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Editor’s Conclusion
The Adidas 4DFWD is a running shoe for those looking for something a little bit different. The 3D printed midsole not only looks sharp and modern (and bound to make your running mates a little jealous) but it also works to improve your performance on the trails or at the gym.

Its bowtie-like 3D construction is super bouncy and responsive and helps to propel you forward through your gait cycle.

It also boasts a lightweight and breathable mesh upper the contours to the shape of your foot for excellent lockdown, and a flared heel collar prevents rubbing and chafing on your heels for a comfortable fit right out of the gate.

The only downside to this unique shoe is that it is a little on the heavy side, which may not be ideal when running for long distances. However, its versatile design makes this shoe perfect for working out at the gym or quick-paced workouts such as HIIT or CrossFit.

If you are on the hunt for a running shoe that looks stylish and unique while performing quite well to boost your performance, the Adidas 4DFWD is worth checking out!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Primegreen upper is composed of recycled materials

Primeknit+ is super breathable and fits your feet like a second pair of socks

FWD Cell midsole is insanely springy and responsive

3D printed bowtie-style midsole helps to propel your feet forward

The full-length rubber outsole is insanely durable

Great for speed and agility work


The heavy design may not be ideal for long distances

Upper stretches out over time causing reduced lockdown

Key Features

Key Features


Let’s dive right in and talk about the elephant in the room: the midsole. The very first thing that I noticed about this Adidas running shoe is that the midsole is quite unique. It is composed of a bowtie 3D printed design that compresses with each and every step that you take.

The bowtie shapes are made to push forward as you apply pressure, which helps to launch you forward as you run. The way that this midsole performs is quite similar to Hoka’s MetaRocker that is built to help you roll forward through your gait cycle.

What I also love about this 3D printed midsole is that it provides a good deal of support as well as energy return. When you step down into the FWD Cell midsole, it compresses with the weight of your step for a nice step-in feel.

This bouncy midsole helps to reduce the impact when running on hard surfaces, and makes you feel like you are running on a thousand tiny trampolines! It’s important to note that this midsole is super responsive, but it makes the shoe quite heavy.

The midsole provides runners with an impressive 32.5mm of cushioning and boasts a steep 11.3mm. The ample cushioning is great for runnings that need a little extra support, and the steep drop is perfect for heel-strikers or heavier runners.


The Adidas 4DFWD boasts a full-rubber outsole with no exposed EVA foam found anywhere underfoot. This full rubber design has its distinct advantages as well as disadvantages. What’s ideal about this full rubber outsole is that it is insanely durable.

Many runners found that this shoe holds up quite well for well over 500 miles, making this shoe just as durable as shoes like the Adidas Ultraboost. If you are hard on your running shoes, the rubber outsole of this design is built to last.

The downside to this insanely durable rubber outsole is that it is a little on the heavy side. Without any exposed EVA, runners found that this shoe felt bottom-heavy. If you aren’t bothered by a little bit of weight, this outsole is really made to move.

It boasts a chevron-style pattern in the rubber that works to boost flexibility, making it a perfect companion for quick agility work.


While the midsole is unique and complex, Adidas decided to keep the upper nice and simple. It is composed of Primeknit+ that fits your foot like a glove.

Instead of utilizing a stiff and scratchy mesh material, Primeknit+ is made from knitted fabric that feels like you are wearing a second pair of socks.

What I also love about this textile is that it is super lightweight and breathable to keep you feeling cool and dry when running on hot days.

The upper of this design also boasts a flared heel collar that is super modern and works to protect your heel from rubbing and chafing. It has a flat tongue that will not shift around on your run, and simple loop laces that help you to achieve the perfect locked-down fit that is perfect for speed and agility work.

Plus, Adidas uses PrimeGreen knit materials. This means that they are composed of 100 percent recycled materials that you can feel good about wearing!


Don’t worry, the Adidas 4DFWD isn’t all sizzle and no steak! This shoe may look like something out of an art exhibit, but it performs incredibly well out there on the road.

The unique midsole helps to propel you forward, and the FWD Cell materials help to absorb a good deal of impact when running on hard surfaces.

The high drop and ample stack height are incredibly supportive while the simple upper keeps things quick and agile.

Overall, I would recommend this running shoe for runners that like to go on nice and easy tempo runs, or for quick work at the track. It’s also a great option to wear as a killer casual shoe when you need to stand on your feet all day long.

It’s important to note that this shoe weighs in at just shy of 12 ounces, which is pretty heavy. For short and easy runs, the overall weight isn’t much of an issue.

However, due to the fact that the bulk of the weight rests on the outsole of the shoe, the weight becomes quite apparent for long-distance running.

This shoe boasts impressive durability that is built for long distances, but the overall weight of the shoe may hold you back a bit.


Runners found that this ran true to size. If you are a size 10 in other Adidas running shoes, the same can be said for the 4DFWD.

This shoe boasts a wide toe box that allows plenty of room for your toes to naturally splay and a tongue that locks in place. Some runners, however, found that the stretchy nature of the upper proved to be a little too stretchy.

Right out of the box, runners found that this shoe fits their feet like a glove. However, as they put miles behind them, the Primeknit+ fabric began to stretch out a bit. This leads many runners to tighten the laces for better lockdown, but tightening the laces also causes the fabric on the forefoot to bunch up.

The lockdown may be great at the start of your run, but these shoes may get a little sloppy as you rack up the miles.

If you have narrow feet, the fit of these shoes may become a bit of an issue. For runners with wide feet, the stretchy nature of this upper may serve to benefit your runs.


I know what you are thinking: a shoe that looks like an art installation can’t possibly have an affordable price point. And you would be right.

While the Adidas 4DFWD isn’t the most expensive running shoe that money can buy, it is much more expensive than your average pair of daily trainers.

However, if you are on the hunt for a running shoe that blends style and performance into one unique package, these shoes are worth the extra cost!

Keep in mind that you may have to wait for your favorite color to ship. These shoes not only appeal to runners but casual sneaker fans as well.

If Adidas has your favorite color in stock, be sure to pounce on it before it’s gone!


The Adidas 4DFWD combines high-end and experimental performance features with a sleek style for an all-around great daily training shoe.

What runners love most about this unique style is that the bowtie 3D printed midsole works like a rocker to propel your feet forward for fast and snappy sets.

The full-length rubber outsole holds up insanely well, and most runners will be able to squeeze well over 500 miles out of this tough daily trainer. It’s tough, stylish, and will make you want to push yourself a little bit harder.

While this shoe isn’t without its faults (such as the sloppy lockdown) runners are more willing to forgive these issues due to the sleek style and impressive overall performance.

This shoe is a perfect companion for runners that like to go out on nice and easy tempo runs or engage in high-intensity speed work at the gym. It’s even great for weight training as well.

Sure, it may cost a little bit more than your average running shoe, but the Adidas 4DFWD isn’t your average running shoe.