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Saucony Kineta Relay Review Facts

The Saucony Kineta Relay is what seems to be Saucony’s response to Skechers’ active lifestyle shoe lineup. The Saucony Kineta Relay is meant to be worn for workouts and used by those leading an active lifestyle but it’s not necessarily a running specific shoe. It’s a neutral shoe with a low drop and intended for everyday use. It’s a perfect option for low-volume runners, those wanting reliable and comfortable walking shoes, or fit individuals who want a shoe that can serve multiple different purposes. A stylish design also makes it perfect for casual wear or running errands. If you’re looking for a running-specific shoe, this isn’t it.

Instead, the Saucony Kineta Relay offers a comfortable option for serious runners who may benefit from a well-padded rest day shoe. Even on rest days, runners should be caring for their feet. Choosing a well-cushioned shoe for all of the times you are not running will help ensure your feet are well-rested for training. The bonus? The Saucony Kineta Relay is also a really good-looking shoe.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Breathable construction
  • Super lightweight
  • Very comfortable fit thanks to memory foam midsole
  • Well-padded outsole and midsole
  • Comfortable liner makes shoe easy to wear sockless
  • Durability issues
  • Lacks arch support
  • Poor traction
  • Lacks stability
  • Not a great fit for wide footed runners
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  • These are my mom shoes. I do not work out in these, I am not sure they support that kind of activity. As a mom, I am always on the go, go go and these carry me through my day with mountains of comfort. They are really light and need no breaking in. I love the insoles on these babies, like little pillows.
  • I'm not a runner, I have bad joints, but these are great or my needs. They are comfortable and last a long time. They are really cozy and warm for the low temps I deal with here. They have a great arch support and I have height arches. These are the best shoes out there.
  • Oh, my! What can I say about these. The memory foam is a dream. They form and mush to your foot. I cannot express how comfortable they are. They are extremely light yet sturdy and durable. They have been great for my gym runs and my errand runs. They are just a great all over, do everything shoe.
  • These are super light and breathable yet really great quality and seem pretty durable. I am happy with the comfort and design.
  • I usually buy these in twos because they are not as durable as I like. However, this is because they are so comfortable. I have never found another shoe to even match it. They support me from my heel to my shoulders. I never have back or joint pain and I am working out, running, sprinting, lifting all day. They aren't the best for laterals but are great for pretty much everything else. They are light and soft and just great for me.
  • I am a little skeptical about the fabric of the shoe, seems a little cheap. However, if we are talking comfort, I have never found a comparable shoe. The memory foam is epic and they are so light they don't feel like I have them on. I am really impressed with these. I wish they were a bit cheaper though.
  • I like these shoes more so for the style and design I am a runner and a traveler and these shoes are lightweight and do not take up a lot of space. They are super comfortable and can be worn as a casual shoe so less luggage. I have them in numerous colors.
  • This shoe is superior in every way. I use these shoes for everything you can think of. My last pair lasted me more than 2 years. They are so freaking comfy and cool. Make sure you get a half size up, they run a bit small. These are definitely worth it and the best shoe I have ever had.
  • I work out almost every day and did some research before buying this shoe. The reviews really were spot on. The comfort and design are great for all my workouts and the price is great for what you get. I am going to have to get another pair or sure.
  • These have an average to low arch support and pretty good traction. They are super light and comfortable and hug my feet just right. These are really great shoes.
  • Memory foam equals bed for your feet; I am amazed at the memory foam soles. They are super light and the comfort is stellar. I never get fatigued or any residual pain from wearing these. I would only use these as gym shoes though, i'm not sure the support is there for certain terrains.
  • These leave your achilles wide pen, which is great for me since I have achilles issues. The mesh on the toes really keeps my feet cool and the souls are really comfy and form right to my foot. I wish they would last a bit longer but the price is good.
  • I am so happy that I was able to find an affordable womens 10.5. I feel like I found a unicorn. These are just as majestic in design and comfort too. They are cushy and foamy and really hold up to my standard. Super happy customer.
  • As someone who really likes to go barefoot, shoes aren't my thing. These however, they are a dream. They have an amazing memory foam for a sole and do not look like boats on my feet. They have a sleek light design and I just love them.
  • I do not need to add the extra support that I do with my other shoes. These have molded perfect to fit my foot. They toe is extra roomy too and i can keep going after my 10 hour shifts at work, where I am on my feet all day. YAY!
  • I recommend these to anybody who works on their feet all day. These are some seriously comfortable and supportive shoes. The material is so airy and the shoe is so light I cannot even say enough about the foam insoles, pillows for my toes.
  • I am a wider foot than most and these do not squeeze my feet. They are light and the soles are so awesome. They really form to my foot. I am happy to say that these have not rubbed my heels like I am used to with other shoes and I have had no pain. I am really happy with these and will be buying them again.
  • I am a runner and would not recommend these for that. Now, I do recommend these for a mending shoe. I sue them after I run and take advantage of that softness te memory foam offers. These are also used for my walking around town and shopping. These are great everyday shoes.
  • I call these my marshmallow shoe cause I always want ‘smore! They are a dream to walk in and creamy smooth on my feet. The traction is top of the line but I am a walker, they work great for my purposes. I really love these shoes. They are my faves.
  • I was surprised that these shoes fit like a sock. I didn't even realize that when I purchased them. They are really comfortable and cushy. I did order a half size up and they fit like a glove. I have been able to run in light rain with these without an issue too.
  • Good arch and sole support. Hugs the bottom of my feet due to the memory foam sole. These are well ventilated and really lightweight. They seem to hold up pretty great for average runners, which is me.
  • I am a dog walker and use these for miles and miles. They are really light and really comfy. For the price, they are really great in design. I recommend these to pretty much any one. They are a great neutral casual shoe.
  • I use these all day everyday. I love the foam on the inside, they are like no other shoe I have ever tried. They do wear the tread faster than normal but I do not care. These are a dream to walk in. I will probably buy these until they discontinue.
  • Price cannot be beat for the comfort. I do not use these for running because the tread wears so fast. The foam is what sold me, I feel like I am putting my my feet on two pillows they are so dreamy. They are really really light and have just the right amount of arch support.
  • These shoes have made me rally rethink Saucony, which I have been using for nearly a decade. Thy were light and had some cushion but, they have absolutely no support. My feet were going numb and my heels were aching way too bad. I mean my feet were swimming in these. If this is the route Saucony is going, I am definitely going to have to switch.
  • I loved these shoes. They were super comfy. However, with little wear they have completely fell apart. They are worn down to nothing and the fabric is fraying. They really pick up dirt too , which made it hard to keep them clean. I'm really upset because dang were they comfortable.
  • These were not made for running or any other type of working out. They are light but have no support whatsoever. These gave me huge blisters and really screwed up the bottom of my feet. I am always buying Saucony and this is a first.
  • I have only used these for walking a few times and they are starting to fray. The fabric is awful and cheap. They are comfortable but very disposable. I would not recommend these at all for any activity other than sitting.
  • These Sauconys have way less support than any of the others I have ever bought. These gave me no arch support and my feet were hurting so bad. Never again, these were useless.
  • These were actually really comfortable, unfortunately they were lacking big time in support. I mean they really created a lot of pain for me. Also, these shoes are really bad for narrow feet.
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The outsole of the Saucony Kineta Relay is made up of rubber. It features raised lugs in the shape of triangles for added traction. The outsole also features EVA foam which provides extra padding. Unlike most traditional running shoes, the outsole acts almost like a second midsole providing another layer of cushioning underfoot. The outsole is not designed to be used for frequent high impact activity since there's not much protection from wear and tear. But reviewers did like the adding cushioning the outsole provided.



The midsole of the Saucony Kineta Relay is composed of FORM2U cushioning. This type of cushioning actually uses memory foam technology to ensure a super comfortable, molded fit for the wearer. The midsole allows the wearer's foot to sink in for a super comfortable, well-cushioned ride. This makes the shoe super comfortable but the sunk in, cushy midsole does reduce stability. The soft cushioning is also not really made for running. The high-impact activity is likely to compress the cushioning quickly eventually resulting in a rigid uncomfortable ride.


The Saucony Kineta Relay features a mesh upper. It's your standard mesh upper that provides a well-ventilated experience. Reviewers liked how lightweight the mesh felt and commented that it breathed effectively. Some reviewers commented that the upper felt a bit narrow but the stretchy material helped to alleviate some of the unwanted pressure in this area. The ankle collar of the shoe is lined with soft material and fits nicely.

The insole of the shoe is comfortable but not removable which some reviewers did not appreciate. Those who use a custom orthotic will need to make sure the fit of the shoe works with the orthotic. Adding it in on top of the built-in insole may cause the shoe to feel much tighter. Bring your orthotic along if you plan to try the shoe on in a store.


The Saucony Kineta Relay is really lightweight, almost surprisingly so. Reviewers loved how light the shoe felt. It's almost like you're wearing nothing at all! The women's version weighs in at 5.2 oz and the men's at 6.8 oz. That's pretty impressive and reviewers much appreciated the lightweight construction. The shoe is easy to wear and slip on for all types of workouts and errands and easy to pack for those who want to bring their favorite shoes along on a trip.


The Saucony Kineta Relay features a traditional mesh upper which does a superb job at ensuring the interior temperature of the shoe stays regulated. It's perfect for use on hot summer days since the inside of the shoe never feels overly warm. On colder days, the shoe may feel a bit too breezy so make sure to choose appropriate socks. Wide-footed runners will also want to avoid the Saucony Kineta Relay since the forefoot area is quite narrow and the overall fit is not appropriate for those with wide feet. Even with a stretchy upper, wide footed wearers may feel uncomfortable restricted.


The Saucony Kineta Relay is a very comfortable shoe. The fit is just right thanks to the stretchy upper and the amply cushioned outsole and midsole. Wearers don't just get comfortable plush cushioning from the midsole, the outsole offers padding as well. The breathable mesh helps to ensure a comfortable temperature inside the shoe.

Thanks to the fit and soft cushioning, the shoe is a great option for frequent walkers or those looking for a nice looking sneaker for running errands. The shoe is also really easy to remove and slip back on with very little effort making it a great shoe for when you're heading out the door and need something on your feet in a hurry.



The Saucony Kineta Relay is a super stylish shoe that features clean lines and a very nice overall design. It's available in lots of color options, too. For women, buyers can choose from black, white, dark grey, purple, teal, light grey, and several other color combinations. Men can choose from black, grey, a blue patterned option, red, blue, and various other color combinations. There's something for everyone and wearers can even purchase multiple pairs to match different outfits.


Although the Saucony Kineta Relay outsole is covered in rubber, it's much less durable than your traditional running shoe. The shoe is not really made for running, after all. Reviewers who used the shoe for running found them less durable than those who simply used them for walking or casual use. The outsole actually provides more in terms of cushioning and impact protection than it does protect against wear and tear. Some reviewers also mentioned that the logo featured on the side of the shoe has a tendency to peel off which makes the shoe look cheaper than it actually is.


The Saucony Kineta Relay offers plenty of cushioning to protect from the impact of each footfall, whether you're walking or running. There is cushioning in both the outsole and midsole for a very well-padded feel underfoot. The shoe does a poor job at protecting against instability since it's not super supportive. The outsole is also not resistant enough to handle vigorous outdoor use making the shoe better suited to indoor use and workouts and occasional outdoor wear.



The Saucony Kineta Relay's FORM2U midsole cushioning isn't super responsive. In fact, the cushioning featured in the Saucony Kineta Relay utilizes memory foam technology. Because of this, the foot sinks into the shoe as the foam molds around the foot. This makes wearing the shoe super comfortable but energy-return isn't great. There is a bit of a bounce with the midsole material but it's minimal. The lack of energy-return doesn't change the fact that the shoe is super comfortable, though!


The Saucony Kineta Relay lacks arch support say some reviewers. The soft flexible upper is also less supportive than some might have liked. The flexible nature of the shoe makes for a comfortable wear experience but it's not ideal for high-volume running. Wearers who required arch support were disappointed in the Saucony Kineta Relay.


The Saucony Kineta Relay is a fairly fragile shoe. It's not going to do well if used for frequent running outdoors. Indoor use will ensure the shoe lasts longer since the outsole won't hold up well. It's just not that durable.


The Saucony Kineta Relay is priced quite fairly for what it offers. It's a good-looking, casual shoe that's perfect for gym workouts, running errands, and outdoor walks. If you're looking for a reliable daily running shoe, you'll need to look elsewhere. But if you've been having a hard time finding a versatile shoe that's both comfortable and looks good, stop your search, you've found it! It's true that reviewers did have some negative things to say about the Saucony Kineta Relay but the consensus is that it's a super comfortable shoe that fits very well.


The Saucony Kineta Relay features triangular lugs outfitted with rubber which is meant to provide traction. Reviewers said that the grip isn't the best and that traction could be improved a great deal. Reviewers felt the shoes were slippery on most surfaces. The shoe is better suited to indoor training. Using the shoe for casual workouts in an indoor setting will work just fine. It's also a good option for running errands or heading out for coffee with friends, you shouldn't have any issues with traction in these settings. They'll perform like most other casual wear sneakers in this regard.


The Saucony Kineta Relay features a flexible design which makes wearing them very easy. Movement feels effortless and unconstricted. The flexible upper contributes to the comfortable fit and the rest of the shoe is flexible enough to ensure a natural transition from heel to toe when moving. Some reviewers did feel that the shoe felt a bit too flexible causing stability to suffer. That's why these shoes are not quite appropriate for those looking for a running specific shoe.


The Saucony Kineta Relay is definitely not a stability shoe. Even neutral runners pointed out that the shoe lacked stability. The outsole provides poor traction on many surfaces, even with the triangularly shaped lugs. The fit is great but it doesn't make up for the overly flexible design. This makes the shoes better suited to casual wear. They are not a good option for daily training since they lack the support and stability required to prevent injury during high impact exercise.


The Saucony Kineta Relay features a low drop of 4mm. Reviewers liked the fairly low drop saying that it contributed to the shoe's overall comfortable fit. It brings runners closer to the ground which does help provide at least a little bit of stability. It's a fairly low drop, though, so if you're going to use these for any kind of fitness activity be aware that you might feel some additional soreness in your calves and shins, to begin with.
Key Features

Key Features

- Rubberized triangle lugs cover the outsole for traction
- Outsole features EVA foam
- FORM2U midsole cushioning uses memory foam
- Mesh upper for breathability
- Non-removable insole
- Comes in a large variety of colors
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

The Saucony Kineta Relay is a stylish shoe perfect for the new runner who wants to continue working out at the gym or at home by enjoying activities other than running. It's also a good option for the busy person on the go who wants to run errands in style. Walkers might also enjoy the super comfortable memory foam cushioning of the Saucony Kineta Relay. The shoe is not a good choice for frequent serious runners since the outsole is not equipped to handle the wear and tear of high impact exercise. But even a serious runner might find the Saucony Kineta Relay a good addition to their shoe closet. The fit is near perfect and there are a wide variety of color choices that are sure to match any kind of outfit.