Adidas Alphaedge 4D Review

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Our Conclusion
As time marches on, Adidas ventures outside of the box to craft their innovative shoes. The Adidas Alphaedge 4D is different because it has a 3D printed Futurecraft midsole for heightened stability and support. Using this newer technology for shoes also means that this model is more durable than most.

What users love about this style is that it is flexible and returns your energy with each and every step. A unique mesh upper hugs the top of your foot while circulating air to let your feet breathe.

It has a fit that is comfortable and made to move with your foot as your run. Plus, if you require a lot of energy from the sole of your shoe, this style is soft and squishy when running on hard concrete.

Color options are a bit limited, and the price tag is a little jarring. However, if you like to be on the bleeding edge of shoe tech, the Adidas Alphaedge 4D is a great option worth checking out.
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Pros & Cons
Incredibly durable
Balanced energy return
Great on slick surfaces
Breathable Primeknit upper
Unique 3D printed sole design
Very expensive
Few color choices
Not offered in half sizes
Heavier than most
Key Features
The outsole of this model may be like nothing you have seen before. It is constructed from a grid of 3D printed diamonds. These diamonds are spaced farther apart at the heel (so much so that you can actually see through the heel!), and tightly spaced at the toe.

This design provides heightened control at the end of your gait, and a springy heel to absorb impact when running on hard surfaces.

It also has a very thin tread, which means that you won’t need to contend with pebbles getting caught on the underside of your shoe.
What makes this design really stand out from the pack is the construction of the midsole. It is made from Adidas’ patented Futurecraft 3D printed material. Futurecraft is composed of reusable TPU and is incredibly durable.

This midsole is designed for those that have normal arches. However, the construction of the midsole in conjunction with the upper leaves low arched and high arched running comfortable and happy.

It is important to note that some users find this midsole to be a little bit more narrow than most.

Due to the fact that this shoe does not come in half sizes, it may be in your best interest to select a size up rather than a size down.
It may look like the upper is made from your standard mesh, but this design is just a little bit different. It is constructed from a forged fiber material that feels incredibly soft and lightweight like cotton.

The material is stretchy enough to fit comfortably on most feet without feeling too tight. Plus, it has carefully placed added mesh vents to keep your feet cool and dry even on those long runs on hot days.

It has a high arch on the heel that is stiff and structured to provide a lot of protection to your heel.

While it may look like this stiff heel may rub your skin raw, users find that it is perfectly comfortable and doesn’t irritate their skin.
One thing that we did note is that the weight of this model is just a little bit heavier than some of the other options in the Adidas running shoe line. Due to the fact that the sole is printed in one solid piece, it means that it is a little bit heavier than most.

The upper is lightweight and breathable and moves with your foot. The outsole provides a lot of impact absorption and springiness, but some users feel that the added weight is less than ideal.
Made from a lightweight forged fiber, the upper part of this design is incredibly breathable. Users feel that it has a texture that is similar to a lightweight running sock and hugs your foot without squeezing the life out of it. It has mesh panels along the top of the toes and arches for excellent circulation.

The laces offer a low profile to provide a little extra breathing room to the top of your foot as well as added mobility.
While it may have a little bit of extra weight in the sole, the simplistic design of this model provides a very comfortable ride. It is designed to be used on hard and unforgiving surfaces and absorbs a lot of the impact.

The high heel is stiff and structured and cradles your Achilles without rubbing it raw. Users also love the forged fiber material that feels a lot softer on the top of the foot over those made from mesh.
When it comes to style, many users prefer the styling of Futurecraft 4D over this shoe. It has very limited styling the fiber mesh upper, and the sole is a simple and a little boxy.

The classic Adidas logo of the three strips is only found on the tip of the tongue. It also has the Adidas logo on the side of the heel.

Color options are limited, and some feel that the design of this option is just a little too simplistic.
This shoe gets an A+ when it comes to durability, and that’s because the sole is 3D printed. This means that the sole is made in one solid and sturdy piece, rather than gluing multiple components together.

When you eliminate the need for glue, the durability of your shoe skyrockets. This shoe is able to keep up with you for hundreds of miles without the common wear and tear that you see on typical running shoes.
A high and structured heel helps to protect your Achilles with each and every stride without rubbing against your skin. A stretchy fiber upper contours to the shape of your foot to cradle it comfortably in place. Plus, the use of limited laces keeps the upper from digging into the top of your foot.

The Futurecraft midsole is stiff and rigid to help cradle your arches to prevent strain and fatigue on a long journey. Even though it is still, it offers a lot of flexibility that doesn’t hinder a full range of motion.
What users love most about this design is that it provides runners with a lot of energized feedback with each and every step. The open skeletal structure of the heel visually collapses when pressure is applied, which takes the shock off of your joints.

If you need a shoe that puts a spring in your step when running on hard surfaces, the 3D printed heel is one of your best options. While the heel is open and springy, the skeletal diamonds are more closely placed at the tip of the toe for a stable launch.
For those that need a lot of support throughout their entire gait, this is a great option. The open design of the 3D printed sole has added support where you need it most. The heel absorbs a lot of the impact at the start of your gait, and the toe box is stiff and rigid for a firm launch at the end of your stride.

While the upper is soft and hugs your foot, the heel is composed of stiff and riding materials to lend a lot of support without rubbing your heels raw.

It is important to note that this design does not come in half sizes, unfortunately. If your shoe size lies in a half size, we suggest buying one size higher than normal to ensure a comfortable fit.
This Adidas Alphaedge 4D is designed to only be used on flat, stable surfaces. It makes it ideal for running on sidewalks or paved roads, as well as indoor running on treadmills.

Some urban running shoes are a little more versatile to allow for some trail running, but this design is best to stay on paved surfaces only. The traction is very shallow, but it is also great for slightly slick surfaces as well.

When wearing these shoes, it is important that you stick to even, paved and flat surfaces. The limited traction on the soles makes it difficult to navigate unpaved terrain as well as keep your footing.
These shoes are designed for flat and even surfaces and nothing more. The traction on the soles is flat and without treads. The shallow circular treads on the base are perfect for gripping slick sidewalks with confidence.

What’s perfect about the traction on the Adidas Alphaedge 4D is that you won’t have to worry about tiny pebbles from the street getting caught in a tread causing you to stop to pull it out. If you need the perfect urban shoe - this design is a great option!
The structure of this design is a little on the stiff side, but not to the point that it will hinder your full range of motion. The solid base is made from materials that move with the natural motion of your stride but still offer adequate support.

Please note that some users find that the midsole is a little bit stiffer than most, which makes it a little uncomfortable as you begin to break them in.
Key design features offer your foot a full range of motion with a heightened sense of stability. The solid 3D printed sole creates a stable base. The construction is tightly spaced at the toe and less so at the heel. This allows for a stable launch while still offering impact absorption at the heel.

The upper cradles your foot securely so your foot doesn’t shift around with each and every step. The laces are places a little bit lower on the foot to offer a fuller range of motion.
It has a 10mm drop, which is pretty standard when compared to other running shoes out there on the market. If you love long-distance running, a 10mm drop absorbs a harder heel hit as you begin to tire on long trips.

It is important to note that a higher drop also means that the sole is just a little bit heavier and bulkier than some of the other slimmer designs that sport a thinner drop.
Key Features
3D printed Futurecraft midsole
Great rubber traction on slick surfaces
Unique skeletal diamond sole design
Breathable and lightweight Primeknit upper
10mm drop
We hope you are sitting down because this price tag packs quite a punch. Due to the
Fact that 3D printed soles are still a relatively new technology for shoe design, the price tag is a little shocking.

These shoes lie on the higher end of the cost spectrum and are one of the more expensive designs in the Adidas line, as well as on the market. However, the quality of materials extends durability and makes it well worth the added cost.
Bottom Line
If you live on the bleeding edge of shoe tech and are willing to pay the higher price point, the Adidas Alphaedge 4D is certainly worth a look.

The 3D printed Futurecraft midsole provides excellent energy feedback and support. Plus, it is far more durable than other options out there on the market.

It is important to note that this model isn’t available in half sizes. If your shoe sizes lie in a half size, you may want to buy a size higher rather than a size lower. This is due to the fact that the midsole tends to run a little narrow, so a size higher will ensure a comfortable ride.

While it doesn’t come in a wide variety of colors and styles, we love the unique skeletal frame on the sole. It doesn’t look like anything else out there on the market, and it is sure to draw some looks from fellow runners at the gym or out on the road.
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