Asics Gel Fortitude 7

Designed by Asics to be one of their most cushioned running shoes, the Asics Gel Fortitude 7 gets the job done very well. For runners who like a lot of cushion in their step, this may be a shoe you want to look at. Featuring SpEVA foam midsole and forefoot and rearfoot Gel Cushioning Systems, Asics has added in their top-notch cushioning into this shoe. Many runners also enjoy the extremely breathable, mesh upper. This motion control shoe is meant more for runners who are heavy overpronators, though this comes with one downfall - the weight.  But for those runners looking for a high-quality motion control shoe, the weight may be a trait that can be overlooked. If you find yourself to be an overpronator who is looking for a highly cushioned shoe for a good price, you might want to try out this shoe.

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Pros & Cons
  • High amounts of cushioning
  • Low Stack height
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Responsive
  • Cons
    • High weight
    • Quite bulky
    • Not very stylish
    • Lacks responsiveness
    • Key Features
      The Asics Gel Fortitude 7 features an extremely durable, AHAR DuraSponge outsole. The outsole provides comfort and cushioning and is long lasting. In addition to the DuraSponge rubber, Asics features their Trusstic Guidance Line System in the Gel Fortitude 7. This Trusstic System helps reduce the overall weight of the sole unit while keeping the foot in place during each step. By helping keep the foot in place during each step, it helps keep the runner’s foot stable and enhances gait efficiency. These features of the outsole make for a great foundation.
      The Gel Fortitude 7 features both a SpEVA foam midsole as well as strategically placed a forefoot and rearfoot Gel Cushioning System. The SpEVA is a newer, lightweight foam midsole compared to the original EVA midsole. SpEVA helps bounce-back and shock, along with aiding in the durability of the midsole. The forefoot and rearfoot Gel Cushioning System is gel cushioning placed strategically in the front and back of the shoe to help the runner’s feet stay cushioned in the most important spots. These two cushioning features together make for an extremely comfortable and well-cushioned midsole.
      According to many reviewers, the upper of the shoe is stellar. While it doesn’t feature a ton of different technologies, the ones that it does feature help to make it a great performing upper. The first feature we see in the upper is the ComforDry Sockliner. This feature might be one of the most important in the upper since it helps with not only rebound properties according to Asics but also amazing moisture management and high-quality breathability.

      Many runners found that the high-quality and breathable mesh helps keep moisture from building up in the shoe. Some runners thought the breathability was very good, but wouldn't recommend running in cold weather. In addition to the ComforDry Sockliner, the upper also features a strong toe bumper.
      Possibly one of the only downfalls of the shoe is the weight. Weighing in at 12.2 ounces, the shoe is very heavy for a running shoe. That being said though, the weight isn’t overboard for a shoe designed to be used for overpronating runners. Typically, shoes designed for overpronators are going to be a bit heavier, so if you are looking in that shoe market anyways, then this shoe's weight actually isn’t going to be that high. If you are just looking at this compared to any other running shoe with a lot of cushioning, however, you are likely going to be able to find lighter running shoes to fit your needs. Despite the high weight though, many runners say this is one of the most comfortable running shoes they’ve ever run in.
      Another place the Asics Gel Fortitude 7 really shines is breathability. As mentioned earlier, the Gel Fortitude 7 is made with a high-quality, extremely breathable mesh upper. The ComforDry Sockliner does a great job at moisture management, and helps the runner’s foot to stay completely dry during their run.
      Because of the high amounts of cushioning seen in the Asics Gel Fortitude 7, the shoe is extremely comfortable. Many runners who have used this shoe claim this is one of the most comfortable shoes they’ve ever run in. While the shoe is designed for overpronators, the shoe can be used by anyone looking for a highly cushioned, comfortable run.
      There’s nothing too special about the style of the shoe. It doesn’t look blatantly appealing by any means, but it isn’t an ugly shoe. It looks a little clunky in some regards, but that's because of all the cushioning seen in the midsole. There are only a few color options to choose from though, which is a bit of a disappointment to some runners looking into the shoe. Style-wise though, the shoe is very basic.
      The durability of all parts of the shoe has proven to be exceptional. Starting with the outsole of the shoe, the AHAR rubber is made to last a long time. Both the SpEVA foam midsole and upper are also made to last a long time and won't deteriorate quickly. Many claim that despite the long distances they run, the upper of the shoe seems to stay perfectly intact.
      The main form of protection in the Asics Gel Fortitude 7 is the cushioning in the midsole. The SpEVA foam midsole offers shock protection, so when the runner’s foot hits the ground, the foot will experience dramatically less shock than they would without the SpEVA. The cushioning in the shoe protects the foot from injury over time due to the hard ground surface the runner will be running on.
      For such a highly-cushioned shoe, the Gel Fortitude 7 is still responsive. The AHAR rubber and the SpEVA foam midsole were designed to help with bounce-back time. Compared to other, more minimalistic running shoes, the Gel Fortitude 7 is not a very responsive shoe; however, the responsiveness is still very good for a shoe in its category.
      The Gel Fortitude 7 finds its support in the midsole and the upper of the shoe. Starting with the SpEVA foam midsole with the added forefoot and rearfoot Gel Cushioning System, the high levels of cushioning support the runner’s foot very well. The runner will find more support in the midsole's Gel Cushioning Systems, since they are strategically placed to help support the foot. As far as the upper goes, the ComforDry Sockliner plays a small role in helping support the foot. In general, the upper does provide a secure fit.
      The Asics Gel Fortitude 7 is meant for road and asphalt. If running on different terrains, such as trail, the shoe will deteriorate quicker.
      The price of these shoes is a steal for runners looking for a highly cushioned shoe. Coming in at just under $90, the features you get with this shoe, along with the overall quality of the shoe is amazing. If you are a runner looking for a shoe with high levels of cushioning for a price that won’t break the bank, this is a shoe you should consider.
      The traction is just okay. The AHAR rubber is what provides the most traction and is made to last a long time. However, the average traction should deter you from considering this shoe.
      Despite the high amount of cushioning seen throughout the shoe and how clunky it may look, the Asics Gel Fortitude 7 is a flexible shoe. Many runners were shocked at how flexible the shoe was. The flexibility of the shoe provides another level of comfort and makes it a top contender amongst other highly-cushioned shoes.
      The stability of the Gel Fortitude 7 is another place where the shoe scores highly. The Guidance Line technology in the outsole of the shoe helps to keep the runner’s foot very stable. Also, the upper of the shoe helps to lock the foot in place, so the foot won’t slip out. For runners looking for a stable shoe, this one fits the bill.
      The drop of the Asics Gel Fortitude 7 is standard – 10mm. The heel height of the shoe is 22mm and the forefoot height is 12mm. This drop is very common in well-cushioned running shoes.
      Key Features
      • Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Cushioning System
      • Guidance Line
      • Trusstic System
      • SpEVA Foam Midsole
      • DuraSponge Outsole
      • AHAR Rubber
      • ComforDry Sockliner
      Bottom Line
      The Asics Gel Fortitude 7 really is a great option for any runner, even though the shoe is designed for overpronators. The shoe does run a little bit heavy, but the high quality features including the cushioning justify its high weight. Runners who are going to get the most out of this shoe are obviously those who are overpronators, as this is what the shoe was designed to do. However, many runners have found happiness with the shoe solely because of how comfortable the shoe is. If you’re in the market for a highly-cushioned shoe that doesn’t cost a ton of money, this very well may be the shoe for you.
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      By Bryce Tuohey
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