10 Best Custom Running Shoes Rated

Some of us have foot features which require a more unique running shoe FIT.

Not everybody has a standard length, width or shape for their feet. Brand names produce an impressive range of running shoes for different types and foot sizes yet they find that at times they also need to be innovative and design in more features for FIT for those of us that have a unique set of foot requirements.

Having such challenges appear in the demand for high-quality running shoes does not deflect or deter brand providers. They invest more money and research to ensure they keep up and often even ahead of the needs of all runners. This means that you can find exactly the right shoe for your needs and the shoe will be a high performing part of your running gear, certain to provide, quality, durability, stability, protection, comfort and good style, no matter which type of running you enjoy doing.

Finding a pair of running shoes that feel as if they fit your unique feet exactly right can be a time-consuming chore. Let this list of the 10 best custom running shoes do some of the research work for you.

All of the shoes on this list have had adjustable or adaptive features built into them, which will allow you to feel as if the shoe has been built specifically for you when it’s on your foot.

Last Updated: January 26, 2018
By Brian Price:

For those looking for a custom FIT, our current line-up holds solid for offering you an excellent range of options for the current seasons in Canada, the UK and a lot of the states in the USA. If you're in a warm weather zone these shoes are good for all seasons. We regularly review the best choices for runners and so keep an eye on this page, especially with the approach of spring. Pick up lot's of insider knowledge for choosing custom style shoes in our criteria for review and grab helpful answers from our FAQs

Saucony Triumph ISO
  • Saucony Triumph ISO
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • ISOFIT Upper
  • Price: See Here
Under Armour Micro G Assert 6
  • Under Armour Micro G Assert 6
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Light foam Upper
  • Price: See Here
Nike Downshifter 6
  • Nike Downshifter 6
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • manmade Overlays
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Custom Running Shoes


1. Saucony Triumph ISO

The Saucony Triumph ISO offers unique customizable shoe technology that will adapt to your foot throughout your ride.
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Unlike other shoes on the market, this shoe has been built with an ISOFIT inner sleeve that will snugly wrap around your foot, regardless of its shape. Saucony’s POWERGRID foam has also been built into this shoe, which is lighter than traditional EVA foam. POWERGRID foam works with the ISOFIT sleeve to provide you with responsiveness that’s customized to your stride and gait once you start running in them.

The upper of this shoe is seamless, meaning that chance of blisters is reduced. The upper also flexes to work with your foot.

This shoe is cheap and affordable, especially considering the customizable aspects that it can offer your ride.
  • Perfect for wider feet
  • For even more cushion, there is plenty of room to add an insert.
  • Lightweight, especially for the amount of cushion that's provided
  • Some people claim that the toe box is a bit narrow.
  • Could provide more arch support for some

2. Nike Downshifter 6

The Nike Downshifter 6 provides great breathability while still maintaining sound construction and cushion.
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The custom feature for this shoe consists of a mesh upper with and leather overlays. This allows for good breathability, and more importantly stretches with your foot’s distinct movement.

The outsole of this shoe is entirely made of durable rubber, and also features deep flex grooves in the sole for the potential for diverse agility.

This shoe is even cheaper than the Saucony Triumph ISO, and is certainly affordable for most budgets.
  • Rugged and can endure a wide range of physical conditions
  • Extremely comfortable, as explained by many critics of this shoe
  • The upper is breathable and light.
  • Runs a half size larger than what Nike advertises
  • Some felt the tread could be more durable.

3. Under Armour Micro G Assert 6

True to its name, Under Armour Micro G Assert 6 combines performance capabilities with comfort for an experience like no other.
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The interior of this shoe is made with an EVA sock liner. This foam sock liner is padded in the underfoot, and is able to contour to match the specifications of your foot. This will leave your foot feeling both comfortable and supported.

The midsole of this shoe is designed with Micro G foam. This adds to the support that the EVA sock liner provides, and will also enhance the explosiveness of your ride.

The cost of this shoe is more expensive than the first two shoes on this list, but still quite affordable.
  • Built with high quality materials
  • Offers a low ride with adequate support and cushion
  • Provides good grip
  • Advertised as a wider shoe, yet still not wide enough for all consumers
  • Not enough cushioning for some

4. Brooks Ghost 8

A shoe that matches its brands reputation, the Brooks Ghost 8 offers customizable features that are guaranteed to please.
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This shoe is made with a BioMoGo DNA midsole. This non-Newtonian material changes depending on how much force is applied to it, which means that it will move with your foot regardless of its position in space.

The underfoot of this shoe is able to absorb a large amount of shock impact, while the upper fits snugly to the foot for an all-around feeling of protection and comfort.

This is a moderately priced shoe. There are cheaper ones out there, but they may not offer the unique BioMoGo midsole material that this shoe can.
  • Great support, especially for heavier people
  • Provide good propulsion
  • Cushion can be felt in the sides as well as in the sole
  • Could be more durable, especially in the sole
  • Too narrow and uncomfortable for some

5. Nike Lunarglide 6

Breathable and comfortable, the Nike Lunarglide 6 offers a smooth and lightweight ride.
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The Flywire cables on this shoe connect its sole to the shoe’s upper. This allows the shoe to wrap around your foot in the most efficient way possible. Not only does this provide a customized element to the shoe, it also reinforces its security while on your foot.

Lunarfoam material can be found throughout the entire sole of this shoe, providing a padded and consistent ride.

Not the most expensive shoe on this list, but there are cheaper custom shoes available.
  • Perfect for people with flat feet
  • Aesthetically pleasing.  You're likely to get compliments while wearing.
  • Hold up well during longer runs such as marathons
  • Grip of the shoe could provide better traction.
  • Some consumers would like a bit more arch support.

6. Brooks Glycerin 14

Lightweight and well-cushioned, the Brooks Glycerin 14 will allow you to experience a pillowed and effortless ride.
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This shoe features an adjustable saddle that is controlled by the lacing of the shoe. This featured combined with the overlay allows the foot to swell and continue to provide great stability.

The overlay of this shoe is also made with a material that is able to repel moisture easily. This keeps the overall shoe flexible and light.

Pricier than most of the shoes we’ve looked at so far. You’ll certainly be able to find a cheaper one on this list.
  • Lightweight, especially for the cushion that they offer
  • Provide adequate protection for all types of activity
  • Great for people with a variety of foot problems
  • Some consumers miss the additional cushion of the previous model.
  • Shoelaces could be made of a better quality material.

7. Brooks Ravenna 7

Similar to the Brooks Glycerin 14, the Ravenna 7 offers moisture-managing upper material that is ideal for enduring rugged conditions and a variety of elements.
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The Brooks Ravanna 7 combines two features at which we’ve already looked. These include Brook’s BioMoGo DNA midsole and adjustable saddles via the shoe’s laces.

In addition to the DNA material, this shoe also features a Midfoot Transition Zone, which ensures that the heel-to-toe transition is quick and to the point.

This shoe is affordable, especially for the shoe technology that you’re receiving.
  • This shoe is able to provide great stability and support.
  • Provides a softer cushion than other Brooks shoe models
  • Protects the heel well
  • Provides too snug of a fit for some runners
  • Mesh material could be more durable.

8. Nike Air Zoom Vomero 11

Known for cushioning and protecting the foot, the Nike Air Zoom Vomero 11 will keep you both strong and light on your feet all at the same time.
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This shoe features Nikes Flyknit technology, which allows the shoe to disperse your weight in a way that is best for your personal running style and body structure.

Shock Absorbent
This shoe also includes two types of foam, Air Zoom and Lunarlon. With the Air Zoom providing a tougher foam near the heel and the Lunarlon providing a softer foam near the forefoot, the shoe is able to cushion the shock that occurs on most running platforms.

This shoe is on the more expensive side, but is cheaper than some of the other custom shoes that exist on the market.
  • Provides great cushion for the entire foot
  • Comes in a variety of colors, perfect for adding another touch of customization
  • Fit as described by Nike's size guide
  • Some wish they were a tad on the cheaper side
  • May be difficult to fit an orthotic insert inside of this shoe

9. Reebok Sublite Escape 3.0

Minimalist in design, the Reebok Sublite Escape 3.0 is able to guarantee support, protection, and comfort for you during your ride.
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This shoe is designed with a Memory Tech sock liner. This means that over time, the sole is going to become imprinted with your foot. This provides a truly customized and maximally comfortable feel.

Even though this shoe is made with a thicker Sublite foam, the shoe is nonetheless extremely light and responsive. With this shoe, you get both cushion and comfort without feeling as if your foot is being bogged down with unnecessary weight.

This shoe is moderately priced. It should be affordable for a majority of people and is a cheaper shoe than many of the other shoes that have been featured on this list.
  • Affordable for a running shoe with Memory Tech capabilities
  • These shoes do not need much breaking in to feel comfortable.
  • Perfect for people with larger feet
  • These shoes may fit bigger than advertised
  • Shoe laces could be a bit shorter

10. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante

Designed for runners who are looking for comfort, cushion, and speed, the New Balance 1980V1 is sure to meet any speed demon’s expectations.
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This shoe features an interior that is low in weight volume, and also features an inner booty that wraps to your foot regardless of its shape. This allows the shoe to maintain its light weight, while also meeting the sizing needs of your individual foot.

This shoe features a Fresh Foam midsole. The Fresh Foam midsole combined with the toe-spring propulsion design of this shoe encourages speed and efficiency, whether you’re racing or training.

This shoe is only slightly more expensive than the next shoe, the Reebok Sublite Escape 3.0.
  • Provides the foot with a quick spring, without providing too bouncy of a ride
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • A quicker shoe than others on this list
  • Could provide a bit more cushioning
  • Material shoe construction could be more durable

Now that you’ve seen our entire list of the 10 best custom running shoes on the market right now, which pair will you choose?  All of the shoes of this list have been chosen based on their ability to provide you with a shoe that is sure to feel like a customized fit in some way.  Not all shoes can offer you a feel that is unique to your feet and your feet alone, but the ones on this list certainly can.

Criteria Used To Pick The Best Custom Running Shoe.

Customized shoes are not like any other, first of all, they are shoes that are made because the owner wants them different. So this will be the determining factor. They can be shoes that are already worn and the owner wants them redesigned in a way or ones that the owner wants the manufacturer to make specifically for them which means it can be a completely different shoe from what the owner is used to having. We agree that custom shoes are not the normal shoes and that is why they can be costly as they might need a lot of details in  them that are not included in the normal ones and of course  they are very rare  on the market that means they are difficult to find since one has to go and get a company to make him or her these shoes, all we need to have in mind is the factor that these shoes the owner has the say of what the end product looks like, having to bear all this in mind when going for this shoe there are certain factors that need to be put in place to ensure customer satisfaction.


When it comes to the right fit or size one needs to get the right fit, we can go round this whole day but we all know that one needs to buy a shoe that is of the great size and fit. This not only makes you comfortable but confident too, when going for a customized shoe ensure that it is of right fit as the fit will determine how well you will be able to use the shoes, for you to customize your shoe there are factors that led to it, make sure all the factors are considered to when getting the right fit no factor should be ignored. Also, ensure that you fit it first before going home with it as this can bring about a great disappointment as well.


In most cases customized shoes are made for reasons like this, cushioning is one great reason. When going for a customized shoe you need to ensure that the cushioning is one that can support your movement and will be able to ensure that you get the perfect feel when having it one, with such reasons one can be guaranteed great self-esteem when rocking this shoes for a run or walk or any other activities that there is. Ensure that the cushioning will be of great help in case you had previous injuries or things like that.


No criteria would be complete without involving the cost which is translated in terms of value, we all believe that the more expensive a product is the more value it has, well this sometimes can be the case and sometimes not the case, going by brand can make you believe this is the case while going by value can  prove us wrong, going for a customized shoe so quiet expensive compared to the normal shoe you go to the market and buy and it needs some specific feature that is not found around and this can make the price higher than the normal ones. Make sure you are aware of this as in this case you won’t be shocked when you get out a few extra box for this.


Because no one would like discomfort this must apply, we all know that the more comfortable one is the more likely for that person to give his or her best in all they do. This will play a great role in ensuring that the person looks forward to reaching their goal, when getting a customized shoe you need to consider the fact that comfort should be part of it. A customized shoe is made for such purposes and we cannot fail to put it in this place comfort brings a lot of factors in place and that includes great fit and style and quality all bring comfort. Customized shoes are made for people who have various reasons and having comfort is one great factor to put in mind.


Style is one of the factors to have when going for customized shoes, it might not be the main factor but surely is one to never ignore, for customized shoes you get the best that can be able to suit just you remember you are allowed to say how you want it to be and this is the advantage point right there by having to say that you want it the way you would love it to be on your feet, no questions of where to get the one you want since you have the say, also note that this might attract additional costs that you never expected so have all this in place in case you want to go for one that has your style and taste as they will be very few in the market or totally not present

Quality and Durability.

The quality and durability if any product relies on one another the better the quality the longer the product will last this is also subject to change as the cost sometimes have a say in this situation. Getting the right quality is beneficial to you in the end as you will not be disappointed to look for another product soon, in custom shoes you need to consider the best quality as they tend to be expensive and not in the market as you have to get a manufacturer to make your desired shoe. This not only costs time but also money as there is nothing like it you can get anywhere. Finding the right quality guarantees the durability and you can stay with it being comfortable as you plan on getting another one, no hurry that will make you arrive at bad conclusions.

Other Important Factors.

When we concentrate on some of the major factors as to why we get a certain product we tend to omit other factors that might be crucial to deciding the best-customized shoe. Firstly having known that you have a say in what the shoe will look like is a step closer to success as you will have to choose which one is the best on your one we only give you a guideline of factors that we found worth the pick and if you look keenly you will see they are not that different from the ones you have seen before our aim to make your work easier every time in choosing any running gear and we cannot start to disappoint you now.

Previous injuries.

This really depends if it is one of the reasons why you are getting the shoes customized if it is one then you need to consider having the shoes made depending on your history of injuries this sometimes is ignored but be rest assured it should be featured as this has a great role to play with how your shoe should be made. Most of the time customized shoes are made because of this factor or the doctor’s prescription that maintains that you need to make your shoe in a certain way to prevent more injuries that can make you never run again, if this is the case ensure it is known to the manufacturer as they will need to make the shoes having this in mind.


Ensure that the shoes which are made especially for you will have the flexible account in, this not only serves you with confidence all the step of the way but it also makes you enjoy having to do your thing as an athlete, you need to focus more on the fact that the more flexible your shoe is the more advantage you have of doing your best in them. With each stride, the flexible aspect will determine and matter what the results are more likely to be.



These are some of the questions that are commonly asked about custom shoes and we picked ones that appeared to be one that can be asked by you and we thought it wise to answer them to the best of our knowledge of the thorough research we carried.We have you in mind while doing the research and we would like to come to your aid whenever you need us, by providing more step stones to make you aware of what is required of you before and after you buy the shoes.Listed are some of the questions that we thought you should take a look and relate to them.


Q: Are customized running shoes more expensive than the normal shoes?

A: Yes they are more pricey than the normal shoes since they have more details compared to the others, not just that but also it has more details and features that have been enhanced to make the wearer feel more comfortable in them than the normal ones.


Q: How can I get customized running shoe?

A:The custom running shoes are not easily found in the market but can be found in big stores if not so can be found directly from the manufacturer after an order has been made.they are expensive shoes hence this makes them less in the market and hard to get them always ensure you get the right store that supplies the required shoes .


Q: How do I wash them?

A:Just like any other shoe, washing shoes can be tricky  and you need to know that the better you treat the shoes the best they can last and serve you, ensure that you know how to wash the shoes, the best detergents to use this will ensure the shoe will be able to stay strong.


Q: What should I look for In Custom Shoes?

A:You will need to ensure that the shoe will meet  all the needs that you wanted it for in the first place it should be able to feel comfortable, flexible, confidence among others, if you get customized shoes that do not provide such kindly take the shoe back and get the best that you want.


List Of Sources Used

To us it is not about giving the top 10 list and finishing our work there, we go steps further to ensure that you get all the information that will be required by you to get the understanding of the product and making the use easy. We get the information from various sources that are useful to you, we get them from everywhere including, blogs, running articles, sporting and outdoor articles, clothing, and fashion among others.



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