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A list of the Best Anti Chafing Creams & Sticks Buying Guide
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10 Best Anti Chafing Creams & Sticks Reviewed
Chafing is skin irritation caused by skin rubbing against itself or improper fitting clothing and shoes – either too loose or too tight – creating friction, exasperated by sweat. It is rampant among long-distance athletes such as competitive cyclists or marathon runners due to the extensive time peri...
The best sunscreen for use while running Buying Guide
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Best Sunscreen For Runners Reviewed & Tested in 2016
Searching for Sunscreen? Take a look at the best Sunscreens when exercising of 2017 and what to be aware of before buying them online or in a store. As the scorching summer months begin to set in there are a number of precautions that runners need to consider. Many of these are related to hydratio...
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