Adidas Terrex Swift R GTX

When popular footwear designers and manufacturers Adidas announced they would be releasing a nimbler form of trail shoe that would showcase excellent reinforcement and supreme comfort, running enthusiasts were excited to try them out. Outdoorsy types, in particular, were very eager to test out the ability of this ostensibly waterproof and lightweight hiker on the harshest trails. When it comes to a trail running shoe, support and protection are just as important as comfort, especially when designing footwear meant to handle very technical, rough, and wet terrain. Different aspects of Adidas’ interesting take on the trail runner will have equally interesting effects on a runner’s outdoors adventures.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Stylish and capable
  • Reliable performance
  • Unmatched durability
  • Highly effective waterproof membrane
  • Cons
    • Unintuitive lacing system
    • Excessive toe box padding
    • Tight fit for wide feet
    • Key Features
      One of the most vital components to a successful trail shoe, or any shoe for that matter, is its outsole. Adidas rises to the challenge by providing an aggressively solid outsole that is composed mostly of their proprietary Traxion rubber. This material is very well known among elite outdoorsmen for the way it provides an excellent grip on the ground beneath it, regardless of weather conditions or temperatures. Traxion is impervious to harsh weather conditions; because of this, runners found that these shoes did not expand or contract in response to sudden changes in the environment.
      The Adidas Terrex Swift R GTX features a midsole that is anything but ordinary. High-density foam along the medial side helps to avoid the feeling of collapsing arches common among overpronators. The high-density EVA material is ideal for the needs of a midsole and experienced trail runners state that it provides outstanding cushioning and durability. While it may resemble a typical trail shoe midsole at first, closer examination will reveal embedded polyamide protective plates have strategically placed by Adidas in order to protect and shield runners’ feet from trail hazards. To top it all off, a heel insert composed of AdiPrene foam provides additional cushioning and shock absorption.
      The upper portion of this Adidas running show features several layers of material that provide excellent protection, support, and comfort. The abrasion-resistant mesh was implemented in order to provide excellent breathability while not allowing trail debris to penetrate it. The protection provided by this mesh was second to none and comes in handy on difficult trails. Underneath this mesh is a Gore-Tex membrane providing the shoe with protection from very wet conditions. Finally, an extremely sturdy and well-supported heel cup provides wraparound support and exceptional stability.
      The weight on the Adidas Terrex Swift R GTX is within the standard for this type of shoe. What deviates from the standard is how many features and protective elements they packed into this shoe while still keeping it at a respectable weight. Adidas pulled this off by using overlays sparingly yet strategically and implementing the newer technologies. Although it is an incredibly difficult task to design a resilient and water-resistant trail shoe with a lightweight, the Terrex Swift R GTX delivers in this regard.
      Runners who are already familiar with Gore-Tex technology know that this breathable lining can provide comfort to footwear without adding weight or excessive insulation. The breathability contributed by material like this is extremely important for trail runners in particular, as they can be prone to higher foot temperatures due to exertion. In addition to Gore-Tex construction, the Terrex Swift R GTX has a molded sock liner that provides even more breathable comfort. Even in dry and arid conditions runners who tried out these Adidas shoes remarked that airflow was never an issue.
      Adidas pulled off the impressive feat of providing high durability and foot protection at a lightweight while maintaining comfort for the wearer. This was accomplished through the use of a very solid feeling sole working in tandem with a midsole that features several stability-assisting agents. Through this design style, the Terrex Swift R GTX provides runners with a very comfortable experience even when running on highly technical and uneven terrain. Regardless of a runner’s gait or their running environment of choice, those who’ve tried these Adidas shoes found that they made quick work of their favorite trails without causing aches or skin irritation.
      The Adidas Terrex Swift R GTS come in a variety of colors and styles to meet the fashion needs of any outdoorsy individual. Those who prefer a more natural look will find their models showcasing rich Amber hues to be a perfect match for a summer hike. On the flip side, those who want to stand out from the crowd will appreciate styles like Unity Orange and Bright Yellow, perfect for making a bold outdoor statement. There’s no mistaking that these are well-built and great looking Adidas shoes no matter what style they come in since their signature three stripe logo is prominently displayed on the side.
      Just about every piece of this shoe was expertly crafted with durability in mind. From abrasion resistant mesh in the upper through the full-length EVA foam in the midsole to the Traxion rubber outsole, everything on the Terrex Swift R GTX was built to last. Polyamide protective plates endow trail runners with confidence to go their hardest with the knowledge that their feet are shielded from jagged rocks and other hazards. The waterproof elements provide further resilience from the elements as they effectively stop any rainy weather conditions from affecting the average run. Finally, Traxion rubber doesn’t just provide excellent grip on the trail but also acts as an impenetrable layer of protection for the rest of the foot.
      In order to provide adequate protection for a runner’s foot, Adidas implemented a multifaceted approach when designing the Terrex Swift R GTX. The most obvious form of protection needed from a trail runner is protection from terrain and road hazards; this is accomplished through the use of resilient material such as Traxion for the rubber outsole. Next is protection from inclement weather conditions, easily handled by the use of waterproof and highly ventilated material for the upper portion of the shoe. The final form of protection is protection from discomfort due to gait abnormalities or chafing, which was accomplished with the implementation of a naturalistic and shock-absorbing midsole made from a combination of EVA and Adiprene foam.
      What you can expect from these Adidas trail running shoes is an extremely well-balanced and responsive ride. Runners have asserted that no matter what form of trails they ran on while wearing the Terrex Swift R GTX, whether sand or ice or gravel, they were fully capable to respond quickly as their shoes kept up with every movement. The cushioning and shock absorbing features of the AdiPrene heel counter come through at just the right moment when they were needed most. Even chronic overpronators will find that their medial sides are supported and provided with just the right amount of spring to their step.
      While style and comfort are very important, the support system can single-handedly make or break a trail running shoe. Thanks to the stiff sole found in the Terrex Swift R GTX, excellent torsional support is guaranteed to the wearer. Some runners found that even while they were carrying fifteen to thirty-pound packs on their backs during their running sessions the support system under their feet was with them every step of the way. Perhaps the most shocking feature of this shoe is that the plethora of supportive components come without a burdensome weight penalty. With this product, Adidas has once again set the bar for what it takes to make a competent trail shoe.
      Runners put this pair of Adidas through all the trials and tribulations of the great outdoors. One important factor when dealing with outdoor trail runners is the need to manage unpredictable terrains such as thick mud or exposed roots that can crop up in unexpected places. A dry trail running session can change into a soaking wet one in a minute if the weather changes, necessitating a protective shoe. With the Adidas Terrex Swift R GTX, all of these worries and concerns can be put to bed; Time and time again, runners have put these Adidas to the test on all sorts of terrain with impressive results. This can be largely attributed to the shoe’s outsole, although protective elements in the midsole provide further assistance in this aspect.
      Adidas does an excellent job keeping the price of these trail shoes in check with other offerings on the market. Considering the use of high-quality materials such as the EVA midsole and highly breathable upper, the expectation may have been to pay a bit more than the average for the Terrex Swift R GTX. However, what will come as a pleasant surprise is that Adidas did an excellent job cheaply sourcing their high-quality materials and passing the savings along to the consumers. Runners looking to save money on their trail shoes without skimping on any features would be wise to pick up a pair of these trail runners.
      The name of the material used by Adidas for the Terrex Swift R GTX’s outsole gives away the secret to its high traction. As one might expect, this Traxion rubber is designed and implemented for the purpose of providing a superior grip on a variety of running surfaces. Everything from traditional environments such as a track or field to more technical running trails to even hazardous environments such as a steep incline during a heavy rainstorm is no match for these trail runners. However, it may not be a good idea to use these shoes in lower intensity running environments since they can potentially degrade the lugs present on the Traxion outsole.
      Due to that fact that these trail running shoes from Adidas were designed with a lighter total weight than the average, some flexibility can be felt while wearing the Terrex Swift R GTX. However, these are still trail running shoes at their core and they simply will not provide the same feeling of controlled pliability that a runner would expect to receive from a high-quality traditional running shoe. For that reason, it’s important to approach this shoe with reasonable expectations for what it can and can’t do; this is the way to get the most out of them.
      As can be expected from a serious trail running shoe, these Adidas trail runners offer stability to a degree that ensures maximum safety for a runner embarking on a hardcore trail running session. This is due to the many impressive design features that are mostly concentrated around the midsole. The already dense AdiPrene foam used for this portion of the shoe is bolstered around the arches, providing additional stability for runners with overpronation. Furthermore, polyamide protective plates sandwiched in the material provide extra rigidity along with a fantastic line of defense from trail hazards.
      The heel to toe drop of these Adidas trail running shoes is bound to surprise many experienced trail runners. Typically, a trail running shoe has a much lower difference in midsole elevation between its heel and forefoot. However, the Adidas Terrex Swift R GTX has a heel drop more in line with traditional running shoes at around 12 mm. This is bound to confuse some trail runners, especially when taking these shoes uphill, but individuals who are already used to traditional running shoes will appreciate the extra heel padding.
      Key Features

      • Traxion rubber provides excellent grip on multiple surfaces

      • Decoupled heel cushions and absorbs shock

      • Polyamide protective plates shield feet from sharp objects

      • Medial side supports for overpronators

      • AdiPrene foam midsole for additional cushioning

      Bottom Line
      Trail running can be an incredibly rewarding form of running but it’s difficult to make a case for it when all of the shoes designed for the purpose of trail running are heavy and clumsy. Fortunately, Adidas recognized this issue and designed a trail runner perfect for casual runners and joggers to get into this fascinating physical activity. Their superbly well-crafted trail shoe is tough enough to take a serious beating and come back for more and its watertight upper provides safety from the elements. All in all, the Adidas Terrex Swift R GTX is a shoe that will get runners off the track and on the trail.
      Where to Buy
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