Saucony Triumph ISO 4

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Saucony Triumph ISO 4 Review Facts

Saucony has redesigned their Triumph model to create a plush, responsive ride that is perfect for long runs and races but can also pick up the pace when it needs to. The newest updates increase the cushioning of the midsole and provide an adaptive fit through the upper. This shoe uses some of Saucony’s newest and smartest technologies. This is a neutral running shoe that is perfect for the runner who prefers comfort in the form of added cushioning. Runners love the high level of responsiveness that the EVERUN midsole provides. The Triumph comes in a variety of sleek, stylish colors. Although this shoe is not for the runner on a tight budget, runners who were able to afford this higher priced sure reported that it is worth every penny. Many runners reported that they were able to use this shoe for 100s and 100s of miles without it wearing out or looking worn at all.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Plush cushioning
  • Breathable upper
  • Flexible
  • Perfect for long miles
  • Expensive
  • Less traction than the previous model
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  • Not sure what all the fuss is about but these are my favorite shoes of all time! The traction on these is an upgrade from the other 3 models. These are a great shoe for walking and running. They are comfy and correct all over. Great shoe.
  • I have ordered these a couple times now and I love them. They are great for everyday use and for running. They are durable and really hug your feet well, creating added support.
  • I went from the 2 to the 4. I love it it is a sure upgrade. They added lots of cushioning to the toes, which is a dream. The whole shoe is a upgrade really and I love wearing them.
  • I had to order these a whole size up. They run very narrow. However, after i got the sizing correct, these shoes have been amazing. Very comfortable and grippy.
  • I really love these shoes. They were a great buy and great shoe! They are so comfortable and add a little bounce to my step.
  • These shoes fit me true to size. They are a real eye catcher and I get a lot of compliments. They are also really comfortable and keep my feet cozy all day.
  • These shoes were great right out of the box. These shoes were made for my feet. Thye have a nice wide toe and work with my bent up big toe. They fit to size as well. No issues at all.
  • This model is so great. These have just the right amount of support and fit comfortable and wa expected, even in sizing. The color is off though. They say grey but they are blue.
  • The toe box is great on these and extra wide. I got these a size larger than normal. I replaced the soles with my orthotics and they are great. They are supportive yet nice and soft on the inside.
  • I really love the length of the sole to the shoe and foot ratio. They are a bit firmer underfoot than the others. They have a great transition height from front to back. It is a slightly different shoe than the older models but is good. They run a bit shorter than normal as well.
  • They have tons of cushion and are light. They worked great out of the box on a nine miler. They were a bit snug across the toes where the laces are but no issues like rubbing or blisters. Great shoe and are now my runners for everything.
  • I loved this shoe. It was snug in the middle yet roomy in the toes. The cushioning was nice and supportive and they were lighter than I expected with all the comfort.
  • I ama the definition of who these shoes are marketed too and let me tell you, they need to hire a new marketing person. These are the worst shoes ever! I only put about 2 months on these and they are flat and hard and falling apart. These are complete garbage and I would not recommend wasting money.
  • The logo area does not break in or stretch with the rest of the shoe. It feel like someone has a zip tie around my foot. These aren't that comfortable and there are really way more attractive and better shoes on the market.
  • I returned these. They were nothing like they were said to be. Not comfortable and just not a good shoe.
  • I returned these ASAP. They are nothing like the 1 or 3 that I owned. They have less cushioning and they are way more narrow. They just lack in comfort fit and style.
  • This is a very dense and heavy soe. The cushioning in the front toe area is not efficient at all. This is what the shoe is known for in my opinion.
  • These hurt my feet. I had the other models and they were great. Why did they change them? I am not sure but they are so uncomfortable and miss the mark for a Triumph completely.
  • These were supposed to replace the 3s that I love. They are so bad though. They gave me immediate knee pain. They also fit way smaller than normal. This is a downgrade.
  • The tongue is too thick and uncomfortable. I had to replace the laces they were too long and never stayed tied. These gave me ankle and leg pain. I hate that these were so bad I loved the older models.
  • These were shorter, had less toe space, and they lacked support. I am not sure what happened but they ruined a perfectly great , comfortable shoe.
  • Too narrow. Nothing like the 1,2 or 3. These are a completely different shoe with Triumph on the box.
  • It felt I was sinking everytime I put these on. They gave nme hip pain and did not assist my supination at all.
  • The eyelet near the toes rubbed and dug into my feet. They are not a good pick for diabetics. They are actually quite dangerous. They cause pain and cuts, which is really dangerous.
  • These looked really cheap and one wa quite larger than the other. The price was way too much for these issues, they got returned.
  • These are a ugly blue color, supposed to be grey. They are horrible for my pronation, they kept twisting and were way too flexible and no support.
  • These were way too short even at a half size larger. They are way too pricey to not fit the way the ther models do. They seem to have changed the Triumph completely.
  • I have all the Triumph and this one was not even close to the fit or comfort I have become accustomed too. These had no cushion, the heel was hard, the lacing kept coming loose and walking in them sucked. I would give zero stars if I could. Horrible shoe and I have been using Saucony for 20+ years.
  • Mid was way too tight while having a gigantic toe box area. These were planks of wood compared to the ISO 3. I tried breaking them in and nothing has changed. They are just not comparable at all with the Triumphs.
  • I thought they would be soft but the cushioning is hard and horrible to walk around in. I thin it bottoms out when you run in it. They fit too tight as well. I even ordered a size larger as read on the reviews.
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One of the updates to the Triumph ISO 4 from the 3rd version is the redesigned outsole. This outsole now uses Saucony’s TRI-FLEX outsole that is designed to provide added flexibility and a natural running cycle. In addition to this, the outsole design is created to provide added traction for the runner. The added flexibility that is provided via the outsole enables runners to pick up the pace when needed, creating a versatile, all-around shoe that can be used for logging long, slower runs as well as picking up the pace for faster races and runs.



The midsole is where this shoe shines. Saucony added some of their newest, smartest technologies to give runners a high-tech, high quality running experience. Runners will be pleased to see Saucony’s patented EVERUN midsole. This material runs the entire length of the midsole, providing a highly responsive fit for the runner. This midsole is designed to absorb the shock of each footfall and return that energy to the runner. This helps to protect runners from fatiguing prematurely. The EVERUN midsole material provides a plush cushioning for the runners who are prone to injury found that this material helps to protect them from unwanted joint pain and muscle discomfort. The plush midsole also makes this a good choice for people who are standing all day due to their jobs.


The upper of the Triumph ISO 4 is highly adaptive and does an excellent job of conforming to the unique shape of each runner’s foot. This creates a customizable fit and a glove-like feel. Saucony uses their ISOFIT upper. It’s an ultra-stretch material that makes it adaptive to fit the unique needs of each runner. The eyelets are larger and allow for more give as the runner moves. In addition to the ISOFIT technology, the upper is constructed using a breathable mesh that helps air to flow into the shoe. This air flow helps to keep the runner comfortable and keep blisters and hot spots at bay.


Due to the added cushioning, this shoe has a higher weight than some other road running shoes on the market. This is not a shoe for the runner looking or a minimalist feel and ultra lightweight, but runners who need added cushioning were happy to trade the few ounces in order to have the plush ride. For the men’s size nine, this shoe weighs 10.8 ounces.


The upper of this shoe is made uses a lightweight, stretch mesh. This mesh material helps to keep the runner's foot cool and comfortable during workouts. A unique feature of this shoe's design is that it contains perforated ventilation holes along the entire upper. In general, runners are used to seeing ventilation holes along the top the shoe, but the Triumph ISO 4 also has them along the sides and the heel of the shoe too.


Runners raved about the overall comfort that the Triumph ISO 4 provides. Runners with a neutral The key to this high level of comfort can be attributed to the redesigned upper and midsole. The upper is made using Saucony’s patented ISOFIT technology. This technology stretches and moves with the foot. Additionally, runners found the full-length EVERUN midsole foam provided a plush landing pad for each footfall. The high level of comfort makes this a great option for runners who spend the majority of their day standing.


These shoes feature the unique Saucony insignia along the side. They are offered in a variety of three different colors , and runners reported that they are both sleek and eye-catching.


Reviewers of these shoes reported over and over how long lasting their Triumphs ISO 4’s were. This can be attributed to the thicker outsole and midsole material. The full-length EVA midsole can provide supportive cushioning, mile after mile. Due to the higher durability of this shoe, runners found it to be the perfect companion for longer distance runs and races. In addition to the thicker midsole and outsole, the upper is made from a long-lasting material that deflects debris and keeps the shoe looking newer for longer.


This shoe does a great job of absorbing the harmful shock of each footfall and returning that energy back to the runner. Runners who are injury prone found that this shoe helped to reduce their instances of injury. Another way these shoes help to protect the runner is through their use of reflective details along the upper. These reflective details help to keep runner safe when they are on their evening runs or races.



The EVERUN midsole foam is known for being highly responsive. Runners reported that even though the midsole foam and the outsole rubber are thicker, they could still easily feel the ground below them. This made it possible for them to make quick and effective changes to pace, direction and terrain. This midsole foam provides cushioned landings and more efficient take offs.


The ISOFIT upper conforms to the runner’s foot, creating a supportive, snug fit. This technology is designed to collapse and expand as the athlete runs providing a glove-like fit that wraps the runner’s foot in support. The EVERUN midsole foam also rises up to meet the arch of the foot, providing additional support for the runner who has high arches.


This shoe is best suited for road running. The underfoot has a unique shape that provides traction and flexibility, but it does not provide enough of a lug system to keep the runner safe and secure on uneven terrain like trails. Additionally, the added cushioning of the shoe doesn’t make for a great shoe to perform weight lifting activities like Cross Fit or Body Pump classes.



The only real concern that runners had with this shoe was the higher price tag. This shoe costs more than the average road running shoe on today’s market. Saucony uses some of the newest technologies to create this high-quality road running shoe, but runners should be prepared to pay for what they are getting. There are lots of really good shoes on the market for runners who are on a tight budget, but this is not one of them.


The outsole of this shoe has been redesigned and now has a different pattern. Although this adds a higher level of flexibility, runners commented that the new design created a less grippy feeling. Some runners commented that while this shoe provided enough traction for flat, dry pavement, any addition of moisture to the surface of the road and runners reported that they didn’t feel fully protected.


One of the highest rated categories by runners when it comes to the Triumph ISO 4 is the flexibility offered from the upper to the outsole. The outsole uses the TRI-FLEX technology. That paired with the EVERUN full-length midsole foam provides a ride that promotes a natural movement but also supports the runner through their entire gait cycle. The upper of the shoe, the ISOFIT, bends and stretches with the natural movement of the runner.


This is a neutral running shoe. It does not come with support for the runner who has issues with over or under pronation. This shoe is better suited for the runner who is looking for a shoe that will promote their natural gait cycle without cumbersome supports in the way.



This shoe features an 8-millimeter drop. Many runners commented that that with a heel stack of 28 millimeters and a forefoot stack of 20 millimeters, the Triumph ISO 4 had the perfect blend of forwarding motion and balanced distribution of height. Runners will notice with the 8-millimeter drop of this shoe that they are still propelled forward, but not as much as a traditional heel drop of ten millimeters. The 8-millimeter heel drop provides an evener landing pad for runners to have better balance and control on the roads.
Key Features

Key Features

- 8-millimeter heel drop
- TRI-FLEX outsole
- EVERUN midsole foam
- ISOFIT upper
- Neutral running design
- Larger eyelets for added stretch
- Breathable mesh upper
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Saucony took their best selling Triumph and enhanced the design with new, cutting-edge technologies. The fourth iteration of the model provides even plusher cushioning, a better fitting upper, and a reliable, durable outsole. Runners who are fans of high tech design elements enjoyed the customizable fit that the Triumph ISO 4 provided. Due to the ISOFIT upper and the EVERUN full-length midsole foam, runners reported a snug, adaptive fit. The EVERUN midsole foam rises up to meet the arch of the foot, providing a safe, supportive run. This is a neutral running shoe that helps promote that natural gait of the runner. This shoe is not designed to help runners who are struggling with pronation issues. Due to the plush cushioning and support of the EVERUN midsole, runners reported that this shoe is perfect for their long runs and races. They also noted that this is a good shoe for individuals who spend long hours on their feet each day. The only issue that runners had with this shoe was the higher price tag. This shoe is certainly at the higher end of the price spectrum when it comes to road running shoes, but runners who were able to purchase this item found it to be more than worth the higher price tag.