunately, however, there are no other colors for the pod clip besides the green that it comes with. Customers would have liked to have seen other color options, but being that it is worn on your waistband and rarely seen, if at all, the lack of color options does not deter customers from purchasing the Garmin Running Dynamics Pod.
      Sizes Available
      There are no size options for the Garmin Running Dynamics Pod, as you simply clip it to the back of your running pants or shorts. The size of the actual pod though is extremely small and super lightweight. Customers frequently forget that they are even wearing the thing, it happens often enough that your Garmin smartwatch gives you a reminder after your run to remove it so you do not forget. The size measures in at 1.5 inches by 0.9 inches by 0.8 inches (67.6mm by 23.2mm by 19.2mm) and weighs in at only 3.5 ounces (12 grams).
      Ease of Use
      The Garmin Running Dynamics Pod itself is super easy to use. All you have to do is connect it through your compatible Garmin smartwatch which is not very hard at all. From your smartwatch you will go to your sensors menu and select the pod, it is as easy as that. Once your pod is connected you will not have to worry about it again. You simply put the pod on your waistband and run. The pod will automatically turn on and off as you need it and all of the data will go through your Gramin watch and from there, your Garmin Connect app will display all of your metrics for you to analyze. Customers love how easy it is to use the pod.
      Power Source
      The Garmin Running Dynamics Pod is powered by replaceable batteries. If you use the running pod for about an hour a day the battery should last you about a year. Replacing the battery is super easy, barely an inconvenience. You simply pop the back of the pod off switch out the batteries. The Garmin Running Dynamics Pod uses a CR1632 coin cell battery which is fairly easy to find at your local stores.
      The Garmin Running Dynamics Pod itself is very reasonably priced. The MSRP, manufacturer's suggested retail price, of the pod rings up at only $70. The problem customers have with the product is that you cannot use it as a stand-alone device and it has to be used in unison with one of the few compatible Garmin smartwatches, which those alone can be a bit pricey. However, if you already have a Garmin smartwatch or are planning to purchase one anyway then spending the additional money for the running pod seems like a decent investment if you are looking for those metrics you cannot get from the fitness tracker alone.
      When you purchase the Garmin Running Dynamics Pod you will receive the pod itself with the silicone pod clip as well as the manual. The pod does come with a battery in it, but as it is not a rechargeable battery you will be responsible for replacing it when it dies, although that should be about a year from when you get it.

      In order to use the Garmin Running Dynamics Pod, you will have to purchase, if you do not already own one, a compatible Garmin smartwatch. The pod cannot be used on its own without one. You connect the pod to the watch and they work together to send your metrics to the Garmin Connect app on your smartphone.
      Key Features
      -Small and lightweight
      -Tracks cadence, stride length, left and right balance, verticle oscillation, vertical ratio, and ground contact time
      -Sends your metrics to your Garmin watch
      -Automatically turns on and off
      Bottom Line
      If you already own or are planning on purchasing a Garmin smartwatch and you are looking for a way to track more metrics than the activity tracker itself can give you then you might want to consider the Garmin Running Dynamics Pod. You can get six new running dynamics that you can track and analyze when you run with the pod. You simply connect it to your compatible smartwatch and hook it the back of your pants or shorts and you are good to go. It is super easy to use and customers love the data they can receive from it.
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      By Jessica Brown
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