10 Best Memory Foam Shoes Tested


Have you ever tried sleeping on a memory foam mattress? If you have, you know that they are nothing short of heaven. The reason so many people love memory foam when it comes to shut-eye is because it contours to your body and supports all of your joints perfectly for a wonderful night’s sleep. However, did you know that shoes also come with memory foam options and also provide your feet with the extreme comfort and weight distribution that a mattress does for your body? If you haven’t, not to worry. That is why we are here.

We have put together the following list of memory foam shoes to show you some really great options that are on the market today. Because memory foam supports your feet so strongly, there is an even distribution of balance, and this is very important for runners. So if this sounds like something that you are interested in, simply read through our list to get a good idea of what you may want in a memory foam shoe.

Last Updated: August 15, 2017
By Madison Ambrose:

For this update, we have taken a look at our list and feel that it is still as strong as ever. So to further your reading experience, we have added some new content to keep you as informed as possible.

Fila Maranello 4
  • Fila Maranello 4
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • EVA foam midsole
  • Price: See Here
Skechers Power Switch
  • Skechers Power Switch
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Exceptional cushioning
  • Price: See Here
Fila Sportland
  • Fila Sportland
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Provides decent stability
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Memory Foam Shoes


1. Fila Maranello 4

Fila is once again at the top of our list with their new and improved Fila Maranello 4. These shoes are our top because they come equipped with a Cool Max Memory foam insole that is sure to keep your foot cool, comfortable, and stable during your runs.
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The stable and comfortable design of this shoe, paired with the Cool Max Memory Foam insole, is the perfect combination for most athletes. These shoes can function both as a running shoe as well as a training shoe—so you can use them for a variety of workouts! Its breathable mesh keeps your feet comfortable, while they’re rubber outsoles provide you with the perfect amount of traction

The best feature Fila added to the Maranello 4 is the Cool Max Memory Foam insole. The memory foam itself provides you with support, cushioning, and a coolness effect that will keep your feet cool and comfortable no matter how long you wear them!

This shoe comes at a cost-efficient price and is perfect for runners looking for a shoe that functions perfectly for running, training, and other athletic purposes. It’s difficult to find a shoe that works for all of these activities, so this is one that is hard to pass up if you’re in the market for a multi-functional shoe! In the end, its overall design provides you with good support while reducing foot stress.
  • Equipped with breathable mesh 
  • Cool Max Memory Foan
  • Stable and Comfortable
  • Cost-efficient price
  • Some users report inadequate shock absorption during runs 
  • Functional for several athletic activities, but not a perfect fit for all of them

2. Skechers Synergy Power Switch

The Skechers Synergy Power Switch is the perfect running shoe for the beginner and casual runner. Its Flex Sole technology provides you with excellent shock absorption while its flexibility and its memory foam insoles perfectly contour to the shape of your foot, providing you with constant comfort and support.
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With this design, Skechers brings you a shoe that fits your running needs as well as those of your everyday life. The Flex Sole technology paired with the contouring memory foam insoles provide you with comfort and stability 24/7.

• Its flexible design paired with the memory foam insoles will provide you with a shoe that increases your speed, responds to each of your natural movements, and maintains a solid comfort level during out runs.

The cost-efficient price of the Skechers Synergy Power Switch is hard to beat! It's a perfect option for the new runner because it contours to the shape of their foot and provides them with excellent shock absorption—all for a very affordable price, which is difficult to find.
  • Contouring memory foam insoles 
  • Flex Sole technology 
  • Fairly lightweight 
  • Cost-efficient 
  • Wear out fairly quickly if excessively used 
  • Some users found them to be too tight 

3. Fila Sportland

The Fila Men’s Memory Sportland Running Shoe is designed for better performance using memory foam and support structures to provide a comfortable, shock reducing fit. It uses a combination of materials throughout the sole and upper to achieve the best possible foot support. Memory foam is used to cushion your foot for a better feel and reduced foot stress.
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Reinforced support in the midsole and heel reduces the stress on your feet. The upper is made out of durable and lightweight materials for better breathability and stronger construction. The overall design supports your foot throughout each step, ensuring that you get the best traction and positioning for low-energy loss running.

The placement of memory foam in the heel helps absorb shocks, making running more comfortable over long distances. Lightweight materials also contribute to maintaining your endurance throughout workouts. The use of thicker and stronger synthetic materials ensures that they last longer during repeated use.

The design makes the Fila Men’s Memory Sportland Running Shoe stylish for athletic and non-athletic events. The stronger materials used in its construction result in longer use lifecycles. The lower price makes it possible to purchase multiple pairs or easily get replacements.
  • The positioning of memory foam reduces foot stress
  • The cost is lower than other alternatives
  • Well-positioned support for your feet
  • The memory foam may not be as thick as you would expect
  • Some have had issues with premature wear and tear
  • Light color options may result in staining

4. Saucony Kineta Relay

4. Saucony Kineta Relay
The Saucony Kineta Relay is a comfortable and lightweight running shoe that comes equipped with a memory foam insole that perfectly contours to the underside of the runner’s feet. This provides the runner with a shoe that flawlessly fits their foot’s every movement.
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This shoe is our top pick for women on this list because it’s a comfortable, neutral shoe that can be used for running and various other athletic activities and workouts. Its versatility provides women with a shoe they can incorporate into all of their daily activities—and the variety of color design option is also a huge bonus!

The Kineta Relay is equipped with “FORM2U” memory foam technology that contours to the unique shape of each individuals’ foot. This means it’s tailored to react to your specific movements and needs.

Its cost-efficient price will fit any budget—and its versatility and comfort is more than well worth the price!
  • Lightweight 
  • Breathable 
  • FORM2U memory foam technology 
  • Poor traction
  • Not as durable 
  • Some users noted that it lacks stability 

5. Ryka Carrara

5. Ryka Carrara
Ryka’s Carrara Running Shoe is designed for runners that need additional support for longer runs. The memory foam inserts help the support padding stay in the appropriate position so that they stay comfortable. High-performance runners will appreciate them for their fit, durability, and support.
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Darker color options show less wear and dirt over time. The soles are made of durable and flexible rubber. The combination of rubber, latex, and memory foam create better support padding options for your feet.

The Ryka Carrara Running Shoe is made of lightweight materials to prevent tiring while running at high speeds. Memory foam inserts force support pads back into the appropriate position for your feet. The breathable and comfortable design reduces foot strain while running.

It's reasonably priced so that getting multiple pairs or replacing aging pairs is inexpensive. The addition of memory foam in strategic places helps keep your foot in the right position for comfort and support. They are a good fit for faster or longer distance runners.
  • Lightweight for minimal resistance while running
  • Memory foam and latex make them comfortable over long distances
  • Synthetic materials are durable and breathable where needed
  • Limited color options
  • May not provide as much support for some activities
  • Low profile may not support feet as desired

Asics GEL-Nimbus 18

Asics GEL-Nimbus 18
This shoe is a uniquely high performing shoe with high tech cushioning which will FIT the shape of your foot and retain (memory) this cushioned support specifically for your foot.

The plush cushion materials give this shoe a memory foam feeling much the same as we get from a memory foam slipper, though the shoe has Solyte 45 type foam, it's results are much the same level of comfort which we get from memory foam

This daily trainer has exceptional durability and gives a very reliable run.
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Beneath your foot, the makers have used a total of seven materials to ensure high pe4rformance. The materials used are:

Plush comfortable insole, a high-quality liner, below this a darker denser foam for shock absorbing capability, a layer of gel, foam from FluidRide, a stability plate made from durable plastic and the durable rubber outsole. For men, the shoe gives a drop of 10mm and for the ladies shoe a drop of 13mm. The Outsole is thick hard wearing shoe rubber with lots of durabilities.

The shoe has the reliable trusstic system which promotes an efficient gait and more structural integrity for the midfoot and this system allows the shoe to use targetted flexibility. Problematic foot twisting along the shoe length is held in check by the trusstic system.  Durability and comfort are enhanced through stronger wearing rubber designed into the high wearability areas of the shoe. The use of durable rubbers is a combination of AHAR a hard wearing rubber and Durasponge a softer blown rubber. Gel cushioning is designed into the forefoot and heel area, this is very effective at the point of landing and the resulting toe-off. This system works in conjunction with the midsole FluidRide shoe tech to produce an impressive combination light-weight reliable durability and excellent cushioning.


The Upper retains a smooth seamless appearance which is a contrast to the previous 17s shoe, the update has changed the silhouette of the shoe. The foot is comfortably enveloped by a Comfordy-X-40 sockliner which also wicks away unwanted moisture. The sturdy external heel counter has reflective shoe tech designed onto it and the stabilizing hold results from the reliable built-in heel-clutching system.

The shoe gives a superb performance and a top class daily running shoe which deserves pride of place in our running gear.


Quality and great performance cost money but the price is not excessively high and this shoe is a nice investment.


High tech cushioning

Solyte 45 type foam

Comfordy-X-40 sockliner 

External heel counter

Trusstic system


The price is a little higher than similar other brands

Skechers Sport Afterburn

Skechers Sport Afterburn
These laced-up sneakers will let you feel very comfortable as they are very well constructed. They are very comfortable and you can remove memory foam insert whenever you want. These give great support and stability.
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These shoes have special overlays that provide perfect protection even for the most demanding runners. They have synthetic leather which provide breathability. There is perforation detail at front which gives a lot of breathability.


As they have removable memory foam insole, they can minimalize the shock when you hit the ground. If you want to cushion your feet, it is perfect option for you.


It’s not a high price for well-made shoes. They are very durable and you will be able to run long distances so they’re totally worth the price.

Very soft memory foam

As they are available in dark colors they don’t look very dirty

Praised for very good tread

Stiff sole perfectly protects feet

They are wide and fit larger feet


  They may be a little bit heavy for some runners

Saucony Progrid Kinvara 3 Running Shoe

If you search something for running long distances and you need a lot of cushioning this pair of shoes is for You. While running and after it, you won’t have any blisters or any other problems- there are no materials causing rubbing.
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The upper makes your feet cooler and it’s very breathable. The shoes are very vented in the front. The laces are long enough and it is easier to tighten the shoes.


Memory foam heel pods make shoes very comfortable and you can even take a part in marathon. When it comes to the sole, there is a good traction. They absorb shock and they have lining wicks moisture. The mesh provides very good air flow and your feet don’t get hot in these shoes.


The price is very reasonable. While searching for good memory foam shoes, there are many models up to 100 dollars but here you’ve got comfort and perfect cushioning for the low price.

Excellent for people with wide feet

They look much better in the reality than in the picture

Comfortable from the beginning

Very lightweight

Provide fantastic support


Some buyers said the durability of the product is unsatisfactory

Fila Memory Speedstride Running Shoe

Fila Memory Speedstride Running Shoe
These are textile/ synthetic shoes will be still comfortable after months of use and they will provide the same support with excellent cushioning. Many runners appreciate their flexibility. You don’t need to worry about slipping and sliding. They are made for athletic but also for everyday use.
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Midsole has Eva for more cushioning and better shock absorption. The outsole is made of rubber. There is breathable upper to make your feet moisture free. The shoes conform to your feet perfectly.


Memory foam easily form to your feet and provide support and comfort. Midsole keeps the foot in balance in order to prevent injuries.


Although these shoes are very comfortable and durable, you don’t need to spend a lot of money as they aren’t very expensive.

Extraordinary stylish look

Available in many colors and sizes

They are perfect for other sport activities

They are flexible and they don’t irritate your skin

Excellent traction 

Can be worn for a very long period of time


Some buyers had problems with choosing the best size

Champion Gusto Cross Trainer

Champion  Gusto Cross Trainer
It is essential for shoes to be comfortable and supportive at the same time and this is what Champion company offers you. It is one of the cheapest on our list. The breaking in these shoes is also very pleasant. They don’t hurt your feet after even if you’re wearing them for an extended period of time.
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The have mesh to be more breathable. They have laces to fit well. There’s non-marking outsole. They are stylish and versatile and can be worn with casual clothes. Colord don’t fade with time.

Memory foam insole can absorb the shock, stabilize the feet and you can feel like these shoes were made for you. They are very lightweight and this will let you to improve your performance.


The price is great for such a quality and quiet unbelievable . If you look for cheap but well-made shoes, these are the best.

They keep your feet very cool

They fit the budget

Excellent for wider feet

Nice minimalist design

They are quiet durable

Praised for great arch support


The traction may be poor on wet surfaces


Buying a solid pair of memory foam shoes ensures comfort for everyday walking and long runs. While memory foam shoes are less common than other types, their increasing popularity may mean a wider selection of memory foam running shoes in the future. Before purchasing a pair, make sure to try them out to know what to expect.

The Criteria Used When Selecting The Best Memory Foam Running Shoes

When getting the best running shoes, it’s very important that you consider your arch type, body type, and running terrain. Getting a memory foam running shoe that will serve the purpose, and also last, should be the ultimate goal when shopping for memory foam running shoes. But then this can prove to be a difficult task, especially with the many types of running shoes being sold out there, in many stores.  All these make sure that your running experience is not just fitness-focused but it’s also more relaxing and offers you maximum comfortability.  That is why the correct running gears should be used starting with the correct running shoes.

The wrong running sneakers can totally make your running experience terrible. Such a situation can be avoided if one is well informed and knows all the important factors they need to know when considering buying any type of running shoes.

The factors considered when selecting  the best memory foam shoes for running are:

Cushion & Support Provided by the Shoes

Shoes with the simplest cushioned inserts are specifically designed for athletes who focus on shock reduction while running. People who enjoy the flexibility of being lightweight, but then they also want to protect their feet from getting pounded or bruised while running.  The cushioning inserts ought to be made of flexible and lightweight materials. Durable fabric that will not be able to break down easily after a few kilometers of running.  Inserts not only improve cushioning and comfort, but they help in reducing the pain that is felt in the foot’s arch for those who have plantar fasciitis. Also, those who might suffer from muscle tiredness. Check and confirm that the amount of support on the arch, that the sneaker is providing, and that it is constructed of a material that is firm in nature and long-lasting. You can replace the inserts if you feel they do not provide enough cushioning to your feet while running or walking.

Toes Splay

You can determine your toes splay by following the below steps. Stand barefoot like you have your shoes on, roll one foot inwardly, check if the arch collapses (weak arches need more support). Toes splay might seem irrelevant to many people who have been wearing shoes all of their lives.

It’s useful in determining whether one should have permanent support in their running shoes or not. You can also determine this using metatarsal pads. These are lump like pads that have been cushioned to fit on the back section of the metatarsal’s head (usually the foot’s ball). They distribute weight evenly, making the toes of the runner’s feet spread naturally. For it to function properly it must be inserted into the right part.

Heel Lift / Drop

Heel lift or heel drop plays an important role in determining the type of running sneakers you will be wearing. You can find running shoes with or without heel lift. You can opt to buy a heel lift if your running shoes lack the necessary heel lift. Heel lifts are typically designed to remove pressure from an Achilles tendon that is strained or from a calf that is injured.

Upper Construction

The same way the shoes’ sole is given great designing, so is the upper section. It not only displays the shoes but also covers a large portion of the runner’s feet. The upper part is expected to provide relaxation and comfortability with no pressure placed on the feet. Take note that you don’t tighten the shoe laces too much, make sure they allow ample space for the feet’s natural movement.

Enough Wiggle Space

Do not lay too much stress on the side sections of your foot when you wear the shoes. Opt for a shoe that has a larger insole. This will prevent you from crossing the shoes’ edge. Limited space on the surface will cause muscle pain, hence interrupting your running.


Other Important Factors Worth Considering

Shoes that are easy to put on and remove

This is another aspect of comfort and fit. Make sure, that when you try on the shoes, your feet easily slides in when the laces are not tied. Enough space to wiggle your toes. This shows that the heel of the shoe will provide enough support for you without straining your feet.

Design Vs Comfort

Choosing the preference and ideal running sneakers can be a little challenging and confusing especially when looking at new complex technology & attractive design features, that are in the shoe market. This doesn’t mean that you should allow all these fantastic features to sway your judgment and ignore more important factors, like comfort and durability. The common error that most inexperienced people make, while choosing running shoes, is to lay major focus on style and design of a given shoe. Comfort should be the number one factor, then size. You should not sacrifice these two for the love of trendy fashion.

Level Of Cushioning

A good running shoe should have ample cushioning to absorb shock. No data exists to say which type of shoe is better, but if you choose a cushioned shoe, look for overall shock absorption for the foot. Cushions in shoes function like a spring, converting the energy impact into heat hence reducing the force that will act on the body. This is usually 2 to 3 times the weight of the body. Factors that determine the cushioning effect are route length, terrain, the speed of runner and the weight of the runner. With good cushioning protection to the knee joints is attained at the same time comfortability. Good sole material guarantees more resilience and hence improved spring effect. Running styles also need different cushioning: lightweight cushioning is for fast runners, moderate cushioning is for those athletes who run to their limit effectively, extensive cushioning is for steady but long runs and maximum cushioning is for those who want an extra soft feeling to their feet.


Pronation is the natural movement of one’s foot ( sideways) when walking or running. Also known as the eversion. When working out, the foot experiences an inward roll with each running or walking step. There are different levels of pronation experienced by different types of runners. Each type of pronation has a specific running sneaker that is used by athletes in dealing with the type of pronation.

The Insole

The comfortability of nay running sneaker is determined by the insole, also the fit of the sneaker can be judged with the type of insole that is worn with the shoe. When you buy new shoes, they already have new insoles but the more you wear the shoes the faster their insoles get worn out. You can replace your insole in any sporting gears shop. There are important metrics that all buyers should check when they are window shopping for new insoles in the stores: the sizing of the insole, the placement, the runner’s foot arch type, the footbed of the insole, and lastly the material used in making the insole.

What are the Types of Trainers available in the market and which one is ideal for me?

Regardless of the running gait, an athlete has, with the right pair of trainers will enjoy flexibility, stability, support and of course durability from their running sneakers. The varied level of all these benefits depend on the type of running sneakers you will buy. There are 5 main major categories of running sneakers, which are: the motion control trainers, the cushioned trainers, the stability trainers, the lightweight trainers, and lastly the trail trainers (track trainers).

The Motion Control Running Sneakers: The shoes have been made and designed to suit athletes and runners who have overpronation. They offer reduced pronation and control the excessive inward roll of the athletes’ foot when taking a walk or just running. Additionally, they offer extra shock absorption features. The sole of these shoes tends to be very rigid.

The Cushioned running sneaker: Runners who suffer from supination or under pronation need extra cushioning on their feet so that they can deal with the condition. Supination occurs when experiencing excessive outward rolling or it experiences insufficient inward rolling when going for a walk or a run. The entire rolling motion assists the foot to absorb any form of shock generated by each every step (most of the times without ample cushioning the shock is transmitted to the joints and towards the spine. The extra cushioning is made in a way that it reduces the amount of shock by imitating the running natural process.

The stability running shoe: They work just like the other two categories, by offering to cushion to the foot and ample support when running. This type of shoes has great durability. They allow the natural movement of the leg by offering very minimal restriction hence reduce excess movement of one’s foot and the ankle.

The Lightweight running sneakers: They are little different, offering varied levels of cushioning and stability. Though they are much more responsive compared to the standard trainers. They give a springy push-off perfect for runners who focus on fast-paced racing. They offer amazing flexibility to the runner’s feet.

The Trail Running Sneakers: These trainers are designed with unique features so that they can be able to function effectively regardless of the type of terrain the runner will be running on. They can have studs or spikes, additional features on the shoes are like the Gore-Tex liners, the midfoot wraps, with an outer sole that is lugged. They are praised for having very durable upper sections hence offer maximum protection to the feet. The shoes are designed with the focus being laid on the amount of grip offered by the shoes. The outer sole is different depending on the brand, but then all of them are designed to offer stability and traction especially when the terrain is slippery or uneven.

Knowing the type of foot you have

Sure, every normal human being has 2 legs, with a heel on each leg and 5 toes. But then, those are just the basics when it comes to the anatomy of the human feet. We also have different sizes that are for sure, but knowing the particular anatomy of your feet will make it much easier for one to get a trainer that will suit their needs. Major trainer making brands have come up with shoe models that suit every runners’ foot types.

The first way of determining the shape of your foot is by doing a “wet test”. Wet your feet then carefully step on a dry brown paper and start tracing your footprint. (The other option would be to get your old trainers and check where there are signs of the most wear and tear on the trainers.) In case your footprints show a print of the whole sole of the foot with very minimal curves or none at all on the inside then you have low arches. Another indication of low arches is when your shoes tend to experience plenty of wear and tear on the edge (inside).   Low arches are signs of overpronation and that means your trainers must offer motion control features and provide you with maximum support.

When you check the print on the brown paper and realize that only a small portion of the heel and forefoot (having a narrow connection) is shown. Or if your shoes have excessive wear on the edge (outside part). This means the runner has high arches and will experience supination or under pronation when running. Your ideal trainers would be very cushioned and have a softer midsole.

For a neutral arch you will have a print with a unique curve just along the inner part of your feet and also your shoes will show signs of wearing out uniformly. Your recommended type of trainers would be the stability trainers that offer a great combination of support and ample cushioning.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have sampled some of the few but frequently asked questions by buyers when shopping for memory foam running shoes. The questions have detailed answers that will help you in making a good purchase.

Q. Is it important that I check the brand of the running sneakers before making a purchase?

A. Many of the buyers, especially new buyers make the mistake of buying a brand of trainers not because of its functionality but because of the brand name. Any running trainers you purchase ought to function effectively and not focus more on fashion. You should avoid the temptations of buying shoes because they are very trendy or they are the most popular brand during this season. Though it’s important to look at the brand name,( they tell a lot about customer loyalty and customer satisfaction), but then make sure you core factors are comfortability, effective functionality and having the perfect fit.

Q. How often should I replace my running shoes?

A. The general consensus is every three hundred to five hundred miles. It’s important to remember not to go based on appearance. The running shoe may look like it still has life left in it, however, the inner support may already be worn out. You can opt to replace the innersoles if the outer soles are still strong.  If you plan on running daily and over longer periods of time, consider rotating between two different pairs. That way the midsole (typically comprised of gel, foam, or cushioning) can recover and give you the adequate amount of “spring” to your step.

Q. Are Running Socks Really Important?

A. The socks you wear during your running is crucial in making sure you get the right shoe size. Whenever you are shopping for a new pair of trainers, make sure that you try fitting the shoes during the late afternoon or evening. This is because, at this time of the day, the feet are at their largest size. Make sure you wear the socks that you will be using work well together with the shoes. Or you can take the chance to buy a new pair of running socks that you will use with your new trainers. There are many socks that have been specifically designed the different needs that runners have, all offering universal comfort and the needed support to the sneakers. Other shoes in the market have custom made socks that are only used with that particular running sneaker. Like the Gel Kayano. The right pair of socks and trainers means you have a good fit and comfort not to mention the fact that they make sure your feet always have a conducive and healthy environment: free form any form of friction.

Q. What kind of running Surface will you be using the shoes on?

A. If you run frequently on pavements go for road shoes as they will provide the needed comfort and support (extra cushioning, lightweight, shock absorbent in nature) and low chances of getting any injuries. Wet trails that are muddy will need shoes that have deep treads so that they can offer more support around the ankle hence more stability (work well on uneven tracks. Not good for pavement running as the spikes or studs will deny you comfortability)
Runners who work on diversified terrain can opt for the hybrid type of running shoe. They have features for both trail and road running offering a good balance mix between cushioning and grip.

Q. What exactly is pronation?

A. Pronation is the natural movement of the runner’s foot (sideways) when walking or running. Also referred to as eversion. When working out the foot experiences an inward roll with each run or walking step. There are different types of pronation experienced by different types of runners. Different types of pronation require different types of running shoes.


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