Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2

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Editor’s Conclusion
The engineering department over at Adidas was likely logging some late night hours when designing the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2. This modern race-day running shoe is packed with high-end materials that are lightweight, responsive, and ready for the Olympics. This shoe is so impressive for race days that it is even making an appearance at the Tokyo Olympics, and previous versions have been seen gracing many podium stands.

If you want to wear what Olympic athletes wear, this shoe is worth a look. It is composed of an insanely lightweight and breathable upper that feels like you aren’t wearing anything at all, and a responsive midsole that helps to keep your gait cycle nice and even. It even has unique energy rods that help to propel you forward to help you shave quite a few seconds off of your PR. If you need a secret weapon for your next local race or Olympic event, this shoe is well worth every penny.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into the advanced features that make the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2 worthy of the Tokyo Olympics!
Editor's Pros & Cons

Exposed energy pods for fast toe-offs

LightstrikePRO foam cushioning

Insanely grippy Continental outsole

Very breathable Celermesh 2.0 mesh upper

Excellent race-day shoe

Runs true to size

Provides great lockdown

Lightweight stability features

Carbon plate in the midsole


Very expensive

Key Features

Key Features


The midsole of this shoe is composed of two layers of Adidas’ LightstrikePRO foam cushioning. This midsole material is the lightest foam that Adidas has to offer, and it is also insanely responsive. Lightweight midsoles are often more cushioned than they are responsive, but the LightstrikePRO material gives you the best of both worlds. It has a plush cushioning that is great for long distances, but the springy feel of this midsole helps to keep your stride light and bright, even on mile 25 of a marathon.

What I also love about the midsole design of this race-day shoe is the inclusion of the energy rods. These rods run parallel to your foot and help with energy return. These roads make your stride light and bright without adding too much weight to the overall shoe. They also provide powerful toe-offs to keep your pace snappy. This design also includes a carbon plate to help even out your gait cycle and add a little bit of extra protection underfoot.


I was initially concerned with the unusual outsole of this shoe but was pleasantly surprised by its performance. What makes this outsole a little unusual is that it has a lot of exposed midsole foam and a very thin layer of Adidas’ Continental rubber. Initially, I was concerned that this shoe wouldn’t have the overall grip needed to run on slick sidewalks, but it performed even better than thick and bulky rubber midsoles with deep lugs. The thin layer of rubber has a rough sandpaper texture to it that really grips the road under your feet. The design of this unique outsole far outshines the competition.

The outsole of the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2 provides runners with a 10 mm drop for extra control and cushioning on the heel. While it boasts the features of a great stability shoe that is designed to keep your feet cushioned and protected, the overall weight is similar to a minimalist running shoe.

This shoe clocks in at just over 7 ounces. Many shoes that weigh under 7 ounces just don’t possess the same level of comfort and stability features, which is what makes this shoe so incredibly special.


One of the biggest updates made to this shoe lies in the upper. While the upper of the original version was very breathable, Adidas dialed the breathability up to an 11 with the Adizero Adios Pro 2. The upper of this design is composed of a very thin layer of Celermesh 2.0 mesh material that looks like swiss cheese. If you are rocking pink and purple polka-dotted socks- everyone will know! This mesh feels like you are wearing nothing at all, and does a great job at lifting hot air up and away from your feet.

While the upper is insanely breathable, it still provides reinforcement in key areas. It boasts more stability features along the side of your foot to keep your gait cycle nice and even without a lot of extra weight. This design doesn’t have the same level of padded cushioning on the upper, but it offers just enough to keep your feet comfortable. The heel counter is slightly higher than the previous version and has two small squares of padding to wrap your ankle in all-day comfort.


This is a tried and tested race-day shoe. I would suggest picking up a pair and storing them in your closet as your secret weapon to crush your competition! The overall design is built to tackle long distances (such as marathons) but isn’t quite equipped for everyday use. The thin rubber outsole and exposed midsole aren’t equipped to tackle hundreds of miles when worn every day. If you are a serious racer and have dreams of standing on a podium, this running shoe is well worth every penny.


Overall, this shoe runs fairly true to size. The upper is thin and flexible, and the lacing system offers runners plenty of room to play to find that perfect locked-down fit. I also love that this design boasts a wide toe box that allows your toe to naturally splay inside of the shoe for added stability. If you are a size 9 in previous Adidas shoes, the same can be said for the Adizero Adios Pro 2.

Typically, I suggest heading to your local shoe store to give these shoes a try before you buy them, but the sizing of these shoes is pretty consistent. If you are buying them online, be sure to take accurate measurements of your feet and compare those numbers to Adidas’ detailed sizing chart to spare yourself a trip to the post office for a return!


One of the biggest changes made between the previous version of this shoe and the newer model is the updated style. The older version was just as sharp when it comes to performance, but the style was a little dated. The Pro 2 boasts a slightly higher profile that makes it look sleek and modern and comes in a few unique color options that make you stand out from the pack.

If you are looking at this shoe, style is likely taking a backseat to performance. To me, sleek and modern styling is just the icing on the cake!


Buckle in, because the price of this shoe is quite expensive. Overall, it is one of the more expensive running shoes out there on the market, but there are a few styles of Adidas running shoes that are a little more expensive than the Adizero Adios Pro 2.

The price tag is a little steep, especially considering that this is a shoe that you will likely tuck away and save for race day. However, if you want a secret weapon that will help you lead the pack on your next race, this shoe is worth every penny. Plus, it always feels good to wear what the Olympians wear when standing on the podium!
Comparisons to Previous Versions

Comparisons to Previous Versions

The OG Adidas Adizero Adios Pro was lightning in a bottle, so why mess with perfection? While the original was great, the Pro 2 has very small adjustments to make this shoe faster and lighter.

The design of the upper is slightly different and is made to really cradle your foot in place and prevent heel slippage. It also boasts a lighter mesh upper that helps keep your foot cool and dry on those long runs. It ditches much of the padding in the upper while holding on to padding in key areas for a more contoured and lightweight fit.

Another small improvement made to the design of this shoe is that the energy rods are not exposed. While the original boasted the same energy rods, they were buried away in the midsole. The newer design exposes the energy rods in the midsole, which help to cut down on overall weight as well as provide a sleek and stylish look that is unlike anything else out there on the market.


Do you have dreams of standing on a podium after a grueling race? If you train hard, but often fall to the middle of the pack come race day, it may be time for a secret weapon. The Adidas Adizero Adios Pro series has seen its share of podiums, from casual runners to Olympic athletes.

It’s a shoe that provides runners with all of the advanced features of a great stability shoe with a lightweight and nimble frame. The LightstrikePRO foam cushioning keeps your joints protected and comfortable, while the unique energy rods in the midsole keep your stride fast and light.

It may come in at a pretty steep price point, but it is worth every penny for those that want to gain a new view from the top of a podium!