Adidas NMD R2 Reviewed for Performance and Quality

The second edition of the Adidas NMD, the R2, features some minor changes, new colorways, and comes in two unique styles. Similar to the R1, the R2 features a sock-like slip-on upper with a Primeknit fabric. Like its predecessor, the  R2 features ultra-comfy Boost cushioning and combines fashion and comfort.

The shoe, designed with the nomadic urban dweller in mind, works for all types of activities. These activities include running, walking, and heading out to dinner with friends. If the style is important to you, the R2 is a shoe just as attractive as the original NMD and equally comfortable. Keep reading to find out about how Adidas has updated the popular sneaker and whether the shoe is worth purchasing.

Keep reading our in-depth Adidas NMD R2 review to find out if it is worth the investment.


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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Attractive design
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Responsive
  • Flexible¬†
  • Cons
    • Runs small and narrow
    • Not enough arch support
    • Gets dirty easily
    • Key Features
      The outsole hasn't changed since the R1. It's the same simple rubber sole seen on the previous edition of the shoe. All in all, it does the job and provides adequate traction for a variety of activities.

      Reviewers had no problems or complaints about the outsole.
      Like the R1, the R2 features Adidas' popular Boost cushioning. The cushioning offers the same responsive ride feel as the previous edition of the shoe. The Boost midsole is protective, snappy, and comfortable.

      One significant difference since the R1 is that the Adidas NMD R2 features only one midsole block component. Instead of a group of blocks surrounding the midsole, the updated version of the shoe features a single large boulder in the midfoot area. One block, instead of several, means a slighter lighter package overall without reducing stability.

      While reviewers appreciated that the Adidas NMD R2 provided the same degree of stability as the R1, quite several users complained about the midsole block piece causing discomfort due to its placement. At the rear of the Adidas NMD R2, the midsole Boost cushioning flares out slightly for an extra degree of stability.
      The upper hasn't changed very much since the previous version of the Adidas sneaker. The Primeknit looks and feels mostly the same with a few small updates. The same stretchy foot-hugging fit awaits wearers choosing the slip-on Adidas NMD R2.

      The lacing system is mostly the same, but Adidas has removed the plastic eyelets, which has added a little more flexibility. Suede lines the interior of the shoe for a bit of luxurious comfort. The top features slightly larger overlays, but other than that, it identical.

      Reviewers found the Adidas NMD R2 just as breathable as before. Instead of complaints pointing to an oversized fit, most reviewers found the Adidas shoe too narrow. Reviewers also disliked the fact that the sneaker seemed to get dirty quite quickly.
      True to the original Adidas NMD, the R2 is just as featherlight. Reviewers adored the airy, lightweight feel of the shoe. The Adidas NMD R2 features the same Primeknit upper construction, which helps to reduce the overall weight of the shoe.

      More like a sock than a heavy shoe, the Adidas NMD R2 is ultra-breathable, but the low weight doesn't mean the shoe is poorly made or cheap-feeling. Adidas has truly engineered a shoe that toes the fine line between ultra-light and ultra-flimsy.

      Compared to the R1, this new edition features a paired down midsole block design. Instead of multiple blocks lining the midsole, a single block offers support and stability. It has helped the shoe shed a bit of weight.
      Like its predecessor, the updated NMD is super lightweight. A thin, yet durable, Primeknit upper fits just right around the foot without cutting off circulation of air. The material is stretchy, like before, which offers some give to users with potentially odd foot shapes.

      There's enough wiggle room for air to move in and out of the shoe and fresh users down. The suede interior seems like it might be a poor choice for breathability, but if reviews are any indication, that's not the case.
      Adidas made minimal changes to the NMD and kept the components that make it such a successful sneaker. One of those things is the Boost midsole. Another is the lightweight Primeknit upper.

      No matter the activity, the shoe delivers a comfortable, responsive ride. Thin enough to feel almost ghostly, the Adidas NMD R2 fits just right. The suede interior feels nice and soft, too.

      The sizing, instead of being too large like with the R1, seems to be the opposite this time around. Reviewers complained of a very narrow fit, although the stretchy upper is reasonably forgiving.

      The biggest comfort-related complaint? The new single midsole block. Several reviewers complained that it seemed to protrude and deliver a weird sensation inside the shoe.

      For some, it even caused blisters. Reviewers also felt the midfoot lacked arch support. For some, this was a deal breaker.
      The NMD hasn't changed too much from the R1 to the Adidas NMD R2. The most glaring difference is the removal of the R1's multiple midsole blocks. Instead, the Adidas NMD R2 features a single block located around the midfoot area.

      The shoe's upper overlays have also increased slightly in size, but overall, the look is pretty much the same. Adidas has kept the same classic styling as the R1 and simply introduced new colorways for the R2. The shoe is offered is a variety of patterns and colors for both men and women.
      While some reviewers did negatively comment on durability with the Adidas NMD R2, the majority were pleased with the shoe's ability to hold up over time. The Adidas NMD R2 features a nearly identical construction to the R1, one that's resistant and durable. Even with the same ultra-lightweight Primeknit upper, the shoe doesn't feel flimsy.

      The same Boost cushioning appears in the midsole and sports an equally eternally springy feel. The midsole's block component, although paired down in this version, helps provide overall structure to the entire shoe. The outsole, also identical to the last version, remains resistant, as well.
      The same standard rubber outsole adorns the bottom of the Adidas NMD R2. Like its predecessor, the R2's outsole performs adequately. Users will feel most protected by the responsive Boost midsole. Firm and snappy, the midsole delivers the same impact protection as in the R1.

      Reviewers of the Adidas NMD R2 were just as pleased with the cushioning in the updated version of the shoe as they were with the R1 which is not as surprising since the midsole is essentially the same.
      Same cushioning in the Adidas NMD R2 means the same responsive feel, which reviewers liked. Like its predecessor, the Adidas NMD R2 offers plenty of snap thanks to its firm yet comfortable Boost midsole.
      Removing the multiple midsole blocks might seem like a way to reduce support, but reviewers were excellent with the amount of support they got from the Adidas NMD R2. Some did complain about the lack of midfoot arch support, but otherwise, most users found the newly single midsole block to work as intended.

      The Primeknit upper also delivers a similarly supportive feel as in the R1. Despite its ultra-lightweight feel, the knit material provides a secure fit with a bit of stretch for added comfort.

      Compared to the R1, however, the Adidas NMD R2 is not as roomy as its predecessor and instead has the opposite problem. While it ensures a more supportive feel, quite a few reviewers felt the need to size up for a comfortable fit.
      With the same outsole design, the Adidas NMD R2's bottom construction acts equally well as its predecessor when used repeatedly on rough surfaces. Reviewers did find, similarly to the R1, that the new edition got dirty pretty quickly. Thankfully, this is just a cosmetic issue.

      On pavement, the shoe holds up well. The airy Primeknit performs well on sunny hot days and keeps wearers fresh.
      Price-wise, there's no difference between the R1 and Adidas NMD R2. You'll surely find some discounted R1 models around, but both shoes featured similar price points when released. That said, the Adidas NMD R2 isn't a cheap shoe, but most reviewers had no qualms about purchasing this ultra stylish sneaker.
      The Adidas NMD R2's outsole isn't made, but it isn't meant for off-road adventuring. The rubber outsole has a reasonably flat profile that's not particularly great on wet ground but otherwise performs just fine on the pavement.
      The Primeknit upper on the Adidas NMD R2 is quite flexible. Like the R1, the new version of the Adidas shoe is stretchy and accommodating, and there were no complaints from reviewers as they liked the overall flexible feel.
      Adidas hasn't suddenly changed the NMD's categorization, so like the R1, the Adidas NMD R2 is a neutral shoe. The stretchy Primeknit upper does have some give, but it holds in the foot quite nicely. In fact, unlike the previous version of the shoe, the Adidas NMD R2 features a slightly snugger fit, with slightly better stability.

      The shoe's midsole block also helps keep wearers stable. Despite the change from multiple midsole blocks to one, the shoe feels as durable as before, according to reviewers. The Adidas NMD R2 also features a flared out midsole construction at the rear of the shoe, which helps to increase stability, as well.
      We had no luck pinpointing the exact drop on the Adidas NMD R2. The reasonably flat profile of the shoe hasn't changed much since its previous iteration, and that leaves us to believe that the drop height isn't particularly severe.
      Key Features
      - NEW colorways
      - NEW midsole block (from multiple to a single large block)
      - NEW slightly bigger overlays
      - NEW plastic lacing eyelets have been removed
      - Primeknit upper
      - Boost midsole cushioning
      - Rubber outsole
      - Suede sock liner
      Bottom Line
      The Adidas NMD R2, like its predecessor, is a great buy. The comfortable Boost cushioning and sleek design represents the perfect combination. Whether you're looking for an everyday walking shoe or want a lightweight trainer for speedwork, the Adidas NMD R2 looks attractive and feels incredible.

      The Boost cushioning isn't just responsive; it offers up protection, too. A slightly tighter fit than the R1 means the shoe offers more support and stability. The Adidas NMD R2 is similarly durable, compared to its previous edition and just as lightweight and breathable.

      A few quick fixes make the Adidas brand shoe likely to be a surefire hit. Add to that a slew of colorful new styles ready to appeal to the masses, and it's clear Adidas has hit a home run.
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      By Steph Coelho
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