Under Armour Micro G Assert 6

The sixth version of the Micro G Assert running shoes is here. These neutral running shoes are ideal for daily running and gym training. The quality of the materials is outstanding, the comfort from the midsole and outsole is really good, and they are quite stylish. The Under Armour Micro G Assert 6 are a really good choice if you are looking for good quality road running shoes that can also be worn casually with different outfits. With a soft breathable mesh upper on top of a supportive foam, these shoe brings great fit to your foot and remarkable comfort. The traction from the outsole is good, even under wet conditions. The technologies used to design and build the Micro G Assert 6 make the shoe one of peoples favorites road running shoes. According to the reviewers, this shoe is within the top ten road running shoes from Under Armour.

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Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Good traction
  • Great cushioning
  • Cons
    • Sizing is tricky
    • Can feel narrow
    • Not suitable for rough surfaces
    • Not made to provide extra orthopedic support.
    • Key Features
      The rubber outsole from the Under Armour Micro G Assert 6 provides the shoe with great traction even under wet conditions. It features rubber traction covers strategically placed on the high impact zones providing better grip and traction and making the shoes more durable without adding a lot of extra weight. The nonmarking properties of the rubber outsole make it very lightweight yet protective and stable. The shoes feature Flex Grooves technology that enhances the natural movement of the feet making the shoe more flexible, comfortable and responsive.
      The midsole used in these shoes features the Micro G technology. It consists of a full-length foam that turns cushioned landings into very energetic takeoffs. The transition from landing to take off is remarkable in the Micro G Assert 6. As a second layer, Under Armour used a full-length EVA sock liner that adds cushioning, comfort, protection and custom fit. The EVA sock liner offers extra support for people who like that well cushioned feeling on their running shoes.
      The upper is a two-layered upper. In the interior there is a supportive foam that provides extra cushioning and enhances a good fit. On top of that supportive foam layer, there is a lightweight mesh material that maximizes the breathability of the shoe while it moves along with the movement of your foot. The upper mesh also gives the shoes a nice look. Highly durable leather overlays lock your midfoot from the outside in providing extra stability in every step you take and structure to the shoe. The leather overlay is connected to the lacing system of the Under Armour Micro G Assert 6, allowing you to customize the tightness of the shoe for a custom fit every time you put your shoes on.
      The weight of these shoes is within the average for road running lightweight shoes. The men’s line has an average weight of 261 grams (9.2 oz.) while the women’s line is slightly lighter with an average weight of 255 grams (8.9 oz.). The weight depends on the size of the shoe. The Under Armour Micro G Assert 6 are very durable and comfortable shoes and yet manage to be very lightweight.
      The double-layered upper brings enough cushioning and comfort while maximizing the breathability of the shoe. These shoes will keep your feet cool and dry all the time. The breathability of the shoes will allow your sweat to evaporate more quickly, keeping your feet dry and reducing the risk of getting blisters. Have in mind that the body temperature, while you run, depends a lot on the temperature of your feet. We all lose a lot of heat through our feet, that is why the cooler your feet are, the cooler you will feel overall. The Under Armour Micro G Assert 6 will provide enough breathability, so you can keep your whole self-cool while running.
      The overall comfort of the shoes is remarkable. From the outsole to the upper, the Under Armour Micro G Assert 6 road running shoes are meant to hug your feet tightly, keep them dry and let you perform the best run. The midsole with Micro G technology will make sure you feel little impact from the runs. The EVA sock liner and the supportive foam the upper features always provide great cushioning yet make the shoes very lightweight. The leather overlays attached to the lacing system give the shoes a great fit. You can customize the fit of shoes by loosening or tightening the shoelaces. Overall, running in these shoes is very comfortable.
      These shoes have an alternative look and come in very cool colors. The combination of the leather overlays and the mesh, make the upper of the shoes look and feel very comfortable, protective and cool. The Under Armour Micro G Assert 6 road running shoes come in many colors to choose, some colors are gender specific. The shape of the outsole in the laterals of the shoe gives them a powerful look. These shoes will look great running or with a pair of jeans.
      The high-quality materials used in the Micro G Assert 6 make the shoe extremely resistant yet very light and flexible. The rubber outsole has especially durable rubber compound strategically placed on the high abrasion/impact zones. The rubber compound brings greater durability without adding any extra weight to the shoes. Reviewers have highlighted the durability of the shoes as one of the best features of these specific version of these line of shoes. Remember the durability of the shoes has to do as well with the conditions of the terrain you run over. These shoes are road running shoes, meaning that they will perform the best overall while running on flat surfaces with no much resistance.
      The outsole of the Micro G Assert 6 will keep you protected from the surface. The Micro G foam in the midsole will protect your ankles, knees, and hips from the impact of every step you take while running. The upper of the shoe will keep you dry and cool the entire time. As extra protection, the highly durable leather overlays in the upper, will keep together the upper mesh and will protect you from occasional loose small rocks you may encounter during your runs. If you run with this shoes over dirt roads and on off road conditions, the protection of the shoes will decrease.
      The shoes are designed to be really responsive. The Micro G foam technology in the midsole provides the softest landing and an explosive take off. That technology allows the foot to be closer to the ground enhancing the ability to change direction quickly, making the shoe very responsive. As said before, the Micro G foam provides a higher level of bounce that gives you extra lift and high energy return. The Flex Grooves featured in the shoe provide a more natural movement to your feet every time you touch the ground. They allow you to be more precise in changing direction when you need it the most.
      The support of these shoes is good. The Micro G Assert 6 provide good cushioning, good responsiveness and great comfort but are not meant to provide any extra support to over pronators or under-pronators. The first step to deciding if these shoes are the best ones for you is to check your body mechanics to know if you over or under pronate, or if you have a regular pronation. The way your feet make contact with the ground affects your running and walking performance overall. These shoes do not come with orthopedic insoles and are not made to provide extra orthopedic support.
      The Under Armour Micro G Assert 6 are road running shoes, so they perform the best on flat surfaces. Road, track and even light gravel are ideal surfaces to run on with these shoes. They also provide good traction on these surfaces when wet.
      These shoes have an average price for road running shoes. You can find them from $44 USD in the women’s line, to $135 USD in the men’s line. The average price of the Under Armour Micro G Assert 6 is $90 USD. The price depends on the size, line and sometimes the color. These shoes are a real value for your money.
      The traction the Micro G Assert 6 provide is really good when running over roads, tracks, and even light gravel surfaces. The rubber compound from the outsole gives the shoe good traction even over wet conditions. The Flex Grooves add extra grip and stability to the shoe when you need it the most.
      The flexibility of the shoe is engrained into the design of the shoe. Every component of the shoe has been designed to provide the most flexibility. The rubber compound and Flex Grooves featured in the outsole make the shoes flexible from the bottom up. The EVA sock liner provides extra protection and responsiveness while letting the shoe be really flexible. The double-layered upper moves along with your foot making the shoe a very comfortable version of this line.
      Components such as the Micro G foam, the EVA sock liner and the Flex Grooves in the outsole provide these shoes with great stability. The shoes allow excellent natural stability while providing the best shock absorption from the impact of running. The supportive foam featured in the upper and the leather overlays will hug your foot in a natural way. These shoes provide the best fit for you to have the most stable, protected and responsive run.

      The drop of a shoe is the difference between the height of the heel and the height of the toe. The Under Armour Micro G Assert 6 road running shoes have a drop of 10 mm.
      Key Features of the Under Armour Micro G Assert 6
      • Full-length Micro G foam technology

      • Dual-layer upper

      • Highly durable overlays in the upper

      • Flex Grooves for more natural movement

      • Full-length EVA sock liner

      • Nonmarking rubber outsole

      • Extra durability thanks to rubber compound in high impact zones
      Bottom line
      If you are looking for shoes that perform great during your daily running and also want to wear them with casual clothes, the Under Armour Micro G Assert 6 road running shoes are just down your alley. These shoes feature different technologies that make the shoe very responsive, comfortable and reliable. Reviewers have described these shoes as one of the best comfort running shoes. The EVA sock liner and the supportive foam form the upper makes the shoe to adapt to your feet in a way others don’t. The leather overlays from the upper allow a customized fit for any activity you perform with them.

      The Micro G Assert 6 road running shoes are truly value for your money with an average price for similar road running shoes. These shoes, in particular, can be a great investment. The shoes make sure to transform a very soft landing into a very explosive take off thanks to the midsole technology. The outsole brings enough traction over flat surfaces to give you faster, smoother runs. Apart from the great functionality of these shoes, the Micro G Assert 6 look great. These shoes definitely have the potential of giving you a better running experience.
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      By Brian Price
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