2XU Active Trisuit

When one hears the term triathlon they are immediately reminded of swimming, running, and biking; all with precise function and hardly feeble. This type of performance requires gear that matches this grandeur of athleticism. Congratulations athletes, you can find all such things delivered in the 2XU Active Trisuit. A sleek, modest design and fit adhere like a second skin to any body type or personal style. Built with high-performance fibers, stitching, and elastic, this suit is made to feel weightless. With dynamic compression serving to boost performance and enhance recovery, 2XU delivers the Sbr Skin x Technology that demands breathability and function.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection
  • Flatlock stitching to minimize chafing
  • Rear Pockets for storage
  • Ultra-lightweight chamois
  • Cons
    • Limited style
    • Sizing
    • Zipper stitching abrasive
    • Key Features
      The 2XU Active Trisuit is not for the weary-minded athlete. This suit is built for triathlon training and competition. Featuring 2XU’s performing Sbr Skin X Technology, the suit provides lasting compression for the swim, bike, and run. The suit is designed to shed moisture, so the transition is carefree from water to land. Even the ultra-thin yet comfortable chamois is designed for optimal comfort with minimal water retention. The 2XU is sleeveless, allowing for full range of motion during any leg of the triathlon’s trek. A built-in lightweight, an ultra-thin chamois, made of special microfiber whisks moisture away from the area where you want it least.
      A core feature of the 2XU Active Trisuit is the High Fil mesh paneling across the front and back of each shoulder. Because the suit is sleeveless, this mesh paneling allows extreme breathability and a full range of motion during movements in or out of the water. The suit is made of an 80 % Nylon/20 % Elastane fabric blend that creates a water resisting effect that helps the athlete’s body dry quicker between transitions. An ultra-thin chamois is designed to manage moisture at any phase of the triathlon. With a discreet, but padded saddle area, the chamois can dry rapidly and remain unnoticed by the athlete with an eye on the finish line.
      The 2XU Active Suit features a silicone-free Y Elastic Grip that holds the sleek design in the spot it needs to remain gripped, minus any chafing or irritation. Flatlock stitching throughout the suit creates a streamlined appearance that contours smoothly across the athlete’s body. While some stitching can create chafing, this flat lock design crosses only the line of comfort with high performing stretch. The front semi-lock zipper adds an additional guarantee of sleek fit. However, it is recommended to try the suit on prior to use as the zipper top can rub the chest depending on the fit. High fil mesh paneling straps across each sleeveless shoulder for an undeniable breathability and high range of motion. Topping off the comfort with full support and recovery is the 2XU featured Sbr Skin X Technology using 70 D Elastane fabric. Otherwise translated as a second skin for the warrior triathlete.
      Sleek and sleeveless, this Active Trisuit comes in size ranges xx-small, small, medium, large, and x large. Athletes, especially those competing triathlons, have a multitude of body builds. Some users found the sizing to run a bit large and therefore reduced the beneficial compression. The 2XU Active Suit does not have a built-in bra, while this is contributable to the custom fit, a larger breasted athlete may need to opt for a suit that comfortably fits atop a sports bra. Just as any gear can vary extremely in size by brand, the Active Suit is no exception, and it is recommended to try on a size or two in advance before a competition.
      The 2XU Active Trisuit features top athletic design using Sbr Skin X Technology that is made of heavy-duty 70D elastane. This high performance fabric is built to retain form and stretch with every competitive stride of the triathlete. Zipper tracking might be the only snag in durability that is reported with this suit. Flatlock stitching throughout the entire piece is without flaw and built to endure every stretch and motion of the triathlete.
      Aiming for a weightless, sleek fit, the Active Trisuit does not carry many accessories. A front semi-lock zip provides a snug fit to keep the suit in place during all movements. For the heavy endurance triathletes that prefer to carry needed fuel, there are 2 slim line pockets in the rear. Mesh paneling across the breadth of each sleeveless shoulder maximizes a full range of motion.
      The 2XU Active Trisuit is modest enough for all age triathletes. The flatlock stitching helps achieve a streamline appearance on any body type. The Active Trisuit is not elaborate, nor decorative in design or accessory. Colors come in a limited range of black, charcoal, to solid navy, or a navy with pink trim. The longer legs are both excellent for supporting any, and all leg muscle builds. This suit speaks for itself; the triathlete is here to do a job efficiently and without fuss.
      For beginning triathletes, the Active Trisuit can be found rather suitable for the price. Competitive distributors online have the suit listed anywhere on the low end of $59.99 to a higher end of $129.00. An experienced triathlete that understands the importance of a Trisuit will find that the 2XU Active Trisuit delivers durability and high performance for a lower cost than many of the Trisuits in the market. For those who are looking for the key core features of a trisuit at a beginner’s price for gear, this Active Suit meets the mark.
      Key Features
      • Ultra-thin chamois
      • Flatlock stitching
      • Front semi-lock zipper
      • Two rear pockets
      • Sbr Skin X Technology
      Bottom Line
      The 2XU Active Trisuit may not be ranked on the top of the list for Trisuits, but it exceeds the standards of a basic performance gear by far. When your heart is racing, your pores are gushing sweat, and you’re surrounded by warriors on every side of you, the only thing your focus should be on is the course, endurance and making it to the finish line. This Active Suit provides all the necessary features to make sure the focus remains on high performance meanwhile allowing the athlete to accomplish such efficiently. The streamline design is flattering, yet modest enough to keep any body type happy. Comfortable enough to withstand the water temperatures, guard against the bike seat, and breathable enough to provide an effortless, dry transition to running.
      Where to Buy
      By Crystal McClure
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      Where to buy
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