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361 Degrees, the maker of Strata, is a relative newcomer in the running shoe game. Founded in 2002, it now has over three-thousand authorized dealers across the globe. 361 degree was the official clothes supplier of both the 2016 Summer Olympics and that summer’s Paralympics. Since their startup, they have produced many products for runners, and the 361 Degrees Strata is their latest addition to their line-up of outstanding running and athletic shoes.

The Strata is a stability shoe first and foremost, with solid arch support and flex grooves in the forefoot that is designed to help the foot roll more effectively during a run. A layer of EVA helps with stabilizing the bounciness of the Qu!kFoam to ensure a stable ride, while its open mesh upper keeps the foot cool during a run. A thickly padded heel and ankle collar provide additional comfort and security, and its roomy toe box keeps the foot from feeling too tightly packed into the shoe. For runners seeking a stability shoe that can take high mileage and need a flexible, comfortable shoe, the 361 Degrees Strata may be their next go-to shoe when on the move.

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Pros & Cons
  • Hard foam midsole layer provides extra support to the arch area
  • Flex grooves on the forefoot let the foot area roll more freely
  • Flex grooves help traction and natural movement
  • Highly breathable upper mesh wraps around the foot for a superior fit
  • Cons
    • Thick tongue
    • Shoe feels heavy
    • Not enough protection in more inclement weather
    • They might feel slightly stiff. 
    • Key Features
      The upper of the Strata is made from a highly breathable mesh that has been engineered to keep the feet continuously ventilated and eliminate sweat and germ build-up inside the shoe. The Strata offers excellent ventilation technology that helps keep the feet odorless and has been vouched for by a number of long-time wearers of the Strata. The toe box is also made of a wide-open mesh that provides excellent breathability. The highly breathable mesh that comprises the upper wraps around the foot for a comfortable fit without feeling too snug.
      The key to the Strata’s purpose and power is in its midsole, which features a Medial post for unobtrusive extra arch support. Its cushioning has received many positive reviews, and for good reason: 361 Degrees’ patented Qu!kFoam cushioning is made of a dense rubber compound that provides a great bounce for every step, while a layer of EVA foam is vertically integrated to provide stability and help control the bounciness of the Qu!kFoam.
      Like many other running shoes, the upper of the Strata is made of an open mesh material that allows for solid ventilation. The balls of the forefoot and heel are lined with foam for additional comfort, while its toe box is roomy and covered with open mesh for additional ventilation. A thickly padded ankle collar is made to keep the foot secure and comfortable after lace-up, and its tongue is also made of open mesh.
      The 361 Degrees Strata weighs 11.7 ounces/332 grams, which makes this a somewhat heavy running shoe especially in comparison with comparable stability shoes available on the market. Its weight comes mostly from its thick rubber Qu!kFoam cushioning and may come down to personal preference and whether or not a runner is amenable to taking on a little extra weight for the sake of their own comfort.,
      The main feature that provides comfort to the Strata is its sock liner and Qu!kFoam midsole. These two features take care of the foot by providing composite cushioning. The layer of foam is made of a high-quality rubber-infused material that is responsible for the comfort of the underfoot and is responsible for the bounciness of the ride. In addition, a Medial post is placed in the midsole to provide excellent stability.
      Running shoes are not just items to wear and go out in but are carefully considered before purchasing in order to fit best with a runner’s every mood, circumstances, and personality. 361 Degrees believes in the same view, and as a result is unique color combinations like Midnight/Spark, neon green/black, ash-bottle green, and purple/neon yellow, all combos that are offered and make this series stand apart from its contemporaries. Overall, the aesthetic of the Strata is of a straightforward, low-cut running shoe. Nothing too flashy outside of the colors, but this stability shoe still manages to make an impression.
      361 Degree Strata has introduced a host of features that they have shorthanded as ‘QDP’, which includes Qu!kFoam in the midsole, and a layer of EVA foam that helps the Qu!kFoam remain stable, restraining it from being too bouncy or stiff. This stability foam prevents the shoe from being worn out even after extended sessions and heavy mileage.
      A proper stability shoe with a responsive, flexible arch is something not to overlook. This is vividly present in the 361 Degrees Strata. Runners who prefer flexible arches and suffer from overpronation will find this included feature a must, along with the Strata’s Qu!kFoam midsole, which is bouncy and highly responsive during a run. The numerous horizontal flex grooves in the forefoot also add to this sneaker’s overall responsiveness.
      A large number of runners who have purchased the 361 Degrees Strata have certified it to be a perfect combination of protection, comfort, and support. This claim gets support from the protection felt by some professional athletes and runners after running for a fairly long period of time. The midfoot is narrower under the arch, which greatly aids in protecting your feet and clutching it the right way. However, this is a highly breathable running shoe and will not offer much in the way of protection in more inclement weather.
      There is a hard foam layer under the midsole that has been added to provide extra support to the arch area. The Strata has been noted for being made from durable materials and for its comfortable, gripping features. A pair may feel slightly stiff, but this is due to the rubber compound that comprises the Qu!kFoam midsole and the Medial arch post that makes it a stability shoe. And for those who suffer from overpronation, this is just the kind of support they need to continue their running habit.
      The road is what the 361 Degrees Strata was specifically designed for, and this is the terrain in which it excels. Although manufactured with the intention of running in mind, they are good for the gym or even everyday activities. Their authentic quality, protection, and responsiveness allow the wearer to set out for hilly trails, muddy meadows, or barren desert--although they are not trail shoes, they do have a protecting foam layer that helps prevent slipping, which gives them a versatility that many stability shoes lack. However, these are recommended for the road.
      Now to the part that makes or breaks whether a runner purchases a shoe: the price. The 361 Degrees Strata is not a budget shoe. It’s a stability shoe with a springy midsole and a highly breathable upper made from durable materials, and the cost of construction is evident in its sticker price. However, stability shoes tend to run a little higher price-wise than many other types of running shoes, so this is to be expected.
      The addition of flex grooves on the forefoot in the Strata is one of its key features. These allow for the foot to roll more naturally. This feature also helps with traction to a great extent, as it helps the foot to dig into the ground to provide great traction. In addition, the outsole is made of hard rubber, which provides a great amount of traction.
      Among the many different running shoes for sale on the market today, each of them has some specialization that differentiates one from another. The Strata is no different in this regard: the use of the highly responsive Qu!kFoam in the midsole helps provide a toe-off with superior flexibility and explosive response. This has been highlighted as the sharpest feature that 361 degrees offer in their line of running shoes. This technology helps to adjust the shoe with the natural motion of the feet, thus offering great flexibility. The second feature that provides great flexibility to the Strata is the numerous flex grooves in its forefoot, which allows the foot to roll naturally during a run. Stability shoes tend to be a bit stiff, but in this case, the Strata is as flexible a stability shoe as they come.
      Being a stability shoe, the Strata is obviously going to have stability features most other running shoes wouldn’t address the needs of overpronators. In this case, a Medial post has been added to its midsole to help correct overpronation and provide much-needed support. Its 8.9mm heel to toe drop is slightly lower than the standard, but the Medial post allows for the overpronator to wear shoes with a higher drop and still feel stable throughout a ride.
      The drop, or the Heel-to-Toe Offset, of the 361 Degree Strata is 8.9 mm. With 34.5 mm of the heel and 25.6 mm of the forefoot, this stability shoe allows for runners that suffer from overpronation to continue running without having to adjust to a zero drop, as many other stability lines would.
      Key Features
      • Hard foam midsole that provides extra support

      • TP footbridge under the arch

      • Numerous flex grooves in the forefoot

      • Highly breathable mesh

      • Qu!kFoam midsole that’s highly responsive
      Bottom Line
      Stability shoes can often be stodgy constructions that are overly stiff or feature an uncomfortable zero drop. It is in avoiding these staid tropes that the 361 Degrees Strata wins out over the competition in its field. With a highly responsive and springy Qu!kFoam midsole and a Medial post that provides stability and support, the Strata’s approach to the stability shoe is of making a shoe that doesn’t force a runner to have to re-adjust their entire approach to running. That it retains a standard drop while providing correction to overpronation is something many overpronators will appreciate. While it may be heavier than other more lightweight running shoes (something that is unfortunately common among stability shoes), its ability to help correct and encourage proper running technique is part of the bargain one strikes when purchasing a stability shoe. Its modest but stylish aesthetic will appeal to the runner who doesn’t want their shoes to be the focus of a run, while its highly breathable upper and flexible outsole provides comfort while out on a ride. Though pricey, this is also to be expected for this class of running shoe. For those in the market for a stability shoe that puts in the work and provides a natural feeling ride while helping correct overpronation, the 361 Degrees Strata is a new approach in a burgeoning market of stability shoes.

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