12 Best Nike Running Socks Tested In-Depth


As runners, we often place our main focus on what shoe we decide to use—and quickly forget how important the right pair of socks is as well. Nike is a big name in the athletic world—and it is no surprise that they also offer top of the line running socks as well. In fact, they have so many options available that we have decided to compile a list of the best Nike running socks currently available!

Nike socks feature anti-blister properties, cooling effects to avoid excessively sweaty feet, arch support, and cushioning. These attributes allow them to make your runs more comfortable and improve your performance overtime.

One of the most important thing Nike does is acknowledge there are differences between our right & left foot. So, the provide a right and left labeling system on their socks—because each one is meant to fit the curve of each specific foot.

They also focus on producing socks with DriFit micro-fiber polyester material—which is moisture-wicking and allows evaporation to take over. This allows your feet to remain dry and comfortable, minimizes the formation of blisters, and allows them to be breathable.

Nike also ensures their socks keep your feet cool and dry on those hot days. The pooling of sweat in your in running shoes is a major cause of irritation and blister formation. Their Dry-Fit sock tech effectively prevents this from happening.

Last Updated: May 19, 2018
By Brian Price:

Nike is consistently releasing competitive, top of the line athletic products. Their socks re no difference, so we make sure to consistently research and update our recommendations.

Nike Elite No Show Tab Sock
  • Nike Elite No Show Tab Sock
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Footstrike zonal cushioning
  • Price: See Here
Nike Elite Cushioned Quarter Sock
  • Nike Elite Cushioned Quarter Sock
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Dry-Fit Fabric Sweat Solution
  • Price: See Here
Nike Dri-Fit No-Show Tab Sock
  • Nike Dri-Fit No-Show Tab Sock
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Supportive Fit + Arch Compression
  • Price: See Here

12 Best Nike Running Socks


1. Nike Elite Cushioned No-Show Tab Running

A no-show sock that comes in a variety of colors, provides cushioning, helps keep blisters away and helps to keep your feet fresh & dry.
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Don’t sweat it! This sock is for you! No one likes sweaty feet and I love the fact that these socks are sweat free with Dri-Fit technology allowing for your feet to breathe more.

When you run it’s important to have socks that will keep those annoying blisters away, and these socks will do just that with their anti-blister material. They will cushion your foot and be comfortable without sliding around due to their no slip material.


Every runner needs a sock that is cushioned in all the right places. If you have had difficulty finding a sock that lacks cushion you’ll want to check these out. The comfort and reinforcement aspects will allow for a smoother run.

• Dri-FIT technology keeps sweat away
• Seamless cushioning on bottom
• Anti-blister material
• Comfortable no slip material
• Variety of colors


• Only 1-pair of socks per package.

2. Nike Elite Quarter

A quarter length sock with 3 levels of cushion that has reinforcements, a reflective strip, and a cooling effect to keep sweat away.
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Amazing comfort and cushioning is what we all want in a good pair of socks. There’s a good variety of colors to choose from and they don’t slip around when you wear them. Best of all, as if one cushion wasn’t enough 3-levels of cushioning will help get you through your run comfortably.

These socks have a reflective slip making it easier for other runners to spot you, and they minimize sweat with their breathable Dri-Fit material.
  • Dri-Fit keeps sweat away
  • 3 levels of cushioning
  • Heel reinforcement
  • Non-slip
  • Reinforced toe
  • Reflective strip
  • Left/Right specific design
  • The price may have you looking the other way

3. Nike Elite Cushioned Crew

A cushioned crew sock that provides arch support, keeps your feet from sweating and has reflective qualities.
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Sometimes things that are expensive are worth it, as the saying goes “You get what you pay for”. These cushiony supportive socks offer an enjoyable outcome of comfort helping to support your arch with every step you run.

Do you run early in the morning or late at night? No problem these have reflectivity so people will see you when you’re coming.


Sock length is definitely a personal preference. If you are looking for longer crew socks with that reflective component that are comfortable and provide the support you need these are the socks you will want to pick up. They have a reflective component that will allow others to see you coming when you are running.
  • Reflective
  • arch support
  • cushioning
  • cooling with Dri-Fit Technology
  • Left/Right specific design
  • can be considered expensive

4. Nike Anti-Blister Lightweight Low Cut Tab

A comfortable and durable sock that helps to prevent blisters while you run.
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Every runners dream has just come true with the ability to avoid blisters with the anti-blister sock which allows for a comfortable run, with a breathable aspect to it. If you’re a regular runner you know how blisters can impact your feet and a good run. The extra cushioning on this sock in all the right places allows your feet the comfort they deserve when you run so you don’t have to deal with blisters.

Of course what sock would be complete without breathability allowing to minimize sweat, and these do just that with their cooling fabric.


Every runner knows how blisters can impact a good run. If you are looking to avoid blisters or have gotten them often you should definitely give these a try. You’ll be running full speed without worrying about those bothersome blisters. They will hold up strong and be comfortable.
  • prevents blisters
  • cooling fabric
  • comfort
  • durability
  • Expensive
  • Lack of colors

5. Nike Kids Performance Cotton Cushioned Crew

A kids’ sock that provides reinforcements in just the right places and helps to keep the sweat away.
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Kids run too! This is the sock that won’t stretch out or be smelly when they come home from a good run. They are made with quality to be durable and breathability to help keep sweat away.

This sock provides all the support a reinforcements a young runner needs. It will provide them with ample arch, a heel support, and you won’t have to worry about the toe ripping out because it’s reinforced.


This is the best kids running sock allowing your kids to run with comfort and giving them the support they need in the right areas. You won’t need to worry about holey toes or smelly socks because these will provide a reinforced toe and allow breathability.
  • Keeps sweat away
  • Arch support
  • Reinforced heel
  • Reinforced toe
  • Limited colors

6. Nike Elite 2.0 Crew

A crew sock that stays in place, has an arch & heel support and reflective components.
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A great fit that doesn’t move around a lot and provides that extra arch support that you need when you are running. You’ll snug up with heel support as well to help you run to the finish.

If you run at night are early in the morning you know that finding running gear with reflective components is important. These socks provide reflective components that offer just that.


These socks will fit snug and be strong allowing you to run without thinking about your socks. You’ll get an arch & heel support to help you during your run. The reflective feature on these socks will allow for others to see you easily, and the Dri-Fit fabric will minimize the sweat that your feet will accrue.
  • Reflective
  • Arch support
  • Heel support
  • Dri-fit keeps sweat away
  • Left/Right specific design
  • Sizing runs small
  • expensive

7. Nike Cushion Dynamic Arch No-Show

A comfortable sock that cushions the arch and gives you that compression feeling
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If the arch is where you lack support you’ll want to snag a pair of these comfortably cushioned socks. They provide a tight/compression feel to them and a cushioned arch.

Of course what sock would be complete without breathability allowing to minimize sweat, and these do just that with their anti-sweat fabric.


This is a firm fitting women’s sock with cushioning in the arch that gives you that comfortable feel when your foot hits the ground. You’ll avoid sweaty feet because of the anti-sweat fabric on these allowing your feet to breathe.

  • Anti-sweat fabric
  • Cushioned arch
  • Comfortable
  • Compression feel
  • Left/Right specific design
  • Gender specific (Women’s sock)

8. Nike Dri-Fit Half Cushion Quarter

A 3-pack of white or black ankle socks that cushion and reinforce the heel and help to keep the sweat away.
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Who doesn’t want a cushy sock that helps keep the sweat away? These socks give your feet breathability and provide extra cushion on the forefoot area.

These ankle socks provide the perfect arch support with a perfect combination of heel support. They will make for a comfortable run and the socks will stay on your feet without slipping.


While these socks don’t seem to be the best option for big-footed people they are a hit among the average Jo providing comfort and stability with reinforcements right where they need to be. If you like the quarter length sock with a breathable aspect then you’ll want to choose these.
  • Keeps sweat away
  • Arch support
  • Reinforced heel
  • Half forefoot cushion
  • You get 3 pairs
  • Left/Right specific design
  • Sizes run small

9. Nike Elite Lightweight No-Show Tab Running

A lightweight sock with extreme comfort in bright colors made with reflective and supportive materials.
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Looking for socks that are comfortable and cheery? These socks offer a variety of bright reflective colors which is great so others can see you when you’re running. You can slip into comfortable socks without dealing with blisters will make your run more effective.

When running you want your feet to be able to breathe. These socks will help your feet remain fresh and un-sweaty with their cooling feature, a runner’s must have.


These socks are great for running and provide the support where needed along with the desired features we all want. No more blisters or sweaty feet, and if you run early in the morning or late at night the reflective feature is definitely helpful.
  • Cooling feature
  • Reflective details
  • Anti-blister material
  • Comfortable /lightweight
  • Variety of bright colors
  • Arch support
  • Left/Right specific design
  • Can be considered a bit Pricey

10. Nike Dri-Fit Cotton No-Show Tab

A Women’s sock with a variety of colors that provides a supportive fit with a cushioned insole, and arch compression.
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These socks are cushioned in just the right places to support your running habits. If you are looking for a supportive fit that cushions your feet during impact and gives your arch some support as well these will work great.

When running you want your feet to be able to breathe. These socks will help your feet remain fresh and un-sweaty with their Dri-Fit cooling feature, a runner’s must have.


Got to find that sock that provides the right cushioning? This seems to be the one for women. With a supportive, cushioned insole, and arch compression your feet will thank you. Be sure you pick a size that is suitable, and make sure you take advantage of the color selection.
  • Dri-Fit Cooling feature
  • Supportive fit
  • Variety of colors
  • Arch compression
  • Cushioned insole
  • Left/Right specific design
  • sizing runs big
  • pricey
  • Gender specific

11. Nike Unisex Adult Elite Lightweight 

These are a comfortable and stylish pair of no-show low cut running socks offered in unisex sock models.

The Nike DriFit sock tech will ensure that high-performance wicking keeps your feet dry as the moisture lifts from the skin, up through the fabric and evaporates quickly.

The Micro-filament yarn creates a soft and comfortable feel to the skin while retaining the overall sock integrity to ensure a secure FIT.

The socks level of breathability is impressive, these are not designed to have compression characteristics and the snug hold on the foot is consistent.

These socks are great for summer running, good wick factor and a nice level of blister prevention.
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An impressive line-up of sock features, you get:

The socks are designed with left and the right FIT for the feet.

Very supportive with designed in sock tech for arch support.

Easily pull on or take off the sock using the convenient heel tab. The durability level of the sock is very good and includes reinforcing for toe and heel areas.

The construction of the fabric is durable, has good wick capability and offers nice comfort on the skin. The reliable DriFit fabric will work towards ensuring your feet retain a good level of dryness, no soggy pooling and avoiding painful blisters.


As a unisex sock, it is available for all runners and the sock certainly has high-level performance in terms of wick-ability, comfort, maintaining dryness and giving protection and it looks stylish.


A nice standard buyer-friendly price.


Good wick factor

Comfortable and protective

Works towards preventing blistering




Limited range of colors

12. Nike Men's 3-Pack Dri-Fit Lightweight Lo-Quarter Hi-Lo Socks

Nike's socks with Dri-FIT tech to ensure you can keep your feet, comfortable, protected and dry, and the higher top cut to these socks will help prevent painful irritation, the excellent wick capability will cut down the chances of sweat pooling and protect the feet from blistering.

The Spandex content will give just enough stretch for FIT and secure hold while the blended nylon and polyester ensure durability, comfort, and wick-ability when you most need it.

Check out this great choice of three pairs offered together as a bargain package at an affordable price.
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The higher front cut works towards to prevent painful irritation.

Fri-Fit will work towards ensuring your feet remain dry and blister free.

Very nice light blended fabrics for comfort and breathability.

No heel slip problems with the inclusion of the innovative Y-stitch system.

Both toe and heel areas are well reinforced for durability and comfort.


You get high performing socks which are sure to provide protection, style, comfort, and durability and you get three pairs.


This is a package offer and represents nice value.

Three pairs of high performing socks

high wick-ability

Comfortable and durable

Reinforced heel/toe area

Dry-Fit sock fabric


Could do with more color choices


The Criteria We Used For Our Evaluation Of Best Nike Running Socks

Nike is one of the most popular brands on the market and they offer a really wide range of products. It wasn’t a very easy task for us to make top 10. We had an idea to make up some points that we would use for evaluation. Here they are, enjoy!

Get the right size

Nowadays, shopping became a real pleasure. We have a full range of products when it comes to running staff, we can choose from millions of products. There are many brands that offer high-quality socks and Nike is one of them. Getting the right size is essential as when your socks are too small, you can even have a problem with blood flow to your feet. On the other side, too big socks will slip. The best advice is to try on the socks. Many runners make this mistake and they choose the same size that they wear for their shoes. This may be a bad idea.

The problem with choosing the size is very common among people with wide feet. The best option for them is to go to the store and try on the socks. Unfortunately, there are also people who have one foot bigger than the other. They can’t buy two different sizes, they must buy two pairs with different sizes. If you plan to buy a product online, you should visit the official website and see for special charts with measurements. Remember, the size is the key to comfortable wearing.


There are different levels of cushioning available on the market and it’s your choice which one is best for you. There are many runners that prefer a lot of cushioning. The one thing you can’t forget about is that cushioning socks are much thicker than the thinner one. Why does it matter? Well, if your socks is too thick, you won’t be able to place your foot in your shoe. On the other side, when you wear too thin socks, it may cause blisters and skin irritation. Cushioning will be also a good idea if you have a tendency to blisters. Remember that too much cushioning may not be the best idea for the winter.

What about the odor?

We know that every runner who runs a lot, he or she is aware that sweat and the odor are one of the most unpleasant things when it comes to running. Happily, there are technologies and materials which help us to fight odor. The most popular material for runners who want to run without the discomfort of odor is Merino wool. There’s also one big advantage of fighting the odor. If you have good running socks with an anti-odor material, we’re sure that you will enjoy your socks and also your shoes much longer. The other option is to use anti-odor or anti-bacterial spray for sweaty feet. The main rule to avoid odor is to keep your feet dry. When they’re wet, it’s much easier for bacteria to spread.

Are your socks breathable and moisture-wicking?

Here’s the question that is essential. It’s not all about cushioning or size. Have you ever wondered why is it so important to keep your foot dry? If your feet stay wet, that’s better for bacteria to spread and it may cause an unpleasant odor. What’s more, if your feet aren’t dry, it is more likely that you will have blisters. How to find socks which wick the moisture? You should look for socks made of materials such as nylon or polyester- they will be perfect for keeping your feet dry. Breathability is something that you should really care about. Runners living in very warm, hot areas know the problem that they’re getting too hot in their socks. The solution to this problem is finding the socks with ventilation mesh. Evaporation of sweat is a key to success. Ventilation mesh will provide maximum airflow and this is exactly what you need.

How long will the socks last and are they good quality?

Durability is an aspect that is evaluated by almost every runner. Durable socks will stay with you for a long time but remember that it won’t be endless. After many washes, your socks will start to be less compressive, the material may become less soft and it will be a sign that you should buy a new pair of socks. There’s also another important aspect of durability. Many runners take part in running events, we know that among our readers, there are a lot of people that take part in a marathon.

The most demanding running race is very difficult and you need be prepared for that. That’s why durable socks are the basic. When we say durable, we mean that the socks must be elastic on the beginning of the marathon and it will stay elastic at the end of it. There won’t be any blisters or skin irritation and sweat also shouldn’t be a problem. It’s good to test your socks before the marathon as it’s about 3 or 4 longer runs when you find out whether the product is good for you. Quality is also a very important factor. Nike is a well-known brand known for its quality. The brand uses good materials and in our opinion, you will really like these socks. It’s obvious that even the best brands have products that may be little worse but that’s why we made this top 10 and chose the best of the best.


Are you able to tell what is a comfort to you? For us, it’s wearing something that doesn’t irritate the skin, is soft, and it makes it easier to enjoy the performance. And doesn’t cause blisters of course. For better comfort, there are even special anti-blister materials. You can find products on our list that have something like this. A material of the sock shouldn’t also slip. Nike is aware of that and you can also find a non-slip material sock. On that list, you will probably won’t find individual toe socks but your toes still.

If you want additional protection to lower the impact when you hit the ground, additional padding will be best for you. What about the heel? There must be the reason why the heel was the weakest part of Achilles body. Additional padding here will provide more comfort and will prevent blisters. If you have problems with ankle, there are also socks that have more material in the ankle area and it helps to protect this part of the body. You can say that you fill comfortable in the socks if you are able to wear them all day and you can run in them for many miles.

A Few More Things Worth Thinking About

While we have been researching for best products, we came to the point when we had many factors that weren’t firs-thought factors. However, for us they were really important and that’s why here we go with one more list of factors. Read and see what other things may be useful for you.

What about color and look?

Running is one of these sports that let us show what stylish clothes we have. Above basic running staff like running suit or running bra, there are many other accessories and one of them are socks. You may at first think that it doesn’t matter whether your socks look nice or not because you hide it in the shoe. This is bad thinking because many runners choose those long socks and they are really visible. You don’t need to worry about the color as there are many of them on the market. The most popular color is black.

Let’s be honest- it’s hard to get it dirty ( comparing to white color) and it’s also very universal. We really recommend purchasing socks with flashy colors or with reflective straps if you’re going to run in the night. This little feature may even save your life. What about the look. We know that many of you don’t like if the logo is too big and there are many socks on our list that it’s really hard to see the logo on them. Don’t put the look or the color above control and size but remember that nice-looking product may be also one more motivation for a workout.

Where should I buy my socks?

Online or in the store- this is the question? Running socks are the product that is available both in the store but also you can find it online. If we had to choose where to buy the socks, we would choose the store. Here are the reasons why. At first, you can try on the socks. This is half of the success while buying the socks. Imagine that you buy the socks online and after being delivered, you find out they’re too small. In the store, you won’t have this problem. Unfortunately, not every store allows customers to try on the product, you can only see it in a package.

Check first if you are able to try it on. While trying on, you can run a little to test them and make sure that they’re not too thick and you can easily put them in your shoes. In the store, you can also ask the shop assistant for help. You can also find products on sale and you won’t have to pay for delivery. Many runners check the size in the store and then if the socks are cheaper online, buy them on the Internet and it’s also a good idea if you want to save some money. The choice is yours!

How much do you want to spend on it?

The prices of Nike socks aren’t very low. 12 dollars is a minimum that you will have to spend on the socks but it’s really worth it. Nike is one of the biggest brands producing sports clothes and stuff. The prestige of Nike comes from good quality products which are very durable. We have chosen to make top 10 Nike socks because they’re very popular among runners and they’re one of the best socks on the market. Nike is a brand chosen by many athletics, runners, Olympics champions. Many of us remember Air Jordan line or Air Max. This brand has been building its reputation for years. It’s one of the most popular brands in the world. The range of prices is very different. This is because of the different functions of the socks. Some of them have more arch support, the other has more padding. You need to believe us- it’s really worth to invest some money in a high-quality product rather than buy cheap, useless staff and don’t use it. Socks are essential staff while running and without a good product, the probability to have blisters is really high.


When it comes to socks, many of us think about size but what about length? This is crucial and depends on many factors like season, type of running and what you like. Here are the types of socks when it comes to lengths

  • Knee length type– this is very long one. This types of socks are usually compression socks.
  • Crew length type—it is to the calf
  • Anklet type– this is type that goes little above the ankle
  • Socklet type—the shortest one, you can see only little of it above shoe line
Different season- different thickness

Thick socks are usually more preferred during cold seasons. What does it mean thicker? In most cases, thicker means that sock has additional padding. The most common parts with additional padding are toes and heel. Thicker socks protect us from blisters and they give more cushioning. The one problem that many runners encounter is that sometimes it’s hard to put the feet in the shoes as socks are too thick. Thick socks are better for the colder seasons as they provide more warmth.

On the other side, you can buy thin socks. They’re much lighter, many runners say they fill better with them on the road. However, they’re not for you if you have a tendency to blisters. Thin socks are perfect for warmer seasons and you won’t feel too hot in them.




Q.What are the good materials for the socks?

There are many good materials that can be used for running socks and each material has different features. Here’s the list of the most popular fabrics.

Merino Wool
This material is very universal, it can be worn during winter but there’s no problem with using it in the summer. This one is very breathable and it’s very good for people with a sweating problem. Merino wool is very durable and there’s no unpleasant odor. This moisture-wicking material may be a little more expensive than cotton but it’s really worth trying. To be honest, this is one of the best materials when it comes to running socks.

If you want something cheaper than Merino wool, we’ve got something for you. Acrylic is very fast drying and there is a big comfort while wearing it.

Nylon is rather blended with other fabrics used for socks. It’s extremely strong, it makes the sock will last longer and it is also fast drying.

It is more stretchy material and this really gives a feeling of comfortable wearing. Usually, spandex is only a smart part of the mix of materials used for a particular sock.

Q.Should I buy socks with seams or without?

Seams aren’t liked by the runners. While wearing socks with seams, you have added pressure on feet and this is not good. It’s very probable that the blisters will appear. You need to choose socks without seams. Whenever you try on the socks, check if there are seams and if you really want to buy the socks with seams, check if the width of a seam in the toe is good for you. We think that seamless design will be the best option and you won’t have to deal with hot spots and other problems.

Q. What’s the difference between normal running socks and compression socks?

As your feet is more compressed, the blood flow increases and this has resulted in faster recovery after injury or it also helps to prevent issues typical for runners. Normal running socks have less compression and they don’t help with recovery. So why most people choose normal socks? This is because, after a long time of wear, compression socks may become uncomfortable for the user. Normal socks like Nike are better for everyday running and if you don’t need tight compression, choose normal socks.

Q. Why I should wear running socks?

Socks may appear this kind of accessory that it’s not very important while choosing the running staff. If you think like that, you’re wrong. Running socks are very important part of running and we could even say that they’re as important as running shoes. Even if you have extra running shoes, wearing cheaply made socks with them won’t make you feel happy. Running socks have a big impact on your performance. You won’t be able to run if you have blisters on your feet. It’s all about keeping your feet healthy.

Even if you want to go only for a small jogging, the good pair of socks is essential. Even 15 minutes run without good socks may cause that infections or blister won’t let you run for even more than a week. Normal socks aren’t appropriate for running as the material isn’t moisture-wicking or sweat-absorbing. There isn’t usually extra cushioning and that’s really bad especially for your heel. We hope that now you know how important it is to find real running socks.

Q. I’ve heard some opinions that cotton isn’t very good material for running socks? What do you think of it?

Cotton is the material commonly used for making clothes. It’s not so expensive and the clothes are soft in touch. However, when it comes to running staff, cotton isn’t the best idea. Cotton absorbs so much water. Whenever you run in the rain or you just simply sweat, cotton is kind of a sponge. Comparing to other materials, cotton doesn’t have this moisture-wicking function- it means that if your feet get wet, they stay wet.

Wet feet is a very big problem as it’s an excellent area for bacteria to spread. Then, feet problems and unpleasant odor appear. The other problem with cotton is that it’s not very useful in the winter. If your socks get wet, you will feel cold and you may get ill. We really advise you to invest in good, real moisture-wicking and sweat absorbing socks. We know that they’re more expensive than cotton socks but they’re really worth it.

Q. How to take care of my socks?

Whenever you get a pair of socks, there is special instruction how to take care of it. However, we can give you a piece of advice. Running socks as the name implies, should be only used for running. These type of socks is more expensive than the normal ones and it’s worth it to use it for another purpose than running. In most cases, we advise washing the socks in rather cold water. They can be usually washed in the washing machine but the way of washing will be written on the instruction.

If you have white socks, don’t try to bleach them. It’s really useful to turn them inside-out before washing. The best way is to let them dry on the fresh air cause dryer with high heat level may destroy them.


We make sure that all our information are true and we use only reliable sources. Here are the sources that we have used while researching.



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